Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 786

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"pu Tong"

In the deepest part of the cemetery of the kings of Atlantis, in a deep chamber, in the fluttering flames, Laughing Bat with a weird smile on his face, his legs kneeled on the ground, his hands folded, like a believer in prayer, sincerely apologized to Bruce, who was holding his arms and disdainful:

"Oh, I'm sorry, my lovely seabed girl, I shouldn't doubt you, your slaughter gave us the hope of real victory... I was wrong! Please forgive my stupidity!"

The Laughing Bat is a collection of Batman and Joker, possessing evil wisdom and hazy chaotic thinking. He is like Batman who has given up all bottom lines. Although there is no such battle strength that is rampant in the world, he can see through people’s hearts. The evil wisdom still made him the leader of the dark bats.

To make such a guy kneel down and apologize willingly is enough to show how important the "treasure" Bruce has discovered is.

Actually, behind her, the tomb of Atlantis’s first sea king has been cruelly excavated, and there are no corpses in the tomb, and some are just filled with metal from a large coffin... .N metal!

The number is so large that the dark bats in front of them can't help but exclaim! Compared with Bruce's discovery, the N metal found by the Laughing Bat on the Rock of Eternity is not worth mentioning.

This is the reason why the Laughing Bat willingly apologized... No matter whether Bruce was surrendered or betrayed, the N metal she found alone was enough to offset her sin. .. The Laughing Bat is a very realistic guy. He doesn't have dignity, something that can only cause trouble. If necessary, he can even kiss Bruce's toe.

"Well, your flattery is really disgusting."

Bruce took a step back, she said in a deep voice:

"But said To be honest, these metals are a trouble... Do you know why I have to disconnect? Because the heroes of this world have been observing Atlantis in the past few days, I dare not contact you because I am afraid that they will find it Metal, you know, N metal is almost our natural enemy. Even the slightest scratch is enough to cause a disaster. Once they are used by them, we will be dead!"

"They But there is a quantity advantage."


The laughing bat jumped up from the ground, rubbed his chin, and said softly, "Well, girl seabed, your worry is Right, although the overlord is our biggest concern, these hell heroes should not be underestimated, so we have to figure out a way to draw them away... take their attention away from the N metal."

After a while, this cunning lunatic gave out a series of weird smiles:

"Yes! We are going to send the poor Mr. Steel bones back to them... and honest steel Mr. Bone, will lead them directly to the end...Let’s do it!"

"War God! Red Death, you and our lovely seabed girl find a way to remove N Metal... . Killing machine, come with me!"

As the leader, he gave the order, and the Laughing Bat returned to the spaceship with the killing machine. He whispered:

"I think How to fabricate a false memory to our steel bones, and...look closely at Bruce, I can basically be sure...our seabed girl, something is hidden from us..."

The killing machine nodded:

"I have put a monitor on her, don't worry!"

On the other side, New York, the base of the Justice League.

The atmosphere at this time was indifferent, especially after the Flash Barry confirmed the tragic death of Neptune and the terrifying massacre of Atlantis, the mood of all the heroes fell to the extreme.

"Xavier Mutant Academy just sent a message..."

Clark, who had just recovered his body, took a document and said softly: "They unilaterally reached an agreement with the king , They want to withdraw from the alliance."

"How can they do this?"

Little Lightning Barry yelled: "The wise Professor Charles, can't you see what the Overlord brought Is terrifying a threat? Are they going to hand over this world to the tyrant?"

"No one knows what the abnormal-minded Mutant thinks, but this is already a fact."

The drunk Wonder Woman casually said: "Look, we don't even see hope for ourselves. Their withdrawal is inevitable... We lost, Barry, whether you want to admit it or not, we It’s not his opponent. We went together, and we were all impossible to beat him."

Diana’s words silenced everyone. The fiasco 4 days ago still remained in everyone’s hearts, even the proud Amazon The daughter, also a little desperate.

She was facing Ares, she could not defeat him alone, if it were not for the overlord to call Ares show mercy at the last moment, she would have died.

But even so, she still lost the divine force in her body. She is still a superhero, but she no longer has the ability to reverse the situation in desperation.

"It hasn't failed yet!"

Just when everyone was silent, a sudden voice interrupted their silence. Clark suddenly lifted the head and saw someone The lady in black combat uniform walked quickly into the base of the Justice League.

"Who are you?"

The Flash asked, the woman looked all around and did not answer immediately, but asked in a serious tone:

"Where did Batman go?"

"Answer our questions first!"

Diana, who was in a bad mood, shouted: "You! Who the hell is it!" "

"Well, you can call me Kendra Sanders, or Ms. Black Hawk. The organization I belong to is a confidential organization. I won’t talk about that. I paid it 4 days ago. I tested the planetary reactions in outer space, and I heard about your battle with the sudden appearance of the Dark Lord. I have to are really stupid!"

The sudden appearance of the lady Ignoring the ugly faces of the members of the Justice League, she said in a deep voice:

"The Overlord does not belong to our world. He should never be our enemy...and you are right. The real hidden danger is ignored in his hatred! Tell me now! Bruce Wayne, where is your Batman?!"

"Sanders? The last name..."

Super-man hesitated when he heard this special surname, but in the end, he still said:

"Bruce disappeared 2 days ago...he said he has seen the future He has to solve this trouble alone. He is always like that. We can’t do anything, and there’s no reason to stop him. Hal went with him."

Clark’s words are not finished yet, just She was interrupted loudly by Ms. Black Hawk:

"So you let him go to death! And also take the future of this world with you? You are really a bunch of idiots!"

" Hey! Speak politely!"

Little Lightning Barry couldn't help it. The frustration of failure was already uncomfortable enough, and he was accused by a woman of unknown origin, even if he had a good temper, It was also unbearable.

But just after Little Lightning finished this sentence, Ms. Black Hawk’s face became horrified. In front of the heroes of the Justice League, the space all over her was shattered in this brief moment. In the blink of an eye, she disappeared, and replaced by a very familiar silhouette.


Super-man subconsciously smashed the fist, which could smash a mountain of fists, but was easily picked up by the man.

"Clark...look at you, you are so weak without real war training..."

Cyber's voice sounded in the hall of the Justice League, he Looking at the Super-man of Ugly Complexion, he whispered: "You are so weak, unable to withstand a single blow!"


He waved his hand, Super-man's body was thrown out like a cannonball, and fiercely hit the solid wall of the base, creating a human-shaped depression.


Little Lightning let out a scream, the whole person turned into red lightning, and moved towards Cyber ​​ran into it, but at the moment of contact with Cyber's, Cyber's Where he was standing, the ten-meter space around him shattered suddenly, trapping the unprepared Barry in the cracks of the space and banishing him to another space.

He wandered forward and finally came to Wonder Woman who didn’t move at all. He looked at Diana who was so drunk, and he said in a deep voice:

"I will let you Live like an ordinary person, instead of continuing to mix with these poor heroes who don’t know anything, you see, you are such a bad girl."

"So what about me? Not the Diana in your heart! Remember this!"

Wonder Woman looked at Cyber ​​and said disdainfully: "Don't impose your love for her on me, I only hate you... You killed my compatriots!"

"Those ignorant Amazons on Paradise Island?"

Cyber ​​snorted, he threw a soul stone casually: "Their souls are there. Here, take it back to Paradise Island, Diana, this is not where you should be."


The table in front of you completely collapsed under the fist crashing down. , Wonder Woman looked at Cyber ​​fiercely fiercely:

"I don't need your mercy!"

"You will need it... sooner or later."


Cyber's silhouette slowly blurred in front of her, and finally disappeared: "Get Bruce back, he is the trouble you really need to worry about."

The space quickly calmed down, Super- Man also struggled to recover from the numbness of the body. The three superheroes stood in the devastated hall of justice. They looked at everything that was ruined around them, and a despair swelled in their hearts.

"This kind of as strong as a god but behaves strangely, how can I... defeat him?"


Ken Ms. Della Sanders' body was thrown on the hard stone surface. She quickly stood up from the ground and looked at the surrounding stone palaces warily. She walked to the window and saw the number below. Gotham, thousands of meters below, the sun shining on the city, a piece of tranquility and beauty, not at all like a city destroyed by demons in the outside world.

"Do you like it? Gotham under my rule!"

Cyber's voice sounded behind Kendra, startled the mysterious Black Hawk lady, she turned her head and pulled out After removing the dagger in the leg, I looked at Cyber ​​vigilantly:

"Are you the overlord? We are not enemies... I know it from the very beginning!"

"Neither do I Thinking that we will be enemies, you are different from those stupid heroes who are full of stones...So, I think you will be very cooperative to say what I want to know..."

Cyber ​​sits on the stone throne, crossing her fingers, looking at Ms. Black Hawk in front of her:

"I don't need to be tortured to extract a confession...right?"

"shua "

Kendra gathered all the daggers in her hand, and she looked at Cyber: "It depends on what you want to know. There are many secrets in my mind, most of which are It shouldn’t be revealed."


Cyber ​​said softly: "I have found this step about Barbatos and Batman's. I believe Bruce Wayne is the only It's Barbatos's real chess piece, the ridiculous dark bat Knight group, just a cover he threw out to attract my attention, so you will fill in the blank puzzles for me, am I right?"

"You are very wise... Overlord, I will know everything."

Ms. Black Hawk breathed a sigh of relief. With a wave of Cyber, a flame seat appeared beside her, and she extended Touched the hand, and then sat boldly on it, feeling the warm and comfortable flames, she whispered:

"Your point of view is correct, Overlord, Bruce Wayne was accidentally sent Back to Far Ancient Era, his arrival led to the division of the three tribes of wolf, bear and bird. The emergence of the bat tribe is not an accident. All this is the beginning of the plan of Barbatos, who was defeated by the Hawkman... He used his own evil wisdom Sovereign is an exaggeration about the development of human civilization, but in fact, Barbatos’s eyes never looked away from Wayne’s family."

"It’s a curse that flows through the Wayne family. The curse of blood passing and spreading from generation to generation!"


Cyber ​​asked, Ms. Black Hawk nodded:

"To be precise, It’s “carriage”, a ceremony called “curtain down”, and Wayne is the key to open the one that was once sealed by the Eagle The key to the Barbatos of the world...Wait for the five sacred metals in his body, and the door will be opened! Darkness will swallow everything! The worst part is that in Bruce Wayne's past adventures, three of the metals have quietly infiltrated his body! "

"Wait! You mean...Barbatos is real in this world? "

Cyber's eyes widened. This question made Kendra a little confused, but she was still nodded: "Yes, Barbatos really exists, somewhere in the world!" We are so convinced of this! "


The stone handrail in Cyber's hand was completely crushed, representing his anger and shock.

The gambling labyrinth of Qingqianlu is bad enough, and now, the referee who should have sat in the auditorium has actually left the field in person, which is a bit unbearable.

"High Heavenly Venerable Ah! ...Such an impossible bet to win... When building the world, were your eyes blind? "

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