Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 789

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"weng weng"

With the end of the long-range Space Jump, a black bat-shaped spacecraft quietly appeared in the center of the universe, here Among the stars vast as the open sea, a huge golden rock is suspended in it.

That is the Rock of Eternity. It is said to be a mysterious rock that has lasted from the beginning of the universe to the present. Its owner was originally a mysterious and great wizard, who called himself Shazan, but it is a pity that I don’t know what to do now. Traced.

"I track the signal residue of the killing machine. The last time he appeared is here!"

Batman, who changed into a set of spacewalk battle clothes, said to the Wonder Woman next to him "You stay here, I will go and see!"

"Come on, Bruce, this is not the time to show your gentlemanly..."

Wonder Woman without The slightest hesitation opened the hatch, jumped up from the seat, and rushed to the Rock of Eternity. Her Demi-God body is enough to allow her to survive in the vacuum of the universe, Batman shook the head, and quickly followed. along.

"Look, the gate was destroyed!"

Wonder Woman pointed at the gate of the broken Eternal Rock and said to Batman behind him: "We are late!"

"Go in and take a look!"

Batman's silhouette turned into a black shadow on the Rock of Eternity, rushing into it quickly, crossing the long corridor, they came to the core of the Rock of Eternity, look What I arrived at was a messy palace. The remains of the destroyed Guardian were scattered everywhere. Obviously, a massacre had happened here.


Wonder Woman quickly rummaged through the ruins. A few minutes later, she found a small remnant in the Guardian's broken chest, surging The metal scraps from the amber rays of light said to Batman behind him:

"They came for this!"

"N metal!"

Batman recognized this thing at the first moment. This thing is exactly the same as that recorded in Carter Hall’s diary. His subconsciously extends the hand, holding the thumb-sized N metal in his hand, but next moment , This extremely hard metal in Wonder Woman's hand seemed to melt suddenly, following his black tactical gloves, blending into his skin, like scorching flames, infiltrating into his body.


Batman pinched his right hand with his left hand, his whole body trembled crazily in the violent burn, he knelt on the ground, breathing heavily Then, his eyes flickered, and he seemed to see an endless dark universe in a daze, and the gloomy silhouette floating above the dark universe.

The silhouette is moving towards him quickly approaching, and extends the hand, bringing up a haze, seeming to want to take his soul away.

"no! No!!"

"Bruce! Bruce! What's wrong with you?"

Seeing this scene, Wonder Woman rushed forward and moved The trembling Batman was in his arms, the latter twitching nervously, like an electric shock, intermittently saying:

"carriage...door...this is...this is The fourth piece...the fourth piece of metal...we...we made a mistake!"

"terrifying...terrifying mistake..."

On the other side, at a special edge of time and space in Endless Starry Sky, Super-man and Green Lantern hiding in the shadow of the planet clearly saw the super-large Fireball that is nearly a hundred times larger than the sun in the distance, and those who are busy Silhouette of.

And the originally bright cosmic melting pot, the support of thousands of lives, is now like annealed metal, and it has begun to shine with dark red spots.

"Sure enough, it was them!"

Clark clenched his fists: "They are extinguishing the furnace! These bastards!"

"Don't be impulsive! Clark!"

Hal grabbed the Super-man who wanted to charge ahead. He said softly: "Go back first and call up the others... Only the two of us, not their opponents!"


Earth, Gotham, on the lonely mountain in the center of the city.

Cyber ​​is reading Carter Hall’s diary. He got this thing from Bruce. I don’t know where Batman got it. This thing has been recorded for thousands of years. The inner experience of Carter Hall, the reincarnated Eagleman.

Cyber ​​doesn’t care about the stories of the Eagle Ranger’s righteousness. What he really values ​​is the Eagle’s diary, which is mentioned in almost every article, which is becoming more and more hungry in his mind. The sound of thirsty darkness.

He said:

"Since I became the hero who saved the world, after I defeated the terrifying Barbatos, that voice quietly echoed in my heart, every day , Every month, every year, it keeps not weakening, but becomes clearer in the ebbing of time..."

"It declares to me the existence of Dark World, and instills dark taboos in me tells me that I have a terrifying life and the meaning of existence are governed, just like a baton in the dark, I can only follow it The demand is alive... After a certain thought, I was stunned to find that maybe, I did not defeat it at the beginning, but it wanted to hide its existence in this way..."

"Very Unfortunately, I was fooled, and I found out too late..."

"I have to pursue this mission. In my past experience, I was not a very successful hero, but Maybe I can be a detective of destiny...I'm going to find it, I'm going to see this dark mission with my own eyes...If I can, I'll defeat it!"

Cyber ​​tastes these over and over again Words, in these intermittent, even some crazy records, he can experience Carter Hall’s little by little desperate thinking. At the end of the story, Carter Hall, who was inextricably oppressed by the sound of darkness, made one. Faced with the choice of fate, he looked brave.

"But in fact, you are still crushed by the have fallen into the darkness..."

Cyber ​​shook the head, the Hawkman encountered him and Don't care, obviously, just like Bruce Wayne, Carter Hall also bears some dark plans about Barbatos. He is a very important part.

And now, when the answer is about to be revealed, he will also become a wall in front of Cyber.


A strange wind blew softly in Cyber's stone palace, the overlord's brows wrinkled, he put down the notebook in his hand and looked up in front of him In the empty great hall, he said in a deep voice:

"What are you doing here? Little Barry, are you here to surrender to the overlord?"

No one speaks, no one Answered, as if there was really nothing there...A few seconds later, Cyber ​​became a little impatient, his fingers moved, threatening to say:

"Are you coming out by yourself, or me Pick you out?"

"You have to make sure you don't beat me!"

Little Barry's voice sounded in the air. This weird remark made Cyber ​​laugh dumbly, but next At the moment, his voice became fierce again:

"If you don't come out again, I will beat you fiercely now!"


Barry, wearing a red uniform, appeared on the chair of Cyber ​​up ahead. He was holding an apple that had just passed from Gotham's market. He looked relaxed, but Cyber ​​clearly felt from those eyes. There was a trace of fear and tension.

He is afraid of him.

Without waiting for Cyber ​​to speak, the Flash said: "I came with peace, Overlord, we don't want to fight you anymore... Actually, we can't fight you either."


Barry was very honest, but Cyber ​​didn't buy it. He was snorted, and the ten rings of different colors on his fingers were beating strange lights under the gentle rays of light. He said in a deep voice:

"So, do you still think that the rhythm of war is in your hands? Fight as you want, stop as you want? What a joke!"

The overlord’s voice echoed in the hall:

"Of course you can start a war, Barry, but I have the final say if the war is over!"

This kind of strength makes Barry a little uncomfortable, his simple personality, A kind-hearted mind can be described as a "moral model" in the Justice League. Frankly speaking, he is really not suitable for being a negotiator. Facing Cyber's is so unreasonable, he can only grit his teeth and retort:

"But we are not enemies! At least when facing Barbatos, our position is the same!"

"That was before..."

Cyber ​​snorted, He flicked his fingers, and his fingertips constantly burst out sparks that made Barry have one's hair stand on end. After a while, the rays of light in Cyber's eyes turned, he touched the chin and looked at the Flash in front of him:

"But to be honest, it’s boring to fight with you immature little children... Look, Barry, any peace talks must show self-worth. You come to pray for peace, but I didn’t see Your sincerity..."

"My Legion has now conquered the nine kingdoms, but facing the entire Star Sea, my strength is still somewhat insufficient, so let’s go back and tell your friends , I think those Kree people on the edge of the galaxy are very unpleasant. If you can bring me the heads of the speakers of the highest council of Kree people within 3 days, I would be willing to live in peace with you and fight against Barbatos. Time, help you guys..."

His eyes narrowed, and he looked at Barry:

"Look, the rules for making friends with me are actually very simple Yes, I never make friends with have to show your own value, and if you want to fight Barbatos, you have to listen to me!"


"This is impossible!"

Barry rebuffed: "We are heroes! We are not assassins working for money!"


Cyber ​​snorts disdainfully, he looks at Barry: "Then you better learn to be an assassin now... I might as well tell you, just Relying on you, it is basically impossible to defeat Barbatos and his dark Legion. This, if you don’t believe it, just ask my "old friend" Bruce. He should have been exposed to his cruel fate...he he he , It's really sad. "

"Either fight to death as a hero, or live to see yourself become a villain... Look, this is you, this is me, this is the fate of all things in the world... "

"Little Barry, I am waiting for your reply!" Remember, 12 heads, none of them can't be missing! "

Cyber ​​skipped a very weird rays of light:

"Let me see, the existence of the world and self-persistence, which is more important? Especially Bruce...I'm very curious about what choice he will make..."


The space around the messenger Barry's body suddenly shattered, before his eyes The rays of light flashed, and when he reacted, he was already standing at the door of the Justice League base in New York.

Barry gritted his teeth and walked into the base, but soon he I saw Batman lying in the treatment room again, and the other ugly complexion people.

"What's wrong? Everyone? "

Little Lightning asked: "How's things going?" "

"It's terrible! "

Hal shrugged: "Everything is terrible, the dark bats are extinguishing the Exterminating Universe, and Bruce is placed by the laughing bat, the fourth piece of metal is integrated into his body, he sees In the future disaster phantom, the fragments of the entire dark universe based on rays of light world will rush into our world with the opening of the Barbatos Seal Gate, turning our poor world into darkness. "

"Bruce said that once the fifth piece of metal touches him... disaster will occur, and that is the irresistible future and our final destiny..."

Clark breathed a sigh of relief, and the steely Super-man also felt a little weak at this time: "This is too cruel, according to Bruce... we have no chance of winning at all. "

"Sure enough! "

Barry muttered to himself: "He guessed all, he foresaw it!" He knew..."

"Huh? How to say? "

Wonder Woman lifts the head, looking at the little lightning: "How is your peace negotiation?" "

"The overlord said that he is willing to live with us peacefully, and even willing to dispatch his Legion all over the universe to help us fight against Barbatos..."

Little Lightning said with some difficulty, This sentence raised the interest of other people. Clark asked:

"What's the price? "

Yes, no one thinks that the overlord will help them free of charge...Any sane person will not think so.

"The price...he wants us to go The 12 members of the Supreme Council who killed the Kree people..."

The Flash swallowed saliva and said difficultly. He looked at the other brothers and said softly: "I want us to throw away our own Persevere and be an assassin. He also said that at least one of them has to be killed by Bruce himself... He forces us to choose between the world and ourselves..."

" or Fight to death as a hero, or live to see yourself become a villain..."

Little Lightning repeated Cyber's words, and the other heroes were completely silent.


The fist with the golden hand armor hits the table, and Wonder Woman's face has become extremely ugly: "This bastard! "

"Bruce won't agree. "

Clark shook the head, and he didn’t say something...he wouldn’t agree.

"Then we have to find a way to stop the group on our own Crazy bat...but speaking of which, I actually have a great idea! "

Hal snapped his fingers, and a set of domineering Battle Armor models composed of green rays of light appeared in front of everyone:

"I had this idea for a long time. , Friends, Bruce is the most vulnerable of us, but he is also an indispensable part of us. Not only must we protect him, we must also give him incomparable power to make him the sharpest a saber in the Justice League! "

The Green Lantern opened his arms and said loudly:

"This set of Battle Armor, which was designed by Bruce and I, will be forged in the flames of the sun and in the cold of the abyss. Quenching in the ice, connecting speed force and green light energy, will have the most powerful intelligent control in the universe, and will also have the mysterious enchantment from Olympus..."

"I call it. .. Hell Bats. I believe that it will become a nightmare for Barbatos! I'm so sure of this! "

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