Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 790

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Bruce Wayne was standing on the terrace of the Hall of Justice. At this time, New York was already dark and dark, and ordinary citizens were in Enjoying a good sleep and beautiful dreams in peace, and under this peaceful scene, hidden are the sacrifices of heroes who are willing to give everything to the world.

Just now, the heroes of the whole world got together again.

Cyber ​​always says that the world in this timeline is weak. He is actually right. Before Cyber ​​came to this world, the number of registered superheroes in his civilization has exceeded 5000. People, this does not include those hermits who belong to the ancient civilization organization of inheritance. Really count, in Cyber's universe, the number of superheroes standing on the side of human civilization is at least 1W or more.

The weakest of them can all fight against the opponents in the starry sky, especially with the rapid development of technology, this force has already entered the universe. stage.

In this timeline world, the number of heroes is pitiful...only trifling is less than 1000, which also reflects the background of this timeline world. Of course, this is not an illustration This world is incomplete. It can only be said that this world is specially used for a gambling game, and the world made temporarily, more or less, has some weakened elements in it.

But in any case, using these forces to fight against an entire dark multiverse is definitely the result of not even thinking about it.

However, the word “hero” means a sacrifice. There are many things. It’s not that you can’t do it if you don’t want to do it. But for those who need to give life and existence to achieve results, When most people are deterred, some people will always smile and face the difficulties.

These people are true heroes, regardless of origin, race, or culture. They are using their blood to water the world protected by themselves, and nothing more.

And the meaning of sacrifice, people in the mud will always snort disdainfully, what the hero does is like a joke in their eyes, they wantonly criticize and speculate on others with the most sinister ideas, but As everyone knows, in the eyes of the world, they are the real jokes, the most meaningless existence.

Well, there’s a lot to say...In short, in the face of the terrifying reality disclosed by the Justice League, even if the heroes of the world have such concerns, the overwhelming majority of them still said they would participate This battle... the last great decisive battle in the world melting pot!

Under the weight of survival, union has become inevitable. Cyber ​​always says that survival is a truly exciting battle. This sentence is not wrong at all.

"Bruce, what are you thinking about?"

A somewhat cold voice sounded behind Batman, and Diana walked out of the stairs. She was standing with her arms around Bruce. Behind, she whispered:

"Are you still thinking about that illusion?"

"How can I not think about it? Diana..."

Bruce Turning around, with a bitter smile on his face, he touched his arm: "In the maze of the Owl Court, I came into contact with amber gold. In the battle to protect Gotham's, I was infected with the mysterious wine divine gold. Help me restore my memory and use the rare metal promethium to make the ultimate machine. Just this morning, I came into contact with N metal under my care..."

"Only five metals are needed to fuse together, I The door in the body will open, releasing Barbatos sealed in the darkness, completely extinguishing the entire universe, I will become a sinner through the ages, and most importantly, this world that I have been trying to protect, I swear, those are on me The tragedy that happened, the world that won’t's likely to be destroyed by my own hands."

Batman has a trace of hesitation in his eyes, both of his hands are placed on the railing, staring at the silence Dark night: "Maybe I should commit suicide now, as long as I die, Barbatos' plan will also come to an end..."

"But the door still exists, Bruce!"

Diana Stepping forward, she gently hugged Batman from behind, she said softly: "We have lost Arthur and Victor. If you die, this war will only be more difficult. At least we know now, as long as we protect you, All we have to deal with is the five madman bats...this is a good thing, Bruce."

"Thanks to the special bat gold you took out, this special material Let the Hellbat armor casting go smoothly. It is already undergoing final debugging. Believe me, this is our deepest love for you. Don’t give up hope... Fight together and we will win!"

"So, why do you always trust me so much?"

Bruce broke Diana's embrace slightly, he took a step back and concealed his body into the darkness, he looked at the beauty in front of him The daughter of Amazon, he said softly:

"In fact, sometimes, I feel that I don’t deserve your trust so much..."

"Because of the things you did in the past Things, Bruce, you have proved that you are trustworthy with the first half of your life, that's all."

Diana took a step forward, she looked straight at Bruce Wayne bravely, and she said sadly:

"You still can't let go of Rachel's death, right? You still can't hold another feeling in your heart...This kind of you makes me a little desperate, Bruce..."

"Don't talk about this now, okay? Diana..."

Bruce's expression was a bit hesitant, and he said softly, "I always refuse other people to enter my heart because I am afraid of losing again, Diana, I don't hate you, but, I'm really not ready yet, maybe... this battle will be a good breakthrough point, no matter what the outcome is... I will give you an explanation, believe me... give me some time, okay? "

The historical process of each timeline is different, and the characters in each timeline have their own stories. For example, in this timeline, if nothing happens, Batman and Wonder Woman will eventually come together, but now the biggest accident has occurred, Cyber ​​is sitting on the top of a lonely mountain, covered with snow flying all over the sky, just like a sculpture carved by is a cold ice sculpture.

Everything that happened in New York, the actions of the heroes, all of this was not hidden from him. He knew all the crises and weaknesses hidden in this battle, but he couldn't appear at this time. He needed one. Opportunity, he needs a pathfinder pawn to help him figure out the final arrangement of Barbatos in the melting pot of the universe.

And these heroes united together are very suitable.

As for the release of the Barbatos seal that Batman has always wanted to avoid, Cyber ​​also has a clear comprehension in his heart, which cannot be prevented...Barbatos will inevitably appear in this world made by him and Gao Heavenly Venerable. There are too many traps buried in it. Even if it is blocked by him now, the ultimate fate still cannot be changed.

Rather than drag on, it is better to solve it all at once...

Now, the only question is, how strong will this destined Barbatos be?

Look, at the end of any trick, in fact, it depends on strength to speak, and there is no strength to support it. The conspiracy of Nine Headed Snake, like the former Nine Headed Snake, will only return to nothingness in the end.



A door from Earth to the melting pot of the universe was torn open under the support of the Green Lantern. The Flash ran fast, using speed force to maintain the operation of the Transmission Gate, fully armed. The heroes took the spacecraft provided by Batman and quickly traversed the Star Sea from Earth’s synchronous orbit and reached the ultimate center of the universe.

The heroes who saw this scene couldn’t help but exclaimed.

This is the melting pot of the universe, the legendary singularity before the expansion of the universe. The furnace operating here forged the first batch of life in the universe. Let the prosperous era of life come here. It is still a complex symbol. At the moment when the melting furnace of the universe is extinguished, the burning energy of the stars supplying the entire universe will no longer exist. The universe will not immediately die, it will fall into another bright one. One side.

Covered by darkness and cold a little bit, the entire world shrank rapidly, until it returned to its original state, and recharged the extinguished cosmic melting pot with everything remaining in the entire universe, and let it ignite again. This time is based on trillions of years. Unit, but now, the cosmic melting pot in front of you is being artificially extinguished.

This is the truth of the alternation of epochs and epochs. Regardless of the timeline, the destruction of the universe’s epoch is the rule. In Cyber’s universe, Galactus, one of the five gods of the universe, is on The survivors left after the destruction of an era.

Only the most powerful creatures can survive the transition of epochs and survive alone in the new era.

This is not a blessing, but a curse of eternal loneliness.

"The distorted reality response of a large amount of N metal detected!"

From the spacecraft operated by Batman, a mechanical cold voice came: "The space ahead overlaps, which is extremely dangerous!"

"My friends, the next road, we have to walk by ourselves!"

Batman looked at the heroes scattered in the cabins behind him, he said in a deep voice: "We Gathering here today is not just to protect our Earth, and the entire world. Therefore, we also have reinforcements from the other world!"

The voice fell, and the spacecraft continued to look forward, bypassing the overlapping space. After that, on the other side of the melting pot of the universe, the huge teleportation reaction that spread over the entire starry sky, as well as the flying gunfire, attracted everyone's attention as if the world was apocalyptic.

Grandiose’s interstellar battleship group is fighting against the shards of Dark World scattered around the melting furnace of the universe. Every minute and every second there is blazing fire illuminating the cold starry sky, on the deck of these battleships It is engraved with a complicated pattern, which is the symbol of the Spartan Star Sea Empire. As the most powerful secular civilization in the universe, these aliens will not sit back and watch the universe fall.

Before the arrival of the Earth people, they had already fought against the forces of Barbatos.

On the other side of the battlefield, there is the rising star Legion who also launched a charge offensive. In this timeline, they have not encountered Cyber's suppression, and their influence is still very strong.

Then the rays of light shining among the stars, the rays of light of the lantern ring, at the moment when the world is about to be destroyed, the lantern ring Legion that conquered each other is also rarely united together, and from The armies of other mysterious civilizations, against their magnificent armies, the Earth Expeditionary Army of this world is really as weak as a trivial ant.

"They did not know us, but thanks to these aliens, they opened a passage for us!"

Super-man Clark opened the hatch and rushed forward. The surface of the cosmic furnace. Behind him, the heroes of Earth, wearing various Battle Armors, rushed towards the surface of the furnace in a uniform movement.

On every inch of the earth there, the forces from the entire universe are struggling to fight against another dark army of the multiverse. As Batman said, they are not alone!

The entire universe is united...All life is fighting for survival! Even if they don't know it, all the meaning of their existence is just to entertain a higher level of existence.

But what about it? Who stipulates that the pawns in the gambling game cannot fight for survival?

Life is difficult to appear, but once it takes root, it is almost impossible and completely destroyed... This is the tenacity of life, even if you know it will die tomorrow, but at least this dark dawn will still Worth all life, fight for it, throw everything away for it!


All the lives fighting on the surface of the furnace world were attracted by a roar that resounded in a vacuum. They looked back, a dark one made of steel, a bat The same silhouette rushed into the melting pot world at almost the speed of light. The moment he landed on the ground, the surface of the cosmic melting pot trembled.

Under the blessing of speed force, light ring and divine force enchantment, Bruce Wayne, driving the armor of the hell bat, is like the bravest warrior in the broken world, rushing into the battlefield madly. Where, the dark shards are fragmented, and he alone can be worthy of a Legion!

"Hell bats are terrifying!"

Little Lightning Barry grew up in surprise: "Our hard work has been rewarded! Bruce will become our sharpest sword!"


The hell bat holding an empty fist hit the flame-burning ground with a fist, blasting open a passage to the deepest part of the world furnace, he jumped down, Super-man followed behind him. After a five-minute fall, the two people fell into the true core of the world furnace. In front of them was a dark red lava pool, all over the core of the universe furnace.

In the center of the lava pool, the laughing bat is holding a black pistol and sitting leaning on the rock, seeming to be waiting for Batman's arrival.

"Look, the whole universe is united! You are fighting against the destiny of Barbatos... It's really touching, what a great sacrifice!"

Like a singing opera, he shouted these words, but next moment, he changed his words:

"Look at you, Bruce, you looked at me with hatred, as if I had ruined it. Everything about you is the same, but it’s not like this. I’d like to say that we’re just Barbatos pawns, and we can throw away those kinds of pieces when we use them up... My destiny is not much better than you, in fact, we only exist to attract overlords. From the very beginning, we are abandoning children."

"But it’s okay. Abandoned children also have come, we are free!"

"and , You’re not really stupid to think that I’m your last opponent...cough cough, please allow me to introduce you to Barbatos’s last defense in the melting pot of the world..."

" ao!"

A loud noise that shook the stars in this brief moment sounded along with the rolling lava at the core of the entire world, a scary beast, which was tall enough to be several hundred meters tall, slowly from the lava Standing up, it looks like a dragon with dark red scales. Its sturdy legs pierce into the lava. The wings behind it spread out, covering the darkness above the world furnace. It holds a hand in both hands. The huge, hideous Warhammer.

The eyes under the metal helmet like an eagle are full of brutality and madness.

"This is your true opponent... Your once good friend Carter Hall, do you remember him? The warrior who defeated Barbatos, he was also reborn in the dark!! "

"He is...the dragon of Barbatos!"

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