Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 791

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In Cyber's world, Eagle Man and his wife, Eagle Girl, are just two ordinary heroes.

Their power is average, they can fly, and they can use magic. The only thing more mysterious than other heroes is that they can reincarnate infinitely. Their heads store the memory of every Eagleman. This Make their wisdom and combat experience incomparable, so in Cyber's world, Eagleman and Eaglewoman are entrusted with important tasks. As the "gendarmes" of superheroes, they manage a special force dedicated to monitoring the crimes of superheroes. Condition.

But in this world, there is a little...small problem with the Eagleman story.

The beginning of the civilization of this world was the war between the three tribes of birds, wolf and bears, and the Eagleman was a member of the bird tribe. Incomparable courage defeated the summon's Evil God Barbatos, and sealed him in a mysterious way.

And this is the beginning of all destiny.

As described in many stories, the evil does not really die. In fact, the moment the evil is sealed, the hero becomes the carrier of the evil, and the Eagleman is such a sad character.

Because of the large amount of N metal in the body, he and his wife will not really die. Every time they die, they will change their identities and reincarnate again. What is quite Legendary is that no matter what it is In the age, they can find each other and love each other again...

So in fact, Eagle Man and Eagle Girl represent the symbol of true love. In the Cyber's universe, the Purple Lantern Legion’s In the energy source, a special crystal was sealed, which contained the remnants of Eagle Man and Eagle Girl in a certain life.

The sensual daughters of love, regard this Legendary couple as a symbol of love.

But in this world, every reincarnation of Eagle Man will be accompanied by the expansion of the dark voice that permeates his mind. He has thought of many ways, but he cannot completely eradicate it. This dark voice, from the very beginning confrontation, to ignorance, and finally to compromise.

Of course, he did not regard it as a compromise. He chose to truly face all of this. He entered the universe, followed the source of the dark voice, and finally saw his destiny.

As the saying goes good, when you stare into the abyss, the abyss will also look back at you.

Hawkman faced his own darkness. Until the moment he really saw it, he clearly understood his own destiny. His invincible will was destroyed with no difficulty. He fell into the darkness. He Melting into the darkness, he became the gatekeeper of the darkness...he became the hero's final difficulty.

He became...the dragon of Barbatos!

"Ah ah ah!"

The ground under Batman's feet has split a terrifying sinkhole under the mighty force. The black hell bat Battle Armor is amazing in strength. This kind of divine force, after all the power of the Justice League is blessed on his body, it completely turned him into a real war machine.

Faced with the warhammer warhammer smashed by the dragon of Barbatos, he unavoidably confronted him head-on. The Battle Armor with Unicom's speed force is amazingly fast, plus the cloak crafted by Green Lantern. Can fly freely in the air.


Batman pierced the sky like a black sword, he slammed a punch, and a dark rays of light flashed across the surface of the roaring hell bat Battle Armor , Such as the launch of the main gun of the space starship, this fist with no difficulty broke through the space and hit the dragon of Barbatos on the neck.


The hard scales were completely torn by this blow, and the blood of darkness was sprinkled everywhere along with the gatekeeper's rare beast's roar, and the blood fell. On the ground, like a hot and angry lava, it swallowed the alien warriors fighting on the surface of the hot planet.

Barbatos dragon wields Warhammer crazily in pain. It is like a moving disaster. The most terrifying thing is not its awesome power, but the darkness behind it, like A coordinate, wherever it went, everything around it was swallowed up by darkness.

"All roads will eventually fall into...darkness!"

"Your resistance!"

"Nothing! Nothing! Meaning! Righteousness! "


The Warhammer, which is nearly 100 meters high, is wrapped in raging flames and falls from the sky. The black steel Battle Armor stands in place and does not evade, every inch of metal shell Above, the divine force enchantment from Olympic Mountain beats the most gorgeous rays of light, pushing Batman's power to a point that is simply unimaginable.


The ground under his feet was blasted out of a meteorite-like depression in this hit, but in the radiation of his power, this ground actually didn't Split, and the attack of the Dragon of Barbatos was received by Batman.

both of his hands lay in front of you, like a strong man lifting weights, holding the silver-gray Warhammer in his arms, and raising it little by little.

"This is not our destiny!"

The voice of Batman gnashing teeth sounded: "This is not your destiny!"


The huge Warhammer was dragged from the hand of the Barbatos dragon and thrown into the air by Batman. His body flew up from the ground like a phantom. The ground under his feet turned into dust at this brief moment, and he flew into In the air, the cloak behind it was like the wings of a bat, suddenly spreading out, allowing him to hover in the sky. Both of his hands hugged this terrifying weapon, and he shouted:

"Carter Huo. Oh! Don’t give in!"


The Warhammer with both hands like a siege hammer turned two times in Batman's hands, and finally fiercely hit the dragon of Barbatos in the chest. The force of this blow was so powerful that it smashed the monster out, like a collapsed mountain, hitting the hot surface of the melting furnace of the universe.

"Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhah The struggling dragon of Barbatos, he shouted in the communication:

"brothers! Victory! Right in front of you!"

In an instant, the imposing manner of the civilized coalition forces in the entire universe Becoming agitated, but just as he dragged the giant Warhammer upside down towards the Barbatos dragon, the silhouette of the laughing bat appeared again. He squatted on the belly of the Barbatos dragon. He tilted his head and looked in front of him. Batman like a dark nightmare.

"Yo! This suit is really handsome...Look at it, black Spiritual God metal, hideous appearance, shining speed force rays of light, and the light ring connected, dearest Ms. Diana also hand-carved a wonderful enchantment for her lover. It is really a great war weapon!"

"But if I were you, Bruce, I would not accept it from the very beginning! "

The rattling laughter of the laughing bat stopped Bruce's footsteps in place, and then he heard the disgusting monster whisper:

"Amber gold, wine divine gold, promethium, N metal... the four divine metals have gathered in your body, the door is about to open, honestly, my Mr. Bruce, you are really not curious, gather the last key of the door What kind of metal is it?"


The shell of the black hell bat Battle Armor suddenly opened, Bruce Wayne leaped out of it with a beating heart, and he His complexion was horrified, as if he was about to escape from some kind of nightmare. When there was only one step left in this victory, he ran two steps, and his body began to tremble and knelt on the ground.

Behind him, the Laughing Bat opened his arms and shouted in a victorious gesture:

"You made the bat gold with your own hands. You think it is absolutely impossible. Dangerous item, but unfortunately, you yourself... ruined the future of this universe! All roads will eventually lead to darkness... this is your destiny, Bruce Wayne, don’t escape It won't open!"

"Barbatos! Sovereign of the dark multiverse! Come on! The door has been opened! Come on! Come to this sad world!"

"Extinguish the light, Shake the darkness!!!"

The crazy laugh of the Laughing Bat became the note of the end of the final battle. The body of Bruce Wayne, who was originally regarded as the savior, was surrounded by a power of death. of Darkness envelops the sky floating to the melting furnace from all directions, and the surging darkness rushes into his body from his mouth, his ears, and his nostrils, and the surging darkness in his body has been silently covered. The activated door opened with a little by little hole.

A dark storm of stars slowly opened behind Bruce. The midpoint of the dark vortex was dotted with a fluttering halo, like the first light in the dark, representing the creation of the universe. The sharpness of the reader, it is a pity, this time... what he brought will never be a warm light anymore.

This world has reached the final turning point of destiny. Next, whether it exists or is dead, no one knows.

And the gambling game, the gambling game of the higher world, finally came to the most exciting, unveiling moment!

"no! !!!"



Sitting on the throne of Gotham's lonely mountain range, Cyber ​​witnessed Bruce Wayne being swallowed by darkness. He shook the head, falling snow and ice on his body. In this brief moment, he was suddenly eliminated. He stretched out his left hand, and the beating rays of light formed the Oblivion in his hands. He stood up from the throne and stared at the stars above his head.

"This weak world, no matter how you resist it, it will eventually end up with this pitiful ending...It's really sad! Maybe from the very beginning, I shouldn't have any confidence in you."



A red time gate opened behind him, and a small lightning bolt with blood all over his body rolled out of it, lying weakly on the ground, and beside him, it was The Wonder Woman Diana who has also been unable to hold on, at this time Wonder Woman’s body is covered with wounds, cuts, and anxieties penetrated by energy. It is hard to imagine what kind of fierce battle it is that will make Demi. -The daughter of God suffered such injuries.

She took a step forward, and her body was weak and limp on the ground. She supported her body with the Killing God Sword covered in blood. She lifts the head and looked at the overlord with her back facing them. She gritted her teeth and threw the blood-filled pocket behind her at Cyber's feet.

"The heads of 12 is not bad!"

"Help us!"


Cyber ​​turned around and opened the pocket with the handle of the sickle. Among them, the heads of 12 Kree people with face looks sinister were rolled out, with various ornaments inlaid on them, representing their noble identity.

"Maybe you didn't understand my terms..."

Cyber ​​squatted down in front of the exhausted Wonder Woman, and he reached out and took out a handkerchief , Gently wiped the blood off Diana's face, he said softly:

"What I said is, one of the 12 heads must be cut off by Bruce himself... Look, you guys Didn’t do it, didn’t you?"

"What does it matter!"

Barry lying on the side shouted in despair, "We killed them, we became For criminals, we have violated our guidelines, and we have made a choice! Isn’t this enough?!"

"no! Not enough!"

Cyber's action is still gentle, But the indifference in his eyes has not changed. He whispered: "Bruce is the key...he is the core of the Justice League, isn't he?"

"Let's go! The gambling seems fast. If I lose, I should do my thing too. After you consume part of Barbatos' power, I will bring my Legion into the arena, and I will solve the last trouble..."

"Consumption? You are watching them die!"

Barry beat the ground with his blood-filled fists, his expression has never been so hideous: "Enough! Enough! You obviously Have the power to stop this! Stop this slaughter! Why? Why!!!"

"To win at the least cost, this is a truth that every leader must learn!"

Cyber ​​stood up and turned his back to the two heroes. He whispered: "As for your world...what does this have to do with me? Look, I am not from this world..."

He laughed in a deep voice:

"If you want me to save him... come on, convince me... convince me to save this world that has nothing to do with me, just like you tried to convince Manhattan ...That time you failed, this time, maybe you will succeed?"

"Do you know? Barry...I am full of resentment towards your world! I can't wait to destroy it by myself !Because in this world, there is no my relatives, no love, no everything I cherish, nothing... I have seen heroes sacrifice for you, and I have also seen that you are still scattered after the disaster, you It’s always just fighting each other, fighting messy confrontations in the name of heroes!"

"You never thought about this never tried to make it better! You are empty There is power, but you let the world slide into the abyss, your eyes are limited to this earth, you know? I didn’t even see Even once, the lives of the entire world unite to fight for it! Listen! The world is crying! "

"Barbatos sent 7 chopsticks to mess up your world... Is there really a need for such a world? The more I understand, the more I understand why Manhattan should watch everything in this world with cold eyes...because you guys! Not worth saving! ! ! "

"You guys... let down this world! "

"pu Tong"

The sound of his knees caused Cyber ​​to vent his anger. In this brief moment, he stopped. He turned his head and saw the proudest Diana. Kneeling in the blood dyed red snow, she said softly: "I hate you very much, Cyber ​​Hawk, until now, if possible, I don't want to appear in front of you. I don't want to face you, because of your existence, we heroes feel frustrated... But now, please, please save it, please save this universe! "

"Your vision is too much higher than ours. We can't understand what you said, but...we are willing to give everything...just beg you to save it! Save our friends, save Bruce! Please! "


Cyber ​​looked at her, watching the proudest daughter of Amazon lower her proud head, he asked softly:

"You like him, right? You like are willing to give everything for him, even for both of his hands, right? "

"en! I do! "

"What a lucky guy...I'm starting to be jealous of him, my Diana, I won't sacrifice everything for me so thoroughly..."

Cyber ​​snorted, in his hands The sickle raised high:

"Have you heard? My Legion! This world will become our territory! This universe will become our territory!'s time to fight for our benefit! "

"Legion...attacks! "

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