Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 792

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From entering this timeline world until today, Cyber ​​has been here for 16 days.

What can you do in half a month?

For the prisoner, I’m afraid it’s just finishing a work plan, completing a planned trip, or doing a simple renovation of his warm home. Seriously, half a month’s Time, maybe nothing can be done.

But for Cyber, 16 days is more than enough to transform the world he is familiar with.

Legion’s command to assemble from the lonely peak of Earth spread all over the nine kingdoms that have been completely Heaven and Earth turning upside down at the same time, spread across multiple dimensions, and those quiet dormant waiting in the dark The soldiers who ordered, under the command of the Overlord, reawakened from their short-term dormancy and reorganized into a force sufficient to make the world tremble.


On Asgard's broken throne, the new queen who closed her eyes and cultivated her eyes suddenly opened her eyes.

She wears a green robe, a Divine King crown, and holds the Gunge nir, the judgement gun representing Asgard's theocracy. Her palace is not as noisy and bright as during Odin’s reign, and even has a haze. , The peaceful breath entangled in this silent palace, making the queen feel the precious peace.

She is actually a woman who likes to be quiet, especially after being sealed a thousand years ago, she became sad and crazy, but after a cruel killing to calm her inner anger, she again Changed back to that quiet self again.

She stood up from the throne and wandered to the terrace of the Golden Palace where there were still traces of war. She looked at Asgard, who was enveloped by the murderous cloud. The gun of judgment in her hand tapped the ground, Her majestic voice in this brief moment spread throughout the Divine Domain and the Nine Kingdoms.

"Divine King Hela's soldiers! Wake up!"

"It's time to start an expedition!"

"Buzz~ Buzz~ Om"

The rays of light of Fire of Eternal fell from the sky, following the will of the new Divine King, rushing into every corner of this dead city, giving the cursed life to those residents whose hearts were pierced by a sharp blade. Turn them back into a member of the Divine King's army.

Those who fell in the black ruins after burning, the broken and hideous corpses opened their eyes again, the pale green rays of light were just sparks in the dark at first, but soon in the dim world They became one piece, their lives awakened again in their dead bodies in a cursed form, but death permanently took away a part of their existence, so they became quiet, cruel, and irritable.

The desire for destruction and the hatred for life flooded the minds of these corpses, and they were captured by a powerful will and instilled in the act of war, using this method to try to achieve revenge belonging to the dead.

So, an army appeared...

Hela with a crown stood on the terrace of the Golden Palace. She looked at every little city in front of her. The alleys, the corpses that came out slowly from every street, among them were soldiers, civilians, old people, and children...When the pale green rays of light joined together, the original noble Divine Domain world, It was also completely shattered by the brutal roar.

The dead Goddess finally completed her own revenge in this world. She killed everyone who opposed her new rule. As a result, as for the current Asgard, she is the only one who lives in the true sense. people.

But it doesn't matter... As the ruler of the dead country, Hela doesn't mind that his people are just a bunch of cold corpses.

They will not resist the opinions of superiors, they will not whisper in the dark, they will not have their own greed, and they will not rebel against the rulers’ orders. When needed, they Can quickly form a powerful Legion.

Look, the dead are actually better and better than the living sometimes...

"da da da da"

The sound of the death horses stepping on the ground in the frost became clearer. At the end of Hela's line of sight, more than a dozen dead Knights rushed from all directions of the city to the square in front of the Golden Palace. Behind them, the tide of death quickly overwhelmed everything. , They are like the leader of Asgard's dead Legion, Hela is the most powerful and most loyal generals.

There is Thor who is holding Thor's hammer and slamming thunder and lightning with the body of death.

Heimdall, the goalkeeper who died at the forefront of the battlefield with a guardian blade.

There are also the silent and powerful former Divine King Odin and his wife waving death battle halberd.

And those generals who were loyal to Odin, now they are all part of this awesome Legion.

They manipulated the horse rein and stood humbly on the square in front of Hela. The tamed temperament made King Goddess very satisfied. Her pale and coquettish face showed an elegant smile. Days ago, her seal was broken by a powerful force, and the man like Demon God gave her freedom, only on very old-fashioned...loyalty.

For revenge, in order to take back what you have taken away, it seems to be a worthwhile thing to exchange loyalty for the future, even more how, the loyalty of Goddess of death is so easy to take. NS?

Asgard’s new Divine King lifts the head, watching the densely packed airship formations belonging to Asgard’s densely packed airships in the sky being manipulated by the dead soldiers, Hela’s heart is surging Some special thoughts, but at this time, she didn't really want to cast aside all considerations for face with that weird overlord, so the Divine King gun in her hand was raised high.

"In the name of the overlord...Asgard's Legion, my Legion...the target world melting pot, strike out!"

And just after the death of Asgard, Legion crossed the Transmission Gate At the same time, in the other world of the Nine Kingdoms, whether it is the unruly frost giant, the hobby peaceful Alfheim’s elves, and the dwarves and gnomes of Wat Alheim, they are all in their new conquests. Under the command of the author, he was fully armed and stepped on the journey.

The surface of their bodies is covered with surging dark armor, which is a symptom of the dark Space Power blessing. While giving them more powerful power, it also takes away their free will to resist and let They willingly became cannon fodder in the Overlord War.

Among the stars, on top of the roots of the void World Tree that supports the Nine Kingdoms, which is invisible to mortals, the dark Space Power is eroding these worlds along the trunk of the tree.

The Dark Space lord Dormammu in this timeline is very tragic. The death of Ancient One originally meant that its freedom is coming, but Cyber's appears to crush this point. Cyber ​​does not need its obedience. He It simply needed a complete dark Space Power, so Dormammu died, and the dark Martial Goddess Alvitr took his place.

This is a Dark Space that has not been sacrificed. Dormammu has swallowed the Power of Darkness in multiple dimensions and is now used by Cyber ​​to erode the World Tree, charge his Legion, and arm all his warriors. .

In hell, 12 Martial Goddess commanded his huge demon Legion. The prince of hell has long been beheaded, and now hell is left with madness filled with darkness. world, the overlord is implementing his rule here in a cruel way, not as tender as the present world.

In this awakened demon army, headed by those real war weapons, those abyss lords and fel lords whose bodies are as huge as mountains, except for the haunting magical powers on their manic bodies In addition, there are some more dark-shrouded powers. Behind them, there are an incalculable number of demon guards who form the main body of the hell army.

There are also those hell giant beasts cruising in front of the front line, the flying dragons and mephits in the sky, and the elemental demons who are called up, and the cunning demons hold long whips and act as superintendents. Role.

All the forces in the entire hell have been assembled, and the maddening demons are waiting for the coming war with a rare silence.


On the edge of hell, the solid space in this brief moment flips open, like a door with no end in sight, rays of In the light, the battle scene on the surface of the world furnace can be vaguely seen.


Martial Goddess's war spear in Grey's hand is raised horizontally, and her cold voice spreads across the hazy sky:

" The time has come! Hell...attack! Slay everything for the overlord!"


The demons who have been waiting impatiently are like rolling darkness Like the tide, moving towards the front, charged into the shatter space in front of me with a mercury-like offensive. On the other side of the space, at the moment when the door in Bruce Wayne's body was opened little by little, in the dark The moment the cruel dark fragments of the multiverse rushed into the world with the dark determination to destroy everything, they were completely overwhelmed by the tide of demons before they had time to make their first battle cry.

Together with the heroic aliens who are fighting against the darkness on the surface of the furnace of the universe, they are also involved in this deadly, endless charge.

The demons who have completely fallen into madness, no matter who is the friend or the enemy, there is no such discrimination in their thinking. The overlord just tells them to crush everything in front of them...

That's it.

But...this is not all.

In the deepest part of the two Dark Spaces that have been completely merged, that is the dark world that is broader than the real dimension, but more silent and silent. All the dimensions and the world swallowed by Dormammu are all The eroded posture lay horizontally in this deadly darkness. In the center of the darkness, the core of the Nebula, the sleeping lord of Dark Space was also awakened by Cyber's declaration of war.

Alvitr specially opened her eyes. Among them, the pupils of ice blue have been mostly obscured by darkness. Although she has been resisting the erosion of Dark Space, after incorporating another larger dark Space Power, The erosion of the consciousness is already inevitable.

She can still stay sensible under the influence of darkness, just because her soul is connected to Cyber’s soul, she has completely lost the hope of freedom, because as long as she leaves Cyber, even if it’s only a moment, her All existence, her soul, her consciousness, and her memory will be completely swallowed up by the turning darkness.

She has completely become a vassal of Cyber's, a weapon in the hands of the overlord...

But it does not seem to be unfortunate, at least in this complete Dark Space, she is almost godlike.

“Buzz~ Buzz~ ”

At the moment when Alvitr’s special will is slightly deflected, the free energy filled in the dark forms in the endless Dark Starry Sky before her eyes. One after another, Knights made up purely of shadows, at a glance, above the dead planet, they have been completely submerged by the Dark Knight's Legion.

"The Overlord needs his Legion..."

"Then go! Submerge everything for him!"

"hua! !!!"

A dark rift as deep as an abyss breaks above the uncontrollable world furnace, and the Super-man lifts the head into the air, looking at the crack in the sky, where it is densely packed like a swarm of bees The Dark Knights rode on the dark flying beasts, rushing from the rift into the completely chaotic battlefield below in a deadly posture.

Clark plunged his consciousness into the rift, just glanced from a distance at Lord Dark Space, who was surrounded by dark stars. In Alvitr’s indifferent direct gaze, he seemed to be watched by a god. He hurriedly withdrew from his self-consciousness, and in this short instant, the dark Legion that smashed down like a tide had covered one third of the entire world's melting pot.

Barbatos has not yet appeared, but the door to the dark multiverse that it opened has been completely blocked.

The fragments of the world that it plans to subvert the universe of this world do not even have the ability to step out of the Transmission Gate. The moment they burst out of the darkness, they will be chopped to pieces by the dead. Will be crushed by demons, and will be eroded by the darkness with no opportunity.

And this...still not all!


Cyber's silhouette finally appeared on the battlefield of the world melting pot. He raised his right hand, and the black lamp ring emitted ink-like rays of ink in the dark. Light, the rays of light are omnipresent and seem to be able to illuminate every world in the universe from here.

Under the shining light of darkness, those dead heroes, no matter which world they came from, which civilization they came from, and the heroic spirits who died in battle in the starry sky around the melting pot of the world, also reappeared. The black tabard restarted the unfinished war. These heroes were awakened by the roar of the Black Death Emperor. They crossed the obstacles of space and formed a formidable army behind Cyber. They respectfully fought for powerful existence.

"Barbatos...Do you like the meeting ceremony I carefully prepared?"

"This game started to bore me! Let this weak world's first dark night ...Be the final stage for you and me!"

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