Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 793

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Up to now, Cyber ​​still doesn't know what the conditions for winning this game are, but he can feel that he is only one step away from the final answer.

The poor and weak cosmic civilization has been forced to leave the battlefield of War of Gods and Demons. Even the starship formations of the mighty Spartan Star Sea empire are in the dead of the universe awakened by Cyber In front of the Silent Fleet, it became as weak as an ant.

The cosmic death frenzy set off by Thanos with soul gems has given Cyber ​​new inspiration. In terms of power level, Thanos can do everything with soul gems. Today's Cyber ​​uses black lights. Quit, the same can be done.

The situation on the battlefield turned over in an instant. The fragments of the dark multiverse that originally emerged from the world’s rift, the endless army conscripted by Barbatos in the constant world annihilation and the collapse of civilization, The dark warriors who had been fighting against the civilized coalition forces were retreating steadily, but at this time they had been overwhelmed by an astonishing number of Legions.

Cyber ​​has never wanted to use personal power to end the frenzy that Barbatos will eventually bring. Since entering this world, all the preparations he has made are for this moment.

He has already seen that in this timeline world specially designed for gambling games, the civilization of the universe exists in a narrow attitude. This universe is very poor and weak, but in contrast, as In the dark multiverse that is associated with the light world, the available power will naturally be weak. This is a balance in the balance.

Even if Barbatos enters this game, he still cannot double the power of darkness and diversity out of thin air... In this case, he will win the battle of numbers. He hopes that the Legion he formed will block the Legion of Barbatos on the battlefield of the world melting pot for him, and the time gained for him will be used for a head-on contest with Barbatos.

Yes, at the last moment, all tactics are meaningless. Now is the time to really shake your fist and determine the fate of the universe.

Seriously, he doesn't hate this way of winning, and he is very good at winning this way.

Bruce Wayne’s dark-filled body is suspended above the dark battlefield of the cosmic melting pot in an extremely stretched way, hidden in the deepest part of the Wayne family’s bloodline, and the doors passed down from generation to generation have been Being opened, a passage through the Darkness and Light universe is opening. This is a difficult and slow process. To open Barbatos from the ancient seal, this process is irreversible.


Cyber's hand pierced into the space connecting Batman and the dark energy, pressure from the surrounding began to swarm, trying to crush his fingers, but only This kind of power is not enough to look at. Amid the gleaming of the lamp rings on his fingers, his left hand is pressed against Bruce Wayne's already unconscious shoulder.

"Give me, come out!"


The ongoing ceremony, the area shrouded in pure darkness is under the command of Space Gems Collapsed, Cyber's hand pulled outwards, pulling Bruce out of the area with some difficulty.

He looked at Bruce Wayne, who was caught in his hand, and looked up at the sky. The door that opened the door did not disappear. In other words, he was actually collecting five metals and opened the door. After that, Batman has lost its effect, and even the space stone that controls all space cannot affect the opening of this door.

"It's a pity..."

Cyber ​​shook the head. He originally planned to rescue Bruce in this way to interrupt Barbatos' unblocking process, although In my heart, I think this kind of adventure is not reliable, but...Any possible way to win is worth trying, isn't it?

"Yes... I'm sorry."

Being dragged out of the dark vortex, Bruce regained his senses, and he said to Cyber ​​with difficulty: "I, I will eventually, Release it...I ruined everything..."

"You don't need to say sorry to me, Bruce. For you in this world, there are many things that you can't Sovereign."


Cyber's gaze did not fall on Bruce, his fingers flicked, and a space channel leading to Earth was opened. He threw Bruce into the channel, and he whispered:

"I didn't come here to save you. Leave your thanks to lucky guy..."

Bruce's silhouette is slowly in the collapsed space Disappeared, just in this brief moment, an angry roar sounded behind Cyber.

"Bat! Don't go!"

"! Allow! Allow!"

The Dragon of Barbatos defeated by the armor of the hell bat before I don’t know when, he has reappeared on the battlefield. The gatekeeper who was tempted by Barbatos himself to fall into the darkness is amazing. Its huge body, combined with tyrannical power, and blessed by the power from the dark multiverse. , Let it become the hope of victory for the Barbatos side on the battlefield of repeated defeats.


It swung the Warhammer fiercely into the Cyber's Legion front. This blow blasted through the surface of the melting pot of the universe and threw an entire demon alliance into In the hot lava below, it roared and rushed in the direction of moved towards Cyber ​​and Bruce. Its crimson's eyes sparkled with humiliation and hatred. Obviously, it had not forgotten how easily it was defeated.

And this guy is known as the Dragon of Barbatos, his strength is naturally strong, although he only has the most instinctive and brutal strikes, there is no superb skill, but this kind of brute force itself brings it unimaginable destructive power.

Asgard's undead Legion is almost helpless in the face of its tyranny. Even the death-armed Thor and Odin father and son teamed up to withstand this crazy giant beast.

Of course, Odin and Thor have lost the divine force of Golden Lightning after being killed by Hela himself and absorbing the amount of source power, and they have become weak.

"Let it come over!"

Cyber's voice is like an unbreakable command. Legion, the undead who originally gathered together and intended to drown the dragon of Barbatos with numbers, instantly dispersed. , For Carter Hall, who fell into the darkness, cleared the obstacles in front of him, and the forefront of this assault road was the Cyber ​​suspended above the sky, waiting for the Seal Gate of Barbatos to open.

“peng~ peng~ peng~ ”

The scorching and broken earth is shaking, and the Barbatos dragon is holding Warhammer upside down, moving towards Cyber ​​crazy charging, its crazy voice resounding Sky Dome:

"I am the Dragon of Barbatos!"

"I am the War God of Barbatos!"

"All roads...will be attributed to, Darkness!!!"


The superstar Warhammer in its hand was raised high, and moved towards the Cyber ​​fiercely in midair, it fell down. The destruction and tyranny in its eyes have been It ignited its pitiful intellect, especially at the moment Barbatos was about to descend on this world, the darkness surging inside it had completely overwhelmed it.

Finally, let it embark on a path of self-destruction.

Seeing that his Warhammer is about to hit Cyber’s body, the barbatos dragon’s roar becomes even more crazy, like seeing Beast about to capture its prey, heavy breathing even makes the body flow The blood of lava became more scorching, and the hot steam rushed out of the cracks in its body, making it look more like a sinister monster.

It's near! Closer!

Just a little bit, just a little bit, you can completely smash this nasty human! He let go of the opponent who humiliated it, then use his blood to pay it back!


The ground has been cracked under the pressure of a terrifying imposing manner before it hits, but it really hit it. At that time, but weirdly stopped above Cyber's head.

It was a finger, Warhammer that was enough to blast through the earth, like it was tightly entangled in an invisible chain, and was firmly stopped in the air by the fingertip.

"Miscellaneous! Kneel down!"

"peng peng"

Two dull noises burst from the corners of the Barbatos dragon's legs, which are sharp The space cuts into its solid scales, cutting off its feet completely.

The rays of light of Oblivion of War Scythe wrapped around Cyber’s wrist, and then flashed away on the neck of Barbatos Dragon. The next moment, a huge head with a golden eagle crown, Just in the spurt of lava blood rising into the sky, it hit the ground in the center of the battlefield. In those blood dyed eyes, crimson's rays of light, that kind of hatred, kind of madness, kind of anger Glorious, little by little dimmed.

The body of the headless giant beast shook twice, and finally fell weakly at the feet of Cyber, like a giant trying to challenge the sky, and would eventually be completely defeated by the falling thunder from the sky.

"A little bit of power...but still impossible to withstand a single blow!"

Cyber ​​turned around and looked at the dark silhouette that appeared silently in the sky, A smile appeared at the corner of his mouth:

"Finally there is a relief..."

Gray, with a trace of white rays of light, it is like Death God broken Under the cloak-like hood, there is a face that lingers in darkness, and the expression is not clear. There is only a will of existence lingering on this silhouette. Behind him are dark and full wings, holding them in his hands. A dark and hideous war scythe, where he was, quickly collapsed. In the confrontation between light and darkness, from the central singularity outward, a collision is not spreading rapidly.

And in the chaos after the Oblivion, a kind of darkness that is completely opposed to the light of this world is also rapidly growing.

"I am Barbatos, the dark and diverse Sovereign..."


The dark sickle in his hand slowly rises to meet him Looking at Cyber, he whispered:

"High Heavenly Venerable lied to you, child...According to my estimation, your chance of 0!"


"Well, the great characters have started their war!"

In a secret place, the Laughing Bat Excitedly rubbing his hands, he tore off the illusion of the world melting pot in front of him. Even if the battle between the two people is seen through the projection, it will make people horrible to see. He turned to the other four dark bats and said:

"Our chance is here! Transport N Metal to Earth, and we will push it into the dark...In this battle, no matter who wins or loses, we will get our reward in advance..."

He opened his arms and shouted like a madman: "We will get a new world! An act wilfully world!"

"no! I refuse!"

A cold voice interrupted the declarative voice of the Laughing Bat. Sitting in the dark, Bruce leaning on her Trident, she said in a deep voice:

"We will get ours New World...but in that world, there is no place for you as a lunatic!"


The Laughing Bat is not surprised by this rebellion, his coverage The weird spiked crown of cheeks and eyes turned towards Bruce, and he said in a playful voice: "I said, we have a traitor... my dear seabed Girl, you finally chose to leave your most trustworthy companions, did you?"

"I didn't betray our original vow to unite together!"

Bruce Standing up from the darkness, little by little walked out. At this time, her hideous appearance had been restored to nobleness and beauty in the surging of flowing water. This scene made the other dark bats stunned.

She looked at her companions, and she said in a deep voice:

"Red Death, Ruthless War God, Killing Machine...and me, the reason why the four of us joined Barbatos The hell Knight group is all to save our ruined world, and we are willing to do everything for it! But what about you? Laughing Bat...I don’t believe that, in the New World we finally built, you will be obediently and Honestly, be a Guardian or a civilian..."

"You created New World for sufferer untold hardships, just to satisfy your disgusting pleasure, you just want to destroy it again!"

Bruce's gaze passed in front of the eyes of the other three dark bats, and she whispered:

"My friends, no one knows the behavior patterns of the Laughing Bat better than us. .. Do you have to wait until the new world is established before you find a way to get rid of this instability factor?"

"Think about it! Our world is destroyed by external forces, before that , We are all desperate to protect it! But only the laughing bat, ravager and the world of dawn and light... are all destroyed by their own hands!"

"We from the very beginning ... Just not the same with them! The game of pretending to be friends is over!"


The two golden Tridents in Bruce’s hands pointed at the laughing bat: "Yes It’s time to get rid of the most dangerous hidden danger!"


The ruthless War God Batman's blade also points to the Laughing Bat, in a low, muffled voice from his From under the helmet came: "Unfortunately, laughter, I think what Bruce said makes sense! In the world destined to be protected by my power, there is no place for you!"

He hesitated with the killing machine, but their hesitation has explained everything... And in this kind of internal fire scene, the laughing bat was forced into a blind spot by two companions, but he was not panicked, his hands swayed and pulled out After several chains, he whispered with a hoarse laughter:

"So? I also think the seabed girl makes sense, but the problem is, even if we have enough N metal is only enough to push an Earth into the dark, then the problem is...There is only one world, but there are 5 Batmans...Then, in this future world, who has the final say?"

“Shuā shuā shuā ”

The Red Dead Demon’s hands are wrapped around speed for ce, one side is aimed at the laughing bat, the other side is aimed at Bruce, and the others are the same. The five people fell apart in an instant, and they all became villains who wished to kill their opponents immediately.

Well, it’s okay, they are villains...

In this hostile situation, Bruce suddenly sighed:

" said Really, I really don't want to use this method... we have fought together after all, but... the overlord is right, you are not trusted comrades...then you can only invite my new friends. .. is on the stage!"


The dark door in this brief moment opened in this hidden place, the sound of high horse hooves accompanied by a cold voice sounded, a The army of darkness is approaching quickly, Bruce’s beautiful face showed a very ruthless smile, she stared at the laughing bat, she whispered:

"The king asks me to say hello to you... He said, bat who loves to laugh, luck may...not as good as you think!"

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