Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 794

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The Laughing Bats were born in the dark, and they will eventually become dark. Needless to say, in short, after they appeared as the pawns of Barbatos interference, they have actually lost their usefulness. .

The dark and diverse Sovereigners will not put hope on them, but to be honest, they almost succeeded... If it weren’t for Bruce’s accidental capture by Cyber, it’s very likely that Cyber ​​would have an impact on this universe. Thoughts, will be led by the dark bats into a dead end that will never get through.

And the Laughing Bat and the other dark bats all know what virtue their master is. To be honest, after they got together, they didn’t put all their hopes on Barbatos’ goodness, just like Laughing Bat’s plan is actually very simple, they just need a new world, nothing more.

But now, before the ultimate success, this group of dark villains is still falling apart. Frankly speaking, this is not surprising.

In fact, even if there is no Bruce's rebellion, this group will still completely turn back when it reaches the last step. This is extremely certain from the moment they unite.

However, compared with the fate of these little pawns, another battle is more attractive. Above the sky of the melting pot of the universe, the battle between Cyber ​​and Barbatos has begun, the power of purple and the rays of black. The entanglement of light back and forth, just a single cut silently, is enough to make the starry sky full of starships completely emptied in one direction.

The force beyond the ordinary is horrible to see. In the confrontation of two constantly colliding forces, even as the cosmic melting pot that carries the universe itself, the outer layer is used for protection The earth's crust was broken apart by the shaking, like a world heading towards the end of the world. The lava inside rolled and spouted out of the surface, exposing the little by little dark substance hidden under the lava.

Genesis natural impossible is as described in mythology. It was knocked out by Spiritual God with one hammer and one hammer. The universe was born in chaos, and the existence of matter marked the origin of the universe. The dark matter hidden under the endless lava is the mysterious existence used to transform matter when the universe was first born.

The reason why it is called a melting pot is that it is driven by a higher level of power, drawing the necessary elements from the void, like a raging burning, maintaining the continued expansion and existence of the universe .

At this time, the battle between the two people has entered a fierce heat. The Cyber ​​war sickle took up the purple flames and hit Barbatos’ body without causing any injuries, and the darkness of Barbatos The sickle slashed across Cyber's neck, still unable to bring even the slightest wound.

In this level of confrontation, frankly speaking, power can no longer play a decisive role, because the incomprehensible and obscure symbol appears on the two in a substantial posture, not so much The battle between two people is more a battle between the rules represented by the two people.

And the rule of battle is difficult to tell the winner, because each other is an indispensable part of the universe, the absence of any one will result in one, or even more, universe scattered ashes and Dispersed smoke, and the preparatory work required to completely break a rule is astonishingly complicated.

To put it simply, in the full power of the emotional spectrum, Cyber's existence has been united with any emotional universe. If Barbatos wants to kill him, he must first kill all the emotional creatures in the universe. ...Unfortunately, this is impossible to do unless you directly destroy Cyber's present universe...

And the existence of Barbatos is even more amazing. As the Sovereign of the dark multiverse, it only needs 199999 multiverses. There is still darkness in the middle, and he is equally impossible to die. This... is something that can't be done at all!

Stepping into a single universe means that you have entered true immortality in a certain universe, and the so-called pluralism means that immortality has been achieved in all universes. This is a difficult goal. ...

"You have nowhere to go back, Cyber! Behind you is the melting furnace of the universe, look at it, it has been extinguished...such it, just a slight pinch!"


The lava of the world melting pot is like being lifted by an invisible big hand, and the hot liquid is scattered everywhere, rapidly cooling in the icy universe, forming Pieces of rubble surround the furnace.

And the world melting pot under the lava, the surface of the dark matter, there is also a dent under this pinch, and even the whole universe convulsed for a moment in this brief moment, Cyber ​​can be clear Feeling the pain from the surrounding stars that made the entire starry sky cry.

"It is very fragile. It was already very weak when I established this world..."

Barbatos' calm voice came from the darkness: "You can Assemble your Legion and fight against the dark and diverse fragments. Everything you have done amazes me... You have done more than expected. No one can ask you to do better... So, surrender and give up! I I can let you go...take your last decent!"

"Thank you for your kindness, Barbatos!"

Seven-color rays of light burst out from the darkness behind Cyber , To protect the little by little cosmic melting pot behind him, he stands outside the colorful mask, he lifts the head, and looks at the Barbatos floating in the silence of the starship ruins. The haze represents the darkness. Sovereign of multiple existence, he said in a deep voice:

"But I think this universe can be rescued!"


Barbatos snorted: "The power of the single universe dissipates your remaining wisdom. You cannot understand the difference between single and multiple. It seems that I am able to be a senior and give you a good lesson to let you know. The end of everything will be attributed to endless darkness..."

"The ultimate torrent of the universe...That is the end of everything you can't imagine!"

Dark Sovereign’s hands were raised, and the dark matter bursting out of the void shuttled in the cold starry sky in the form of a long river. Everything it touched was silently oblivion, whether it was the remaining starship wreckage or Both sides of the war who are still fighting against each other in the endless starry sky will be decomposed in the form of have one's hair stand on end and become part of this dark turbid current.

It eventually trapped Cyber ​​in it, and the corrosive force with extreme terrifying invaded his body little by little, but the next moment was forcibly transformed by the rules of balance of all things into nutrients needed for the expansion of the universe .

Like a permanent balance of darkness and light, endless rays of light bloom behind Cyber. Under the shining of this kind of rays of light, the universe spasm due to pain, those collapses Bad pain, little by little is healed.

Cyber ​​is holding a war sickle horizontally in the darkness, the final matter that was set off by Barbatos, the phantom of the black and white balance stretches out behind him, there are always signs of shaking from side to side, but Cyber's can control it Down, it maintains a balance at all times, and before this balance is completely broken, it means that if Barbatos' offensive is just like this, then it will never be able to defeat Cyber ​​himself.

"It seems that you are not invincible?"

Cyber ​​looked up at Barbatos, he could feel the destructive power of this dark turbid current, containing the darkest Strength of Source, but he also believes that Barbatos is impossible to use it to flood the universe in an instant, as strong as Phoenix can’t do this...even more how little Barbatos.

Since he won’t die, Cyber ​​has confidence again...

But in the face of his provocation, Barbatos just laughed disdainfully:

"This is just the beginning, Overlord...As a new existence of a single universe, you are already very good, but your insights still restrict your horizons. You may have made a mistake...not all universes, There is a balance that you understand!"


The surrounding stars switch between in this brief moment, but it seems that there is no change at all, the position of the stars is still The original place was just covered with a darker curtain. Cyber ​​looked back, this universe was dim...

"This is a dark multiverse under my jurisdiction. Barren single universe...Unfortunately, from the time this universe was born...there is no light that you understand!"


Win at Barbatos Amid the laughter of his grip, the black and white balance behind Cyber ​​suddenly lost its balance, and the dark end suddenly sank, and the rays of light that sheltered him were also shattered in an instant, and his whole person seemed to have fallen into the darkness. The drowning man in the sea still had incomparable power, but he struggled desperately, but he still couldn't break away from the dark and turbid current that became tighter and tighter.

The tide of darkness drowned his body, drowned his hands, drowned his neck, and drowned his face with little by little. Before it was completely drowned, Barbatos’ voice came in. In his ears:

"Now, until the gap between the single and the plural...your balance can only take effect in your universe, and my darkness...runs across the realms! "

"You have a long way to go, Overlord, unfortunately, you have tried your best, but... the victory of this bet... I will accept it unceremoniously!" "


The starry sky around the melting furnace of the universe suddenly recovered at this brief moment, Barbatos waved his hand, and the dark quicksand wrapped in Cyber's was thrown into the hot lava , Little by little sinks into the dark matter in the center of the furnace.

"I will not kill you, that will cause me some trouble...but I will let you see with your own eyes how I completely extinguished the light of this universe, and this time failed I will teach you that next time, don’t stand on the side of the loser!"

Barbatos issued his own declaration of victory. At the moment Cyber's ontology was restrained, all materials related to him were controlled by Barbatos. Power of Darkness was sealed in their original space, Legion, the undead of Asgard, was thrown back into the ruins of Asgard, and the coalition forces of the hell were thrown back to the hell. Even the entrance to the Dark Space was forcibly closed.

Cyber's Legion, in this brief moment, completely ushered in the final defeat, but this does not mean that they are not strong enough, but they have encountered an opponent that there is no way to fight, nothing more.


Cyber's body is constantly sinking in the dark matter that is the melting pot of the universe. He struggles to break free from the shackles of the dark quicksand, but is temporarily broken by the balance rules, unable to Provide him with the power to fight against the darkness, he is like a prisoner with his hands tied and thrown into the water, only in the pain of drowning, little by little witnesses the arrival of failure.

"Not reconciled!!!"

"I have done so much! I have given so much! How can I fail here...! Me! No! Gan! Heart!"


The body completely wrapped in quicksand finally smashed into the bottom of the completely extinguished universe furnace, as if it had touched a seabed heavy object , Cyber ​​bounces up and down like a bound fish, but can't get rid of the shackles of this rule.

Until he took a deep breath and planned to increase the limit of 65536 with stubbornness once again, when he broke the shackles with brutal force, a familiar voice suddenly sounded in his heart:

"Don't be impulsive! Hold on... We can win!"

Cyber ​​froze, and the strength that had been mobilized in this brief moment suddenly dissipated. After a while, he was flustered and exasperated. The voice sounded in the heart:

"Heavenly Venerable! You are not successful enough, you are a miserable mess! You XX! XXXX! XXXX! Look at the good things you have done! All the failures this time It's your responsibility!"

"Okay! After scolding, calm down...I admit that I was a little bit "negligence" on this point, but the problem is not big. Anyway, things will not change anymore. That's awful, so listen to me now! Then let go!"

"Barbatos thought he had a chance to win, but I'm not a fool to let him know, I'll leave it for you in the furnace Some things... anyway, it’s time to show real technology!"

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