Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 795

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Gao Heavenly Venerable is a very famous gambler in the multiverse. You can see his silhouette in almost anything related to gambling in the entire multiverse.

This guy purely likes the excitement when the game is announced, so the format of the game is not important. As far as Cyber ​​knows, the cosmographer Old Mister used to secretly stealthily when he was extremely bored. I went to a certain planet and wandered among rude civilian gamblers for several years, just to fully enjoy the fun of small gambling.

But then again, gambling is a thing like ten gambles and nine loses. Once you get involved, no matter how rich you are, you will lose one day, and Gao Heavenly Venerable has gambled for hundreds of thousands of years. Not only is there no downfall, but the gambling career is getting more and more prosperous. This is enough to explain his gambling skills. Of course, it is not only the reason for his good luck.

The concept of gambling has been closely related to the word cheating from the moment it was born. Every brilliant gambler is an expert in cheating, and gambling is something like that. It seems to rely on luck. In fact, brilliant gamblers will try to minimize the luck factor when gambling is in progress.

Barbatos started in this gambling game ahead of time, and realized his own cheating in a concealed way, and finally threw a quality projection into the gambling game, which seriously undermined fairness.

But to be honest, this dark multiverse Sovereign underestimated the high Heavenly Venerable... In fact, our cosmic leader, Old Mister, was not entirely unprepared.

"You mean, you also saved a hand?"

Cyber ​​calmed down in the melting furnace of the universe that became more and more cold, letting the dark quicksand take his body again Tighten up: "You cheated too? You scumbag...Is there any way to use it soon!"

"No, no, no, I didn't cheat!"

Gao Heavenly Venerable said in a deep voice:

"Even if I want to cheat, I won’t use this shameless method, but Barbatos put me along. At that time, I didn’t pay too much attention to observing the clues hidden under reality, and Barbatos was even more shameless. I didn’t know where to find a melting pot of the universe that was almost extinct. Believe me, this superfluous move. , Is our last chance!"

"Barbatos knows too shallowly about the melting furnace of the universe, he has no idea what will be left in a furnace that has been forcibly extinguished...Listen to me, The death of everything is a long process. When the furnace slowly cools down, the void elements absorbed in it will also burn violently, and finally restart the era with the universe, but once the furnace is forcibly extinguished, the void elements inside cannot When burned completely, it will condense into a special metal...all you have to do is find it!"

"Can it help me defeat Barbatos?"

Cyber ​​asked So, High Heavenly Venerable snorted:

"Of course not! Although this thing is called the tenth metal in some worlds, it is said to have endless probability, but believe me, it does not improve battle strength. Not much, it is more of a symbol. We usually use this rare and precious metal to save some dying universes. It only takes a little bit to reignite the melting pot of the universe. Back then, I was in the Elder Council of the universe. Li is solely responsible for maintaining the melting pot of the multiverse. No one knows this better than me."

"After you find these metals, put them in the center of the furnace...but your fire is There is no way to ignite it, so you still need a badge!"

"What badge?"

Cyber ​​asked suspiciously, Gao Heavenly Venerable's voice became weird, he Somewhat embarrassingly lightly coughed, concealing his emotions, he whispered:

"cough cough, that's the badge I gave you...I added a little "thing" to it, when necessary , It can get through reality for a short time, so that my power can penetrate into it...I am not cheating! Bastard, don't look at me with that kind of eyes, I'm just... well, I'm just afraid that you will encounter accidents, this function is used to save you! "

"Oh? Yeah? Then I really appreciate your kindness! "

Cyber ​​snorted, he moved his tighter and tighter body, he whispered:

"Now! Get me out of this ghost first! "

"Wait a minute! "

On the other side, outside the space of the gambling game world, all the gamblers saw this timeline world quickly enveloped by the cold darkness rolled up by Barbatos, and they made sounds of pleasure or regret. Obviously, in the eyes of the gamblers, the victory or defeat has been divided.

The overlord chosen by the high Heavenly Venerable is indeed powerful, and almost achieved a desperate comeback, but unfortunately, Barbatos is good at cheating. The guy is still very skilled, no matter how much preparation is perfect, in front of absolute power, it seems so impossible to withstand a single blow.

But no matter what, this unique game is really exciting. , The audience also felt that the bets they lost were not so heartbreaking.

"Oh... it's still a little bit. "

The tall Heavenly Venerable sitting at the gaming table regretfully sighed, while Barbatos sitting on the other side laughed triumphantly:

"Indeed, only a little bit ! "

He gesticulated a very deserves a beating action with his dry fingers. He said happily: "This is the most enjoyable bet I have ever experienced. I am looking forward to our Next time you bet against, high Heavenly Venerable, you will be a great opponent, rich, and...stupid enough! "

"You! "

The Collector sitting next to Gao Heavenly Venerable heard the ridicule and couldn't help standing up, but Gao Heavenly Venerable was just snorted:

"The next time whoever wins will win Not necessarily..."

He extended the hand, and with a light flick, three cigars appeared in his hand. He stood up. This action did not arouse anyone’s suspicion. He took one of the cigars. I threw it to Barbatos, and then gave it to the Collector.

And in this brief moment, with the power of that flick, a gentle force came from the fighter badge on Cyber. , Squeezed out a crack in the dark quicksand that bound Cyber’s body, allowing Cyber ​​to get out of it quickly. He turned into a phantom and disappeared in the huge black matter. In less than 20 seconds, a team of silver white radiance shining brightly , But the material body is like glass, and the bright metals are piled together by him.

"Are you the tenth metal that you have to look at differently? "

Cyber ​​looked at the pile of weird metals. His eyes narrowed. With a wave of the sandalwood fan in his hand, the metal of 1/4/2021 disappeared. After all this was done, his left hand Flick, the black King of Fighter badge was thrown on the metal surface.

At the same time, Gao Heavenly Venerable put the cigar to his mouth, flicked his left hand, and a hot flame jumped out. , Lit his cigar, and by the way, along the Unicom's power tunnel, sprayed from the badge of the king of fighters in black, and lit the pile of tenth metal with no difficulty.

So In this universe eroded by the darkness and craziness caused by Barbatos, at the very core of its dark spread, the completely extinguished and completely cooled furnace of the universe, once again from the deepest, ignited a burning flame, and quickly... Disperse the surrounding darkness and level the disordered order!

The voice of Barbatos flustered and exasperated resounded like a muffled thunder:

"High Heavenly Venerable! Damn you! You despicable cheater! "

"Huh huh? What did you say? "

At this time, the high Heavenly Venerable has lost the previous dim expression. He slowly changed his posture and sat on the chair with his legs up. He looked at Barbatos and said softly. :

"Sorry, you should have observed what he was carrying when he entered the gambling game, you didn't...but this is not a reason to stop me from making small moves, is it? "

"Barbatos, I am also looking forward to the next bet against you. You are also a good opponent, richer than me... and more stupid than me! "


Gao Heavenly Venerable and Collector showed red wine glasses in their hands. They flicked their crowns and congratulated each other on the victory, while Barbatos shouted in a gloomy tone:

"Who loses and who wins is not always certain! Of course you can light it again, projection only needs to extend the extinguish it! "

"It's just a waste of time! Victory belongs to me! "

In his roar, the dark projection waved his hands, and two dark blades made up of darkness, one left and the other right, slammed into the slowly recovering world melting pot, like piercing The two sharp blades in the body must completely end the life that has just continued in the universe in this brief moment.

"peng peng"

Two sharp blades entwined with cold, dead, Oblivion At the moment when approaching the burning furnace, a bright blade appeared from the darkness, and the burning purple flame broke the blade silently. In the angry gaze of Barbatos wishing to kill, Cyber's silhouette emerged from the reignited melting furnace of the universe. Out.

This time, what he wore outside of his body was no longer a black windbreaker and hunting suit. Instead, he was replaced by a set of dazzling, silver white Battle Armor, which was melted by the flames. Ten metal, that is full of hope, the metal that claims to be able to change the entire world in this brief moment shrouded the body of the savior, and even the Oblivion in his hand was covered with a layer of silver and purple The flames are shining.

"Hey, dark old man! "

Cyber ​​is floating in the rays of light ten thousand zhang, he hooks his finger at Barbatos above his head: "Come on, let me see, after forcibly replacing the universe once, your projection How much power is left in it? "

"Come and let me see if you like this can break through my defenses and hurt the big baby who just awakened behind me..."


The silver war sickle in Cyber’s hand passed a brilliant rays of light in front of him, and he stared at Barbatos:

"Come on! Like just now, proudly declare that victory belongs to you! Then open wide your dog eyes and take a good look... who the hell will win the final trophy! "

"When I behead your projection that has exhausted its energy, when I step on your head and watch this world return to order, your insults and curses will also be I regard it as the most beautiful singing voice, and I...I will enjoy this irony! "

"One day, Barbatos, one day, I will go to you in the real world to have a good chat! "

"Arrogant! "

Barbatos, who was almost maddened by this Danger Land counterattack, raised his hands just like before, and used only the remaining power to throw Cyber ​​into his dark universe again, this time , He vowed to torture him in the cruelest way and make him feel the most terrifying pain in the universe!

"No one! No one can ignore the darkness! ”


The surrounding stars beat again, just like before, the surrounding space-time began to change, but this time, Cyber ​​and the cosmic melting furnace under his feet started to burn again Connected as one, the scorching light of life enveloped his body and fixed him in the resurrected universe.

He squatted down, extended the hand, and patted the universe under his feet. The melting pot, he said in a deep voice:

"Even if the universe is created for entertainment, you don’t want to suffer such a meaningless sacrifice. In the face of your creator, you still have to resist ...You are a strong universe, little fellow, you helped me, so this time, I will help you too! ”


In the shroud of the shining light of life, the purple flames rise in the dead starry sky like dragon-like anger across the stars, The ultimate boosting power of 65536, in this brief moment, is completely blessed on Cyber's body. He looked at the illusion of the shocked Barbatos above his head, and the corner of his mouth was drawn with a grim smile.

"Ready Are you ready to face the trial? The great multivariate Sovereign..."

"Listen to the unwilling roar of the universe, listen to its unwilling roar, I! Your trial! coming! ”


Because of the two replacements of the universe, the illusion of energy exhaustion, after a flash of purple storm, in the dim darkness, he looked down His body lit by purple flames, next moment, a big hand burning with flames appeared from behind, holding his head in his hands.

Cyber ​​whispered in his ear:

"Like what I said...I will enjoy this hard-won victory. How does it feel to be defeated by the ants? The great Sovereign..."

The king holds that expensive head in his hand. In front of his eyes, ten thousand zhang rays of light spread all over the dead universe, behind him, the endless darkness howls and scatters. Separated, he stood in the rays of light, the tenth metal entangled all over his body faded little by little, and re-turned into fuel for the burning of the universe furnace, and the dead universe was reborn because of him.

This filled his heart.

A sense of accomplishment and a trace of pride.

Anyway, this difficult battle, this terrible bet on desperate situation...finally won!

...Won it?

No, no, no...It's still a long way...actually, it's a small step...

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