Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 797

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"I need more N-metal!"

Cyber ​​sat on the throne and announced in an unquestionable voice:

"I need all the remaining N metal in this universe. I want to use this special metal to break through the dimensional boundaries of the light and dark universe, so as to reconnect the broken balance... Only in this way can you protect you The poor world is protected from destruction in the future, so, do you understand?"

In his palace, there are already standing full of people listening to his voice, and at the forefront, he has awakened from a coma. The Batman and Wonder Woman, replaced by casual Super-man, Flash, regained sober steel, and gloomy Green Lantern, and behind them are densely packed heroes.

All the heroes of the entire world have been summoned here. Overlord’s invitations are not so easy to refuse. In short, those who hold their own identity and do not come on time, they probably never need to worry about world peace. The problem...they have no future to speak of.

The heroes in the hall, those who are more intelligent, subconsciously nodded, and have a slower brain response, are still thinking about the terrifying fact that was revealed by the overlord before.

Their universe exists only because of a gambling game of a superior, and now the result of the gambling game is about to be announced, and this world will also usher in a complete end.

Many people refused to accept this cruel reality, but the abnormal burning of the world furnace was placed in the sky above the hall in the form of a projection. This world’s most important hero organization, the Justice League, also confirmed this cruel the truth.

The whole hall is indifferent. The end of the world will come in the form of destruction. This sudden situation has brought many people's thinking to a standstill.

This silent response made Cyber ​​very dissatisfied. The fiercely spot in his hand was on the ground, and a thunderous sound awakened everyone from their imagination. Everyone’s eyes were looked towards the silhouette sitting on the throne.

"You don’t need to think about how to fight the doomsday! That’s not what you need to consider!"

The Overlord said in a deep voice:

"You only need Do what I say! You only need to act! You only need to understand a little bit: now only I can save your sad world! If you want to live, just do what I say!"

"Understand Already?!"

This time, many people are subconsciously nodded. In the panic of the end of the world, it is undoubtedly a lucky thing to have a strong leader, although this leader Before half a month, it was their most terrifying imaginary enemy.

"My Legion is ready!"

Cyber's waved his left hand outwards, and a huge starry sky projection appeared above the heroes with a halo of color on it. Here are the locations in the universe:

"These places! These are the locations where N metal and valuable civilization are hidden. You will serve as temporary commanders to lead my Legion to these places and collect the necessary Resources, and warn those civilizations... the end is coming, join us if you want to survive!"

"I don’t care what you use, anyway, after 7 days! I must see enough N metal !"

Cyber's voice became more and more cold and ferocious:

"If you think the transaction is feasible, then go for the transaction!"

"If you think the killing It’s more convenient, then let go and kill!"

"If you think that closing slaves is more effective than warning, then enslave that civilization!"

"I hope you understand a little bit, this It’s not conquering, it’s not slaughter! This is the end of self-help! There is not much time left for you to prepare, and there is not much time left for you to hesitate! I don’t want to know how you act, I just need to see you The results! The guys who successfully complete the mission will have a place in the New World, and those who are compassionate losers...will be buried in the old world!"


This time, the heroes who were awakened by the straightforward voices are nodded. Seeing this scene, the overlord is more angry:


" Then what are you waiting for!!!"

The war sickle in his hand draws a deadly light and shadow in the air, and the space is shattered, throwing the densely packed heroes in front of them where they should go , Legion, the dark multi-fragment that once defeated Barbatos, is ready. After these heroes are in place, the overlord’s voice resounds over every Legion:

"Go grab! Go kill! Go! Loot! Get back what I need! Go now!"

"If you fail, you will know that the end will never be more terrifying than my anger! Bring me victory back! This is my only request!"

In an instant, only a few people from the Justice League were left in the hall full of people. They were not assigned specific tasks, but everyone knew that this It means that they have to undertake more difficult tasks.

"cough cough, overlord, I have a question!"

The steel frame that just recovered from the shocking speech of Cyber ​​came back to his senses, he watched sitting On the throne, Cyber, who closed his eyes and meditated, stepped forward and asked softly:

"It’s not that I doubt your ability. In fact, you have saved our world once. I’m even more curious. Yes, at the moment when the dark multiverse is broken, what are you going to replace it with?"


Cyber's thinking was interrupted, he opened his eyes indifferently His gaze fell on the steel frame, causing the latter to take a step back subconsciously. He hurriedly explained:

"This is just the curiosity of the researcher! It does not represent my suspicion!"

"Researcher? So, you are the smartest person in this world?"

Cyber ​​asked, the steel frame hesitated, but after a while, he was nodded. Most of this guy’s body is made up of It is made up of machinery, his electronic eyes twitched, and he said softly:

"Although it is a bit exaggerated, I think that there are probably no more than 10 people in this world who are smarter than me..."

"Very good! I need smart people now!"

Cyber ​​nodded, next moment, the entire palace disappears in the sparkle of space, and when it reappears, everyone is already standing In the dark, dead and cold Dark Space.

This stone palace is suspended between the extinguished stars in Dark Space. In front of them, there is a huge core that straddles the dark dimension. Above that core, Alvitr special silhouette is floating in the dark, her eyes closed, and black long hair dancing in the dark, making her look like a dark god.

"Dark Space of Dormammu, this is a complete dimension!"

Cyber ​​stood up from the throne, he walked to the edge of the palace that was divided smoothly, and he reached out and touched his eyes. He said softly:

"Dark Space from my world and Dark Space from this world fuse together to make its consciousness more chaotic, make it more aggressive, and make its appetite Larger, it also makes its envelope wider..."

"But its area is not as wide as the universe..."

Red rays in the eyes of steel bones The beating of light became more and more violent. He carefully observed this seemingly endless dark Star Domain. He said:

"I don’t have a deep understanding of dimensionality, but based on my experience in observing the stars Look, the vastness of this dark space is very likely to be less than one-tenth of the present universe..."

"To be happens to be one-tenth!"

Another voice sounded in the palace. Everyone turned their heads and saw Professor Charles in a wheelchair and Magneto Erik pushing a wheelchair. Their expressions looked very tired, as if they had just come from Returning from a long journey.

In the face of everyone’s doubts, Professor Charles explained:

"Under the authorization of Ms. Alvitr, Erik and I have just checked the entire Dark Space, and its attributes are crashing. The Darkness and Diversity is very similar. With a little modification, it can be called a proper substitute. The collection of N metal is used to do this. The only regret is that its area is only one-tenth of the world's universe, so it must be used completely It replaces the back of the present universe. The dark stars known as the dark multiverse are obviously not enough..."


The steel-boned eyes are in an instant Turning to Cyber, the robot has already guessed the horrific behavior that Cyber ​​is about to perform, and his body begins to tremble:

" want to destroy the rest..."

"Hmm...this world is incomplete since its birth. It was only born for gambling. The big guys didn't have a complete plan for the Universe Rule. They just rudely laid down the foundation of the universe. This is for you and me. A good is not as stable as the complete universe, it can be cut!"

Cyber ​​laughed with satisfaction: "Steel, you really are a smart man...Darkness and rays of light It must be equivalent. Since the darkness is only one-tenth, then the light must abandon the excess nine-tenths... This is cruel, but very effective!"

"The universe is gradually expanding As long as darkness and light remain stable, one day, it will grow to its original size, and darkness will grow with it. The cruel sacrifice of the present is to preserve a better future!"

Cyber ​​turned his head and looked at the steel frame, with an indifferent smile on the corner of his mouth:

"Otherwise, why do you think I should let those valuable civilizations begin to migrate?"

He sat back on the throne and spread his hands out:

“Of course they don’t have to migrate. As long as they can survive the invasion of Chaos on their own after the universe is cut, I’ll be very happy to congratulate them. Their new life!"

"Look, my conquest and slaughter are actually saving them... I'm doing good deeds, understand? So give me away your pair like prepare for there Funeral face, Clark, go help Bruce melt the N metal now!"


In the face of this irresistible strength, Clark is subconsciously nodded , And then he touched his nose a little awkwardly, turned and left here through the teleported space.

"Barry! To use your speed to measure the universe, Hal will go with you, leave an accurate one-tenth, and plan the most perfect cutting arc!"

Little Lightning froze for a moment. His expression was a bit hesitant. This kind-hearted guy seemed to be unable to accept the cruel choices they made for self-help. By his side, Green Lantern Hal was obviously more decisive. After realizing that Bawang's method was effective, the destruction of the green light Legion was temporarily left behind by him.

There are his relatives and lovers on Earth. Compared with these really important people, the people of Green Lantern Legion...In short, the Green Lantern grabbed the Flash’s arm and turned For the flash of green light, disappeared on the spot.

"As for you, Bruce!"

Cyber ​​rubbed his chin, his eyes throbbed with playful rays of light: "I left the small civilization in the corners and corners. Group waste, I leave the hardest to you... Spartan Star Sea Empire, Nova Legion, and 12 super civilizations of other galaxies... I will give you enough army and give you enough command Right!"

"In 7 days, I will crush them all and force me to move to the reserved area! You can also reject my proposal and watch the 14 most promising civilizations accompanied by the old universe Crash together...this is your freedom!"

He was lightly coughed, looking at Bruce Wayne with his head down, he said softly:

"So, tell me now. .. Do you do it or not?"


Bruce Wayne lifts the head, seeing Cyber's bizarre eyes, my heart surges Some insistence made him want to say no, but he couldn't say it.

Which one is more important, the civilization you protect or other civilizations?

This question never seems to need to be considered...

"Let’s go!"

Diana standing next to Bruce took Bruce’s hand. Look at Cyber ​​without fear and say loudly:

"We will bring back victory!"


Cyber ​​looks at two people Holding hands together, he was coldly snorted: "Bruce, Bruce, you are not as good as a woman in this world. It's really disappointing! How can you be worthy of that eternal honor..."

"The last is you, steel!"

Cyber ​​closed his eyes and said in a deep voice: "Since you say you are a smart person, then you go and Professor Charles to study the dark multiverse and The difference between Dark Space and N Metal’s reality-distorting ability is one-time effective. If your research makes mistakes, then there is no doubt that everything we do will become meaningless."

"I won't die anyway... So, the survival of this universe falls on the shoulders of the smartest people like you!"

"Now, heroes, for Fight for survival! This will bring you endless strength and you and level everything in front of you!"

"There can only be one winner in a game!"


Cyber ​​took a deep breath and said softly: "That's me! No one else!"

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