Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 799

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endless universe, it is said that 199999 multiple universes are included. Each universe has rules and reasonableness, and life is prosperous and has unlimited possibilities.

Each universe has its own unique legendary story, and has its own civilization trend. No one can fully appreciate these multiverses except for the existence that can truly straddle the stages of the multiverse. All the scenery.

And for such a huge system, there must be a manager. It is said that above the multiverse stage, there is an unnamed, or even unknown, supreme being. It is the real thing. Origin, but no one knows whether it really exists.

The actual manager of the multiverse is a special life called the Tribunal of Life. It has a phantom that exists in every multiverse. It is said that it has four faces, and the resolution represents justice, need and revenge. The fourth face is blank, but it can show the face of every life, so according to Phoenix, that face should represent the self.

All the energy of the Life Court is used to maintain the system of the multiverse. He will punish any existence that violates order, but really, the Life Court actually has another responsibility...


In an unknown place, a tall lifeform sitting on the golden throne opened his eyes. He has a huge golden body with a blue flash on his chest , He has no neck. Above the body, there is a special head suspended. It is divided into four sides, three with faces and one without.

Yes, this is the court of life... the most mysterious and powerful existence of the multiverse.

"The dimensional wall is broken...Another universe is born..."

"In accordance with the general laws of the universe, the twin phenomenon of light and dark is detected..."


"The wisdom of life meets the requirements..."

"Registered in the life database, continuous observation, 100 years of investment...scheduled as the 200,000 multiverse!"

"Creator...Single universe lifeform, Cyber ​​Hawk!"

"Manager...Tentatively High Heavenly Venerable!"

"An error occurred during continuous observation. .. The creator Cyber ​​Hawk comes with super-dimensional space fragments, rating: Danger!"

"The capture program starts!"


Just When the golden giant extended the hand and wanted to tear space to catch Cyber ​​in a special state in front of him, a greater will suddenly appeared, as if he was opposing this opinion, for only one second, but the court of life Abnormally and gracefully terminates the capture program.

"Readers will interfere with...the proposal is passed!"

"Erase the abnormal signs of Cyber ​​Hawk...Welcome to truly join the multiverse system, Overlord!"

"The observation is suspended!"


So the abnormal fluctuations subsided, and the universe resumed normal order, but...


Cyber ​​opened his eyes abruptly. The place where he enters the eye is a chaotic light curtain that beats disorderly. His will jumped a little at that moment. In short, he I don't quite understand what happened just now, he is not quite clear, he just passed the real crisis of life and death.

In short, when he stood up and stood up, he saw two brothers, Heavenly Venerable and Collector, who were smiling and extending the hand and wanted to support Cyber, but at the next moment, Cyber's fist fell. On the faces of these two guys.


Two cosmic Elders turned over and fell to the ground, their acting is flamboyant, without the ultimate bonus of power gems, Cyber's punch is impossible to hurt them, but this It's also a manifestation of their unusual attitude of sorry... Obviously, these two guys also know their own intentions, which caused Cyber ​​to much trouble.

"Okay, don't pretend..."

Cyber ​​rubbed his aching wrist, his will was still a little confused, he handed over a chair and sat down Above, he was panting heavily. It was only then that he discovered that there are more than two high Heavenly Venerable brothers in this space. In the shadows of the surrounding shadows, he has penetrated at least 30 channels for Cyber ​​trembling in. The breath of fear.

No one is weaker than the high Heavenly Venerable...

Well, it seems that he has really come to the gambling scene of the big guys. At this time, he is still cautiously dressed. A cute new one is better.

"So, the gambling is over?"

Cyber ​​looked at the two high Heavenly Venerable brothers beside him, Collector gave him a thumbs up, and said admiringly:

"Of course it's over, we won!"

"Nonsense! You didn't win!"

Another hazy voice broke out in this brief moment, Opposite the gaming table, the real Barbatos shouted: "The old world has been destroyed, and a New World was born! The real winner is me!"

"Your fighters are just as I said , Destroyed the old world with your own hands!"

"Don't want to be fooled!"

Faced with this kind of reluctant hob meat, High Heavenly Venerable and Collector are no longer polite , They rolled up their sleeves and were ready to go on a big fight. Together, the two brothers would be okay to beat Barbatos, and Cyber's reacted more directly.


He took a sip of water and said disdainfully: "Your true form is as disgusting as your projection!"

" Miscellaneous! How dare you humiliate me like this!"

Barbatos was completely irritated by this rude behavior. He waved his hands, and the dark lightning throbbed in this gambling space towards the unsuspecting uh. Cyber, with this hit, Cyber ​​will undoubtedly die.

But at the moment when the dark lightning fell in front of Cyber, a tall silhouette appeared in front of Cyber ​​to help him block the blow.


Wearing a weird helmet, a big guy who Cyber ​​doesn’t know moves his fist, crushing the black lightning in his hand with no difficulty, looking back I took a look at Cyber:

"Good job, Overlord, your story makes my boring life have some fun, in return... I will beat him up for you!"

"Barbatos! I have long seen you not pleasing to your eyes!"

This big guy took a step forward, and his actions also made other big guys who watched the game take action. In an instant , Dozens of black shadows surrounded Barbatos, who did not admit defeat, in the center. The Sovereign of the dark multiverse looks like a high school student bullied by bad guys, and his voice is a little panic:

"You guys! What are you doing!"

"Beat you!"

"You this bastard, you made me lose a lot of money!"




It’s very rare for big guys to fight, but they have to face , So this scene is separated by a special force, Cyber ​​can only see the silhouette staggered back and forth, and the screams of Barbatos.

That's enough, isn't it?

Cyber ​​moved his aching body, he turned his head, looked at the counting of chips on the table, and smiled at the two high Heavenly Venerable brothers, his eyes did not stay on those treasures for even a second. , He asked softly:

"How about that world...?"

"I will answer you this question! Overlord..."

A gentle voice sounded behind him, Cyber ​​turned his head and saw a person wearing a white robe, with weird gauze over his eyes, holding a big book in his hand, and able to talk and laugh among the bigwigs. It fully shows that this is also a big man, Cyber ​​laughed to him, nodded.

The latter said softly:

"You don't need to ask who I am, you just call me Dream God... In my library, there are stories about you , Is my favorite book in the past year. Although everything has been recorded on paper, this is not enough to explain your bizarre experience. I am also looking forward to the future you will bring me more The story of...Of course, everything is fine."

As he said, the thick-covered book in his hand was windless and automatic, accompanied by his fingers dancing on the beating page, and left in Cyber After that world, the development of that world appeared in front of Cyber ​​in the form of projection.

"The cut world finally merged perfectly with the new darkness, forming a very rare New World of light and dark twins..."

"That one was almost destroyed The disaster that destroyed the universe is called the "doomsday apocalypse"... The world recovered after that, the civilizations that were saved by killings, continue to exist in the reserved area."

" The universe began to go on the right track and developed at a high speed. Thanks to the special cosmic composition, the dual universe became more stable. Therefore, it successfully broke through the dimension wall and became one of the true multiverse... And its original destiny was abandoned after this gambling game, and finally quietly extinguished in a certain corner."

"Civilization was reorganized into a cosmic alliance and began to rediscover strange stars, after the breakthrough dimension wall. , They will also see new scenery..."

"As for the people you are following..."

Mengshen’s fingers flicked outwards, dozens The different images are separated before Cyber's eyes.

Bruce finally reorganized her world in the new dark universe, and even the other dark Batman who was imprisoned by her also had a world they guarded. Although the rules are strict, they are difficult The realization of the original dream.

Bruce Wayne chose to continue to maintain Gotham's order after the apocalypse, but the Cyber's rule was left behind, making Gotham safe and prosperous, so he took off the black bat suit and inherited the profession of father. Became a doctor, and soon married Diana.

It’s worth mentioning that just now, he successfully gave birth to a healthy boy for Mrs. Mr. Naple is incoherently expressing gratitude to Dr. Bruce with joy.

The Green Lanterns detained by Cyber ​​were released. Hal became their new leader. Perhaps they learned a lot from the Overlord. In short, Hal became a tough guy. The green light Legion Under his leadership, it has truly become a force to maintain the order of the new universe.

Professor Charles and Magneto Erik finally decided to join forces to form the Mutant Council after the doomsday apocalypse, and represent Mutant to enter the New World in another way.

Clark is still a reporter for the Metropolitan Planet Daily. He and his wife Louise gave birth to a boy in the third year after the apocalypse, named Mjor, to commemorate His real father.

The thing that makes Cyber ​​laugh the most is the little lightning Barry...he became an explorer. He didn’t want to believe that the king who saved the world had disappeared. He searched back and forth in various timelines, trying Find the hero who saved them, and for now, he has found nothing.

After watching these pictures, Cyber ​​was a little silent. He reached out and took out a crumpled cigarette from his pocket and lit it. In the smoke, he looked at Dream God and asked softly:

"Alvitr and her sisters...really disappeared like that?"

"Oh, this is the most interesting ending of this story... They did not It hasn’t disappeared, Cyber..."

Dream God laughed, stretched out his hand, and another picture unfolded. In the darkness of the dual universe, a black clothed Alvitr wandered forward, seeming to be Searching among the stars seems to be maintaining the balance of this dark universe.

This gave Cyber's eyes a touch of surprise.

"Dark Space replaces the Dark Multiverse, Overlord, your former subordinates have also been reshaped and reborn in this destruction and rebirth. Because they share the rights of Dark Space, they are After the birth of New World, they also have the authority of the dark multiverse...In this world, they replaced Barbatos, and they became the new Sovereign."

Dream God laughed:

"In the words of the magical civilization I am in, they ignited the sacred fire in the doomsday...become the new god! And all of this is thanks to are a single The power of the universe has done many things that cannot be done by the existence of a multiverse. You have made a multiverse by yourself... You have completed an incredible miracle."


The big book in Meng Shen's hands suddenly closed, his silhouette slowly dissipating in the silent white smoke:

"This is a great story, Cyber...Thank you , Brought me this story, but now... it’s time for you to charge for spoils of war."

"You are a smart man, so I will choose the right one Things!"

"Look forward to seeing you next time... Good luck, Overlord!"

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