Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 800

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Sakaar star, the familiar scene of chaotic time and space, the familiar arena, and the familiar atmosphere of fanaticism that pervades the arena.

The preparation time of the championship battle is not over yet, but this does not affect Gao Heavenly Venerable to organize several warm-up matches to play. With the support of his rich value, even if it is a warm-up match for gladiatorial battles, The rewards for the championship are also extremely amazing, attracting many wandering interstellar mercenaries to participate.

It’s just a warm-up match. Don’t expect a real gladiator master to appear. This is more of a continuation of the Sakaar star’s tradition. In fact, for people living here, it’s not a month Going to watch a few exciting battles, it's almost uncomfortable... Bloody and cruel battles have become a tradition here and become a part of their lives.

Of course, this has little to do with Cyber. He came here just to get his spoils of war.

Toiled over Barbatos in the gambling world, and also enjoyed a Genesis experience. Cyber's spirit is already very exhausted. He desperately needs a rest. Before he rests, if he can satisfy himself The reward, then the risk this time is also worthwhile.

"The gambling game that Barbatos and I threw in was the ownership of one percent of the real world, which was later increased to three percent. This time, there will be at least 20 dark multiverses that will be drawn. In our neutral camp! This is a real big victory!"

The tall Heavenly Venerable with a beaming face held up the wine glass and clinked with Cyber ​​and Tanya in their large reception room. Celebrating the victory with the highest level wine from the universe, with an exaggerated smile on his face, he took a sip of the wine and said loudly:

"Although I know, Barbatos will definitely take those barren to the extreme The terrible universe is thrown to us like trash, but it doesn’t matter. The neutral camp is inherently weak, and even if it is barren, there are 20 universes...enough to make our small group stronger!"

"Neutral camp?"

Cyber ​​leaned lazily on the comfortable sofa. He shook the red wine in his hand. He curiously asked: "It sounds like you guys There are many other factions within the gang?"

"Mortals always say that there are disputes where there are people, but this sentence is actually correct."

It's already a little bit boring. Collector sat next to Cyber ​​and threw a delicious berry into his mouth. Because of the big win this time, the two brothers regarded Cyber ​​as a member of their camp, so some secrets can be revealed to him.

"You should know from Phoenix. At the beginning of the era, the sub-managers in the multiverse formed the Elder Council of the universe, and we were one of them. At that time, the number far exceeded the current multiverse. It was all discovered, rescued, contained and maintained by us. That was the pioneering period of the multiverse. The Elders had different personal styles, and although they were a little dirty, they got along very well in essence."

"Until the end of the pioneering period!"

Gao Heavenly Venerable drank the wine in his hand in one sip, poured himself a glass slowly, and then said: "Being the strength of an organization After reaching the peak, followed by a rapid decline... This is the point that the Elders of the universe cannot change. The initial sign is that the life court has scattered many Rare Items that are enough to affect the multiverse to the multiverse for no reason. Every corner of..."

"No one knows why he did that...This thing caused a lot of troubles at the time, and some of them even continue to this day, such as..."

Gao Heavenly Venerable took a look at Cyber: "For example, the infinite gem in your hand, you must know that in the beginning, the infinite gem was a whole! It is the life court stipulated that in this era, infinite gems should not be heavy. Gathering, which led to it being managed separately."

"The Elders realized from this incident that even if we work hard to manage the multiverse, we are still puppets of higher level power in nature. , This makes many people feel discouraged, the initial split was that started at that time..."

Collector's mood was a little dim, he said in a deep voice: "I can enter the universe Elder in the first era The Council’s geniuses come from all universes. The court of life acts like a stick hitting us on our heads. Let us know that we are far from being the Sovereignists of the universe... this is just the beginning. A lot of things happened later. In short, the Elder Council, which originally spanned the entire multiverse, quickly fell apart."

"We are the last ones to leave, those who left first. The guys have formed various groups because of various ideas, and there are some like us... well, salted fish, yes... like us, salted fish Elders who have lost all their dreams In order to avoid being involved in the dangerous things done by our former friends, we formed the set up Sect, do nothing, don’t care about anything..."

This statement wrinkled Cyber With a frown, he put the wine glass in his hand on the table and looked at Collector and High Heavenly Venerable:

"The "dangerous" things that the existence of the multiverse can do... If I guess right, the court of life finally stepped in, right? "

"It's not an intervention..."

Gao Heavenly Venerable turned around and looked at the scenery outside the window. He closed his eyes and said softly, "It's a massacre..."

"Under the instruction of the Court of Life, the five gods of the universe united together for an unprecedented time and pursued and killed the Elders of the universe who had reached out their hands into the forbidden zone. As a result, tens of thousands of worlds were destroyed until after the end. There are only 199999 remaining multiverses in the life database. That was the darkest day in the universe... The Elders of the universe that still existed after the storm were chilling. Until then, we didn't know..."

"The court of life allows us to exist, but it does not allow us to intervene in anything that will cause confusion in the plural universe. As the universe advances, the harsh rulings of the Life Tribunal will fall on us. "

Collector long sighed:

"You just need to know that Cyber, for you, going further does not mean freedom, and there is no real freedom in this world. "

"Well, it's boring to say this. "

Heavenly Venerable patted hands, smiles reappeared on his face, both of his hands spread out, a lot of treasures that shine like Oyama appeared on the open space in front of Cyber, he With a cheerful look:

"I said before that you are also eligible to be at the gambling table, and you have given yourself a share. These are the rare treasures from the various worlds of the multiverse that you deserve. Ordinary single universes exist, and they are basically impossible to possess. Some multiverse bosses with bad economic conditions will not be richer than you. Now, I am honored to announce that you have become a real big fat sheep... and you will go out in the future. Be careful when you travel... In the multiverse, there is never a lack of vicious and merciless guys! "

Cyber ​​looked at the piles of treasures in front of me, each of which exudes special rays of light. These rays of light linger together, giving people the direct feeling of the real "jewelry" .

A hesitation flashed in his eyes, but in the end, he raised his hand and pushed the treasure back to Gao Heavenly Venerable again in the air. He lifts the head and looked at him with a deep voice. Say:

"What I want...not these! "


Gao Heavenly Venerable uttered an unexplained snort. He stretched out his tongue and licked his lips. He looked at Cyber, his eyes seemed to wear. Through his mind, he asked softly:

"Then please tell me, what do you want? "

"That universe! Multiverse No. 200000, a universe created by my own hands... I want it! "

Cyber ​​leaned back on the sofa with a relaxed face, with his hands spread out on both sides of the sofa, he snorted:

"Don't tell me, that thing is not in your hands now! Someone told me that that thing was also counted as a bet, that is, you now have jurisdiction over it. "

"Weird thoughts! "

High Heavenly Venerable hesitated, but Collector turned his head and said to Cyber:

"In the multiverse, there is no precedent for a single universe to manage another universe. Take a step back. , Even if we give it to you, you can’t protect it. Anyone who is so poor and crazy in the multiverse can easily snatch it from you..."

"You You know, in this era, the overwhelming majority universe is personally managed by the court of life, and your universe is the same. Therefore, every free universe is precious to us, no matter how barren it is, it is precious, and a special one The new, free universe of light and dark is more precious than any treasure for some guys who are pursuing power! "

"You don't need to worry about this. "

Cyber ​​moves his fingers: "Treasure can be collected slowly, but the opportunity to gain the jurisdiction of a universe is extremely rare. I will not miss this opportunity!" "

The last sentence is extremely tough, representing Cyber’s unchangeable will. Gao Heavenly Venerable and Collector looked at each other, and finally he said:

"Are you sure you want to this one? I can put the shame on the front, this universe has just been born, you need to wait a long time for it to provide you with resources, and I can't even be sure whether you can really live until that time, and moreover, if it is taken from your hands. Snatched away... you, as the manager of the universe, are likely to face direct inquiries from the court of life... trust me, that is the horror you absolutely don’t want to experience. "

"I have already confirmed, I want it! "

Cyber ​​closed his eyes with a firm tone. After a while, a plain brass-colored key with a round hole was thrown to Cyber, who took it in his hand, a special kind of It feels coming from the key, as long as he is willing, next moment, he can easily enter that universe.

"I just logged into the life database and changed the manager of universe No. 200,000 to you. "

Gao Heavenly Venerable does not seem to have a lost expression. After all, it is just a primary level universe, not a precious thing. He held his arms and said to Cyber:

"You are now a well-known figure in the multiverse. Anyone who has permission to enter the life database will know that there is a trifling single universe and has obtained the management rights of a multiverse...hehe"

The smiles of taking pleasure in other people's misfortune appeared on the faces of the two brothers at the same time:

"I'm sure, you will be tough in the next days..."

Facing this kind of taking pleasure in other people's misfortune, Cyber ​​shrugged, he raised the wine glass in front of him again, he snorted: "So, I'm going to trouble my poor cousin again...but I Believe that a new multiverse, she will certainly be very curious. "

"Wait! When did you have an extra cousin? "

Gao Heavenly Venerable asked in surprise: "What's her name?" "

"Angel Fei Nick Hawk! "

Cyber ​​drank the wine in the glass in one sip. He stood up and moved his shoulders: "If I guessed right, she should go on her food trip on Earth now. I believe that I My dear cousin will be willing to help her poor cousin... after all, we are a family. "

" that's how it is. "

High Heavenly Venerable mystifying snorted: "No wonder you are so confident, you really hug a golden-bright and dazzling thigh. "

"In addition, I would like to ask you two for help! "

Cyber ​​said to Gao Heavenly Venerable and Collector in a very humble manner: "I want to resurrect a person who is very important to me, but it is a little bit troublesome, so I would like to ask the two big guys about some Specific details. "

"hmph, the reward has been given to you, and your appetite is getting bigger and bigger now! "

Collector snorted, somewhat dissatisfied, said: "Fair trade, remember? Don't think that if you are on our side, I will leave a way out to you, friendship is friendship, business is rules can be chaotic! "

"ding ding ding~"

Three pieces of bright and transparent silver metal were thrown on the table by Cyber: "Is this rare tenth metal enough to pay the bill? ? "

"Yo! Look at these lovely bauble..."

Gao Heavenly Venerable took the metal in his hand and looked at it. He glanced at Cyber:

"Have you hidden it? How many? "

Cyber ​​shrugged: "Not too much, but not too little..."

"Take them all out, this stuff can only be a curse in your hands! This is a treasure that can be used to create the world and repair the trauma of the universe. It will definitely sell for a good price in the black market of the multiverse! "

Collector touched his chin, he looked at Cyber: "I will exchange the money from one third with what you need and send it directly to your utopia, and then tell me now what problems you have encountered ? "

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