Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 801

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Cyber's silhouette suddenly appeared among the stars in Universe 200000. He stood inside the Void and looked around at the strangers around him. The galaxy, due to the fact that it once cut the universe, the starry sky seemed a bit crowded, but from Cyber's senses, he could easily feel that the universe was expanding rapidly outward in a benign way.

I was probably aware of Cyber's coming back, and an obscure and joyous will came from the center of the universe, seeming to welcome its savior.

Cyber ​​has a smile at the corner of his mouth. His silhouette shines again. This time he is standing on the surface of the burning cosmic furnace. He bends down and patted the normal temperature of the cosmic furnace under his feet:

"little fellow, I'm back, do you miss me?"


There is joy in the surging fire Sounds, maybe mortals will eventually forget too many things in the flow of time, but the unchanging universe will not!

The stars will remember all the disasters and salvations that have occurred in the starry sky. For those truly great, the stars do not hesitate to remember them forever.

"It looks like you are all right...then keep burning like this!"

Cyber ​​threw the last tenth piece of metal into the furnace of the universe, like Throwing a piece of candy to the little child: "I will watch you go all the way, I will accompany you all the way, let us see how far we can go in the end!"


As if responding to Cyber's encouragement, the cosmic furnace spewed out a flame again, not hot, but gentle, nourishing everything like sunlight.

So on this day, many planet astronomers discovered that the sun on this day was so brilliant and sunny that all the existence that was shining by the sun was full of Inexplicable joy, dispelling the haze of the sky and heart, and let this nascent universe continue to move forward.

In the darkness that is one side with the bright universe, at the very center of the dark universe, the eyes of the woman sitting on the throne of the stars suddenly opened, like the melting pot of the universe can feel the appearance of Cyber In the same way, she can also feel that the creator of this starry sky, her former master, has once again come.

"Sisters, the overlord is coming..."

Alvitr's special voice echoed back and forth in the dark universe. Not long after, she was assigned to all corners of the dark universe. The 12 Martial Goddess returned to the place where they were reborn, and when they reunited, Cyber's silhouette also slowly appeared in the darkness.

"Welcome to you, Supreme's overlord!"

Led by Alvitr, 13Martial Goddess separates the two sides, and welcomes Cyber ​​with respect, although it has completely separated its subordinates. His relationship, but everything he has personally experienced is enough to prove that the overlord deserves this kind of respect, and he is worthy of this glory.

"How have you been living lately? Managing a universe, this is an experience I haven't had. Come tell me."

Cyber ​​uses a tone of treating friends, To Alvitr:

"Especially this dark universe, which is also rare in the multiverse, I am really curious."

"It’s boring to watch the stars, but after getting used to it It is also calm. After so many wars and so many destructions, this peace is the best gift for us. As for managing the universe, it is not as complicated as you think, Overlord."

After Cyber ​​took the seat of the constellation of stars, Alvitr flicked her black hair. She whispered:

"The dark universe has its own rules. What we have to do is to avoid sudden changes The cosmic natural disasters that occur, compared with the light world of one twin, this dark universe is not stable. It tends to be cold and dead. It is difficult for life to be born here, but it is precisely because of this harsh environment that life once Appears, it will grow rapidly in a tenacious attitude."

"It’s like weeds on the ice sheet, which will be covered by ice Xue Wuqing, but if this harsh winter cannot kill It, then when the next spring comes, the entire ice sheet will be covered by green grass."

Another Martial Goddess described it with a vivid metaphor: "Compared to the bright universe on the other side , Our world’s civilizations are rare, but every one that survives is extremely aggressive... This is probably also the influence of the laws of the dark universe, but anyway, watching these civilizations with different attitudes thrive, this It's a kind of fun in itself."

"And this universe is too wide. Everyday all has a new civilization born, and everyday all has an old civilization collapse... just watching all this happen, this itself It is to witness an epic of life."

Alvitr breathed a sigh of relief. She looked at Cyber ​​and said sincerely: "We have to thank you, Overlord, thank you for giving us real freedom in the end. , Gave us a new life."

In the face of this kind of praise, Cyber ​​waved his hand:

"That is what you deserve. In that situation, you Willing to sacrifice yourself to preserve this universe. Your current freedom is only the reward of this great sacrifice. This is what you earned yourself and has nothing to do with me... But really, without your existence, you are facing There may be disputes in the future, I always lack confidence...After all, you are the best warriors under my command."

This sentence was jokingly said by Cyber, for him now , The existence of Dark Space is dispensable, he just casually mentioned with emotion.

But this sentence made Alvitr and 12 Martial Goddess stunned. There was eye contact between them. In the end, Alvitr stood up from her throne, she was like she used to be Like Knight, kneeling halfway in front of Cyber, she said in a deep voice:

"If your campaign has a place for us, we will not refuse your call...This universe was born of you. It itself is your natural territory, all the creatures living in this universe are also your natural people. This nascent starry sky needs a greater goal, and your will is the most suitable direction for it! "

"So...if you lead, I will obey!"

Looking at the Martial Goddess in front of him, Cyber ​​also froze in his seat until this moment, He only understood what Gao Heavenly Venerable meant when he was leaving.

It is not only rare minerals, metals and materials, but also life. As a manager, if he wants, the entire universe will obey him unconditionally. This is his natural power. , He can change the final form of the universe without violating the Universe Rule set by the life court, and transform it into what he imagined.

This is the real power of a universe manager. It’s no wonder that Heavenly Venerable reminds him to be careful of those multiverse bosses with ulterior motives, and it’s no wonder that the Court of Life will attack those bosses who violate the rules. ...

The war between universe managers is definitely not just a war between two existences, it will be a war between two universes and every life!

After understanding this, Cyber ​​clenched the brass key hanging on his chest tightly. He took a deep breath, bent down, and helped Alvitr, the manager of the dark universe. He looked at her. Eyes, he said in a deep voice:

"Manage this universe with peace of mind, Alvitr...when it is not necessary, I will not break its rules, let alone squander the results of your efforts. .. I will not be a tyrant, this is my promise! This is the promise of this multiverse manager!"

Hearing Cyber’s serious voice, Alvitr also sighed in his heart. She is I'm really afraid that Cyber ​​will treat all the creatures in this new and barren universe as consumables and send them to the battlefield. Although she knows Cyber's, the probability of this happening is very small, but she holds the key to the multiverse. She could not refuse Cyber's request.

This kind of restrained situation does not make people feel happy, now with this guarantee, it can finally make people feel a little more at ease.


Cyber's silhouette stepped out of the space again. He stood on the top of the cloud in the bright world, looking down at Gotham, the one in the city center, which has entered dormancy below. The lonely mountain still exists, but people have gone to the building, and a strong protective fence has been erected around it. Outside the lonely mountain, the great major event traces about the king are written in various words in the universe.

He appeared in this universe for less than a month, but in these 20 days, this Cosmic Scripture experienced a doomsday apocalypse. In that world doomsday, finally The overlord who saved the universe and disappeared strangely is given a mysterious color.

Some people say that he is the messenger sent by Creations to save the world before the end!

Some people also say that he is the terminator of all things. The fall of the old universe caused him to doom in anger, but the begging of beings finally interrupted the death of all things. Introduced a new era.

Some people say that the Overlord is actually the Spiritual God itself, and he uses this apocalyptic way of apocalypse to give rise to the spirit of thinking about the existence of life.

But no matter what the weird version circulated in the universe, within just one month of the emergence of the Overlord, he has lived in Gotham's peak most of the time, so this weird mountain is also The survivors who were regarded as the new universe were regarded as beings like a Holy Land.

Everyday all, many aliens come here to visit here. Even under the mountain, a building similar to a monastery was built. Many lives voluntarily stayed here to In this way, I express my repentance for the past "sin" and the benevolent "new birth".

A new faith is being born...This situation makes Cyber ​​frowned. He is willing to be remembered, but I don’t want to be in this way...Everyone who knows Cyber's knows, He hates religion.


Cyber's stepped on the top of the mountain, looking at the clean stone throne, his face showed a helpless expression, he walked away Stepping forward, sitting on the throne as before, leaning on the cold stone, he lifts the head again, looking at the stars in the sky.

In Alvitr's theory of "the monarch and the people", the future of the development of this universe is slowly taking shape in his mind.

"Since it is managed by don't want to be idle for the rest of your life!"

Cyber ​​laughed, his finger tapped on the stone handrail, it looked like It was pleasant and relaxing, but next moment, the timeline in front of him appeared waves, and then, the Flash in red battle clothes appeared in front of him.

"Oh! Overlord! I won’t die so easily!"

When he saw Cyber's, Little Lightning’s eyes widened. He Some excitedly stepped forward and said incoherently:

"I am looking for you in various timelines, and I know that you will not disappear silently!"


Cyber ​​gave him a weird look: "Why are you looking for me?"


Barry is a little embarrassed He scratched his head: "Because everyone misses you so much, so please..."

"To be honest! Child, I can tell if you lie!"

Cyber ​​yawned and propped his chin with his arm. He looked at the Flash in front of him with a smile in the corner of his eyes: "Why the hell?"

" Okay!"

Barry was exposed to the lie and simply sat cross-legged on the ground. He whispered: "Because of the current situation, a bit bad, because of the end of the world, all civilizations At the very beginning, they all supported the advancement in the form of brothers and sisters, but as the universe stabilized, some contradictions appeared. Different civilizations, habits, and even beliefs created different differences."

He looked at Cyber:

"In the beginning, you forcibly kneaded all civilizations together. Now, without your guidance, everyone will fall apart again, no different from the old universe before. Although many people think that independent development will be better, but I always feel that perhaps uniting together and exploring the new universe together is the real right way... But I have no right to speak, and no one listens to me. "

A rays of light gleamed in his eyes: "There is only one person in this universe who can make all civilizations bow their heads...that's you! No one is more suitable to lead than you Let's move forward!"

"So you want to find me and let me manage these civilizations?"

Cyber ​​snorted: "You have a lot of ideas, kid... Look Am I like such a busy person?"

The Flash looked weird and lowered his head, speaking of which, even in the previous battles, 99% of the preparations were Let us do it...Your old man is just sitting on the throne...cough cough, can't think about it! Thinking about it again is really dead.

But before Little Barry lifts the head, Cyber ​​suddenly patted the stone handrails:

"But what you said is right... Since it’s already united, then It’s really a pity that the powerful alliance will fall apart. I will not lead you directly, but I will give you a ready-made template for you to see what the ultimate form of Earth civilization should look like!"

"I will watch you, Barry, I will watch you transform this world, I will watch you send human civilization to the top of the universe, if you let me down...hehe, you don’t I will want to know the result!"

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