Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 802

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A new day of Utopia has opened in the first birth of the sun.

The city of Gotham rotating around utopia is like a time beacon that will never be missed. For the old residents, they only need to lift the head and look at the position of Gotham floating in the air. Given the specific time, this special system where the upper and lower cities coexist has also become the iconic landscape of Utopia.

But to be honest, in this increasingly prosperous New World, such a special scenery is not special.

It is said that in another section of the continent, the cultivators of Kunlun Holy Land built a floating island 400 meters above the ground, and there are waterfalls that descend from the sky and connect with the ground. That is the real peerless beauty.

"My father said he would take me to Shandal next month. It is said that there are aliens like dinosaurs! Would you like to go with me?"

Damian, who is just 10 years old this year, wears summer shirts and shorts, wears sunglasses, and holds an ice cream in his hand. Next to him is Divine Tortoise Michelangelo, who is sitting on the floor and playing video games. He is Damian Young Master’s best mochi. one.

Hearing Damian’s invitation, Divine Tortoise decisively refused:

"I’m not going. Last time you lied to me that Attilan was fun. After I went with you, I almost Was eaten by that big tetanus dog...the inhumans there are so unfriendly, I still like to stay in Gotham, this comfortable den..."

Michelangelo turned her head and ate in one bite I dropped the entire cone in Damian's hand and chewed while saying:

"Except for three times a week, I have to go with the city defenders to clean up the beasts in the wild. It is a paradise. !"

Damian’s snacks were eaten by Divine Tortoise, but he was not frustrated. He patted his hands and said to Divine Tortoise, who specializes in video games:

"I heard , The last time you went to hunt down a white lion in the green forest and failed? Is it true?"

"Uh, it is not a failure..."

Divine Tortoise Michelangelo was a little embarrassed. He whispered: "We hurt it at least. As you know, the little tree person Groot spawned the forest around the city and made the environment very good, but the trouble is that this life force is also strengthened. For those Beasts, they are not ordinary Beasts, Damian, I warn you, you'd better not go and find the lion alone!"

Divine Tortoise saw the child beside him be eager to have a try The dangerous rays of light, he put down the handle in his hand, turned around, and said to Damian solemnly:

"We call that lion "Echiyaki", you know what it is What do you mean? Spectre in the white mist... It obviously has a certain magical ability. In the misty forest of green trees, it always quietly approaches its prey, and the moment it appears, it will tear up The neck of the prey! That thing is 3 meters high! Its claws are sharper than metal! The howitzers of the city defenders can't penetrate its skin!"

"That's the king of the green forest! That's it! Not the one you can deal with now!"

Speaking, Michelangelo saw the disapproving expression on Damian's face. He stretched out his hands, grabbed Damian's ears with ninja agility, and shouted:

"You made it clear to me! Little, I don't allow you to do such a dangerous thing! I don't want to be blocked in the sewer by your crazy father in the middle of the night!"

"hmph hmph! ”

Damian snorted, a blade of ice and snow appeared in his hand, and he jumped up, dancing out a beautiful blade light in the air, he proudly said:

"Snow Boy I also think that I should accept a higher level of exercise, just a lion, don’t worry..."


A hand extends the hand from behind him, Holding the icy blade in his hand and squeezing it lightly, the sharp blade made of icy frost was broken, and then a cold palm slapped his head, making a mess of his carefully cleaned hair. .

"You are not allowed to play with weapons at home... Have you forgotten the rules?"

When Damian heard this voice, he turned his face filled with joy and moved towards the guy behind him pounced Go up:

"Cyber ​​Uncle, you are finally back!!"

"Hey! Hey! What are you doing!"

Cyber ​​opens his arms and lets you Damian lay on him like a koala, he patted the child's back, and glanced at Divine Tortoise sneakily preparing to escape. He whispered:

"Michelangelo, I Could you please explain what happened to the pizza boxes in the kitchen?"

Divine Tortoise's footsteps stopped immediately, and he said loudly, "I'll go and clean up immediately. OK!"


The next moment the ninja turtles disappeared in place using ninjutsu, while Cyber ​​put Damian on the ground with his collar. Said to Batman's son:

"Where is your father? I have something to find him!"

"He should be in the city hall now!"

Damian poked up Mouth: "The Shandal people are going to establish an interstellar sister city with Gotham recently. He has been busy with this recently. It is said that he will go to Shandal next month, but he promised to take me with me..."

"Listen to me, child!"

Cyber ​​snorted, patted Little Damian’s head: "Your father loves you... Of course the method is a bit old-fashioned, and Shandal’s ghost place is not at all No fun, you said you were going to kill that lion? It's good...If you can bring me the head of that lion before this afternoon, I will take you to a fun place..."

"The biggest arena in this universe! There is the Holy Land of the most brave fighters! You will love it!"


Damian screamed, turned rushed to the window, turned over and jumped down, and gave Cyber ​​a thumbs gesture before leaving.

After Damian left, Cyber ​​stood in his living room, watching everything familiar around him from side to side. He took a deep breath and sat on the sofa leisurely in an empty room. He extended the hand with a flick of his finger, and a bottle of beer with ice fell into his hand.

This thing is not as intoxicating as the fine wines in the high Heavenly Venerable collection, but in this place, with this kind of drink, it will always make Cyber’s tired heart calm down quickly, and there are so many things. There are still so many wars to do, but at least now, this moment of relaxation is completely his own, so let those bad things go to hell.

He hasn’t slept for a long time, although for him now, this thing about sleep is optional, but this time is rarely a good night’s sleep, opened his eyes in Cyber At that time, the setting sun outside the window had already cast into the room. It was warm and extremely beautiful.

"A great being like you can actually sleep so peacefully like a child... This is really surprising!"

A somewhat indifferent voice in Cyber He turned his head around, and Bruce Wayne, who followed him from another universe, sat at the table, savouring a cup of tea, while in the kitchen, the familiar kitchen utensils sounded, representing the real female of this house. The host has already gone home, and it seems that when he fell asleep, a guest came to visit.

"Speaking of which, shouldn't you have a good chat with Bruce?"

Cyber ​​snorted: "How does it feel to chat with yourself in another world? Gotham's Queen... "

"Not very good!"

Bruce shrugged, her face looks exactly like Bruce Wayne, but a softer and more beautiful face showed a hint of disdain:

"The Batman of this world is no longer a pure warrior. He took off his armor and tried to protect his people as a mortal. In my opinion, this is a cowardly behavior! This world is still It’s so dangerous!"

"And he is full of an unfathomable mystery of macho! It’s really unbearable!"

This statement makes Cyber ​​a little funny, he Putting down the empty bottle in his hand, he said softly:

"For a person from the feminist world, no matter how normal behavior is, it will make you feel unbearable. This is normal, but anyway , I believe you will become friends. After all, you have done everything for your city and your country... But then again, how does it feel to be around in my world?"

This question made Bruce's expression serious. She thought about what she had seen and heard in the past few days in this world, the direction of this world is completely different, and the business model of this world's human survival federation. , And the role she played in the universe, she wanted to use a word to describe this civilization, but in the end, she couldn't think of a suitable word.

"Your civilization is very aggressive. The martial power is far beyond the level of self-civilization. It is extremely inclusive. I am surprised that I can recognize the citizenship status of omnics so easily. In my world Here, it’s not that there are no intelligent robots, but we strictly control their systems... It’s hard to imagine how many things have gone through before your civilization can develop into this kind of collective wisdom thinking at this stage..."

"Before I get to know your history deeply, I can only say that your civilization is very dynamic and unique, and it is worth learning!"

This evaluation made Cyber ​​laughed, he said softly Said:

"In your universe, I intend to instruct the Justice League to establish a pan-human civilization federation to correct the reality that the civilizations that have been united so hard to unite are about to fall apart. I hope you can serve as the dark universe. Be an example, join in... Don’t always focus on the interests and entanglements in front of you like the insect, look up at the sky, Bruce, what makes you luckier than us is..."

"We can only explore one universe, and you can explore two! From this point of view, your universe is destined to develop faster than most universes!"

"This... ."

Bruce hesitated. After all, in traditional thinking, darkness and light are always opposites, but after dismantling the chaotic rules set by Barbatos, the universe of darkness and light is gone. More contact with each other is like two separate individuals united together but not involved in each other.

"I need some time to think about it...After all, I can't represent my civilization...Where are there many kings..."


Cyber ​​gave Bruce a surprised look: "Then what are you keeping them for? Waiting for Christmas together? For your system, dictatorship is always a hundred times better than democracy! Take it! Revenge madness from your drowned souls, I believe it is very simple for you..."

"Peace has just arrived, I just..."

Bruce laughed, stretched out her hand and brushed her long hair, a touch of cold light flashed in her eyes: "I just want to experience the past life more, when necessary... I will do it!"


The door of the house was pushed open, and the communication between Cyber ​​and Bruce was also interrupted. They lifted the head and saw Damian covered in blood dragging a The head of the huge white lion walked into the room. His little face was covered with blood and there were scars on his shoulders, but his face was full of pride and pride.


The white lion’s head was thrown at Cyber’s feet, and the disgusting blood quickly destroyed Cyber’s precious carpet, and Damian opened his arms proudly:

"Look! Cyber ​​Uncle! I did it!"

"en? Who is this brave child?"

Bruce feels from Damian When she reached a weird bloodline connection, she turned to look at Cyber, which was shrugged:

"Bruce's son, the descendant of the Wayne family, he has the same blood in his body as you."



Bruce blinked her beautiful eyes, she moved towards Damian and beckoned:

"Come here, child, let me take a look You!"

Faced with such strong demands, Damian, who has always been tenacious in character, chose to obey strangely. The beautiful Aunt in front of him gave him a strange feeling, like facing my own father.

Bruce picked up the handkerchief from the table and wiped off the blood on Damian's face a little bit. She held Damian's cheeks with both hands, looked left and right, and said with some regret:

"What a brave little hero, unfortunately a boy...but if I had no children for life, you would be the first heir to my empire."

"Heir? Sister, who are you?"

Damian glanced at Cyber. The latter's eyes were calm, so he looked at Bruce in front of him, and he asked softly: "You and me Is father a friend?"

"Friend? No!"

Bruce extends the hand, a golden streamer appears in her hand, that is her spoils of war, The legacy of the dead sea king from another world, the Neptune Trident symbolizing the king of the Seven Seas, and the king symbol of another universe Gotham kingdom. She placed the battle halberd on the ground and looked at Damian, she whispered:

"My name is Bruce, Bruce Wayne, the eldest daughter of the Wayne family, and the current patriarch of the Wayne family! Your father calls me your sister... So, you should call me aunt, Damian .Wayne!"

Her hands are patted on Damian's head:

"You have three bad-tempered, very incompetent Uncles. They are simply a shame to the Wayne family, but I'll take you to see them if you have the chance."

The icy breath escaping from her made Damian a chill, like a little bunny frightened.

wu wu, this sudden aunt is terrifying...father, save me! ! !

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