Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 803

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In just 7 days, the exchanges between the two sides across the dimension wall are very frequent. Cyber ​​deliberately uses this kind of inter-cosmic communication to let the two civilizations dominated by him in a short time Establish a cooperative relationship within.

Although you will always be a little uncomfortable and embarrassed when you meet with you in another universe, after you really accept this setting, you will feel that there is nothing in fact, and they are both yourself and each other. Cooperation will also be more at ease.

Of course, the most embarrassing thing is our dear Mayor Bruce. In the past few days, he saw 5 himself in another universe. It is said that there are 3 others who were personally handed by Cyber.’s a little weird, especially when faced with Bruce, who claims to be the patriarch of the Wayne family and is also the king of the Gotham kingdom in another universe, the mayor Bruce has a kind of face. The feeling for the eldest sister.

For the Wayne family who has been shrouded in inheritance crisis for several generations of single pass, this is a good thing...especially when the combined assets of several Bruce add up, it is enough to exhaust a small When civilized, this kind of mutual union becomes inevitable.

The union of the Wayne family is not a special case. The Stark family also had a brief meeting. The two Stark reportedly quarreled on the spot, but in the end, the Stark family of cross-universe union was established.

The Clark family, the Diana family, and so on...

Leave aside each other’s positions. In this interaction, the human civilization in Universe 200,000 is At a disadvantage, when the real connection between the two civilizations is established, they will inevitably be able to only serve as the product market and raw material origin of the present universe for a long time. However, with Cyber's supervision, they will not be in a state of being exploited for a long time. .

"To establish long-term common prosperity! Finally, the two civilizations will be completely merged into one in the Spiritual Plane!"

This is the meeting of the Alliance for the Survival of Mankind. The communication and development guidelines proposed by the Speaker Mr. Charles need not be said much. This is definitely the meaning of the overlord behind Utopia, but this proposal did not harm other forces, so the proposal was finally passed by Perfection.

But more privately, the great characters who master the lifeblood of human development are discussing another matter...this matter is not suitable to be said on the surface.

"Our agent's investigation of the 14 large civilizations in Universe 200000 has ended, and the conclusions drawn are a bit disturbing."

Currently serves as the Human Survival Alliance. Nick Fury, one of the two secret affairs managers, stood on the podium in the Conference Hall. In front of him, there were more than a dozen real bosses who were eligible to participate in secret meetings.

"Except for the two magic civilizations that we don’t know much about, the other 12 highly developed technological civilizations all have the power to defeat our fellow civilizations in a short time... and we The civilization of our compatriots has not experienced a real cosmic war. They turned a blind eye to this threat, which is very regrettable."

Fury’s tone barely fell, an old man in military uniform asked. :

"The incompetent leader is a crime against civilization! Can you find a way to replace them and support a group of main combatants to come to power? Or does it require our direct military intervention?"

"This is exactly the action we are planning."

On the seat beside Fury, Zheng Xian, who also wears a dark blindfold, is lightly coughed:

"Our best agent Have already sneaked into the civilization of the compatriots, and at the request of the overlord, the heroes of that world will turn a blind eye to this...As long as we don't cause large-scale chaos, this thing is actually easy to do. After all... Judging from the current level of science and technology alone, the ultra-high-speed development we have accumulated in several wars is at least ahead of our compatriots' civilization..."

Zheng Xian said here, stopped, and then aggravated The tone:

"150 years!"

"Direct military intervention will beat the grass to scare the snake, General!"

Fury lightly coughed, Turning over a new page of the document, he slowly said: "Our compatriot civilization is in a special universe. That universe is divided into two parts: light and dark, which are connected and independent of each other. What's good for us is, The Dark Universe has allegiance to our overlord, that is to say, one-half of the universe is on our side...that will become our rear military base."

"According to the current situation According to the plan made by the staff, if we really enter a state of war, we are likely to need at least 25 full-stretched starship formations and invest 4 million omnic warriors in order to directly defeat 4-5 in a raid. Unguarded civilization... After all, they appeared in the reserved area of ​​Star Domain. They were just temporary immigrant fleets. The military power is not strong, but if the time is delayed longer, the result may not be easy to say."

The murderous-looking words made everyone present here a little silent. After a while, another voice rang:

"This military force sounds terrifying, we are now Can it be done?"

Faced with this question, Fury’s dark face showed a smile:

"The answer is yes!"

One Vice proje ction appeared in front of everyone. It was an ultra-giant military processing base distributed in Africa and South America. On that screen, tens of thousands of omnipotent workers worked endlessly, while human engineers acted as maintenance omnivores. The emergence of personnel is a super impact on the manufacturing industry itself after the omnipotent revolution.

After knowing that they will be replaced by omnics, a huge number of workers also set off a parade within the world, but unfortunately, the current human existence alliance is not a warm-hearted government. Finally ushered in the development period, and the military sector of human civilization that is striving to step onto the stage of the universe is like a greedy giant beast that never gets enough to eat.

These unemployed marching workers were quickly sent to the army and became an honorable member of the newly formed multiple space fleets. For this rude and simple decision, public opinion was once fierce, but After all, it is a civilization that has experienced too many disasters. Even children know the truth about being beaten if they are not strong enough, so there is no disturbance in the end.

"This civilized species of omnics has advantages that we humans can’t reach. I don’t need to say more about this. What I want to tell you is that on the production line of Australia, the first omnics country, everyday all More than 100,000 omnipotents have been produced and filled in every corner of our great civilization. Their appearance has liberated the population pressure that we desperately need. As far as the current global production capacity is concerned..."

Fury turned over another page of the document and said in a deep voice:

"If the production capacity is fully opened, we only need 8 months to complete the formation of 25 new fleets, and once Letting go of the restrictions temporarily, Australia can also provide us with enough battle-type omnic robots in the same time!"

"Yes, we can guarantee this!"

At the end of the big boss seat is a robot in a suit. This guy is the vice president of Australia’s omnic civilization, Yatta.

After Fury’s words were finished, Yatta then said: “As an important branch of human civilization, we know our role in human civilization. If our great civilization needs, Every omnibus on the land of Australia can become a warrior to defend civilization!"

"Will this be a sacrifice of consumables, will it cause a humanitarian disaster?"

Another old lady hesitated. She looked at Yatta: "As far as I know, the human rights issue is also a very serious social issue within your Australia. Even your President, Mr. Jarvis, often asks about these issues. Come to the parliament for consultation, and personally, I think your omnibus and our human beings are no different in soul. Wouldn’t such expendable damage affect your stability?"

This question It was also very serious. Faced with this question, Yatta lightly coughed, stood up from his seat, like a real human, straightened his clothes, and replied with a voice with a touch of metallic sound:

"Actually, you may have some misunderstandings about the definition of omnic...In our opinion, only human emotions and a complete logical circuit of thought are truly possessed, and the meaning of self-existence can be clearly distinguished by relying on oneself. Only the robots that are called can be called omnipotents, and only after passing rigorous inspections, will they be issued by the Chinese government with a citizenship mark, and truly join our developing civilization, while the other robots have only simple thinking and logic... Even in our opinion, it is also a tool!"

"The battle-type robot is a taboo of the omnic civilization. Unless necessary, our factory will not get the production of battle-type robots. Permitted, and the birth of every omnivorous general is subject to the personal inspection of President Jarvis. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the human rights of omnivorous soldiers, because we don’t have the definition of “soldier” at all, battle- A type robot is just a machine produced by a robot... just a tool!"

These words, which are so rational that even humans would feel cold, were spoken by the Vice President of Yatta in a righteous tone. It feels like a trance, and after Yatta finished speaking, Fury waited a few seconds before saying:

"Thanks to Mr. Yatta for the explanation, then ladies and gentlemen, As for the current combat potential of the Human Survival Alliance, you should have a clear understanding, and this is only part of our standing military strength. Don’t forget, we also have 2W registered superheroes, and far away in the twisting void, The demon Legion under the management of the overlord, as well as the vassal civilization of the human civilization, we can even hire a large number of interstellar pirates when necessary..."

"This is how we interfere with our compatriots The bottom of the life and death crisis of civilization gas! "

Fury's voice became muffled: "Human civilization is bound to be on the stage of stars, and we will become the most shining star among them, and we can do it. Why can't our compatriots' civilization?" "

"If anyone stands in the way of the rise of two civilizations that are destined to merge into one, we will clean them up without the slightest hesitation! Whether they are playing with artillery or magic...we all have the power to defeat them! "

Fury’s voice echoed in this Conference Hall, and Zheng Xian’s voice echoed again:

"Gentlemen and ladies, the era of fighting each other is over, we Having experienced the cruelest wars and disasters, it has taught us that only civilizations united together can have a future, and now, an opportunity lies in front of us... Just as the king said, exploring a starry sky far away Not enough, we have to explore more stars, let the seeds of human civilization spread across different Star Domains, and let us truly become a force that cannot be underestimated! "

"Only in this way can the robber civilization feel scared, showing their claws, showing their sharp teeth, and stepping on the stars is never a tender process. I hereby ask you to agree to ours. Intervention in war starts from helping our fellow civilizations get rid of the crisis of failure... and then truly, relying on your own strength, based in the universe! "

"On the edge of the galaxy, the remnants of Asgard have hatred against us. Farther away, the Kree people are licking their wounds, and outside the galaxy, there are countless civilizations. Waiting to squeeze the last drop of flesh and blood from our bones, we need resources from that universe! We need a healthy and fast-developing compatriot civilization as the most solid backing for a brutal war that may occur! "

Fury raised his left hand and shouted:

"No matter how strong the overlord is, we cannot push us into the center of the universe alone. The way to rise is up to us. ! "

"The humiliation we have suffered, the suffering we have suffered, the heroes who died for civilization are watching us in the sky, how can we live up to their great sacrifice? How can we achieve the original goal of the alliance? "

His gaze swept across everyone in front of him:

"Victory! Only victory! "

There was a dead silence in the venue. In the end, the first person to break the silence was Professor Charles in a wheelchair. He took off his glasses and said softly:

"Step into the stars. , That was our final fantasy... Now, how can we retreat at this last step? "

"On behalf of all members of Utopia, I agree to war intervention! "

"On behalf of...Agree! "

"Agree! "

"Agree! "

Finally, the raised arms in the Conference Hall represented the arrival of an era. It was the opening of the era of blood and fire among the stars. It was also another universe, and human civilization re-emerged. The starting point of the road.

War is not everything, but only the victor of war is qualified to write everything! When two civilizations that have the same origin unite completely and declare their existence to the stars , These two civilizations promoted by the overlord will eventually make the stars tremble!

That is also human civilization, the first sharp rays of light that shines in the age of stars...


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