Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 804

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The Himalayas, the top of the world, is said to be standing on the highest mountain and looking far away. If you are lucky, you can even see the sea in South Asia...Of course, ordinary person There are limits to your vision, this is just a beautiful legend.

As a place shrouded in wind and snow all year round, this deserted place is very suitable for some hermits and cultivators who need to hide from the world, the mage Holy Land Kamar-Taj, and the Holy Land Kunlun of Martial Artist, all are here. Within the quiet mountain range of dissatisfaction with the snow, of course, most of them have been transferred to New World either actively or passively.

The environment is better, and the utopia where nature and civilization get along more harmoniously is obviously more suitable for cultivation.

Their departure made this ancient mountain range quieter. When Cyber ​​stepped into this snowy field that had been here more than once in the blizzard, there was a rare leisure.

He can even clearly remember that a few years ago, he was walking through the same road, in this piece of snow that was not transferred by human will, and together with the desolate Strange, he was struggling to find the legend. Holy Land Kamar-Taj, how he angered Ancient One and was thrown into the ice and snow, but unexpectedly met Mr. Quan who was on a storming mission.

Those memories are surging in his mind, and they become more fresh as time goes by. Unfortunately, Ancient One has already sacrificed for the world when the evil gods invaded, and Mr. Quan, the old friend, has also stepped into the Star Sea. , I still don’t know which galaxy the mission is being performed in.

Everything in the past has been separated, allowing reality to cover everything in an unusually cruel way. In the first half of life, it uses this world to continuously give you beautiful things, and in the second half, But it will cruelly take away these things the same.

Every loss is a painful parting that is hard to part with for the emotionally rich.

Cyber ​​spread out his left hand and watched the snow falling from the sky one by one, and gradually gathered into a white snow in the palm of his black gloved hand. He slowly held it. Finally let the snowflakes melt in the palm of his hand.

"You are late..."

Cyber ​​sprinkled the water droplets on the ground in his palm, and he whispered: "Being late for 2 hours...wasted me 2 Hours of time."

"But I don’t think you are bothered. You stand in the snow like a philosopher thinking about life..."

Strange, in the iconic medieval mage jacket, holds a delicate wooden box in his hand, and slowly walks out of the waves of time. The phantoms of all ages appear in the time storm behind him, from ancient wild hunts to medieval ones. The palace ball, and even the future starship battlefield.

"Time travel is not always smooth, and occasional lateness can be forgiven."

Strange laughed: "I just want to be perfect."

Being able to control time means being able to move up and down the river of time, detaching itself from the shackles of time on life, and pushing the existence of oneself to a very high "free" state, but it must be against the river of time Making changes is a very risky thing, and a little carelessness can lead to disastrous consequences.

After 2 years of mastering the Stone of Time, Strange also gradually understood why his former mentor, Guardian Ancient One Master, was never willing to intervene in the disputes of the world, because compared with the mighty world, everything in time , All seem meaningless, no matter how great or evil, the waves they set off in the scouring of time will eventually be completely smoothed out.

When you master the time, everything that happens every day in this world has nothing to do with you...

"Well, I accept your apology. .. Are you ready?"


The black and white lamp ring emerged on Cyber's hands, jumped out together, and wrapped around Cyber's right arm Yes, the dark red liquid. He looked at the wooden box in Strange's hand. He whispered:


"I threw myself into the stream of time Here... it took me almost 20 years to collect these fragments."

Strange's fingers stroked the plain box, he looked at Cyber:

"There is no next time, Cyber. I have intercepted all available time segments. If we fail, there will be no chance!"

"Close your crow's mouth! Strange!"

Cyber ​​coldly snorted, a curtain of space opened behind him, quickly shrouded on the snowy field, temporarily separating this land from the real dimension:

"Your bad predictions will always come true...It's best to pray that we can meet good things, anyway, come and help!"

With the words, the two of them became busy quickly Come up, Cyber ​​itself doesn’t know anything about spell, so the work of arranging the resurrection array was done by Strange, using the most precious materials in the universe. For this reason, Cyber ​​was slaughtered by Collector fiercely and sold the tenth metal. Remuneration, one third was used for these materials.

Many of them are not even experienced and knowledgeable Doctor Strange, but no one will feel distressed...because they are the most important people to be resurrected this time .

"This is the most perfect and perfect spell array we can make. It's called a luxury!"

After 10 minutes, Strange watched his feet shine He breathed a sigh of relief for the array of strange rays of light, and the latter reached out to tear up the space, pulled out a silver wooden box, placed it in the center of the array, and opened it.

There is a well-made body inside...the white robe covers her body. That face and body shape perfectly restore the image of Ancient One.

"It took 1 year for the best geneticists on the planet to cultivate the most perfect human body...They have done their best to use her treasure Those hairs..."

Cyber ​​shook the head: "Fortunately she left those hairs as treasures."

Speaking, he turned his head to look at Strange, the corner of his mouth A weird smile appeared:

"Speaking of which, did you not take off your hair? I thought that every mage who controls the stone of time will become bald!"

This question makes Strange a little embarrassed. He shrugged:

"This is a necessary price to pay for time control, but I am an archmage. I have many ways to keep my hair. Of course, the color is changed. I’m not coming back, but I shudder at the thought that I will become bald. I don’t know how long it took my mentor to accept her new look... You know, she is actually a beautiful person."

"So I restored her lost things..."

Cyber ​​smiled and brushed the long black hair on his body, he smiled Say:

"I believe she will like it!"

"Okay! The most important step..."

Strange stretched out his hand Picking up the box from the ground next to him, he took a look at Cyber. The latter got up from the array and backed out. Doctor Strange stepped forward and took a deep breath as if he were going to perform the most solemn ceremony. , Reached out his hand to turn the wooden box upside down, stuck it on the forehead of this body, and then reached out his hand to pull out the mechanism of the wooden box.

Along with the crisp sound of the machine spring, hundreds of time fragments cut from different timelines are stacked on this body in a gorgeous way. .

An Ancient One who was a farmer’s daughter when she was a child, happily ran in the fields.

There is Ancient One who was a new apprentice of a mage and stayed up late to read in the antique library.

With grown up, he officially became the Ancient One of the mage.

I have personally witnessed the Ancient One crying on the edge of the battlefield that almost destroyed Earth civilization in the battle between Odin and Hela's 1300 years ago.

I have made up my mind to hold the mysterious eye of Agamotto in Ancient One in my hand.

An Ancient One that wanders freely in time holding the Stone of Time.

An Ancient One who entered Olympus alone and battled Zeus in the sky.

Ancient One who expelled the gods, laid a seal of dimensionality, and vowed to protect civilization.

In thousands of years, the establishment of Kamar-Taj, the ancient one that has been studying the lost secrets.

There is an unknown Ancient One that blocked the returning evil gods in an unknown battlefield.

Ancient One met Cyber ​​and Strange for the first time.

Hundreds of time fragments, in a linear way, poured the memories of every moment of her past existence into this body little by little, until she finally became in the arms of Cyber The moment when the light spot dissipates.

Cyber ​​and Strange, her successor and her last apprentice, stood in this special space, and once again relived the life experience of the Legendary Supreme Master, just as she finally had In other words, she has barely lived for herself in this life...

"The memory already exists, and the past time fills her body. This is the ultimate I can do..."


Strange took a step back, he looked at Cyber:

"The steps of soul recovery are left to you!"

"Recovery? No! I don't want to be incomplete My soul, I have the best substitute!"

Cyber's turned his left hand outwards, and an orange gem appeared in the palm of his hand. This scene made Doctor Strange's eyes wide open:

"Soul Stone, are you going to use it...will they agree?"

"Who would disagree? Who would dare disagree?"

Cyber ​​bent down and The soul stone in his hand was placed on Ancient One’s forehead. He stretched out his hand and stroked this face. He whispered:

"This world owes her! She dedicated it to this world I sacrificed my own future...I want to give her a future!"

The moment the soul stone touched this body, it slowly melted into the flesh and blood in a manner of melting. In the end, only a diamond-shaped crystal logo was left, appearing in the forehead of Ancient One.

The complete memory is dragged by the Soul Stone and reorganized into the past of Ancient One, but this is not enough. If she is allowed to recover like this, then there can only be someone with the complete memory of Ancient One. Duplicate... This is not what Cyber ​​and Strange want.

So...this recovery, there is one last step!

"Strange! It's now!"

Seeing that the body has opened his eyes because of the blessing of the soul stone, Cyber ​​took a step back and held the time stone. Doctor Strange stepped forward, and the green halo in his hand danced quickly, forming 13 complex seals on his arm. He held his fingers on the cold left hand of Ancient One, and supported this moment with his body. The time is forcibly linked with the time node of Ancient One’s death.

The time line that belonged to the Supreme Master's forcibly destroyed was in a special way by Strange, extending a curved arc at the end, and finally formed a circle free of time.

At the moment the circle closed, Ancient One’s body quickly dissipated, as if it had weathered in time, but the next second, her body reappeared in this closed time loop , Ancient One's body is constantly transforming back and forth between death and rebirth.

But this transformation is not stable, so next moment, Cyber's hand is also held on the right hand of Ancient One.

Black and white's light of death and life shrouded her body along her fingers, pushing the state of life and death into a stable balance, and the stone of the world began to greedily absorb Cyber's body The inexhaustible life transforms it into a new life and flows into the stabilized body of Ancient One.

As the pale face slowly returned to rosy, Cyber ​​and Strange looked at each other, and they both saw a touch of anxiety in each other's eyes.

In order to fight against the invading evil gods, Ancient One sacrificed her own future in exchange for the recovery of her severely injured body. She has no future in the sense of existence. In order to realize her fundamentally impossible resurrection, Cyber ​​and Strange can only use this time-distorting cheating method to extract the time she exists in the past and use it to fill the gap in the future.

It's like a hamster wheel that keeps spinning in place. It can move forever, but it can never move forward.

This kind of resurrection has its drawbacks. As a weird life without a future, Ancient One cannot really participate in the progress of anything, otherwise it will interfere with the normal timeline. She can only act An observer of Eternal Existence, observing the changes in the world, her life is reshaped by Cyber's White Light and Strange's Time, so she is tied to these two people.

If any one of them dies, they will die together with Ancient One.

This kind of rebirth is extremely demanding, but even so, Cyber ​​and Strange are still willing to take this risk...

As Cyber ​​said...this is what this world owes her.


Feeling the cold touch of the wind and snow, the sleeping person finally opened her eyes, she looked a little blankly at the falling snow in the sky in the haze, She extended the hand subconsciously, took the snowflake in her hand, and felt the very real feeling. Next moment, she suddenly turned over from the wooden box and sat up, her long black hair flying in the snow.

She looked back, in the icy snowflakes flying in this mountain stream, her former apprentice was already full of white hair, and her successor was still like the face of parting, but in those eyes , And because of too much experience, it became deep as an abyss.


"Welcome home... Supreme Master."

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