Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 806

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The black market, which is a special trading place that exists widely in every civilization.

As long as civilization has a certain degree of wisdom, evil is a chronic disease that cannot be eradicated. This is common in civilizations throughout the universe, and evil thinking produces crime. When the scale of crime reaches a certain level, It will naturally breed a complete industrial chain.

Especially for acts of robbery, theft, etc., after robbing of precious enough property, the property cannot be sold in ordinary ways, so the initial black market came into being. To be precise, this It is a trading field specially established for criminals.

The most famous black market in the galaxy is the impossible place formed by the former Universe Elder Collector. 30% of the evil transactions in the entire galaxy civilization circle are carried out there, and the Collector, who is in charge, Tanya Tiwan also derives a lot of wealth from this dark transaction, although wealth this thing is meaningless to him.

Expedition to Legion also has a black market, and in every civilized area they pass through, there are branches of the black market. However, conducting dark commercial transactions is only part of the meaning of this black market. Because of the lost Phoenix fragments, in many civilizations, because of its special energy response, they will be treated as sacred relics or monsters, and it is difficult to obtain these fragments in a normal way.

However, if there is a trading field that can pay satisfactory remuneration and can guarantee safety, then these sacred relics and monsters are likely to fall into Legion's hands in another form.

This situation has occurred more than once, especially in some backward worlds that are still in the feudal civilization. A well-functioning black market can play a role that far exceeds just and honorable conquest.

After all, no matter which world's advertisers, they do not lack the awareness of dying for money and sufficient action.

The black market in the Moubis civilization circle has just been established, but with the deterrence of Legion's destruction of 4 low-level civilizations in a month, its business has been extremely prosperous.

Plague Knight said that the mainstream civilization of the Moubis civilization circle is Interstellar Era’s monarchy. One of the most important factors that induce crime, so from the perspective of public security, the general environment of the Moubis civilization circle is simply terrible.

In this case, a black market that claims to be omnipotent has become a paradise for criminals who take risks.

everyday all grotesquely shaped interstellar pirates from all corners of the civilization circle, with their accumulated stolen goods, in exchange for a reward sufficient to retire immediately, or simply resold and buy enough Ferry tickets for a family to immigrate to another galaxy...

Yes, the interstellar merchants of the Human Survival Alliance have developed a complete interstellar smuggling business chain, as long as you can give them Sufficient remuneration, even if you want to live in heaven, it’s not impossible... You know, in the vast universe, there are many arrogant guys who call their planet "heaven", but it’s not good. Look for planet "sculptures." Home", Mr. Xingjue, the prodigal son of the universe, can also create a dream paradise for these whimsical guys.

As long as there is profit, the power that businessmen can explode is far beyond your imagination.

In short, Brigadier General Sergei, who is in charge of the black market business with the army, has paid a large amount of commercial tax to the Human Survival Alliance by organizing black market trade in the past few months. He also hated this kind of behavior. The great characters all began to acquiesce in the existence of this kind of unlawful transaction.

"What are you going to do to me! Let me go out!"

A special spacesuit in a tattered, dark skin, with weird tattoos all over the body, but roughly the same The youngster, who is no different from the Earth people, clung to the box in his arms, and shouted to the two tall fel lords standing outside the door:

"I'm not selling this thing! Let me go! Leave!"

He held a weird, gun-like thing in his hand, trying to break through the gate guarded by the fel lord, but facing that shining magic power, and more than half of him A body-sized sharp axe blade, this embarrassed youngster finally did not try to show his bravery.

He threw away the weapon in his hand with a little frustration, curled up in a corner of this room, his face was filled with undisguised despair, it looked like he had messed up his noble mission Same.

"Hey, young man, I said, you should be able to understand me, right?"

A low voice suddenly sounded from the darkness, which made the depressed Youngster was taken aback. He turned his head abruptly and shouted in the lingua franca of the Moubis civilization circle: "Who! Who is there!"


next moment, the blue aperture bloomed beside the youngster's body. Through rapid teleportation, this guy was sent to the living room of the Xinggang black market in less than 1 second.

Through the research on the space gems held by the Overlord, Earth civilization’s use of space technology has achieved a breakthrough in just a few years. Transmission technology has become the standard configuration of the surviving federal military system of mankind. When commercial dumping is carried out for certain low-level civilizations, this thing will also be regarded as a hit product.

And the youngster holding the box obviously didn’t have much contact with the teleportation. He was still a little dizzy before his eyes, but he soon woke up. The style hall is decorated with metal and rare wood in the starry sky. The surrounding ground is made of special materials similar to marble, and it is cleaned by cleaning robots.

This desolate youngster stepped on it, and it was a black footprint, which made him quite embarrassed and coowering, afraid of destroying the seemingly "luxury" decoration in front of him.

"Don’t be too restrictive, youngster."

The door of the living room was opened. Wearing a green uniform, Sergei and the war Knight walked in and sat down. On the chairs in the reception room, an omnipotent servant soon brought them hot tea and enjoyment, as well as some freshly cooked food.

Sergei looked at the vigilant youngster in front of him with a splendid gaze. According to his insight, this should be Illegal immigrants from a low-level civilization. For everything in Starport, there is a feeling of looking up and fearing. , But Sergei looked at the tattered spacesuit worn by the youngster again.

Although that thing has been used many times and is on the verge of being scrapped, it is not a product of low-level civilization. In fact, from some details, the technological level of this spacesuit is even It is higher than the Star Sea Empire of Sparta, which is the most technologically advanced in the galaxy civilization circle... It is really puzzling that such a combination of backward and advanced appears in the same person.

"Let’s eat something first, youngster, you seem to need these!"

Sergei showed a gentle smile on his face and reached out to push the food on the table to the youngster , With the help of the intercom, he transformed the voice into the lingua franca of the Moubis civilization circle, and this voice had a somewhat enchanting spell effect, coupled with the aroma of the food, which made the youngster’s throat tremble. .

"It’s okay, child, no matter what you’ve encountered before, you’re safe here, and the things in your hands are useful to us, so don’t worry about subsequent transactions, let’s eat something first Let’s talk about it later!"

Soon, the youngster of stomach rumbling with hunger grabbed the spoon and tried to put a steak into his mouth. Next moment, his eyes lit up and started Shouted to eat, but even so, in addition to the exaggerated eating, his hand still clasped the box in his arms tightly.

Obviously, that is a very important thing.

Sergei and War Knight looked at each other. A small detector in the hand of War Knight was shining brightly. He was nodded to Sergei, and the latter's eyes became more gentle.

Once upon a time, Sergei was also a member of the Devil Gang. He worked hard under Cyber, but with his baby daughter grown up, married young Alvin, and a lovely child, Sergei He quietly disappeared from the command level of Devil Gang. He was no longer the bald man, but had short hair. Because he was afraid that the magic in his body could harm his precious grandson, he also specifically requested Cyber Withdraw the power of the devil.

The current Sergei, after losing the support of magical energy, has become aging and wrinkles on his face. The original bravery can no longer be seen, but he lives happier, more fulfilled, and more It's like an ordinary person's ending. If he can, he would rather grow up with his grandson every day in a Utopian mansion, but when he heard that Cyber's expeditionary force is seriously insufficient in command personnel, Sergei stepped forward again.

This time is no longer the leading general, but the way of logistics supervisor. It turns out that Sergei did a very good job. Only from the interstellar black market he managed, he was able to find nearly everything for Cyber. 7 pieces, this is already a remarkable achievement.

He did not live up to Cyber's trust, and in Cyber's gift, he will have enough time to watch his grandson grow up healthily...After completing the meaning of his life, he will die peacefully... For the experienced Brigadier General Sergei, immortality is not worth pursuing, and holding on to the present is the most important thing.

Uh, it’s a bit far. In short, in the goodwill released by the old-fashioned Sergei step by step, the youngster who has been vigilant has gradually relaxed, especially in the omnipotent servant. A set of clean clothes was brought for him, and after washing, he seemed to crawl out of hell again.

"My Appraisal Master told me that the item you brought is very valuable, so he sent a demon to protect you without permission."

Sergei stretched out his hand. Pass a very high-quality cigar to the youngster and help him light it. This explains:

"This may scare you, but in our civilization, demons are not very evil creatures, you I have also seen that we are fighting side by side with them. They are part of our system..."

"This is our hope! My name is El Te, the last scholar apprentice in our clan."

The youngster followed Sergei’s way and exhaled a thick smoke. This kind of enjoyment relaxed his spirit again. He stammered:

"The patriarch took the clan The only thing that can be used here, the skyship from the last era, is for me to come to you...he said you are hope!"

Speaking, he put the box on the table I opened it again, and there was a rough-looking dagger inside. War Knight picked it up and looked at its material carefully. The blade of this dagger was already rolled up, but it was vaguely visible when it was intact. Carefully crafted, from the perspective of a weapon, this thing has been completely abolished, but the war Knight is concerned about its core.


A subtle dark green fel energy is injected into this weapon, a certain internal structure is activated, next moment, a sharp red light blade appears On the mutilated blade of the dagger, and from the light blade of red, there was a wave of energy very familiar to Knight of War.


At the next moment, the metal dagger was crushed with bare hands by the war Knight. Among the metal fragments, he extended the hand and twisted a small piece of milk. -white crystal.

"Sure enough, it is the Phoenix fragments that have been divided and polished..."

War Knight snorted, so I stopped talking, but this conclusion is enough!

The smile on Sergei's face grew stronger. He looked at the youngster and asked softly:

"So...are there many such crystals in your clan?"

"Not much!"

The youngster obediently and honestly replied:

"But it must be quite a lot! These crystals were originally our sacred relic, yes The precious wealth left over from the last era is buried in the ruins of the era of our world, and only the Elders of various tribes are qualified to hold them. My fathers never took the initiative to look for them, because that is...that Yes, um, that's blasphemy! Yes! We think it is blasphemy against our ancestors!"

Speaking, youngster's fists were clenched, and rays of light of hatred popped out of his eyes:

"But everything changed after the arrival of the demon-like armies...the monsters killed our warriors, enslaved us, and let us step into the ruins of our ancestors and find this crystal for them. It lasted for a full 10 years! Our people have gone from 27 big tribes to only 3 tribes...We tried to resist, but failed every time. We are not the opponents of those monsters!"

"A month ago, the Elders heard about your existence from a merchant who passed by by accident. He knew that you were also looking for this kind of crystal, so he secretly sent me just hope !"

Without waiting for Sergei to negotiate terms, the youngster took the initiative to expose his own old bottom:

"The Elders hope that your army can drive away those demons and That damn war lord! Give us the freedom of our world in exchange... We! We are willing to tell you the location of the biggest ruins left by our ancestors!"

Youngster jumped out of his eyes Humiliation, obviously, this condition should be their bottom line.

"This is a secret that only the Great Elders know. It is said that it was the mausoleum left by the King of Conquer in the last era. In our legend, the King of Conquer loves the sacred crystal the most. He once drove the sky. The battleship fought around among the stars. His Legion regained him unimaginable wealth and hundreds of sacred crystals, all of which were sealed in his mausoleum."

"Hundreds Count?"

Sergei's eyes narrowed. If what the youngster said is true, it means that there will be a hundred fragments on their planet... This is an amazing wealth, if When the Overlord knew the news, he would definitely be willing to give everything to obtain these fragments.

Phoenix is ​​not just a guest of utopia. In fact, as long as there are enough fragments, Phoenix can also become the sharpest weapon of human civilization... This, as the confidant of the overlord, Sergei is very clear. .

"El Te, this news is very important, if it is true, we will defend your civilization at all costs, but if you lie to me, compared with the disaster you will suffer from it , You are enslaved now, it’s like heaven..."

"By the way, what is the name of the war lord who enslaved you?"

"I will not forget that for the rest of my life A name stained with my blood! He arrogantly calls himself a new god, and he is also called...Steppenwolf!"

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