Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 808

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The report on the home planet of Moubis was immediately sent back to the Milky Way galaxy after the spies returned, and the commercial port on the edge of the civilization circle was prepared for war in advance.

According to the enemy intelligence brought back by the spies, weird biochemical warriors are stationed on the mother star, scattered among the 17 strongholds of the wasteland planet, forming a team that guards all the large The ruins of Legion, the enemy’s technology is advanced, if a surprise attack starts, it is likely to face the entire planet’s counterattack within a short period of time.

The local indigenous forces can be ignored. In this level of war, they are in tribal civilization and they can hardly help.

"We stayed on the home planet for 3 hours. Through observing the behavior patterns, we found that the Legion is similar in composition to the demon Legion, and it also wins by number, and It is a typical ant colony warfare system, with a small number of commanders commanding a large number of low-level soldiers."

Agent Barton stood in the command room of the war Knight, talking to the four Corps Heads in front of him:

"The locals call those low-level soldiers a monster-like, which means monsters similar to demons. It’s hard to say how intelligent those soldiers are. In order to prevent beat the grass to scare the snake, we did not conduct raids. But one thing is certain!"

The agent increased his voice:

"The war lord Steppenwolf, who claims to be a new god, does not seem to be on the home planet. Through the final analysis of the civilization Inquired by a Great Elder’s soul, we learned that the enemy, the Apocalypse civilization, seems to have a special Spatial Teleportation method that can quickly communicate with the home planet and the Apocalypse in a special dimension...those The demon-like soldiers called it the "sonic boom channel."

The agents spent almost 10 minutes submitting all the war information they collected about the Moubis home planet to the frontline warfare. Parliament, in the final stage of questioning, War Knight asked a question:

"Agent Barton, do you think that with the strength of our expeditionary force, we can win the home star?"

This question made the agent hesitate. He thought about it for a few seconds before he said:

"Personal strength on paper is relatively meaningless, but if it’s Legion fighting, I don’t think it’s rampant. The demons of the universe will be weaker than those demon-like biochemical warriors... The only uncertain factor is the warlord, who naturally calls himself a new god, except for some indescribable arrogance and incomprehensible cultural habits, this It proves that he might really have a strength similar to that of a god."

"You mean, high-end battle strength, we are worse, right?"

War Knight and He didn’t feel humiliated or angry because of Agent Barton’s blunt words, he just shook the head:

"Don’t worry, Agent, if he really only has the power of the Father God, then he won’t win... .So outside of the frontal battlefield we are about to begin, the so-called "conquest of the king's tomb" in the rear is left to you!"

Barton nodded:

"Yes! We will end this matter in the shortest possible time. No Affect the course of Legion's war on the home planet. "

"It's still early to talk about war. "

War Knight made a search: "The proposal we submitted has not yet received a reply. A war like this that will involve another large civilization requires the approval of the superior, and the command of the overlord arrives. Before, we couldn’t..."


Before the voice was heard, an e-mail reminder appeared on the screen in front of War Knight. He checked the e-mail After a while, Knight took a deep breath and sat up straight. His eyes swept across his companion and Agent Barton in front of him. He said in a deep voice:

"Then now, I declare! Combat the lost civilization of Muubisi's home planet and the civilization of the Apocalypse directly connected to it...begin! "

Legion’s war machine began to operate immediately after the order to start the war. The interstellar Transmission Gates spread over the bottom of the commercial port were recharged one by one, opened, and the demon Legion that was ready for a long time lined up in a square array. , One by one stepped out of the Transmission Gate, along the temporary landing module built in the commercial port, in the huge transmission beam, transmitted to the troop carrier controlled by the omnivorous warriors.

In front of the 25 troop carrier starships, there are 20 large assault starships that are ready. That, as the front command of the "War Council" main War Star ship, its body length has reached an astonishing 13 kilometers.

It is dealing with some arrogance, and is there any value in itself? In the low-level civilization, the two main electromagnetic guns equipped on the War Council can penetrate their planets with no difficulty and destroy their civilization. This "leader-level" starship is currently the largest intelligently produced by human civilization. Weapon of war.

But in terms of size alone, it’s not outstanding. Two months ago, the first colonial ark jointly built by human civilization and Shandal’s new star Legion was off the assembly line. The gadget is said to have a body length of 35 is simply a real aerial fortress. It can carry 550,000 people and a large number of life support tools at one time. If necessary, it can be internally sealed and drift in the universe for 10-15 years. For a long time, it’s a big guy dedicated to the development of primordial planets and colonial stars.

To be honest, colonial starships of this level can only be regarded as the lowest in cosmic civilization, Spartan Star There is a legendary colonial ship in the Sea Empire, which can reach 75-100 kilometers in length. One ship can transport a complete city.

Well, turn your eyes back to the one that has been assembled. On the frontline battlefield, a huge fleet of 45 ships, after opening a wormhole large enough for the fleet to pass through, rushed into it in a neat formation. In the fragmentation and circulation of space, this Legion, which was enough to easily destroy the low-level civilization circle, Disappeared outside the Star Harbor.

The first batch of 1 million demons that were taken away is certainly not all the weapons of war. They are only responsible for opening the first stage of the war on the Moubis home planet. The battle line, and those 25 troop carriers, because of their unique design, will fall on the ground after the war begins, becoming 25 supergiant stars rooted on the surface of the Twisting Nether Transmission Gate.

Wait until they are all opened. When Legion’s real offensive began, the new "springboard "The tactics have replaced the brutal and simple war mode of the demons. After being armed by the power of technology, Cyber's Legion has become more threatening and deadly.

The raging tide will drown all enemies that hinder progress. The demons of Interstellar Era are disdainful of singles out against their opponents. When they can fight in groups...why do you want to single out?

They are demons, not Knight... but wanton slaughter is the favorite thing of demons. Anyway, outside of the distortion of the void, they will not really die, as long as it is proved in the war With their own strength, the soul judges who are responsible for maintaining the soul furnace will bring them back to the void, resurrect them, and then join the battlefield again!

Unless hell is destroyed directly, the army of demons will never be killed.


The strong Space Jump signal cannot be concealed from the Apocalypse's arrangement of the space station in the synchronous orbit of the Moubis mother star, but the first signal has not When it was launched, the War Council, which was the first to jump out of the wormhole, locked the three space stations with extreme accuracy. Among the blue sparks and lightning from the electromagnetic gun, the three space stations were completely destroyed by the debris. The way the meteorite fell, in the raging burning, fell to the huge dark red wasteland planet in front of you.

The War Council hovered very quietly outside the stars. Behind it, the starships painted in black as a whole jumped out of space one by one.

"Open the landing warehouse, the first batch of ground invasion operations! Start!"

"Combat starship adjusts the engine mode, prepares to enter the atmosphere, closes the destructive weapon system, the conventional weapon system Go online, annihilate the battle! Start!"

Following the orders from the War Council, under the control of the metal-sounding compatriots and omnic operators, 45 black starships quickly dispersed. Under the protection of the battle starship, the 25 troop carriers slowly approached the surface of the wasteland planet. After entering the planetary synchronous orbit, the huge deck below them slowly opened at the same time, like a demon opened among the stars. The mouth of the mouth is like densely packed, the black honeycomb is enough to make people dizzy at a glance.

"ka ka ka"

Along with the sound of a series of mechanical movements, 25,000 black shuttle-type landing bins were ejected from under the mechanical deck and placed on Above the launch port, it was like in the Earth era, a huge bomber flew over the enemy and was about to drop a devastating bomb.

But these landing bins are not just bombs... speaking from a certain perspective, they are much more dangerous than bombs...

"Military demons! Use your killing to conquer this world for the overlord!"

With the scream of the lady plague who is in charge of ground operations, wait for the ground invasion mode of the landing warehouse on the launcher to start, in the ring planet In the synchronous orbit, aiming at 5 of the 17 magical bases of the Apocalypse on the entire parent star. After the position is locked, the launch port is ignited. At the same time, the 2W5 thousand landing bins are shining with red light at the same time, if they are to be submerged Like the meteor shower in the entire wasteland world, it hit the unresponsive planet in front of you.

"This is simply my favorite link..."

Ms. Plague is sitting on her special landing warehouse, with excited rays of light beating in her eyes, She keeps moving her fingers, and her petite body is covered with a special mecha. Although in terms of her own strength, mecha this thing is not very useful, but as the best soldier in Russia, She has an extraordinary love for these mechanical killing machines.


This landing bin painted in dark green was ejected from under the deck of the War Council, following the 2W5,000 black landing bins, An extremely arrogant gesture, fiercely slammed into the world waiting for the overlord to conquer.

On the Moubis planet, I just got the news that the space station was destroyed. The commander of the Apocalypse star who was responsible for maintaining operations on the mother planet just had time to connect with the Apocalypse mother planet. The first wave of enemy invasions began.

"Then, tell me! Where is the enemy!"

The commander angrily grabbed the messenger and shouted, while the messenger pointed at the sky in fear, apocalypse The star commander lifts the head and saw densely packed black light spots pierce through the dark red light curtain of the wasteland planet. With his Super-man vision, he can see the landing silos and high-speed atmosphere with no difficulty. The friction caused a flame-like light curtain to appear on the top of the shuttle-shaped spacecraft.

Those black light spots fell rapidly in the air, forming a densely packed formation, and judging from where they fell separately, they came straight to the magic-like base, speed Very fast! There are so many! Coupled with the terrifying impact of these landing bins and the alien warrior that jumped out of the landing bin... the commander has already made up the final outcome of the five bases in his mind.

He saw that this kind of suicidal landing raid was just the beginning of the war, and that kind of brutal and domineering imposing manner spread all over the sky... Therefore, the opponent they had to face, Are you a bunch of war lunatics?

"Air defense firepower!"

The commander of the apocalypse star shook the head, he felt a shame, as a member of the great apocalypse, he actually felt a rare fear !

This allowed him to fly into a rage out of humiliation, he threw away the frightened messenger, he grabbed the communicator, and his angry voice sounded in the 17 demon-like bases:


"All the anti-aircraft firepower is online! Give me the blast from the sky!"

"Dare to invade the territory of the Apocalypse... In the name of the Dark God, let them Go to hell!"

"Long live Darkseid! Long live the Apocalypse!"

(Salute to hell paratroopers!)

("We will be the first to jump into hell !"——-ODST)

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