Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 809

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On the lost home planet of Moubis, every day is a new day, and every day is a boring day.

There is nothing here, no friends here, no enemies here, no life in the sense of existence here, only a group of remnants struggling on whilst at death's door and a slowly dying world, there is nothing here!

If it weren't for a general under the lord of Steppenwolf, who accidentally obtained a spar weapon from the former Moubis civilization, this slowly dying world would never have been noticed.

But with the discovery of the crystal with special power and unique symbolic meaning, the order directly from Darkseid, the god of darkness, made the fragile order of this world vanish in an instant.

The demon-like army that emerged from the sonic boom channel took only 2 days to completely destroy the humble resistance of this world, and then the entire Apocalypse star is the best battle, the most powerful war lord Appearing on this land, he only came for Darkseid's will, he only came for those special spar fragments!

However, the arrival of these tyrannical conquerors did save the dying planet. They used the technology of the Apocalypse to stabilize the disintegrating Moubis, but that was all.

At least until the last spar fragment on this planet is found, Darkseid will not allow it to die, but the dark god is not in the mood to make it better.

And now, on the wasteland of Moubis, new conquerors have appeared...

"gu gu gu, gu gu!"

Weird and piercing roars sounded in the demon-like base, seeming to be some kind of alien language similar to humming, and along with these unpleasant roars, they rushed out of the bunker-like base. Amazing army of demons.

Although these guys have the same name, they are not the same race. In fact, these universally distorted and weird guys are the apocalypse's name for slave.

A long time ago, after the dark god Darkseid inherited the Apocalypse, he began his own infinite conquest, and in the process of his conquest, he felt about killing those fragile creatures Tired, and he had to shoot every planet himself, which undoubtedly lowered the style of the dark god, so he changed his way to conquer himself.

He made some special transformations for the survivors who lost their home planet. He used the technology of Apocalypse to erase the will and thinking of the survivors, and let them blindly submit to his power. Use biotechnology to twist their weak bodies and transform them into weird warriors similar to biochemical weapons. They generally have abnormally developed muscles, have weird wings, and are covered with simple armor and some ray guns. Weapons.

This transformation is undoubtedly a failure in Darkseid's view, because although these individuals have been transformed, they are still too weak, but the advantage is that these cannon fodder are cheap, brutal, and accompanied by Darkseid. The endless conquests, so that their number is almost endless.

So in the next era, these worm-like creatures will replace Darkseid’s will and drown everything in front of them with physical terror. They are called "like demons" and they appear. , It represents the brutal conquest of Apocalypse is approaching.

Among multiple multiverses and parallel planes, demons are one of the most terrifying apocalyptic disasters of interstellar civilization.

But when Moubis's demonic army rushed out of their terrible lair, the destruction that fell from the sky also came at the same time.

The extremely high-temperature black landing warehouse that has been burned by the high temperature is screaming with howling gusts of wind, fiercely accurately smashes into the ground in a connected magic-like base, from Moubis The synchronous trajectory of the wasteland is smashed down, and the accumulated terrifying kinetic energy is transformed into incomparable destructive power at the moment of landing, smashing the ground and blasting out the depression. Between the flying rocks, those shuttle-shaped landing bins will The base on the ground was smoothed in an instant.

But the demons all live in crypts below the ground. The ecological environment of Moubis is terrible, so these demons simply built a thoroughfare under the ground. As a result, after the ground base was smashed, the warriors who landed had to face the brutal demon army from all directions.

If you look at it in simple terms, these 2W5,000 first wave of warriors in the landing warehouses that raided the ground will undoubtedly die without a burial site.

But the problem is...


The cruel and distorted demons formed a mess under the command of the commander. In the battle formation, while rushing to the landing bins, the black landing bins lying in the blasted circular pit were also roughly kicked away from the inside.


The fel lord, burning with scorching flames all over his body, stood up from the landing warehouse. The ultimate form of this kind of demon guard was dressed up like ordinary demons. There is no difference between guards, but they are generally more than 4 meters tall, and the blood vessels all over the body are full of unending fel fire.

"ka ka"

This behemoth tilted its head, looking at the heights in front of him, which are no different from the ordinary person. From its point of view, it looks like weird monsters like little dwarfs. , It quickly lost interest in these weak creatures. It turned around, bent over and rummaged in the black landing warehouse. Soon, it was the same height as it, wrapped in ferocious chains and beating flames. The blade battle axe was picked up by it.

This action made the demon-like army who stopped in place to take a step back. They don’t have their own thinking and will, but they still have their own emotions, they will still be angry, and they will still be afraid. ...Obviously, this big guy in front of him scares these bully bastards.

Behind the Fel Lord who first set foot on the surface of Moubis, the other Demon Lords who landed on the same base also jumped out of their landing warehouses.

Cyber's Legion is simple and rude, like this kind of landing warehouse, there is no anti-shock equipment installed at all, it is purely relying on the devil’s own arrogant physical fitness to resist the impact of landing, and this strength Can easily destroy the bodies of low-level demons, so the first wave of landing...are all high-level demons.

As a high-level demon, the necessary ability is the summon of the same kind.

"What are you waiting for! Go on! Kill them!"

"We still have a quantitative advantage!"

The commander of the demon is of course not the demon Demon, this is the base stationed, soldiers from the apocalypse star, they claim to be noble bloodline, each one has control over the demon-like, and under the command of this apocalypse warrior, the fearful demon-like ones are not allowed Don't rush to the fel lord who is obviously a ruthless character.

The latter watched these little bastard act recklessly rushing up, and the corner of its burning mouth showed a sullen smile.

"Come on! Kill and be killed!"

"This is the way of Legion!"


Single The round-blade battle axe waved by the hand cut the air in the air, making a piercing and crazy cry. The magic fire of dark green formed a rotating blade behind the sharp blade, and moved towards all directions swayed out, just with a single blow. The dozens of demons who came up were burned to death by the burning flames, and their ashes were scattered on the ground, causing the commander of Qixing that day to take a step back subconsciously.

"Pointless shards!"

The fel lord threw down his icy evaluation. It raised the right hand with the green steel Iron fist suit. Behind it, The unstable space of Muubis was torn apart. In the sky, the low-level demons in the troop carrier that had appeared above the atmosphere felt the lord’s call, and their bodies disappeared in the same place as they screamed. When he reappeared, he had stepped out of the temporary Transmission Gate and stood on the broken ground of Moubis.

Each lord can disregard the space barrier and recruit at least 10 low-level demons. So under the summon of the 2W5 thousand Demon Lords who landed first, the nearly 30W demon army appeared in Mowu in an instant. On the land of Bis.

And above the sky, on the deck of a large troop carrier, those airships that can fly fast in the atmosphere are also quickly lifted off, just like demon bats flying out of the dark red sky. The densely packed pounce on the ground that has been completely chaotic.

This is how the demons attack. Once it starts, it's like a surging sea tide. They won't stop and move forward until the last opponent is completely submerged!

"We are visitors from hell, the hands of destruction!"

"Smear this land with killing and blood, and dedicate it to the Supreme King!"

The fel lord who landed first took over the command of this demon-like base that had been razed. In its roar, the demon army that had been completely formed wielded weapons and claws, as if surging. The tide of burning green flames, moved towards the demon-like army, which was forced to a dead end, launched its final assault.

"Come on! Fight for life and death!"

"Come on! Kill and be killed!"

"Come on! Use your screams Pleasant my soul!"

The demon-like army who is good at conquering the stars with quantity has encountered the more cruel, more combative, and better at submerging everything with quantity, the demon Legion...their weapons are difficult to break through the demons. The skin of tenacious, their bodies can be easily burned by the flames. After all, they are just a group of reformed civilians, and their opponents are butchers who have been slaughtered in hell for thousands of years.

Obviously, the villains of Apocalypse finally met their natural enemies!

This can no longer be described by war. This is completely a massacre. With the same amount, demons can easily torture and kill demons. If you want to resist the invasion of the demonic tide, Apocalypse needs Put in more demons, endless demons.

But the problem is...their number of opponents is also endless!

"Lord Steppenwolf! We need support!"

The top commander who stayed on the Apocalypse star looked at the situation that had been completely defeated by the demon impact, and under compelled by circumstances, He connected to the communication of the war lord:

"The lowly demons are being slaughtered! Our noble compatriots cannot escape the tragedy of being killed. There are too many enemies! We need reinforcements!"

"We need more demon-like cannon fodder! We need the main battleship! We need Mother Box weapons!"

"Damn demons are blocking us at the gate of the base! I need..."


Before the commander's request for help was finished, a whistling sound that came from behind made him jump subconsciously to another On the one hand, the communicator was smashed by a phantom like a poisonous snake. The commander of the apocalypse got up from the ground and drew out the long sword with electric light on his waist. Only then did he see the sneak attacker.

It was a petite woman, wearing a green, cool armor, holding a black bone whip in her left hand, covered with hideous barbs, and green mist entwined her. Physically, wherever she went, everything was corroded with no difficulty, whether it was a local wooden floor or a well-made steel seat from Apocalypse.

"Invaders! You are trampling on the greatness of the Apocalypse!"

The commander gritted his teeth and looked at the plague lady in front of him with hatred, he shouted: " When the war lord returns to aid, your despicable raids will be shattered...As for you, you will be sold to the cheapest..."


The phantom whip was as flexible as a real poisonous snake. Amidst the sway of Lady Plague’s wrist, it left a very corrosive wound on the cheek of Commander Qixing that day, but soon, that The wound healed under this guy's rapid self-healing.

"Have you finished your sad fantasies?"

Ms. Plague interrupted Commander Apocalypse’s declaration. She stretched out a finger, brushed it, and carefully cleaned it up. She stretched out her bright red tongue, licked her lips, looked at the commander opposite, her eyes showed a spider-hunting gaze, she whispered:

"So now, Are we going to do business...or do we want to have fun?"

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