Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 810

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A fist with a red metal hand armor hits the table, making all the attendants in the splendorous and majestic great hall shocked Chilling, this kind of venting of anger still didn't seem to be able to restore his bad mood, so it was another sweep, sweeping away the exquisite decorations on the table.

“peng peng ”

Those valuable treasures smashed on the ground and shattered, which made the heads of the attendants lower and lowered, agitated by the strong desire to survive Next, try to hide your sense of existence, so as not to be affected by the fish.

"Fools! They are all idiots!"

The grumpy voice rang in the great hall, with intolerable anger: "Even 300,000 pigs! It's not that easy Was defeated! Isaac, coward! You better pray that you can die on the battlefield like a man, otherwise... I must crush your head by myself!"


The powerful force finally broke out in the great hall under the inexhaustible anger. The servants who tried to hide themselves were swept away by this force, and shiver knelt on the ground coldly, and even an extra word I dare not say.

But this kind of humbleness did not calm the master’s anger. After a while, the grumpy voice sounded again:

"Go to prepare the Mother Box, prepare to retake the ghost place. .. Muubis cannot least not now!" The attendants were amnested, and they ran out of the palace hurriedly to deliver the command of the great master.

There are not too many lowly demons on the noble star of Apocalypse. These humble creatures are scattered in various worlds, helping the dark god to stabilize the endless territory, and the apocalyptic star is extremely high In terms of technology, it is also very simple to recruit enough cannon fodder from the other world. It only needs a Mother Box with a sonic boom channel to complete it.

There is no need to worry about the source of troops. At least, before all the demons die out, the Apocalypse will not be threatened with failure!

The life of the Apocalypse itself is actually not too small. 3 billion people have formed the new Divine Race, but the problem is that this person is very reluctant to control a Star Domain, and in the Dark God’s After the wild conquest is opened, even if you try to squeeze every manpower and manage so many territories, the number of warriors is far from enough!

Although Darkseid, the god of darkness, has tried his best to increase the fertility rate of his clansman, the tyrannical body of the new Divine Race given to Apocalypse by Creation Lord has taken away their stable inheritance.

It takes time to prepare for the Mother Box. After the war lord Steppenwolf calms down, he is not in a hurry. Even if Moubis may have been occupied by the invaders now, Steppenwolf believes that as long as he carries it with him Mother Box goes back to Muubisi, and their opponents will be overwhelmed by an endless army of demons!

He was standing on the terrace of his magnificent palace. He looked at the magnificent and noble buildings of Apocalypse in the distance. There was another thing in his mind.

Apocalypse is a typical power ruled by the most powerful new god to command the world. The current ruler is Darkseid, the god of darkness, and is also Steppenwolf’s nephew, but Darkseid’s throne is not bright. As his confidant, Steppenwolf knows this better than anyone else.

Darkseid conspired with his big brother, robbed his source of power, Omega rays, and poisoned his mother and queen to become the ruler, but he was afraid of his father, the most powerful The god Yuga Khan, this is normal, no one in the Apocalypse is not afraid of that Khan.

However, the Khan was determined to solve the difficult problem of Apocalypse's inheritance. He left Apocalypse thousands of years ago and went to the most mysterious wall of origin in the multiverse, trying to crack the ultimate secret of life. Trapped in the wall of origin, this gave the usurper Darkseid an opportunity to take advantage of, and the appearance of the crystal fragments of Moubis was the only hope for Darkseid and his terrifying father to reconcile.

"Shards full of the secret of the origin of life..."

Steppenwolf's eyes are beating rays of light of unknown meaning, and there is a complete Phoenix fragment in his palm, which is very mysterious. After Darkseid dedicated it to his father who was trapped in the Wall of Origin, Ka Khan ordered Darkseid to find as many fragments for him as possible. If Darkseid could meet his requirements, then Ka Khan would Will recognize Darkseid's rule over the Apocalypse.

This is very important...not just for Darkseid.

Steppenwolf knows the style of his brutal brother-in-law. If Darkseid disappoints Yuga Khan, once the tyrant breaks away from the wall of origin, then even Steppenwolf himself can't even think about keeping his life.

The importance of Moubis has already surpassed the planet itself. This is why Steppenwolf is impossible to abandon it, but this has also become a weakness of Steppenwolf.

That means he can't use devastating weapons to crush the damn planet together with those damn enemies to ashes.

"If that Legion has already occupied Moubis...then fight the toughest battle."

I think of 300,000 brutal monsters. The mysterious Legion couldn’t stop it for a long time, and Steppenwolf’s head became very painful. This is obviously a powerful challenger. If it is not handled properly, it will easily cause the infinite conquest of the Apocalypse to be trapped in the quagmire. middle.

And this is something Darkseid can't stand...

"Time! Time is not on my side..."

Steppenwolf to himself His nephew also knows very well that that guy has inherited the viciousness and cruelty of his father. Once he is disappointed, the fate of Steppenwolf, who is currently hot enough to scald one's hands on Apocalypse, can be imagined.

After thinking about all the stakes, Steppenwolf's expression became sullen. As a battle-tested general, it is very simple to make a decision. Steppenwolf quickly decided Now, this time it is necessary to recruit enough apocalypse warriors, with the absolute martial power of the new gods, to completely defeat the weird Legion occupying Moubis.

"A big bet!"

The war lord snorted, turned and left the terrace.

Every warrior of the Apocalypse is very precious. If he loses his soldiers and loses his generals because of his reasons, then his lordship will be achieved.

After 6 hours of Earth’s time, the Mother Box connecting several multiverse territories is ready. A small fleet also set off from the home port of Apocalypse and enters the world of the universe through the sonic boom tunnel. middle.

This is also the difference between Apocalypse and the other world. It is not in the normal multiverse. It is in a special dimension. Only the sonic boom channel made by the special Mother Box can be temporarily opened. The barrier between the Apocalypse and the present universe is actually normal. Not everyone can easily open the door of the connection between the two universes by holding the manager key and the existence of N metal like Cyber.

Apocalypse people can use Mother Box to make sonic boom channels. In fact, they have proved that their incomparable technology can open up multiple universes with manpower. This is definitely not what a random civilization can do.

On his ship, he took off his robes and replaced them with a red and golden Battle Armor with a skull emblem. The awe-inspiring Steppenwolf leaned on the command chair, closing his eyes.

For his battle strength, Steppenwolf is very confident. He doesn't think he will fail, but he cares more about the victory on the overall battlefield.

"Warriors of the Apocalypse, you rarely have the opportunity to gather together to fight together. The enemy has occupied a very important resource extraction area for us. We must unite to expel them and destroy them. But the most important thing is that you can’t use destructive weapons to destroy the planet this time, so that’s why you are here!"

The voice of Steppenwolf is transmitted to the Apocalypse warrior resting on the ship. In his ears, he said in a deep voice:

"This time, you have to rely on your martial power to defeat those invaders!"

"I believe you can do it! Because you are the new Divine Race, incomparable nobles and powerful...The toughest enemy is handled by me personally. Don't let the mother star down, don't let the dark god down..."

"Now, get ready! The war is about to begin!"


I brought reinforcements at Steppenwolf On the way from the distant Apocalypse, the war on the Moubis planet has reached the annihilation stage.

The demon-like Legion was defeated in front of the real demon Legion. At the end of the fight, they lost the courage to even the most basic counterattack. These biochemical warriors, whose self-consciousness were erased, were very sad and lost. After the self-will, it means that they have also lost their persistence and bottom line, and pure brutality cannot help them defeat their opponents, so under the pressure of layers, there is only the way to flee.

The demons are clearing the battlefield and cruel "hunting" within the world. These guys enjoy the process of conquering, but for the commander, the current victory is only a stage. They have already begun preparations to face the challenges of the next stage.


The body of Commander Apocalypse was thrown into the command room. Natasha and Agent Barton, wearing white chemical suits, were holding sharp scalpels. , Started the process of dissect with a very superb skill.

Four Knights were standing outside the operating table, watching this scene, and the lady plague who had killed the commander herself was holding a long slender cigarette in her hand, swallowing clouds and mist, while He whispered:

"This guy should be a relatively high-level officer. The pure physical strength can be compared to the Demon Lord, as well as the weird technology equipment on his body. I spent 5 minutes and still use it. Only Soul Attack was needed to solve him. I can only say that if this is the average level of the Apocalypse soldiers, then we may be in trouble..."

"How to say?"

Famine Knight reached out and pushed his bone white visor, in a low, muffled voice asked: "You mean, that mysterious Steppenwolf?"

"Of course!"

Ms. Plague leaned on one of the railings, playing with her purple nails, and said:

"According to our Legion strength, the battle strength of high-level commanders is 10-15 times that of low-ranking officers... If you use this logo to apply the soldiers of the Apocalypse, then there is no doubt that Steppenwolf may have surpassed the Father God... Even if we join forces, there is only a weak possibility It's worthy of a draw."

"I have sent a request for more high level battle strength to join the battlefield."

War Knight clenched his fists and looked at the agent dissect. The corpse of the commander of the Apocalypse, he said unwillingly:

"I came to the stars, only to know how weak I was...this feeling is really unpleasant!"

"I heard that in Galaxy's laboratory, they just developed a general-level booster injection. It is said that the formidable power is amazing!"

Death Knight, who has been silent, suddenly He said:

"I guess that the first batch of medicines will probably be dispensed to the front line. Some of us are probably the first batch of trial users. When the batch of medicines arrives, these are not. Trouble!"

"Human Potential Development Lab?"

Ms. Plague snort: "That group of lunatic bastards can only make some weird things. Last time they asked me to do it. Their test product, the experiment failed, and almost turned me into a monster..."

"But you also got the ability of Soul Attack, so be more tolerant to them."


Death Knight said: "I just don’t know if this time will be sent to help Who, if it's the righteous heroes, forget it, we can't get along with them. "

"Speaking of this..."

Ms. Plague touched her chin, she hesitated and said:

"Last time I and Stark When the pretty boy was eating, he heard a piece of news from him. It is said that the overlord had secretly organized a mysterious organization marked by bats, and it was filled with weird people. The overlord called them Knight. Seriously. , I started to be a little worried, whether the name of our four Knights of the Apocalypse is going to be changed. "

"Skills are not as good as humans, naturally there is nothing to say!" "

War Knight snorted: "If they are really that strong, this name is not unacceptable, anyway, one day, we will personally take them back... if we even this Without the will, it would really be a shame to the overlord. "

"di di di 滴"

While the Knights were chatting, the command room suddenly sounded a harsh siren. War Knight turned his head and saw the space behind him On the monitor, a huge amount of space energy response is taking place.

"They are here! "

"Four Knights! cheer! It's time for a real fight! "

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