Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 811

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Steppenwolf is an experienced war commander. During the reign of Gak Khan and Darkseid, he commanded countless civilizations to conquer wars. Therefore, in the analysis of the battlefield, he is definitely a master. Rank.

Since the Moubis wasteland has been cleared and occupied by the enemy, it means that their surprise attack this time was a risky act of forcibly entering the enemy's occupied area. In this case , Steppenwolf is undoubtedly based on the worst case as a reference.

"Throw the Mother Box out!"

Steppenwolf loudly ordered: "Let the demons be pioneers and rush into the planet synchronization track of Moubis!"


At the moment the sonic boom tunnel closed, a large, precise metal box shining with dark red energy was thrown into the stars around Moubis in the form of a cannonball. At the moment it fell into the starry sky, a super-giant super Transmission Gate composed of more than a dozen sonic boom channels bloomed among the stars. It immediately attracted the 7 main battleship ships cruising in the vicinity Star Domain. Notice.

For a time, light and cannon fire all over the sky broke the dead silence of the stars.

And the first batch of demons rushed out of each world, there were hundreds of thousands of them, and they were instantly hit by the scorching starship’s main guns, completely scattered ashes and dispersed among the stars. smoke.

But in the next second, more monsters rushed out of the fixed Transmission Gate. It is no exaggeration to resemble locusts among the stars. In just a few seconds, they were flooded. The entire starry sky of Moubis.

This is the real army of demons. Just relying on a simple amount is enough to submerge the super Legion of a planet.

Apocalypse’s transformation of lowly demons is streamlined. The dark god Darkseid believes that there is no need to put too much energy into these creatures destined to become cannon fodder, so he did not add to these guys. It is equipped with the ability to navigate in deep space, but if it just jumps into the atmosphere from the stars, the problem is still not big.

These demons generally have the ability to fly, and they did not rush to attack the steel battleship suspended in the stars with flesh and blood. At the moment they appeared, they escaped the destruction of the main gun salvo. After that, they howled and moved towards the Muubisi Wasteland landed.

Steppenwolf and his fleet were only ready to appear after the demon as a cannon fodder attracted the attention of the starship.

Like predators among the stars, these dozen battleships from the Apocalypse quickly locked the battleship of the expeditionary army. The two battleships have lost their battle strength...Of course, as battleships after the technological upgrading, they are not so easy to crash and fall.

After the outer shield was breached and the engine was damaged, these starships immediately activated their backup engines and slowly retreated behind under the cover of their companions.

And the Star Wars here was quickly detected by capital ships in other directions. With the short-range Space Jump rays of light lit up one by one, the Earth Civilized Fleet was in the War Council. Under the leadership, a dozen battleships of the Apocalypse were quickly blocked in the center of Moubis and the abandoned planetary belt.

But the firepower of the two sides is obviously not of the same magnitude.

Earth's heavy civilized battleship was very embarrassed by the apocalypse's flexible alien battleship, and it was almost impossible to fight back.

Seeing this scene, Steppenwolf's hanging heart was relieved. He looked at the 13-kilometer-long War Council starship with a scornful smile on his face:

"It's just a backward weapon that has broken away from the primary level of cosmic civilization!"

"The first formation stays on the battlefield of the stars, blocking these cumbersome big men here for me! Second! Formation, land with me on the surface... Let’s regain the resources belonging to the great Apocalypse!"

Steppenwolf gave an order and quickly divided the 13 apocalypse starships together with his ship into two. Team, one team attacked the defensive shield of the Earth Civilization battleship with more violent artillery fire, while the other team made a splendid trajectory among the stars and swiftly drove to the ground of the Muubisi wasteland, which had already become a pot of porridge at this time. .

The war lord’s thinking is very clear. Without the use of destructive weapons on both sides, the result of the Star Wars is meaningless, because the fragments are buried under the ground and only completely occupy this area. Only in the wasteland is it possible to dig out all the debris at the fastest speed.

This is the only way to victory.

After seeing that the battleship of the Earth civilization is not as threatening as he thought, Steppenwolf has a clear judgment on the battle strength of the Earth warrior. The single battle strength of the civilization is the same as that of the civilization. Levels are inseparable. From this point of view, Earth warrior is basically impossible to be the opponent of Apocalypse's new Divine Race!

But...just when Steppenwolf's ship pierced the atmosphere of Moubis and entered the interior of the planet, he suddenly realized that the situation seemed a little different from what he had imagined...

On the ground, there were a huge number of demon-like Legion fights back and forth, simply not the human warrior he was a demon!

As a war lord who has conquered countless civilizations, Steppenwolf has certainly seen demons. In some magical civilizations, these guys are synonymous with destruction. No matter which world you are in, demons are unruly, but now What did he see?

A group of demons, under the command of human civilization, are fighting desperately against a demon-like army several times their number in this battlefield?

For a moment, Steppenwolf thought that his eyes were definitely going wrong, but after repeated confirmations, he had to accept this argument. Right now on the tactical screen of his ship, it’s no exaggeration. Said that around the 17 valuable excavation points in the Moubis Wasteland, this dying world has been completely filled by burning demons and manic demon-like Legion.

The two sides are fighting desperately on the earth, on the hills, and in the ocean full of poison mist. No one can do anything for a while. The war that consumes each other has gone to absolute extremes in an instant. .

"No matter how many they are, they will not be opponents of demons!"

Steppenwolf issued a loud order on the communication channel: "Devils usually fight through the Transmission Gate. Supplement! The Second Fleet, disperse, look for the devil's strategic transmission gate in the world...destroy them for me!"

"Yes! Warlord!"

6 extremely fast spaceships moved towards 6 directions. Steppenwolf has no interest in intervening in the war between demons and demons on the ground. Anyway, these cannon fodder like demons are almost endless, and when they die, they die. Now, before the death, if the devil can be driven out of this world, then no matter how big the sacrifice is, it will be worth it!

"Stupid Isaac only knows to ask for help, but he didn't even know the true identity of his opponent. It's really a shame for Apocalypse!"

Steppenwolf while on his ship I closed my eyes and rested my mind, while regretting the previous decision a little bit. Putting a weak warrior like Isaac in such an important place as Moubis, it seems that I still made a mistake...

I was able to leave a good enough successor here... Now I am afraid he will not face such a bad situation, but fortunately, this situation is not too unmanageable. These humans are indeed a bit tricky, but they are just troublesome. That's it.

"Ship No. 1 found the demon Transmission Gate group on the mountain in the east of the continent!"

"Ship No. 3 found the second strategic transmission on the edge of the sea of ​​poison mist Gate group!"

"Ship 4 found the third strategic level in the center of the Great Gobi...Be careful! Evasion! Evasion! Ah!!!"

"hong "

With a scream, the report of the Apocalypse Star Fleet No. 4 in this brief moment suddenly stopped, and Steppenwolf's face suddenly became difficult to look at.

"Go to the position of Ship 4! At the fastest speed!"

In the command of the war lord, a short-distance teleportation wormhole was quickly outside this slender battleship. The layer opened. After less than 2 seconds of teleportation was over, Steppenwolf grabbed the electric axe at hand, and the whole person jumped out from the top of the bounced ship. The Apocalypse is very powerful and tough in all aspects, but they are not. Can fly... This is probably the only regret.

The war lord smashed into the deserted Gobi in the form of a meteor. He lifted the head and saw that in the desert ahead, the scattered wreckage of the fourth ship was burning, and he was conscripted by himself. The four new god warriors of Apocalypse. The corpses with their heads lost were thrown together like a pile of lowly firewood, and the four heads with horror were piled on the other side. Behind it, there was a huge body. Like a dragon, the soul fire is burning on the inverted triangle head, and the grow pair of wings is a giant demon covered with dark green scales.

He is 6 meters tall, his sturdy limbs are standing on the ground, and his claws hold a double-headed battle halberd entwined with spiteful fire. Obviously, this guy is the villain who killed the great new god. .

"didn't expect...In this trifling low-level civilization, there is actually a powerful warrior like you..."

Steppenwolf held the electric axe in his hand, and he looked Looking at the demon in front of him, he said in a deep voice: "Controlling the power of the devil with a mortal body looks like you are a good opponent... But if this is the case, then I guess, you may have to die here today. .."


The battle halberd in the hands of Knight points to Steppenwolf in front of him, and he said in a deep voice:

"You apocalyptic people are dying Is there so much nonsense before?"

"If you can't fight, you have to fight before you know!"


The majestic dark green pillar of fire in this brief moment spewed out from the space around the war Knight, wrapped around his body, making him like an evil spirit coming out of hell, moving towards the Steppenwolf in front of him, rushing crazy, The battle halberd in his hands danced wildly, bringing up bursts of hot Raging Flames Storm, almost melting the yellow sand of the surrounding Gobi.

In the face of this terrifying offensive, Steppenwolf simply moved his arms, the electric axe in his hand was held in front of him, and the sand he was stepping on was hit by a huge force at the next moment. It broke apart, like crazy cracks, moved towards all directions gushing out, Steppenwolf's body leaped high from the ground, and a pure power belonging to the Father God, and even higher order, surged out of the body.

"Such a weak power! No matter what you want from Apocalypse... it can only be infatuation..."


With one blow, the war Knight's huge body flew upside down like a crushed stone. Steppenwolf fell on the ground, watching the war Knight who was completely smashed from the demonization back to the human form, he snorted:


Steppenwolf war lord's gaze flashed on the head at his feet, he sighed with relief, carrying a heavy silver lightning light axe, step by step walked to it War Knight's side was like a shadow standing in front of him, blocking the sunlight.

War Knight’s chest was cut with a terrifying scar, from the pure power of Steppenwolf, in this brief moment he broke the limit of the demon’s self-healing, shattered his internal organs, and made his spine There were twists and breaks. He leaned hard against a blood dyed red stone. He held a battle halberd broken from the center in his hand. He lifted the head hard and looked at Steppenwolf.

"Don't be proud..."

"My death is nothing at all. The power of the king is beyond your imagination. Compared with him, I just walk on the ground The insects on the Internet do not even have the qualifications to look up to him... When this world was discovered by us, it was destined to belong to the overlord! No one can change the ending!"


Steppenwolf sneered. The electric axe in his hand was raised high, shining deadly rays of light in the sun:

"Sorry, we came first! "

"Your overlord, in front of the unshakable authority of the Apocalypse... nothing!!!"


shine With the lightning electric axe slashed down sharply, the war Knight gritted his teeth and closed his eyes, preparing to welcome death, but the next moment, the axe that should have touched his head and chopped his neck into pieces, Strangely in the air, Steppenwolf almost watched the war in front of him. Knight disappeared in front of him...


A sound of a heavy object fell behind Steppenwolf. When the war lord turned his head, he saw a tall silhouette wearing a blue armor, a metal bat-shaped battle helmet and holding a golden blade, appeared behind him, and behind that silhouette, a man wearing red bat battle clothes The guy is putting aside the dying war Knight.

"Who are you again?"

Steppenwolf felt a trace of danger from the heavy helmet warrior in front of him, and he asked in a deep voice: "You are also here for that overlord?"


Golden's sharp blade pointed diagonally at his head, and a hoarse voice sounded in this brief moment:

"Under the command of the king, the dark bat Knight regiment ...The new war Knight..."

"I am here for your death!"

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