Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 812

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The ground combat mode of the demon Legion is based on the Spatial Teleportation gate. It uses marching ant-like dispersion to quickly destroy all the enemy’s defenses. As long as the rear reinforcements continue, it is like a demon like mercury. Will never stop the progress of destruction.

In this combat mode, the Transmission Gate, which acts as a relay on the battlefield, is undoubtedly the top priority. In fact, since the devil occupies an area, there will be a large number of large and small transmissions. Gate, so in their ravaged battlefield, the stable space is often messed up, making all teleport spells easier to use, but it will also be more prone to wrong landing.

"So where am I?"

Bruce Wayne, wearing Knight’s steel armor, stands on a hill in the Muubisi Wasteland, left Take a look at the right, it seems that this place is different from what she planned.

It is undoubtedly very difficult to find a reference in this deserted land. After looking around for a few minutes, she quickly lost her interest in finding a way.

She raised her left hand and made a fist.


The grey water with bright red blood gathered behind her with difficulty, where there are more than a dozen demon-like bodies, they act recklessly provocatively Bruce, who was in a bad mood, suddenly became such a miserable situation. In this dying world, the depletion of water sources is inevitable, which also makes it very difficult for Bruce to squeeze water. .

Seriously, she doesn't like to use blood very much...that's disgusting.

"Damn it!"

She looked at the dozens of deadwater soldiers who were hardly forming behind her. These guys were Bruce’s secret weapon against the seabed people back then. They consisted of special machinery and The body is filled with corrosive water, which looks like a soldier wearing a bat Battle Armor, but with a weird, murloc-like mask. The body is distorted with the characteristics of flowing water, without a trace of anger.

"Go and find! Find their battlefield!"

With an order from Bruce, more than a dozen dead water soldiers quickly infiltrated the dry ground, searching for almost impossible underground. Existing undercurrents, and then moved towards quickly seek shuttles in all directions.

This Queen came to the Moubis Wasteland through the Transgalactic Transmission Gate, and the worst part is that under the influence of the space disturbed by the demons, she not only did not arrive at the designated location correctly , And even separated from the other three Knights, which made the new head of the Dark Bat Knight regiment very dissatisfied.

Two months ago, 13Goddess of the Dark Universe proposed that the disbanded dark bats gathered together again and began to serve their new owners. Of course, Cyber ​​doesn’t need them all the time. He always fights and kills. What he values ​​more is their special abilities. Everyone has a specific role. Moreover, these Batmans in the dark universe lack the bottom line, so they can’t be better used to do work that some heroes are not suitable for. .

"si si...Bruce, can you hear me?"

In the wasteland High Level, waiting for the news from the deadwaters , Bruce was very anxious, and at this moment, the communicator equipped in her armor suddenly rang. Probably because of the distance, the voice in the communicator became a bit fragmented.

"The killing machine? Where are you?"

Bruce responded loudly: "There is a problem with this damn teleportation. Can you tell me where I am now? Where? Where should I go?"

"si si...I am relocating the coordinates..."

On the other end of the world, the killing machine Pointing at the console of the Apocalypse battleship, the super-smart nano-smart "Alfred Protocol" that composes his battle clothes is making a difficult breakthrough Apocalypse’s unique operating system, and behind him, this gorgeous battleship command room , Has become a slaughterhouse of flesh and blood.

Those new warriors of the Apocalypse have been killed in all kinds of weird ways, and beside each corpse, there is a silhouette of Alfred composed of nanometers. They are cleaning this command room. The lifelike old steward composed of nano-robots has an amazing divine force, that is, a large number of them sneak into this spacecraft and slaughter the unsuspecting new warriors.


The screen in front of the killing machine turned black without warning, but it restarted in a second. This blue suit and Iron Man’s Mark battle clothes are very styled The dark Batman of the similar Nano Battle Armor snapped his fingers triumphantly. He looked at the map of Moubis Wasteland, and then responded in the communicator:

"Bruce, you were The error was transmitted to the west of the ocean full of poison mist. There is now a super high level energy response. It should be a certain Transmission Gate group. With your feet, you may need 30 minutes to get there. You’d better set off right away...I’ll meet you there!"

"Okay, I see!"

Bruce’s voice returned to this complete For the controlled spacecraft, she gave an order as the leader: "Then, now you go to support the two wastes, or you can clear the other battlefield first... Don’t forget to give the "things" to those new ones. Members...that's it! See you on the last battlefield!"

Bruce hung up the communication, looked around, and after confirming the direction again, she moved towards the east and moved forward quickly.

At this time, on the only one large water source in the Muubisi Wasteland, a fierce battle is underway. They are the Demon Lords led by the Plague Lady and the two Apocalypse stars on the opposite side. The battleship, as well as those fully armed new warriors who landed on the battlefield.

Under their feet, there is a water source similar to a large lake, but unfortunately, at the moment when the world is about to die, this water source is already full of messy toxins, making the surrounding large tracts of land impossible to be born. New life.

This place is a natural defense zone, so the number of Transmission Gate groups that land on the edge of this sea of ​​poison mist is the largest. 10 huge interstellar troop carriers land on the sea of ​​poison mist. The seaside formed a super-large Transmission Gate matrix. The demons who walked out from here almost controlled the area of ​​one third of the wasteland, and blocked the demons that returned in a swirl of dust.

Because of this, its goal is obvious. The new warriors who follow Steppenwolf have also divided a large part of their power to try to destroy this very important node for war, the death match between the two sides. It has been for more than ten minutes, and there were casualties for each other, but because the demon side tried to protect the Transmission Gate, they were in a defensive posture, and the casualties were greater.

"Come and face me!"

The plague has now entered a completely demonized state. Her original petite body has become extremely high, although the wings behind her Not a weapon, but better than a weapon. Every jump and slash is as unstoppable as a dark green steel storm. Under her feet, 5 bodies of the new god warrior have fallen, but around her, there are still More than 12 apocalypse warriors are glare like a tiger watching his prey.

Plague's demon swords that wield both hands wrapped raging flames, and slashed at the two Apocalypse warriors holding strong shields in front of them. These arrogant guys who call themselves new gods were silent when fighting, but Their strength is extremely strong, and their battle skills are so hot, even the will is stronger than the ordinary person! It's really hard to deal with, and even the spiritual plague she is good at has greatly reduced the impact on them.

"clang 哐"

Two loud noises, the new god warrior stepped back several steps, but blocked the offensive of the plague frontally, and the other new god warriors cruising behind Seizing the opportunity and stepping forward, the various weapons in her hand attacked the body of the plague. The wings of her remaining fear Demon King tried their best to defend, but after this round of attacks, she still had more body Several scorching scars, plus the ones left before, looked unusually embarrassed.

"Ah! It hurts! It makes me want to taste... your melted flesh and blood!"

In her abdomen, a wound pierced by a ray gun It was extremely dangerous, almost rubbing her spine and penetrating her body. Under this extreme pain, the plague screamed, her eyes flashed with a vicious look, and the sharp blade in her hand quickly became covered with a fatal drama. The poisonous bone whip then flew out violently, buckling the guy holding the ray gun, was hit by the plague of True Fire, and resisted the fierce attack of others, and grabbed the new god warrior who set the dark arrow into his hands.


Her sharp claws turned, piercing the deadly toxin into this guy's body, and then tore it outwards. In an instant, the rain of flesh and blood spilled everywhere. Both.

But this time's reckless offense made her situation worse. Seeing the wound in her abdomen cracked again, she had to temporarily retreat to the Demon Lord's defensive line, preparing for a counterattack.

But the next moment, the warrior of the apocalypse like a tiger, not only failed to pursue the victory, they retreated quickly. This scene caused the commander's plague to be stunned. She subconsciously lifts the head looked towards the sky, and a ship Originally bombing the battleship of the demon Transmission Gate, in this brief moment, he suddenly appeared above the battle line through Space Jump.

Ms. Plague's eyes widened at this moment... She felt it, the ultimate threat!

The next moment, the bright and deadly Heavenly Fire, fell from the sky, submerging the entire front line defensive belt supported by the Demon Lord. The two sect master cannons of the Apocalypse battleship fired at the same time. This was used as At this time, the weapons of war with the stars were used on these tenacious flesh and blood bodies, and their formidable power almost completely exploded.

At the moment when the flames fired by the main gun slowly extinguished, the solid defense line that was originally supported by nearly a hundred Demon Lords had been completely defeated. The flesh and blood of those lords evaporated, and in the position of the defense line, An impact-type depression appeared, and the surrounding soil was burned to ashes by flames, and could no longer stop the endless army of violent demons.

In the center of the depression, the lady plague who was knocked back from the feared Demon King form back to the human form has entered the dying. It seems that the scars of horrible to see are all over his body, making his body petite. The most hateful unwillingness and despair shined in her eyes.

"This is not the same as what I thought..."

The arrogant apocalypse warriors simply ignored the voices of the losers, and their goals changed to The two battleships rushed to the Transmission Gate group, which was still continuously transporting demons, and the heavy energy defense Formation quickly ran out of energy under their frenzied bombardment. This group is about to fall, and all the Apocalypse warriors have triumphant smiles on their faces.

And just in this brief moment, behind them, the sea of ​​poison mist that was calm as stagnant water suddenly rolled over, as if the silent Knight received the order to attack, those rolling poisonous The water splashes in this brief moment were given a certain special form. Their black bodies emerged little by little in the tide. Above the water, in less than 5 seconds, a silent and terrifying backwater army had taken shape.


The tumbling venomous waves tumbling up on the sea surface, forming a tumbling wave, and above the wave, wearing black armor, wearing Bruce, wearing a bat mask, holding two golden Neptune Tridents, looked at the battlefield arrogantly like a queen.

"I'm sorry...I came a little bit late, and the choppy I want to help is dying, but it seems that the problem is not big..."

"Still water People! Floating! Submerge this world for me!"


The poisonous stagnant water Legion set off waves, like this dying world, belonging to the last time of running water Roaring, in an instant cut off the endless army of demons from the center, that terrifying, infused with strong corrosive stagnant water, began to corrode everything when it touched the body of the demons.

And Bruce's body jumped in the air for a week, and finally landed in the impact-shaped depression. She looked at the dying plague lady with only one breath, she waved an ash -Gray's injection needle pierced her neck.

"This thing will help you fight death, will let you face death, and finally let you conquer death... Your mission is not over yet! Stand up for me, my attendant... Starting today, the name of the plague belongs to me!"

"Boom boom boom"

The silent space vibration brought the uninvited guests in the sky, three shells The Apocalypse battleship, twisted into a bat by nano-metal, rushed out of the dents of the broken space. Before being caught off guard, a volley of six main guns from behind completely penetrated the two apocalyptic battleships that bombed the Transmission Gate. .

The killing machine has also arrived...


The sharp Neptune Trident points to the new warriors who are waiting in front of them, Bru A slapstick smile appeared at the corner of Qian's mouth, a layer of black, mixed with ash-gray, and strange skin horniness spread upward from her neck, eventually covering her entire face.

"This is the first time I use this form to fight...Don't let me down, new gods!"

Her original hoarse voice in this brief moment became Heavy, like the sound of a wild ancient giant creature, her breath also became manic and chaotic, and a strange crisis burst out from the bottom of her heart.

"Come and face... your day of destruction!"

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