Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 813

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Death, this is the final outcome that any life cannot resist, unless you can raise your life level before death to delay the moment of death.

Even the Cosmic Entity spirits of Undying and Inextinguishable will have a bad reshuffle at the end of the epoch, even if they are greater than the real Spiritual God, they It is difficult to preserve oneself in the changing epochs.

In short, death is a relative concept. It may appear in different forms, but the kernel hidden under different forms is always the eternal death of different routes to the same destination.

Ms. Plague, whose real name is Vera Carlilian Ivanova, is a girl born in Fort St. Peter 95 years ago. Her life experience is not complicated. She joined the Soviet Union during the Cold War. The army, then selected by layers, miraculously defeated other Seeded Contestants and became a winter warrior. She once thought it was glory, but after countless assassinations and coup plans, she gradually understood that there was no glory at all. .

At the time when she was tired of the war, she and other winter warriors were frozen. Once, she thought that was her ending until she met the overlord.

She opened a new chapter in her life.

And the other three Knights have been fighting against the strong Archfiend will in the body, trying to preserve all the mental differences. The plague has never confronted the fear surging inside Demon King’s will, she even happily and another "She" fuse together, and her private life becomes chaotic and colorful. Only in the wanton indulgence, she really found the meaning of life.

That is pleasure, and battle.

Overlord will not be boring to interfere in the private lives of his subordinates, and every mission of the plague is almost perfect, which makes the lady plague have a very comfortable life in the past few years, she tries all the taboos She raised a handsome manservant and played around with the sanity of the people around her, and even caused the confusion of neither too big nor too small several times.

She likes this kind of life.

It’s a pity that after being hit by the Apocalypse’s main artillery, the power of the Demon King, the fear she relied on for her livelihood, could no longer protect her, feeling the dead silence of the "other her" in her body, the plague Knowing that this piece of dying wasteland is probably the place where her destiny ends.

This makes her somewhat unwilling...

"I haven’t found my former family...I haven’t experienced true love...I don’t even have one Lovely baby...I'm's terrible..."

With the surge of regret, the world little by little before her dimmed, but the world right in front of her was completely Before dimming, the faint pain of mosquito bites came from her neck, and then a cold liquid poured into her dying body.

"Your destiny is not over yet! Stand up, choppy!"

A hoarse female voice rang in her ears. The majesty and sternness made Lady Plague couldn't bear it. I remembered the old woman who was in charge of training her in the winter warrior unit... I don't know why, when she was dying, she would suddenly think of the person who had hated the most.

"Damn old woman Yelena, your little orchid is here to beat you."

This is the last thought that the plague lady's heart surged, and then her world fell into In the darkness, "Little Orchid" was the scornful name used by the instructor Yelena to mock the plague lady, describing her as a delicate orchid when she was fighting.

But her consciousness did not stop there. In the next moment, Lady Plague saw a broken world in a daze. The dim rays of light shrouded the sky outside the world, the kind of pale rays. of light It’s hard for people not to connect it with the words of destruction and doom, and on the earth, the original glorious city only left a ruin full of gravel, and it was made up of the bones of millions of people. Above the mountain, a terrifying giant beast is roaring in the sky.

It is a huge Beast whose whole body is composed of ash-gray horny substance and uneven bone spurs. It is in human form, but it looks like a giant beast from the myth. It doubles The claws were stained with blood, and the roar resounded across the sky.

The plague looked at everything in front of her from a third-party perspective. Her gaze moved upward along with the movement of the giant beast. In the end, she saw the face of the giant beast... it was her s face! That is the face of Vera Carlilian Ivanova!

So hideous and distorted, so violent and wild.

The giant beast that destroyed the world seemed to see her, with a grinning smile on the corner of his mouth, the next moment, the crazy claws moved towards her and grabbed it.


Ms. Plague let out a scream, next moment, she suddenly opened her eyes, and jumped up from the metal table, she gulped. Breathing, amidst the illusions remaining in the nightmare, she watched all around vigilantly, but what she saw was a starship command post full of futuristic style.

"Are you awake?"

The familiar husky female voice sounded behind her. Lady Plague turned her head and saw the woman lying on the seat. Her face made the plague I thought of Gotham's Bruce Wayne, but her imposing manner made Ms. Plague feel very restrained, and she went back to the moment when she was the winter warrior when she met the top leader of the Soviet Union.

"It took 10 minutes to wake up from the doomsday memory outlined by the Day of Doom. It seems that your genes are very tolerant..."

Bruce looks on the petite face with cold eyes The female warrior, she snorted:

"Sure enough, women are much better than those dirty men! Now, go get dressed!"

In Bruce’s During the order, Ms. Plague realized that she was not in a strand at this time. She hurriedly walked aside and covered her body with a black robe. At this time, she turned her head and looked at Bruce:

"Who are you?"


Bruce snorted, throwing the wine glass in her hand into the trash can, she stood up and walked as a queen Stepping forward, standing in front of the plague, her height is close to 1.85. This height makes the plague lady who is only 1.68 embarrassing, but it is more of the oppression of the imposing manner.

"I am the leader of the Dark Bat Knight regiment, the new Plague Knight. Because of your weakness, your name belongs to me. Now, you are my attendant, understand? Woman. .. I saw some kind of slutty life trace from you! This makes me very dissatisfied!"

Bruce put her left hand on her hips, right hand on Vera’s forehead, and screamed:

"From today, you are not allowed to have any contact with those lowly men! Unless you can grow to the point where I can recognize it, but now it seems that you are just a rookie!"


A sudden anger filled Vera's body. At the moment she hadn't noticed, the ash-gray horny that only appeared in dreams It also appeared on her body.


Ruthless slapped Vera in the face, the kind of force that sent her petite body away from the place, smashed in embarrassment on the ground.

As a warrior, Vera was subconsciously about to jump up and fight back, but at the next moment, Bruce’s black high-heeled boots ruthless stepped on her towering chest, uploaded from the boots Juli’s force fixed her on the ground, and the latter looked at her in a downward attitude, and said contemptuously:

"The feeling of resistance brought about by the Destruction Day surged in your body. This improved amplifying potion will perfectly adapt to your original strength. It seems that you are almost controlled by your inner demons, but I will only help you this time! Next time, if you are still controlled by it, you will try to resist me. .."


Golden's Trident touched Vera's neck, and the cold touch from the majesty of King of the Seven Seas made Vera's neck Goose bumps appeared. Then, she heard Bruce say softly:

"You should feel honored to be my attendant. In another world, how many outstanding women are there? warrior hope to get this honor!!!"

"cough cough, although it is a bit sorry to disturb your training..."

Another voice with abusive voice at the door When it sounded, the killing machine leaned against the door leisurely, and he said with his special metal voice: "But we are getting close to the battlefield. War God and the Red Death can only entangle him and cannot defeat it. They need help!"

"So they just ask for help?"

Bruce turned around and said, "The Doomsday Virus that the Overlord gave you When I was about to be killed, did you ask for help?"

"Whatever you say."

The killing machine was shrugged: "Anyway, I know, even if it's you, don't It’s tricky to deal with that guy alone!"

"Hehe, tricky?"

Bruce snorted, she looked down at Vera with a humiliating face:" If this is a world all over the sea, I can strangle him with one hand. Unfortunately, there is no water in this terrible world... And now, we have 8 Knights, and the opponent is just an alien. It’s far away. t be called tricky."

"Servant, go and pick your armor, it's time to go to the battlefield!"

On the other side, on the battlefield before the war Knight, the mighty warlord Steppenwolf is fighting four completely different opponents.


The electric axe in his hand collided head-on with the War God wearing the blue armor. Between the collisions of the weapons, the dazzling current burst out in the air and dazzled the two. The individual retreated at the same time. The guy in front of him was not as powerful as him, and his battle skill was amazing. Although his attack power was relatively weak, he was definitely a tough opponent.

And just as Steppenwolf was backing, the extreme throbbing threat made him subconsciously turn his head. At the same moment, Dark Red's palm rubbed his cheek and appeared from behind, leaving Steppenwolf on his face. Another bloodstain.

"It's you again!"

The war lord has been very impatient by this sneak attack of disappeared without a trace. His feet are staggered, and the bloodline power from the apocalypse makes He heard the extreme speed in this brief moment, like a phantom, and he was in a ball with the guy who jumped out of the air, but within a few seconds, he was kicked in the chest by his opponent. Get out of the extreme speed state.

The silhouette of the Red Dead Demon appeared beside the ruthless War God. He stretched out his left hand, and a drop of blood slowly flowed from his finger.

"You are too slow!"

This kind of direct mockery made Steppenwolf's face become hideous, but he had to admit that facing this weird red lightning , His speed is indeed not enough, but it is actually nothing.

The war lord straightened his body, and the wound on his chest that was cut by the Red Death Demon was fully restored in just a few seconds.

" 噌"

The electric axe in his hand points to the two people in front of him:

"You can fight very well, but it is a pity that if you only rely on you, Can't beat me!"

War God and the Red Dead did not answer the conversation. The guy in front of him is full of strength, and to be honest, his speed is not a shortcoming. More importantly, his resilience is amazing. They are united. Attack, it is true that there is no way to break his defense in a short time, and behind War God and the Red Death, War Knight and Death Knight lie there in a coma to the point of death.

The lite version of the Doomsday virus is transforming their bodies, but it takes time... Not everyone is like the former Plague Lady Vera. The innate talent is amazing. It only took more than ten minutes. It merged with the Doomsday virus.

And to be honest, the first time this thing is vaccinated, whether they can control it well is still a question.

But just as Steppenwolf fighting intent was soaring, in the sky above them, a black bat-shaped spacecraft broke through the space and appeared in the sky of Moubis Wasteland.

The hatch opened, Bruce in black armor looked coldly at the battlefield under several hundred meters, she snorted and jumped down.

Black's silhouette fell quickly in the air. At the moment of landing, two golden sharpness jumped out of her fingertips, like two metal wings, at the moment of landing, mixed with the power of the Seven Sea Kings Fiercely's double blow hit Steppenwolf's raised battle axe.


The war lord's body flew backwards, flipped in the air for a week, and finally landed steadily. At this time, in front of his eyes, the woman holding the double halberd She had stood up, and behind her, War God and the Red Death, the killing machine was slowly floating in the air, and the four Knights gathered.


The sharp Neptune Trident pointed at Steppenwolf, and a lot of Apocalypse warrior heads were thrown at his feet, Bruce said in a deep voice:

"If two people can't beat you... then come four! Are you ready to face the dark bats? Alien Miscellaneous!"


Steppenwolf looked at the four dark bats in front of him, and a bloodthirsty smile appeared at the corner of his mouth:

"Double the challenge will bring double the pleasure of victory! Your heads, will Become my best collection!!"

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