Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 814

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The fierce battle on the battlefield below has already destroyed the Transmission Gate group here. The transmission gate platform composed of 5 troop carriers was completely destroyed by the aftermath of the fierce battle between the two sides, leading to the devil in this wasteland. In the absence of backup support, the army had to continuously compress the line of defense under the attack of crazy demons.

However, the victory of this local battlefield cannot change the current overall situation of the Muubisi Wasteland.

The demons brought by Steppenwolf are difficult to entangle, but facing the same number of demons, they want to go further and it is almost impossible.

And the sharp knives that were originally used as breakthrough defenses, those with extremely high martial power and excellent apocalypse warriors, were almost killed by reinforcements from the demon side and the dark bats. Generally speaking, the war lord In terms of overall strategy, the counterattack has already declared bankruptcy.

Of course, the Apocalypse is not without a chance of victory. As long as Steppenwolf can slay the leader of the demon on the battlefield, his power alone is enough to destroy the remaining Transmission Gate. At that time, even though they experienced twists and turns and suffered heavy losses, the victory was still theirs.

But if Steppenwolf knew that the overlord had already put aside his business and set off from the Milky Way to the Muubisi Wasteland, he might feel desperate.

"I have no doubts!"


Steppenwolf raised his battle axe and stood in place like a stone, blocking the ruthless War God from the front In the death-to-life raid, he used a weapon other than the electric axe for the first time in the face of Bruce, the King of the Deadwaters of the Seven Seas, who attacked from the rear.

right hand between lashes, is also a long sword of electric light, with endless power, moved towards Bruce and beheaded, the latter uses the left hand Trident to block, and the right hand Trident is like Mi The poisonous snake of food, fiercely pierced Steppenwolf's back.

Blood splattered between the sharp Trident sparkles!


The severe pain stimulated the war lord's will. In his roar, the already terrifying power was strengthened again, and the ruthless War God and Bruce were forced to retreat , And next moment, densely packed nano-robots suddenly appeared next to Steppenwolf. Although he could smash these nano-robots with a wave of his hand, there were too many silhouettes shining at the same time. At this moment, Steppenwolf The injured body was fixed in place.

The dark red silhouette appeared behind him, and the two claws covered by the hideous red horn fiercely tore the wound cut by Bruce fiercely, with a vicious blow of speed force, Just a little bit, Steppenwolf's back was torn apart.

"Ah ah ah! I don't doubt it anymore!"


The rising power enraged the air and moved towards in the form of a sonic boom All directions flipped, rolled, and repelled the Red Death. At the same time, Steppenwolf held an axe in one hand and a sword in the other, and the ground under his feet shattered. Between the splashes of blood light, he was like a real blood wolf. , The ruthless War God moved towards up ahead raided away.


The battle axe slashed, tyrannical power spurted out with blood, leaving a hole in the armor of the ruthless War God.

"You are the strongest warriors of the invaders!"


The war sword sweeps across, the throbbing thunder sparkles, in the hands of the ruthless War God His saber was blown away from a distance.

"Kill you! You will be able to defeat everything that is bad!"


The red death demon who attacked from behind was kicked away by Steppenwolf , His body jumped high, and the weapons in his hands were even brought on a bloody halo when the Bloodline Power of the apocalypse warrior was activated to the extreme.

"Your death will end all this!"



Sharp The weapon was swung down from the top of the head with the extremely imminent Death Aura, and the ruthless War God, who had lost the weapon, crossed his arms and stood in front of him under the pressure of this extremely tragic breath. It seemed that he was about to block it to death with his body. one strike.

"Flesh is not as good as steel! You...there is no future!"

"Peng peng"

The sharp blade is in the body, the blood is splattered, and the smell of blood It was contaminated with the air, but the expression of the war lord was not as decisive as before, because his weapon was blocked!

Although the skin has been incised and the blood vessels have been incised, in the end, the arms of the ruthless War God were not cut off along with his head.

Something surging in his body blocked the hot blade!


The sharp blade is held by the backhand, and the ruthless War God lifts the head. Under the full-covered helmet, his voice in a low, muffled voice spreads. It came out:

"You...may have made a mistake..."

"Under the blessing of the Doomsday, flesh and blood! That's my real weapon! "


The hard horny of ice blue spread on the arms of the ruthless War God, and the hideous bone pierced his armor, making his body shape for a moment. Expanded, like a awakened beast of flesh and blood.

This kind of virus that was once used by their companion, the ravaged Batman to torture Super-man and the whole world, in this brief moment gave the ruthless War God several times more power than the body, that cut into The battle axe in his flesh and blood was held by his backhand on the handle of the axe. In Steppenwolf's gaze, the sharp blade of the battle axe was crushed little by little, turned into useless slag, and smashed into the large at the foot of the ruthless War God. On the ground.


His right fist slammed Steppenwolf's body into the air, and Bruce, who also activated the Doomsday virus, jumped up like a shadow Rushing into the sky, the golden Trident in her hands waved like a spinning storm. The 1st Strike shredded Steppenwolf's heavy armor on the surface, and the second strike pierced his body. In the powerful blessing, it was like a heavy hammer smashing into the flesh and blood. , In an instant, blood was splattered.

Steppenwolf tried to control his body in the air to defend against a crisis, but at some unknown time, those fine nano-robots walked through his flesh and blood, and under the control of the sneer killing machine, he took his blood The vessels were cut off, his body was forcibly freed from the control of his mind.

And the final blow was completed by the shining red death!

At the moment Steppenwolf fell to the ground, the scarlet flashes danced around his body rapidly, and the claws covered with the horny substance of the Destruction Sun were like the sharpest meat cleavers, in the rays of light shining , Steppenwolf's flesh and blood are stripped from the skeleton.

But this is still not enough to kill him!

As the most powerful war lord of the Apocalypse, Steppenwolf's self-healing power is as terrifying as his fighting will.


The scary, fleshy bones climbed up from the depression in the ground with difficulty, in the flesh and blood slaughterhouse that made people feel like have one's hair stand on end Among them, Steppenwolf's body recovered in the ultimate self-healing little by little, his skin was completely lost, leaving only a horrible face that shook flesh and blood, and he let out a deep laugh.

"Hehe, only a little bit...really only a little bit, you can kill me."

"This Doomsday virus is so powerful, I can feel its endless potential. Very good! Very good! The emergence of this weapon of war will be my best tribute to Darkseid to make up for my mistakes!"

And the dark bats are very Similar flesh and blood horny entangled his newborn body, and he stretched out fingers that have become claws:

"Our genes are noble and stronger than you lowly people, and we only need yours. A drop of blood, I can get the same strengthening as you! Stronger than you!"


A pair of gray wings appeared behind the newborn Steppenwolf, outward Stretching, the scorching sunlight cast a shadow in front of him. His face was completely covered by the twisted horny substance, and his voice became hoarse:

"Now! I'm the same as you... Death can't stop me! Tell me, how can you defeat... me like this!!!"

Bruce looked at Steppenwolf who was also infected by Doomsday , She shook the head, she turned her head and looked towards the killing machine:

"The transformation of those servants has not been completed yet?"

The killing machine snorted: "5 minutes ago It’s done, I thought I didn’t need them to play..."

"Let them join the battle! Now!"

Bruce turned her head and looked at the impossible day of destruction before her Steppenwolf, she let out a sarcastic laugh:

"I would like to see, a trifling uncontrollable inferior product, how to face the 8th Knight of Destruction..."

"As you wish!"

The killing machine hovered in the sky. He was like an elegant Knight, leaning over to accept the order, and hovering over the battlefield with the wings of a black bat-shaped spaceship in This brief moment opened, like a bat's nest opened.

“whiz whiz whiz whiz ”

Four silhouettes jumped from both sides and landed on the ground, and the dark bats were lined up on both sides of the battlefield, which would absorb the destruction The Steppenwolf of the Japanese virus surrounded the center.


War Knight takes a step forward, his size expands once again under the burning of the magic fire, but this time, outside of the demonized form of the abyss lord , The strong horny substance formed by the Doomsday virus is like a layer of ash-gray armor. In addition to the fiend form that was originally fiend form, it has reorganized more impact bone spurs, and even the stout four he is holding on to the ground. The hoof also has bone spikes like knives.

If the Knight in the previous war was like a heavy Hummer, then he is now a wasteland war tank transformed from a Hummer.

both of his hands hold tightly the double-headed battle halberd that he was interrupted before, like holding two short spears.

Behind his huge body, the former plague lady is holding her arms, and the wings of the Demon King of fear behind her are also covered by ash-gray horny substance. At the moment of real opening, it looks like Huge dragon wings are generally...covering the heavens, shielding the sun!

Death and famine Knight are on both sides. The formidable power of the astonishing Doomsday virus gives them a complete transformation from the inside out in the most suitable form for them.

Eight people, like lock posts arranged in 8 directions, locked Steppenwolf in place. What’s more, the Doomsday virus absorbed through blood contamination does not have the injections. The shackles of self-control, when Steppenwolf felt bad, it was too late.

His reason and will are quickly swallowed by the chaotic will that destroys everything carried in the Doomsday virus. Although the power in his body is getting stronger and stronger, his control over his body and soul, But getting weaker and weaker.

It's like driving a sports car running into the abyss. When I want to save myself, I find in despair that this car has no brakes at all...

"Ah ah ah!"

The muscles of the upper body have been twisted like a devil in the cover of crazy swelling ash-gray horny. In crimson's eyes, there are shuddering crazy rays of light:

"You! What did you do to me!!!"

"You shouldn't be true I thought that this level of virus only needs to be absorbed and replicated, right?"

Queen Gotham flashed a trace of sarcasm in her eyes:

"We just satisfied you with power The desire of..."

The golden Trident in her hand pointed diagonally forward, and finally turned outward: "Unfortunately, you don't seem to have the ability to control this power. To borrow a word from the, It’s sad!"

"The battle has dragged on for too long! It's time to end!"

Two golden knives drew a deadly light and shadow in the air, in Bruce Behind him, the eight Doomsday Knights fit in and pounced. Their opponents have changed from an experienced titan to a Beast who can only use brute force. Doomsday virus has indeed given him great power, but at the same time. Destroyed him.

"Send Lord Steppenwolf to the hell of the apocalypse...this world! It's ours!"

The bloodline of the apocalypse is not as invincible as he thought...the least face It lacks the experience and methods to fight against this extremely crazy virus that infects the entire world.


The final faint blade light lit up on the Moubisi wasteland, accompanied by the scorching hot blood like molten iron, the ferocious already Bruce's head, who couldn't see his original face, was held in his hand, raised high, as if he was holding up a crown called victory.

The warlord of the apocalypse...death!

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