Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 815

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There are 200,000 multiverses. Heavenly Venerable told Cyber ​​very clearly that, with the exception of a few multiverses, most of the universes are managed by the life court. The so-called few multiverses are actually not rare in number, and the concept of multiverses is too grand.

Take the timeline world where Heavenly Venerable used to bet against Barbatos. Until Cyber ​​completely fills in the loopholes, it will not be regarded as one of the multiverse, but there is still life there. With countless lives, it is a theoretically complete world.

And there are many worlds like this in the multiverse. These Universe Rule all kinds of strange things, but the world with not strong development potential, have a general name in the life database: inferior position noodle.

The explanation is simpler. For example, in the era of Ancient One, the blocked Earth, including hell and certain dimensions, are considered to be subsidiary dimensions of Earth. They may not be as broad as the Earth dimension, but From the perspective of the lives of those dimensions, there is no doubt that it can be regarded as the real world.

Such planes are born every day because of this and other reasons, and it is difficult for the overwhelming majority to truly be promoted to a member of the multiverse, but if the luck of these worlds is good enough, stop danger lurks on every During the development period of side, then they will also exist, and will continue to expand, until the end of the world, or for special reasons, get promoted.

And the Life Tribunal has strict management of the multiverse, but for these low-level planes of little significance, it is a gesture of completely letting go, allowing the existence of the ability to continue in the multiverse Ingesting the dominance of these planes, at this level, wars and conquests within the multiverse are actually very frequent.

In a sense, Cyber’s transformation and enslavement of hell, the use of Dark Space, and so on, all belong to this category of war of conquest.

In the view of the great characters of the multi-universe level, let some "children" collect these scattered resources scattered in all corners of the universe. This matter itself is for the development of the multiverse system itself. , Is also a very beneficial thing.

At this moment, among the other stars that are so far away from the Moubis civilization circle that they cannot even be measured in the sense of normal distance, a conquest of the lower planes is underway.

The defense method comes from the civilized coalition of this lower plane. There are humanoid interstellar Legion, interstellar brood similar to insect, and crystal creations shining with some mysterious rays of light. Army.

All the beings from this plane who have the ability to enter the starry sky gathered together. They formed a Legion spread across the Star Sea among the stars. Opposite these heroes who were in the same hatred, there was It's...Like Demon!

Endless, monsters rushed out of the sonic boom tunnels of seventeen Mother Boxes distributed above the dim Star Sea.

They look ugly, their bodies are crazy, they scream in praise of the dark god, their bodies roll among the stars, forming a turbid current under the darkness.

Even the coldest dark Star Domain cannot resist the erosion of this turbid current, and even the most shining stars will be extinguished under their ravages.

This is the world-destroying army on the day when civilization completely fell!

A tall silhouette sits on the throne suspended in the starry sky. His figure is very similar to the sealed Thanos, even the face full of tyrannical majesty. It looks like a replica of that guy, but unlike the purple-golden battle clothes that Thanos likes to wear, this guy with a larger imposing manner wears a relatively simple blue Battle Armor.

Similar to metal, but there are some rock-like armors firmly covering his muscles, dotted with red emblems and markings, and golden streamers, and here The core of Battle Armor is a round dark red crystal.

He sits on his throne, indifferently, without a trace of anger, looking at the civilized coalition forces in front of him who are still fighting against the demon-like Legion. There is no contempt in his eyes, no disdain, nothing. ...

The calm and beating dark red eyes brewing some kind of majesty more cruel than the doomsday, just like the Heavenly God of aloof and remote, not because of the screams and screams of mortals. Pray, and generously drop your own favors.

He is the god of darkness, the ruler of the apocalypse, the tyrant among the tyrants, the god of the new god...Darkseid!

According to the Supreme Existence behavior pattern of this apocalypse, he shouldn’t have been interested in the war to conquer such a lower plane. In the past, he just waved his hand. The new god warrior and endless demons will complete the conquest for him, and his eyes should be placed higher and farther.

However, during this time, the dark god’s mood is not happy, even if his subordinates are conquering more lower planes for him everyday all, and even look at the scattered distribution of different bosses. The multiverse in his hands, but this continuous expansion of conquest can no longer make him interested.

The reason is simple... the shadow that once hung in his mind is back!

Yuga Khan, his father, when he learned that his incomparable father was trapped on the wall of origin, Darkseid’s inner joy is still unforgettable, which means that it is very likely Father who has reached the multi-universe level can no longer control his life with power.

So he grabbed the power of his big brother, poisoned his mother, and with the help of his uncle Steppenwolf, sat on the position of ruler of the Apocalypse. It turns out that Darkseid is indeed a qualified tyrant. And the conqueror.

But he absolutely did not expect that his father is still alive, and even in the case of far away endless stars, he can still bring his existence to the apocalypse that has been ruled by Darkseid. inside.

"My disrespectful son, brought me enough creation fragments, I will treat it as everything in the past, it has never happened..."

Yu Ka Khan Only this sentence was passed to Darkseid's mind, but with just this sentence, he had to send his most trusted war lord, his uncle, to get more for the dead ghost Darkseid does not seem to have any special value fragments...

Such a controlled situation is undoubtedly a challenge to Darkseid’s hegemony, and the most embarrassing thing is that as the god of darkness, he is in complete control After gaining the power of the incomparable Omega rays, he desperately found that he still could not resist his father...

This situation was a devastating blow to Darkseid’s ambitions. As for the fact that he is reluctant to stay on the Apocalypse in recent times, of course, Yuga Khan cannot escape from the Wall of Origin through himself, that is to say, he cannot actually affect the rule of Darkseid, but the God of Darkness feels that he needs Some entertainment to relax the pressing nerves.

This is the reason why he appeared here... and his appearance has also made the demon-like army that have been thoroughly brainwashed become crazier and more bloodthirsty. Under their sharp claw, Civilized coalition forces are retreating steadily, whether it is a battleship of steel or a weird insect nest, and even the crystals that shine with rays of light, they collapse in front of these dark minions, who try to please their Supreme masters with cruel slaughter. But it is a pity that their master is not interested in this slaughter at all.


Darkseid has completely lost patience with this boring tug of war that seems to never end. He got up from the throne, clenched his fists with both hands, crimson’s rays of The light shot out from his eyes. Under the will of Darkseid, the crazy Omega rays instantly turned into the red doomsday that enveloped all things, turning everything in front of him, whether it was the coalition of civilizations or the incompetent darkness of his own. Minions were shrouded in destruction together.

"I am Darkseid, the God of Darkness!"

His voice echoed in this dead crimson universe, oppressing all beings.

"I am your new Sovereign! This strong body is my sanctuary! Everything is one, everything belongs to me! Everything belongs to Darkseid!"


The ruined Heavenly Fire ignited from the center of the crimson light curtain, and under the will of Darkseid, everything in front of him began to burn.

"When I order you to surrender... three billion voices follow!"

The phantom of the Apocalypse shines in the darkness behind Darkseid.

"When I crush your resistance... three billion hands follow!"

"When I stare at your fearful eyes, I crush your arrogant dreams , Smash your weak and feeble hearts, and six billion eyes follow!"

"Boom boom boom"

The entire dark stars trembled under the flames of crimson and were stunned by Darkseid. Formidable power The infinite Omega rays, like an invisible big hand, twist and twist, and finally turn into a twisted entity under the will of Darkseid's steel.

He walked down from the throne like a giant with a silhouette step by step. Those demons were lying in horror among the stars, shiver coldly in the dark, they didn't even dare to lift the head to see their tyranny Lord.

"Darkseid has never been born in your sad civilization, and an existence like me has been born!"

"And the meaning of my existence is to make this sad and weak in front of me No longer exists!"

The God of Darkness stretched out his left hand, and along with the movement of his fingers, the twisted silhouette trapped in the light curtain in front of him also drifted away. He said in a deep voice:

"I will throw you into an eternal hell with no exit and no end! There, I will kill your souls! Let you fear! Let you pray humblely! Finally... I will give Your benevolent death!"

"Now! Kneel down! Give in to your tyrant! Offer your loyalty, and then everything you have!"

Those trapped in the crimson light curtain The dark minions of the dark minions lower their heads in the twisted void in front of them, even if their companions are caught in the burning flame burn to ashes every moment, no one dared to resist, and no one even dared to speak out.

The only thing in their brains that have been wiped out of all thinking is the endless fanatical loyalty to Darkseid. They shouted the name of the lord:


"Die for Darkseid!!!"

This hoarse roar quickly showed the only way out for those civilized warriors who were vacillating and facing destruction. Those of them were unwilling The warrior who lost the last and most precious thing turned fit into the fire of the doomsday, while the remaining ones, shaking their bodies, kneeled to the ground, and soon a new voice sounded in the completely fallen universe:

"Death! Die for Darkseid!"

"hmph, meaningless!"

Seeing victory at your fingertips, the God of Darkness has lost everything He turned to break through the space and disappeared into this lower plane. He had been away from the Apocalypse for too long, and it was time to go back and continue his hegemony.

However, at the moment when the God of Darkness returned to the Apocalypse, one of the worst bad news made the God of Darkness feel worse.

"Steppenwolf is dead?"

"The Moubis Wasteland was occupied by a group of Legions from the stars? We suffered two failures there?"


The entire land of Apocalypse trembles in Darkseid's anger.

"Good death! If he didn't die...I would strangle him myself! He smeared a disgusting failure in my perfect conquest, which made me unbearable...and Those hell pieces...I'm fed up!"

"I'm fed up with all this! Everything should obey me! Obey Darkseid!"

"Apocalypse ...Arm it up! Let the gangsters see, do we deter the stars!"

"Legion led by me...I will do it ten times by myself! Hundred times! Thousand times! Ten thousand times the shame is given back to Legion...I will lead you to the place where they started!"

"The Apocalypse ruled by me!"


"Do you accept...Failure!!!"

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