Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 816

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"So what is this thing?"

The new chief, Bruce, who is stationed in the Moubis Wasteland, sits on a high stool in the laboratory. , Her face calmly looked at the busyness of the killing machine in front of her. The various experimental equipment that she could not name looked very high-end, and the light that had been filtered from the sky 47 times shone on the Mother Box placed on the table. Above, weird rays of light rippling out.

Although she was asking questions, from the impatient look in her eyes, Bruce's interest and patience for this place had reached the limit.

Faced with her problem, the killing machine did not look back. While debugging the nano-level analyzer in front of him, he said in a deep voice:

"One can theoretically The technological equipment that easily breaks the world boundary is more convenient, easier to use, and more portable than the world converter composed of N metal."

"Can it be used by us?"

Bruce snorted, but the answer is no.

"At present, it is not possible. The technological content of this thing is a bit high, and its composition is a bit weird. I need some time to analyze it, but the final cracking should not be difficult."

"Then you can analyze it carefully, and strive to come up with a result before the arrival of the overlord."

Bruce got up from the chair, straightened his clothes, and walked out of the laboratory. She has also seen the endless army of demons rush out of the tunnel opened by this Mother Box. She can easily understand the role of this thing in large-scale wars, and if Bruce’s prediction is correct, The Muubisi Wasteland will soon usher in another counterattack from the Apocalypse.

She walked out of the laboratory and looked at the endless dark red wasteland in front of her. Under the hills not far away, it was a large excavation site. The residents of the wasteland were not conquered by the Apocalypse. Those who retreated and were free. On the contrary, all their manpower was gathered again and continued to unearth the crystals hidden under the wasteland.

This time is no longer for the god of darkness, but for the overlord.

Of course, compared to the apocalypse stars who are accustomed to enslavement and destruction, the second wave conquerors are obviously much closer to the people...

In this wasteland civilization The new leader of, the former son of Great Elder, led by El Tete, the last scholar apprentice of Moubis, the residents who survived the brutal war expressed their gratitude to the newcomers. The woman and child were sent to Moubis. Ubis trains in the business station, while the man stays and continues his former work.

But this time, they have a new assistant...

"The coordination between the omnic digger and the local indigenous people is quite good."

Ms. Lucie stepped onto the platform, and had been downgraded to the former plague lady of Knight's attendant. Ms. Vera walked forward quickly and whispered: "In the past 4 days, I got enough After supply and drinking water, and good temporary housing, the work efficiency of these workers has increased by at least 3 times compared with before. The 27 crystals that have been discovered recently have been sent to the business station..."

"Not enough I’m not satisfied with this progress!"

Bruce looked at the busy omnics and the workers as detectors in the large digging theater below, a glimmer of light flashed in her eyes, and she said in a deep voice. :

"Let Brigadier General Sergei send another omnivorous Legion over to improve the treatment of these workers. I want their work efficiency to at least double again!"

"But! "

This order made Ms. Vera's eyes widened, and she subconsciously retorted:

"Let them extend their working hours, which may cause the newly converted natives Dissatisfaction, even the same riots as before..."

"So did I get our purpose wrong?"

Bruce stared sharply at Vera: "We didn't do it for the fragments, but to improve their lives, didn't we?" Ms. Vera immediately understood that she had made a mistake, but Bruce did not need her answer, her Looking back at the excavation site in front of him, he said softly:

"They were able to unearth 30-40 crystals a week under the rule of the Apocalypse. At that time, they had no rest and no safety. There is no pay, you will die at any time..."

"We are here, we helped them drive off the invaders, returned their land to them, gave them rest, safety, and even paid They have money...however, I get as many pieces every week as before...Don’t you think this is unreasonable? My Vera...if they don’t know how to be grateful, I think I need to let They re-experience the feeling of slave."

"I understand! Madam!"

Miss Vera lowered her head and said in a deep voice, "I will do it as fast as possible. Let El know what we mean!"

"Very good..."

Bruce snorted, she lifts the head and looked at the dim sky, she asked softly To: "Did you find the tomb of the King of Conqueror?"

"Ivan and Bruno took the soul of Elder to search among the stars. They have determined the location of that different space!"

Vera replied: "We guessed wrong. The tomb is not on the wasteland. It should It should be the companion plane of this planet. It is very unstable. It needs a corresponding star to open at a certain time. However, according to the current situation, we may only need to wait for a month. Under the right star, You can easily open it! "

"One month..."

Bruce's expression is a bit hesitant: "The Beasts of the Apocalypse are planning a war, we...may not have so much time , Can you forcefully break that plane? "

"Theoretically, it is possible, but the risk is a bit high. Forcibly exploring the last legacy of a High Starry Sky civilization may cost some casualties. "

"Use omnics and demons to fill it out! They won't really die anyway. Don't care about the amount of resources invested. Compared with the threats we face, not worth mentioning, I only have one requirement: to end the wasteland as quickly as possible! "

Bruce waved her hand, and the impatience in her eyes jumped more violently:

"I have begun to hate this world! "


El especially rubbed his forehead tiredly, The process of reading the projection in one's hand, reaching out and absorbing knowledge, is absolutely enjoyable for a scholar, but long-term infiltration will make the spirit tired.

Although it has become a Muubi The leader of the wasteland civilization has become a hero who rescued the remaining clansman from the brutal rule of the Apocalypse, but El Te is still a mortal, a somewhat impulsive, somewhat dazed youngster, facing the present a little subtle Frankly speaking, there were some ups and downs in his heart.

He stood up, walked out of his comfortable lounge, and walked to the star slowly leaving the orbit of the Moubis wasteland. By the ship’s porthole, he looked at the huge dark red planet, where he was born, and that was his home.

"Mr. Elte, do you like the new book? "

A voice rang behind him, El Te turned his head and saw Brigadier General Sergei approaching with a smile. He hurriedly leaned over to salute: "Thank you for your help, Mr. Brigadier General, my civilization is already Withering, the great knowledge of the ancestors is scattered in time. Frankly speaking, even in the scholar tower, there will be no such systematic knowledge. "

El laughed to Sergei:

"The learning process makes me very happy..."

"So, I can tell at a glance, You are a real scholar..."

Sergei smiled, reached out and handed a cigar to Elte. The two stood by the porthole, and Mr. Brigadier General’s eyes were surging in the deepest part. With a special look, he whispered:

"Actually, the galactic civilization circle welcomes an excellent youngster like you to study there. We welcome friends, and we will try our best to meet the needs of friends, as long as you Yes, after returning to the business station, you will immediately get a ferry ticket to the galaxy..."

This made El feel a little moved, but he thought for a few seconds before shook the head , I regret to say:

"As a person, I am willing to go to a civilized place to study, but my clansman still needs me. With your help, our civilization has just begun to struggle Recovery, at this moment, I cannot leave them, just like my father once did, I want to guard my clansman! "

This answer made Sergei's eyes squinted. After a while, he let out a hearty laugh. He patted El Te’s shoulder:

"Well, El Te Sir, let me speak frankly. I hope you can bring your people into the galaxy circle of civilization... Your clansman has a natural feeling for Phoenix fragments. This is a very important ability for us. I It can be guaranteed that after you agree, your people will be better placed, you will have a brand-new planet, fully owned by your revived civilization, and we will provide everything you need! "

"But, but we were born in Moubis! "

El Te said softly: "We are still the mother planet of the Muubisi civilization. The place of origin of this civilization of stars, we belong here!" "

"So what does it matter? "

Sergei flicked the cigar in his hand slowly, and he said in a gentle voice:

"Is the Moubis Civilization Circle good for you? When you were enslaved, I didn’t see your fellow civilizations lend a helping hand. In Interstellar Era...El special, you have to understand that in the vast Interstellar Era, small civilizations serve large civilizations, and large civilizations give small civilizations. Protection, this is the universal rule of the stars. "

"I also believe that those of you who have experienced the tyranny of the apocalypse can easily tell who is a friend and who is an enemy..."

With some changes in his expression, he added another fire, and he lowered his voice: "Actually, the Galactic Civilization Circle is planning a conquest of the Moubis Civilization Circle, as you know. , There are many things we need in this Star Domain. Overlord impossible to give up here, and the Galaxy civilization will not give up either. Join us at this time and your people will not be caught in the flames of war. This is a good thing! El Te, don't you want to restore the glory of the home planet of Moubis? ! "

"A big galaxy will always set up a governor. I think... no one in this starry sky is more suitable to control the land left by your ancestors. You are the true legal heir, you The most noble bloodline under the stars flows in his blood vessels, and the world that pretends to be civilized, they, huh, they are just a bunch of Jokers! "

Sergei has said everything to this point, and El Te's throat can't help but move up and down. In the face of this temptation, any reasonable person is impossible to refuse.




El Special's words have not been said yet, a loud noise pierced the stars outside the cabin, in the starship’s In the violent shaking, Sergei turned his head subconsciously and saw that the Moubis wasteland, which had become small in the distance, was completely enveloped in a dazzling red rays of light, just like an invisible big hand. Slowly closing, the dying planet was completely sent to hell.

"no!! ! "

El especially leaned on the porthole in a posture of moth flies into the flame, his eyes widened to the extreme, in his incredible gaze, his home star This kind of implosion is like placing a most terrifying giant bomb in the center of the planet, crushing his world piece by piece in the beating of the crimson rays of light.

Those The shattered earth surging in all directions, rolling in the lava, is like the last cry of this world.

The halo of crimson is more like a beating sun, in it Where the rays of light radiated, everything was scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

The most terrifying manifestation of this destruction caused the experienced and knowledgeable Sergei to be stunned. The cigar between his fingers fell. It landed on the ground and bounced a few fire stars.

After the Moubis wasteland completely turned into a gravel belt among the stars, the halo of crimson suddenly closed, in the rays of In the light, a tall silhouette sits on the throne. He indifferently looks at the world that was destroyed by his own hands. He is snorted, and his tyrannical voice echoes in the dark stars, like thunder. , Sounded in Sergei's ears:

"This is the price of rebelling against the God of Darkness..."

"The destruction of this sad world is just the beginning! You have earned destruction for yourself, and soon... I will find you and strangle you one by one! "

"The great apocalypse will not fail! The great dark god will not fail! "

"All this! All will belong to me! It will all be...invincible, Darkseid! ! ! "

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