Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 817

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Destroying a planet is not a simple matter.

The planet that can give birth to life is absolutely stable inside, and this stable system will allow it to withstand most of the damage from the outside world, unless it suffers irreversible and destructive damage. A planet always has the possibility of recovery.

Life, this is the most interesting existence among the stars. It never appears easily, but after it appears, it basically disappears completely.

Of course, this kind of tenacious and stability is for mortal lives.

Among the stars, there is never a shortage of power. Galactus, one of the five great gods of the universe, regards the life planets and the inner life together as the most delicious food, and under him, any The existence of a multiverse can easily erase a planet, and even if it is a single Universe level, it only takes a little effort to destroy a world with one's own power.

But to be honest, the stronger the power you have, the heavier your understanding of life itself will be, and the more impossible it will be to destroy the world easily. Once it attracts a higher level of attention, it is very bad. And very troublesome things.

"Go! Get out of here!"

Sergei didn't hesitate for even a second. Although he didn't see those powerful men pinching the Star Fragmentation ball with his own eyes, his knowledge and reason told He, no matter who came, staying in this starry sky is not the right choice.

In the next second, under Sergei's command, the ship immediately jumped into the opened Space Wormhole and disappeared instantly.

This is nothing to hide from the dark god Darkseid, who is still sitting in the halo of destruction, but he doesn’t care about these a fish that escaped the net. As a tyrant, he With his pride, he disdains to use his unrivaled power to hunt down these weak insects. Such pursuit is more like a humiliation to him.

However, he would not allow them to escape like this...On the other side of the stars, he has prepared a "surprise" for them.

"Bring their heads back...wash this disgusting failure with their dirty blood!"

Darkseid's eyes closed slightly, the dark red rays of light flashed in the darkness, next moment, his silhouette disappeared among the stars, just like a ruined Black Dragon, at that moment sticking out his head from his lair, destroyed with no difficulty After the offender, he fell asleep in the dangerous lair again.


The battleship responsible for transporting a huge number of Phoenix crystals jumped out of the Space Node tens of thousands of light-years away from the Merubis business station, but it hasn’t waited for the battleship. Everyone recovered from Space Jump's vertigo, and the navigator, the omnic warrior, issued the highest level warning.

"There is a huge battleship ahead! There are also a huge number of dangerous individuals with unknown races!"

"Energy Shield power increased to 100%! Ready to face the impact!"


tone barely fell, dozens of dazzling and ruinous main guns rays of light straddling the stars that have been covered with blood and death, in that galaxy civilization The moment the battleship appeared, it was in an ambush posture, which would be enough to destroy a planet's attack, fiercely hitting its heavy shield.


The entire battleship tried hard to avoid in this frantic scorching rays of light, but between the top and bottom, left and right, was full of hell filled with high-energy shocks. Even the surrounding space is staged, which makes the battleship lose the last chance to escape.

"It's the Apocalypse..."

Sergei rubbed his beaten head and got up from the ground, looking at the gray projection in front of him To those cruising among the stars, like golden metal falcons with open wings, very flexible and extremely lethal Apocalypse battleship.

They are like cruel hunters who are fully prepared for their prey in advance. They completely surround the battleship in front of them from all directions. Their size is very small compared to this battleship, but Like a herd of wild dogs preying on elephants, they use sharp teeth to take away a piece of blood drenched with blood in every attack.

What’s more terrible is that as the first wave of attacks slowly faded away, the blocked information collection system resumed work, and several desperate pictures appeared in the deadly command hall. Above.

It was the Moubis business station that was frantically besieged by the turbid current of darkness and the almost endless army of monsters, and in all the pictures, despite the warriors and demons guarding the business station We fought desperately, but there was already a third in the entire business station that was caught in the dilapidated war. The charred corpses and burned buildings rendered the area like hell, and farther away, it was completely destroyed. The wreckage of the merchant station guarding the fleet looked so bleak in the cold space.

It seems to indicate some kind of gloomy future...

"The shield generator is overloaded! The damage rate is 33%!"

The existence of human beings The omnivorous navigator in the Union uniform was a little desperate. He looked at the resurgent surveillance picture before him. With the unique agility and cold thinking of the robot, he quickly judged the current strength comparison between the enemy and the enemy, and finally came to a desperate conclusion. .

"General! Under their precise firepower, we can hold on for 10-15 minutes at most!"

The navigator turned around and brought the omnivorous soldiers who manipulated other systems. , In their eyes full of mechanical meaning, there was a flash of determination:

"We will stay here and sink with this ship! We will buy time for you!"

This is a battleship used to transport crystal fragments. Because the fragments are of great significance, most of the members in this ship are omnics who are calm enough to maximize Guarantee the preservation of secrets.

Faced with the requirements of the omnic warriors of these applications, Sergei did not refuse hypocritical, nor did he try to show his great sentiment. He looked at the omnic navigator and other mechanical guards. The left fist hit his chest, and he said in a deep voice:

"I promise! In the entire history of human civilization and omnic civilization, there will be your names forever... I promise, you will become humans. Recognized heroes!"

"You have not lived up to your responsibilities! Heroes do not die!"


The omnics stood up and brushed together Brushing his left fist on his chest, shouting loudly:

"Human civilization will live forever!"

The two sides are like the last ceremony of parting, using the Australian omnic nation After saying goodbye to each other, Sergei grabbed El Te's arm next to him and half-forced him into the core of the dying starship.

"Are we going to run away?"

The first time he experienced such a tragic space war, Mr. Elte was filled with a heroic belief in his heart, especially when he witnessed Sergei bid farewell to the omnivorous soldiers, which gave El, as a mortal, a unique impulse to live and die with those warriors.

In response to his somewhat unceremonious rhetorical question, the silent Sergei twitched his left hand outwards.


He is like a Beast, pushing El Te’s body into the dark corridor. The dangerous gaze makes El Te’s whole body cold, Sergei uses The hoarse voice said in a deep voice:

"The people who died in battle are lucky. They will remain in civilization as heroes, but the terrifying task and revenge still need successors to inherit!"

"You ask me if I want to escape? No! Faced with any challenge, our civilization will never escape!"

"We are just retreating..."

"Is there any difference between the two?!"

In the mad grief of the destruction of his world and the self-blaming that followed, El uses the lingo of Earth civilization, which he is not yet proficient in. , Shouted: "Today! You and I are deserters! We are all cowards!"


Sergei threw El Te in the cold On the ground, he stretched out his left hand, which had become extremely weak compared to before, clenched into a fist, and slammed his fist on the black button in front of him, accompanied by red rays of light sweeping his eyes, and the closed metal door in front of him Crashingly opened, a tiny interstellar Transmission Gate that could only allow a small number of people to pass through appeared in front of him and El Te.


Sergei reached out and picked up the black metal box that appeared in the lifting system. Inside are the goods transported this time. More than 50 Phoenix fragments are dazzling before stepping into the eyes. Before the Transmission Gate, he looked back at El Te. His chin was raised arrogantly. His eyes were filled with the same anger and pain as El Te. His head was beaten and he was very embarrassed, but it was as if from a lair. A dangerous beast who walked out, intending to fight to the death.

He said in a deep voice:

"The difference between escape and retreat is...I will come back, I will bring back the power to drown all of this, I will take that The arrogant tyrant tore off his throne, interrupted his legs, made him kneel on the ground, and listened to the roar of these war dead!"

"El Te, as a leader, you Still very incompetent! You have to understand that failure is not a shame."

Sergei snorted:

"After failure, there is no revenge. You can only choose to ignore and linger. And, this is the real shame!" In El Te’s gaze, Sergei strode across the Transmission Gate in front of him, his voice still echoing in the darkness, shaking his mind:

"Our revenge has never failed!"


It is a very dangerous thing to cross the Transmission Gate in a raging energy storm , As long as the luck is a little bit bad, it will be cut into pieces by the disordered space, and skeleton doesn't exist.

But Sergei had good luck. When he staggered out of the Transmission Gate, the human warrior immediately in front of the Transmission Gate supported him.

" are finally back!"

Sergei lifts the head, he looked at the base of the familiar Star Commercial Station not far in front of him, he couldn't help it. relaxed.

This is the nearest galaxy business station to the Moubis civilization circle. There is a Transmission Gate that leads directly to the Milky Way, and it’s in the Transmission Gate that is difficult to disperse from time to time. The moment he came out, the Chief-In-Charge of this business station, a businessman with military background from Australia's omnic civilization walked up quickly and personally supported Sergei's weak arm.

He said in a deep voice:

"You are finally back, Brigadier General, the refugees from Moubis have just been taken in... Also, the frontline commanders are here Waiting for you!"


Sergei's eyes widened, and then he heard the businessman say:

"Apocalypse Knights, they Escaped,’s a pity that they are in a bad situation."

A moment later, in the treatment room of this merchant station, Sergei saw the destruction of the Muubisi wasteland. The surviving Apocalypse Knight and their attendants were lying in eight treatment chambers. Bruce, who was in the best condition, also lost his third body.

However, in the almost terrifying self-healing brought about by the Doomsday virus, their bodies are recovering from little by little, and it seems that this thing made them survive the disaster of the broken wasteland.

"This is what they brought out."

The Chief-In-Charge of the business station handed two things to Sergei. The first one is the collected fragments, the second The second is a silver-gray box blackened by flames. It looks very delicate, but I don't know what it is for.


The door of the treatment chamber was pushed aside at this brief moment, and have endured the hardships of a long journey Cyber ​​Hawk in Drax and Sim's escorts Walking into the treatment chamber, Chief-In-Charge and Sergei at the shop immediately straightened their bodies.

"I just looked at the scenery along the way, and then I heard about the fiasco of the front line! Not only ruined an already built business station, but even sent a fleet into Danger Land. It’s really a shame we have never had since we set foot on the stars!"

"Without my participation, wouldn’t you fight in a row?!"

The atmosphere at the scene became more stagnant, but Cyber ​​didn’t have gnashing teeth in the true sense. It was more like a complaint of dissatisfaction. At the next moment, his eyes did not fall on them. He looked at the misery of his Knights. Some dissatisfied shook the head, stretched out his left hand, the white light that brought life gleamed, and the seriously injured and dying body quickly regained its vitality.

"Stand up! Knights, I do not allow you to die here!"

"Your journey is not over yet!"


The clenched fists smashed the heavy special glass in front of them. In the heavy breath, the eight Doomsday Knights stood up from the treatment cabin one by one, half kneeling in the Cyber In front of him, Bruce whispered in a hoarse voice:

"Overlord, we have failed... the dark god destroyed the Muubisi wasteland. Destroyed, brought back all the crystals, we lost our soldiers, we failed our strength..."

The latter's gaze swept across their shame and self-blaming eyes, and then stretched out his hand I took the black box that Sergei handed over:

"It doesn’t matter if I fail. I have also failed, but I’m even more curious that you never forget to bring this thing in the most critical moments. Leaving I guess you plan to use this thing to take revenge on the shame? Am I right?"

"That's the Mother Box, Overlord!"

The killing machine Shen The voice said: "Apocalypse and most of the universe they control cannot be reached through space, and the sonic boom channel opened by this Mother Box allows us to enter those special Star Domains."


Cyber's eyes lit up. He turned the Mother Box upside down in his hand and threw it to the killing machine:

"So what are you waiting for?"

"Open it!"

"Then let me see how cruel your revenge can be!"

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