Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 818

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As mentioned earlier, in this vast universe, there are countless lower planes, and most of them are universes with incomplete rules. The most intuitive manifestation is The plane is not as borderless as the real universe.

The life in it is like a Beast in captivity. If they are allowed to develop freely and have a day, we will discover the margins of our own universe and start thinking about the truth of the plane.

And this kind of truth-based thinking is the only way to determine whether this lower plane is likely to get the promotion of in ten-thousand does not have one.

It’s like a popular saying, an egg that is broken from the inside is called life, and one that is broken from the outside... well, maybe you can make an egg custard?

In short, in matters such as the upgrading of the universe, any "help" from the outside world will lead to twists and turns in the destiny of the lower planes, and finally to a ruined ending.

To be honest, most of the lower planes don't have the kind of good luck that can wait to be upgraded. Often when they are discovered, invasion and destruction will come in.

However, as long as it is a formed plane, it will always follow some basic rules. For example, each of these lower planes will have a small cosmic furnace to maintain the continuity of the entire plane. And development.


A huge silver metal probe was pierced into the burning furnace of the universe. After a while, on the screen of the killing machine's wrist, many complicated The data traverses like a waterfall.

"Born 7.6 billion years, it seems to be a young universe."

He turned his head and looked at the surrounding stars. There was a dead silence. Obviously, here is a Conquered planes, in the vast Star Sea, there are no extra noises, and the entire universe is dead as silent as a no-man’s land.

The killing machine moves its neck and arms, and puts a special communicator to the mouth:

"I said, have you completed the investigation?"

" Wait a moment!"

In the distant starry sky of this plane, the newly appointed war Knight, the ruthless War God’s feet are on a huge planet. Behind him, there are fierce demons. They were searching for the remaining demons in the entire planet. These disgusting creatures were attacked without warning, and they directly tore the space. The demons that fell from the sky used a way of filling and washing the ground and destroyed this one in an instant. All defenses of the transformed planet.

These brutal creatures strictly enforce the only rules of war issued before the war...don’t leave one!

"I felt another Mother Box!"

The ruthless War God stepped into the center of this demon-like world, in the temple where the sculpture of the dark god is enshrined, There were hacked demon corpses everywhere, and some warrior corpses belonging to the Apocalypse were thrown in a pool of blood. They wore gorgeous armor, armed with exaggerated and hideous weapons, and skillfully used the power given by their bloodline to fight. .

It is not a problem for them to have one enemy ten. In a deadly desperate situation, they can even stand alone in the enemy camp for several laps under the blessing of explosive power.

Unfortunately, they are still dead, but the fighting will of these guys is commendable. At least in the 7 planes that have just been completely destroyed by the ruthless War God and the killing machine, they can’t resist at all. Yes, when the omnics and demons spread across all life planets on the plane, few people run away.


The ruthless War God kicked away the corpses piled up in front of him. He bent down and picked up a piece of silver-gray in the terrifying blood with a steel hand armor. Mother Box, judging from the scratches on its surface, when it encountered a devastating invasion, the apocalypse warrior here tried to destroy it, but unfortunately, they did not complete this work until they died.

"The key to other planes is in my hand!"

He inserted a special mechanical key into the Mother Box, and said in the communication channel:


"This plane is meaningless, let it go out! Killing machine."

The wrist of the ruthless War God turned outward, and the silver-gray Mother Box in his hand was thrown into the sky. The cracked Mother Box was spinning fast in the air, and in an instant, a sonic boom gate was opened in this dead world, just like it exists in the sky, without knowing the Transmission Gate leading to a certain plane.

The demons on the ground saw the colorful sonic boom channel, and they howled and rushed into it. The moment they touched the rays of light, these guys were involved in the channel. The ruthless War God stepped on the ground, slid up quickly, and quickly disappeared into the space gate of this angry scroll.

The analysis in front of the Mother Box has not yet been completed, and the Knights cannot accurately locate their target world, so they can only use this method of try one's luck to try to reach thousands of apocalyptic stars. In the lower planes under control, find the sonic boom channel leading to the Apocalypse.

Unfortunately, this is destined to be a very time-consuming job, and fortunately, at the same time, many people are helping them find it together.

"Dark matter bomb...the eighth!"

The killing machine took out a grenade-sized object from its arms and attached it to the silver probe next to it. Things are extracted from the dark universe of the Multiverse No. 200000, something similar to "antimatter" does not exist in the light universe, and the special bombs made by them can cause great interference to the stability of the light universe .

For these lower-level planes with imperfect rules, this kind of strong interference detonated in the center of the world furnace often means that the furnace is completely extinguished.

Everything will be attributed to the cold darkness, even triggering a catastrophic chain, forming an Oblivion black hole that swallows everything in the lower planes, and this time, no other overlord will come forward to save these planes. .

"Goodbye! Poor man..."

The killing machine pretended to wipe away tears, then activated the teleporter on the wrist, and the whole person disappeared in this small The surface of the cosmic melting furnace, when it reappears, has been involved in the fading sonic boom channel.

And a few minutes later, the dark matter bomb bound on the surface of the furnace detonated, like a dark tide with no opportunity, and like a rich ink dripping into the water, little by little, A cosmic furnace like the Fireball infested, and finally, the last flame was extinguished.

All the stars in this incomplete universe have dimmed in this brief moment, as if someone suddenly turned off all the lights in this big house.

Everything is plunged into darkness and coldness. Perhaps there are still unconquered lives in the horns of the universe. Perhaps in the dark ages, they will continue to endure terrifying torture, but this what else can we do?

They are not here for rescue and help... They are here for revenge...


A bright radiance fell from the sky, similar The transmission device like the Rainbow Bridge opened in the dim sky, and the city where it landed was shrouded in it, washed thoroughly by the rushing energy.

The demon-like army in it was melted silently by energy. When more demon-likes were panicked because of the attack, the omnic Legion of neat and tidy walked out of the beam of light. Moved towards silently and coldly marching in all directions. These weapons of war that are not given high level intelligence strictly abide by the rules of war, and all creatures that appear in their detectors will be mercilessly slaughtered.

In the orbit of this planet, Agent Coulson looked at the data of this small subordinate plane. After a while, he made a mark on a table of a large-scale operation this time.

"The lower level plane No. 104 is rich in resources, it will be stored after cleaning up!-Executor: Phil Coulson!"

At the top of this row of tables, there are already many similar message.

"The lower plane No. 77 is rich in optical diamonds with ultra-high rules, and it has storage value!-Executor: Maria Hill!"

"The lower plane No. 118 There are a large number of primary level magic civilizations that have not been conquered, and the storage value is extremely high!-Executor: Steve Rogers!"

Every message represents a lower level plane in the extinguishing tide Surviving, in order to defeat the Apocalypse, Cyber ​​mobilized almost all the idle guys of the Human Survival Alliance, and transported the entire expeditionary force and the galaxy's huge armada and Legion to this densely packed way without any loss. Among the groups of lower planes.


Above the world that was being cleaned up by the ruthless omnic Legion, a sonic boom suddenly opened, and nearly a hundred apocalyptic battleships rushed out of it and began Destroy a devastating projectile blow to the ground-based Legion.

And Coulson not only did not ugly complexion because of this sudden attack, on the contrary, he quickly grabbed the communicator, stared at the actively opened sonic boom channel, and said loudly:

"A large number of enemies appeared on the lower-level plane No. 104! It is likely to be the sonic boom channel to the Apocalypse!"

In less than 2 seconds, a familiar voice sounded in the communicator:

"Hold them! I'll be here!"

If the rule of Darkseid is regarded as a complex web, then the apocalypse must be located in the center of this web, and it can easily detect Vibration in every direction.


In the palace of the God of Darkness, he looked gloomy at the three-dimensional projection that was spread over a wall in front of him. At that moment, this On the complex projection system, another light spot went out, which represented the destruction of another Apocalypse command station stationed on the lower planes.

Looking from a distance, this three-dimensional projection still shines with rays of light, and the extinguished light spots are less than one-twentieth of the total, but this is already a very dangerous sign.

"There is a force wreaking havoc on my land!"

Darkseid clenched his fists: "Like locusts, looting my resources wantonly! They are provoking the darkness. God! Where is my Legion? Where is my Legion?!"

In front of the angry tyrant, the new war lord trembling with fear replied:

"Your Majesty , Our Legion has already set off immediately when the invasion has started, but the opponent’s invasion is unruly and unpredictable, and they are advancing in 13 directions at the same time. We rule too many subordinate planes. Once we Just like them, it’s easy to be broken in numbers."

"Legion is endless!"

Darkseid coldly snorted: "Even if it is divided into 13 directions, Enough to deal with this kind of invasion!"

"But we have too few commanders alone!"

The war lord said with a gloomy expression:

"We don’t have Enough warriors to command those demons... If they are allowed to attack at will, they may also destroy our own rule system. You know, those demons driven by destruction have no wisdom at all! Facing those carefully prepared opponents, Without the same number of commanders, they almost collapsed on the first encounter!"

"Your father Youjia Khan never agrees with this kind of wanton expansion. He is very clear about the apocalypse itself. When the population is not enough to support the rule, large-scale conquest will only bring us endless trouble, Your Majesty, forgive me to speak bluntly, now, we should pay for our mistakes..."

"Are you accusing me? This is the failure caused by your incompetence!!!"

Darkseid's eyes burst with undisguised anger, but he hasn't waited until he will When his anger was vented on this incompetent subordinate, an inner crisis caused him to disappear from the throne at the next moment.


A purple pillar of fire connecting to heaven penetrating the earth exploded over the palace of the dark god splendorous and majestic, and that majestic power in an instant After smoothing out the symbol of the royal power of the apocalypse star, the poor trusting war lord had not even had time to say his name, and completely dissipated in this purple light curtain.

Darkseid is standing outside the beam of light, he lifts the head, his dark red eyes staring at the sky, where, in the sonic boom channel opened in the opposite direction, a dark silhouette stands tall Above the sky of Apocalypse, this world is always rays of light ten thousand zhang. The sunlight is also separated under the standing of this silhouette. The shadow cast by his body almost obscures the earth.

Just the breath that exudes before you start, let Darkseid's fists clenched... This is a real challenge, this is a real opponent!

While the Dark God stared at Cyber's, the Overlord was also looking back at the owner of this world. He looked at Darkseid, the golden armour on the right hand moved a few times and made a ka ka noise. He whispered:

"I said, you seem to be the guy who said to strangle every Earth person by himself. I waited for a long time and you didn't come, so I can only send it to the door. .."

"The arrogant dark god, do you like the gift of revenge I bring?"

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