Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 821

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Cyber's body appeared in a certain place of silent stars, and the omega rays transferred to space, originally to throw him into a black hole, but Obstructed by the space gem, he was finally thrown under the unknown stars in the chaotic storm of space.

He turned around and looked around. The stars around him were very strange. He didn't know where he was.

"Go back to the Apocalypse..."

Cyber ​​raised his right hand, the space gems on the hand armor were shining, and the power was tumbling, but the space to the Apocalypse could not be opened The door, that ghost place exists in a special space, except for the sonic boom channel, even space gems can't get there.

"I would run away...What a coward!"

The overlord snorted among the stars, his fingers clenched the brass-colored key hanging on his chest, next The moment escaped into Universe 200000, then passed through the N Metal Transmission Gate of that universe, and returned to the galaxy beyond the endless distance.

Don't get me wrong, Cyber ​​hasn't given up on hunting down Darkseid, but in this situation, he thinks he might need a little...armed.

In the reconstructed New York Sanctuary, a white-haired Doctor Strange put down the secret scroll in his hand, he turned his head very naturally, and Cyber ​​appeared from the space and sat down with him in this brief moment. On the opposite chair.

Without waiting for Cyber ​​to speak, Doctor Strange was lightly coughed and took the initiative to take off the eye of Agamotto from his neck, which is the stone of time, and handed it to Cyber:

"I just After browsing the timeline, I know that you will come to me, and I also know that you will bring 6 gems for the first time to pursue that dangerous guy, but I must remind you, Cyber...this time At the end of the journey, I can’t see..."

Cyber ​​took the Stone of Time, took it out of the pendant of Agamotto’s Eye, and played with it. He looked at Doctor Strange, I asked:

"What do you mean when you say you can't see it?"

Strange shrugged, after he rescued his mentor Ancient One, his final knot was also opened , I’ve lived very smartly this time. Facing Cyber's problem, a mysterious smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. He said softly: "This world is very big, Cyber, although you have seen it before There are all kinds of things in the universe, but I’m sure there are more secrets you don’t know, and the timeline is not omnipotent, there are many mysterious places, time can’t get involved, and the end of your pursuit of this time is One of them..."

"What I can tell you is: Darkseid is not the most powerhouse of the Apocalypse. He has taken the position of the king of the Apocalypse through some treacherous means. Above, there is a very terrifying existence, multiverse...So I also think that if you want to punish the dark tyrant, you'd better put yourself in the strongest form...otherwise, your fate will be very destined It’s miserable."


Cyber ​​extend the hand means to hover the green time stone over this genuine infinite glove, and the green spar is approaching When the glove was on, a low buzzing sounded, and finally, under the strong attraction, it was buckled on the front of the Infinite Glove.


Green, mysterious, an obscure and deep halo wrapped around Cyber's arm, and the 13-fold green talisman seal flashed between his fingers, in Power In the flow of Time, the war sickle Oblivion, which was ablated by Omega rays, once again appeared in Cyber's hands. He stood up, waved the war sickle, and finally carried it on his shoulders, to Doctor Strange nodded, right there Disappeared in the lobby of the Sanctuary in New York in the tumbling of space.

"So...what's behind that wall?"

Strange picked up his book again, rubbed his forehead, and whispered, "Cyber, Cyber, It’s up to you to reveal this answer for me."


The silhouette carrying the scythe appeared in the center of the utopia world, and Cyber ​​stepped out of space At first glance, I saw Speaker Charles who was having a good time with Mr. Erik. The two old friends seemed to be discussing major events in some countries. The table in front of them was filled with all kinds of headaches.

"Oh, the overlord is back!"

Erik Lanchel, Mutant and Utopia's new attorney general, he put the black pipe in his mouth and spit out a cigarette ring , He looked at the scythe in Cyber’s hand and said softly:

"What? The hunting is not over yet?"


Cyber complied, drew two cigars from the space and threw them to two old man. He looked towards Professor Charles and said in a deep voice:

"The prey escaped, and it may attract a bigger Beast, So I think I need a better gun."

The professor was shocked, and then threw the cane in his hand to Cyber. He looked at the overlord and he said:

"Have you finally decided to use gems? It seems that the opponent at this time is really tricky."


Heart Spirit Treasure stone from Cyber ​​from the top of the cane Taking it off, he handed the cane to Professor Charles. He nodded:

"It's just tricky. Seriously, I'm more interested in the more ferocious prey... See you, Professor. .. I may be back soon!"


Cyber's silhouette disappeared again, Speaker Charles and Minister Erik glanced at each other, and then began to review the new bill. discussion.

To this day, everyone in this civilization is full of confidence in the one can stop him!


The last time Cyber's appeared was on the roof of the world, in the courtyard of the deserted mage Holy Land Kamar-Taj, a woman in a gray cloak was looking Holding a broom, little by little cleaned the fallen leaves in the yard, and between the movements of the figure, the black hair was beating playfully outside the hood.

In the majesty of Kamar-Taj, this sweeping woman lifts the head and looks at Snow Mountain in the distance. A peaceful smile blooms at the corner of her mouth, making this scene full of Zen. beauty of.

Overlord’s silhouette appeared in the center of the yard. He did not rush to break the silence. After ten seconds, when the last strand of fallen leaves was gathered aside, Ancient One put down the broom in his hand. , She turned her head and looked at Cyber ​​with full of smiles:

"Why do I have time to come here?"


Cyber ​​curl one's lip "The quietness here makes me a little uncomfortable. Didn’t you say that you want to experience the world and live for yourself? Why are you still here?"

"The salute is ready, and the ticket is also bought Now, the travel route is also by heart, my child."

Ancient One reached out and took off the hood from the top of her head. She had regained her long hair. Like an ordinary mortal, despite the resurrection led by Cyber ​​and Strange, it still gave her enough body protection power.

With a gentle smile, she extends the hand and points to her forehead. There, a small piece of crystal is shining, and between the fingers of Ancient One with her eyes closed slightly, that Crystal little by little emerged from her forehead.

"My soul has returned to the body. This crystal is not very useful to me. I have been waiting for you to return it to you and start my new life... "

She stepped forward, put the soul crystal in her hand in Cyber's hand, she reached out her hand to lift Cyber's cheeks, helped him tidy up some broken hair, and straightened his clothes. , Took a step back, looked at the Cyber ​​in front of him, and finally nodded satisfied:

"Really a handsome young man, but to be honest, I am very angry, because you and Selina's wedding did not invite me..."

"Oh, Heavens!"

Cyber ​​rubbed his forehead helplessly. He retorted like a child: "Every time you meet you have to mention this, then When you haven’t resurrected... well, well, when you travel to Gotham's, we will make up a banquet for you."

After that, he held the soul stone in his hand , Shook his hand to Ancient One:

"Then I'm leaving, I'm waiting for you in Gotham..."

After he walked out a few steps, he folded his hands on his abdomen Ancient One said softly:

"Actually you can call me mother, I can feel your inner know, I won't mind..."

Cyber's stopped for a second, next moment, a door to the stars opened in front of him, he sighed, and walked into the stars without looking back:

" Well...I, I'm not ready yet..."

"Then...wish you a pleasant journey, my child..."

I am filled with starlight The Transmission Gate in this brief moment closed, and Ancient One laughed. She turned her head and glanced at Kamar-Taj, who was already empty. She extended the hand and stroked the ancient sculpture. Finally, she extended the hand. A travel bag fell into her hands, and she took one last look at the residence where she had lived for thousands of years, and then left here without looking back amidst the falling leaves flying in the sky.

Her new life begins here...


Cyber ​​stands in the gravel belt of the destroyed Moubis wasteland In the middle, he stretched out his hand and placed the soul stone in the last groove of the infinite glove. When the orange rays of light traversed his body, all the infinite gems shone inexplicably rays of light.

The power of purple, the space of blue, the reality of red, the time of green, the soul of yellow, and the soul of orange. When the six rays of light spread all over the golden hand armor, the whole group of stars are there. Shaking, all swaying.

The sonic boom channel leading to the endless lower planes ruled by the Apocalypse is suspended above his head. He stands on the largest broken boulder in the Moubis Wasteland, and he squats down, He stretched out his hand and brushed it on the broken stone. With the blessing of the soul stone, he could easily feel the wailing of those painful souls falling on this world.

"Don't worry...Don't make trouble, will rest in peace soon..."


Cyber's silhouette He rushed into the sonic boom channel, quickly teleported through the extinguished and preserved lower-level planes, and soon reached the edge of human civilization exploring the lower-level planes, he rushed into that unfamiliar plane, Among the narrow stars, he closed his eyes, and in the whispers of all things projected by the mind stone, he quickly locked the position of the apocalyptic star Mother Box leading to the other world.

He looked at the plane in front of him that had been completely dead during the brutal conquest of the Apocalypse. What remained here was the demons who had been transformed and brainwashed. They were not worthy to master this plane. .

"This world is dead..."

Cyber's looks cold: "It has no hope anymore... There should be a decent death ceremony... "

He stretched out his right hand, his thumb and middle finger intertwined. Amid the sparkle of the six-color gems, a crisp finger sounded like a signal. Next moment, the power of the infinite gem came from where Cyber ​​is located. The defense spewed out, the existence of time and space was completely destroyed, the power, with the support of reality, spewed out the fire of destruction from every corner of this face, the rays of light of the soul were completely dissipated, and the soul judged all this. End.


In the blink of an eye, the stars and everything in front of you are like broken glass, shattered under the heavy blow, and in their broken body After that, what remained was a piece of nothingness swept by chaos.

There is no time, no space, no life, no existence, nothing but despair and chaos...


Silver grey The Mother Box flew from the broken plane fragments and fell into Cyber's palm. He took a final look at the plane that had begun to collapse, stretched out his hand to open the Mother Box, and rushed rapidly from the violent sonic boom channel. Into the next plane.

Behind him, after the sonic boom channel of the Mother Box was closed a little bit, a lower plane, within 5 seconds, silently Oblivion, as if it had never appeared before .

"Another hopeless plane...In the name of the overlord, I give you eternal death!"


Another starry sky was completely destroyed after Cyber ​​arrived, and another sonic boom channel was opened. No one knows whether the opposite of this channel is the Apocalypse or another connected lower plane, but it doesn’t matter, Cyber ​​has enough time. one by one Find the past, and by the way, destroy Heaven Destroying Qixing's rule in the multiverse.

If the three-dimensional projection of Apocalypse that can be projected and ruled still exists, then the light spots above representing each conquered lower plane are rapidly extinguishing in the flow of time, just like a savage The cobwebs destroyed by force can no longer be connected into one piece.

Finally, at the end of countless moments of flickering and shattered music, Cyber's silhouette reappeared in the starry sky of Apocalypse. The world was completely dead, the broken Star he left behind. The lava of destruction spouted from the big pit of Core, engulfing this world little by little.

Darkseid and his new Divine Race have disappeared.

"It’s’s okay..."

Cyber ​​stood in the starry sky, his gaze looked towards the depths of this special starry sky, he extended the hand gently With a stroke, the Apocalypse star struggling on whilst at death's door is completely broken, like a bomb that has been detonated. With an explosive gesture, the broken stone is placed horizontally among the stars, that hot Lava's little by little cooling in the icy starry sky is like a layer of gray ashes, quietly burying this world.

Cyber's silhouette rushed into the depths of the universe like an arrow of light. Behind him, the stars were shiver coldly because of the endless power and might, and retreated in front of him respectfully, as if Make a way for the king who is here.

"I have seen your ending, I have smelled your fears, soon... soon..."

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