Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 823

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Any living being will be driven by a certain instinct to think about an almost insoluble problem.

That is, where is life born?

Before the world was born, what existed in this universe?

Before the well-known concept universe appeared, what kind of existence gave birth to it?

The wisdom of an ordinary person is difficult to get an accurate answer to this kind of problem. It is not just pure astrophysics. This is often regarded as a philosophical question. In fact, So far, at the level of human civilization, it is still impossible to explore the essence of this problem in depth...

Science in the conventional sense is so pale in the face of such extreme problems, no matter what scientists reorganize What kind of model and what kind of theory, when using them to measure the universe, it is inevitable that you will feel weakness and powerlessness...

The real secret of this universe is not what humans think. Such a rational arrangement, in fact, after Cyber ​​has experienced a complete creation, he has a preliminary understanding of the truth of the universe...

The foundation of the universe is chaotic. An unimaginable way constitutes the conceptual universe as we know it, but the deeper you go, the more you will find that many things are inexplicable by science, or in other words, unexplainable by current science. .

It's like a bunch of messy building blocks, built in a disorderly way, and then formed a seemingly stable system... You can try to touch it, or you can try to explain It, however, in the end you will always find that this is absolutely futile... revealing the universe, which is essentially an impossible thing.

Because, in front of the last secret, everything that mortals have made looks so pale...In front of the wall of origin, even the concept of science itself loses its meaning.

"You! You angered the tyrant of the universe!!!"

Yuka Khan watched his son die in front of him, and the murderer triumphed on him. His skull was mounted on his weapon as a display of bragging and powerless boasting.

It is an unbearable provocation! ! !

His body fixed on the wall of origin began to struggle and began to move, and in the gaze of other silent multiverse existences, a good show was about to be staged.

Their eyes are shining with unconcealed expectations and joy. The days on the wall of origin are too difficult. This battle is destined to give them enough comfort in a long time. .

In the face of this threat, Cyber ​​didn’t care. He reached out and fixed the Darkseid’s skull on the top of his scythe Oblivion, and burned it with the power of purple. The ferocious weapon, after defeating the powerful enemy, has once again been sublimated...

"I don't understand the wall of origin..."

Cyber ​​will fight the sickle At his feet, he looked at the invisible golden matter in front of him and the existence of the multiverse confined in the golden matter. His eyes sparkled with mockery and disdain:

"Universal The epoch changes, and each reshaping represents the disappearance of endless glory. All lives are destined to follow the epoch to be destroyed together. Only those who are truly worth keeping will survive in the cold code of the multiverse, but You are are not worth keeping!"

He pointed his finger forward, and he said softly:

"As the era changes, only the Wall of Origin will not be Reinventing, therefore, the beings who are not willing to face the final judgment connect themselves to the wall of origin, losing eternal freedom in exchange for eternal struggling on whilst at death's door... You are the biggest in the multiverse A joke!"

"ao wailing!"

"Kill him!"

"Stupid junior! You are about to die!"

"Yuka! Yuka! Kill him!"

The last fig leaf was pierced by Cyber ​​ruthless, and these multiverse giants were completely angry.

But Cyber ​​is right. The wall of origin will imprison all those who try to cross the wall, but not those who are not imprisoned want to see the ultimate secret behind the wall, the overwhelming majority among them, All are cowards who choose to sacrifice freedom in exchange for immortality in order to avoid perishing in the reshaping of the multiverse!

After being imprisoned by the Wall of Origins, you can escape multiple remodeling and alterations. It seems very cost-effective, but in fact, everyone who made this choice has already regretted it.

Because there is nothing but immortality here!

And what is the meaning of all life's pursuit of eternal life?

Is it just for simple immortality? No, no, no! The pursuit of immortality is always to experience enjoyment in endless time, experience Sovereign, experience destruction and killing, and in this wall, there is nothing...

The multiple bosses who are imprisoned on the wall They yelled, but they couldn’t hurt Cyber. This is where Cyber ​​dared to ridicule. Phoenix has told the story of the Wall of Origins more than once, and Cyber ​​can probably guess...

Phoenix, in fact Just from behind this wall...Phoenix is ​​one of the ultimate secrets of Origin, and she never mentions the existence after the Wall of Origin.

"Shut up! Shut up! You cowards!"

Yu Ka Khan was very upset by the shouts of those imprisoned, he roared loudly:


"Shut up! You are not qualified to order me!"

"I am different from you!"


His The left hand suddenly broke free from the shackles of the Wall of Origin, clenched into a fist in the air, and then the right hand.

"I am here to explore its secrets..."

"I am here to conquer it!"


His body got rid of the entanglement of the wall of origin in the extreme swaying, and with his legs out of the confinement, he landed on the ground, staggered, and his body was extremely weak due to the prolonged confinement.

"The wall of origin cannot hold one can hold me! No one can hold the tyrant of this universe!"


An invincible imposing manner gushes from Yu Jia Khan’s body moved towards all directions, and completely lifts the rays of light covering the wall of origin. In the imposing manner of swaying rays of light, Jia Ke Khan's body rose from the spot little by little, like a high mountain standing up.

His dark red eyes are staring at the Cyber ​​in front of him:

"I smell death from you...The wailing of Apocalypse, you ruined my world!!! "


The blade of the sickle Oblivion was lying in front of Cyber. He looked at Yuga Khan in front of him, and he said in a deep voice:

"In the name of revenge, I ruined it, but so what? Do you want revenge for it?"

"Vengeance? No!"

Yuga’s Fists clenched: "As long as I find the ultimate secret of the Wall of Origin, everything will reappear. I don't need revenge, I just want to kill you..."

"In what name What?"

Cyber ​​asked, the rays of light of the nine lights ring and the power of six infinite gems interlaced around his body. In the strongest state, Cyber ​​doesn’t think When facing Yuga Khan, I still need to be afraid...

And then again, since it is revenge, I must come more thoroughly, in front of my own eyes, not still standing Is the last apocalypse?

"Because... you are disrespectful to the tyrant of the universe!"


Yuga's body jumped up from the spot, a heavy note The punch, with a power dozens of times stronger than Darkseid, fiercely slammed into the Cyber ​​in front of him, the latter was not afraid of the blow of the multiverse, he took a step back, and the power of his left hand was in black and white rays of light. Shining, confronted with the same punch, the fists intersected, and at the moment of collision, the light curtain in front of the Wall of Origin dimmed, and the space had never been shattered so violently.

It’s like a small black hole. After it expands, it sucks all the surrounding rays of light into it. At the next moment, the black hole breaks apart under the force of continuous collisions, turning it over. The power rushed outwards, and the rolled-up energy torrent flipped everything. The two were collided by the terrifying impact and retreated outwards, and Cyber's paled for a moment.

The sweet smell that had reached the corner of his mouth was forcibly swallowed by him...

The left hand trembled abnormally, and the extremely strong skeleton inside was shattered in the collision just now. The rupture, incomparable self-healing quickly repaired his body damage.

"As expected of the strongest new god...Darkseid is just a little bastard who abuses power compared to you..."

Cyber ​​looks at the same active wrist Yujia Khan, both of his hands clenched the scythe tightly, and on the other side, Yujia Khan looked towards Cyber's and his gaze became deep:

"I thought you were just abusing the infinite gem , Didn't expect, you can manipulate it perfectly. You are different from those idiots who used to hold it. It is not a shame that my stupid son died in your hands."

" peng"

Under the control of Jia Khan’s will, the earth rapidly bulged like a fast-growing mountain, completely overturning the battlefield in front of him. He held his arms and watched Looking at Cyber ​​suspended in the air:

"But it was just an insignificant warm-up. If you are only at this level, then today, there will be another eternal bone on the wall of origin!"

"Even Galactus failed to defeat, have several points of chance of winning?"


Infinite gems and lantern ring The power exploded at the same time, and behind Cyber ​​was like an endless stream of wings, supporting Yuga Khan who rushed to the top of the mountain with a crazy attitude.

The next collision between the two was at least ten times stronger than the first attack. This attack made the space where the Wall of Origins tremble began, and those leading to the 200,000 multiverse The wall of blood of the sky also emerged in the shock of little by little. In the multiverse, in this brief moment, all the existence of the multiverse, all the life individuals who can feel the existence of the wall of origin, have felt this battle. .

On Sakaar star watching the boring gladiatorial Gao Heavenly Venerable lifts the head abruptly. After realizing that the chaotic and manic atmosphere belongs to his old friend Cyber, Gao Heavenly Venerable’s mouth appeared. Smile.

"The gambling game has begun!"

"The battle of the Wall of Origin, the overlord Cyber ​​Hawk and the strongest new god Yuga Khan, whoever wins and who wins is the gambling game this time Content!"

His voice in this brief moment spread throughout the entire multiverse, and to the spirits of the big guys who have crossed with him, the next moment, continuously betting is right there. Sounds in his heart.

"I bet on Cyber ​​to win!"

This is the voice of Phoenix.

"I bet Yuka Khan! Cyber ​​will die! He will be twisted by Yuka with no difficulty! Undoubtedly! They are not equal opponents at all!"

This is the hateful voice of Barbatos.

"This is the first time the Overlord has used a complete infinite gem to fight, right? Well, the odds are great, I bet him to win!"

This is the voice of Dream God.


Well, this is the voice of someone who is very optimistic about Cyber's.

"I bet Yuka!"

"Overlord! Overlord!"

For a while, the number of big bosses watching this battle surged. Coupled with the excitement of the high Heavenly Venerable's gambling game, the outer atmosphere of this battle has become very intense. For a while, the eyes of the multiverse were attracted by the battlefield that took place in the Forge of Origin, and even those who were imprisoned in the Forge of Origin Inside the wall, the lingering multi-universe level guys also felt the attention from off the court.

They decisively chose to silence the sound, pretending to be a background.


Cyber ​​waved the war sickle interlaced with the destructive rays of light. Time and space were shattered by this blow, and the gem of reality was in power With the support of the stone, a layer of Dark-red Flame was wrapped around Yu Jia Khan's body, confining him to this raised peak of rays of light.

There is also the strong stimulation from the Spirit Treasure Stone, which slows down the defense actions of Ka Khan.

But next moment, along with Yuga’s angry roar, all the imprisonment is broken in this brief moment, Cyber's body is moved towards the sky under the impact of the burst of dark red rays of light Fly, holding the body hard.

Below, Yuka reached out and touched the scratches on his face. He lifts the head and looked at Cyber:

"You are a good opponent, you fit the infinite gem It’s the most perfect one I’ve ever seen... but the more you do this, the closer you are to your final defeat..."

"But before that..."


Yuga's body rose into the sky like a cannon, and his roar echoed in the worlds:

"I want to teach you...what is it Yes, the real power!!"

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