Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 825

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The wall of origin will confine any creatures that come into contact with it. For the weak, it will directly become a part of this wall because it cannot resist the erosion of the wall of origin. For the multi-universe The big boss of the level, using his own power to fight against the erosion of the Wall of Origin, will be kept in the Wall of Origin in the form of imprisonment forever, and will also become a part of this wall.

In fact, in the multiverse, there are many legends about this wall, and the distinction between true and false is not clear.

Some people say that the Wall of Origins is actually a big prison, which houses the most vicious guys who are judged by the court of life.

It is also said that the wall of origin is actually the ultimate device to protect the multiverse. Behind the wall is an attempt to swallow multiple chaos and nothingness.

The weirdest saying, the Wall of Origins is just a joke between Creations and creatures, and there is nothing behind it.

No one knows the exact answer, because no one has actually entered the Wall of Origin and can return intact, and those who may know the answer have kept eternal silence on this question.

In short, this is the only mysterious place in the multiverse...If possible, Cyber ​​is unwilling to have even the slightest relationship with it.

Now, the situation seems to have gotten worse.

"ka ka ka"

Under the pressure of the incomparable force of Ka Khan, the wireless glove that was on the verge of disintegration was completely shattered in this brief moment, and 6 gems were suspended. In the air, and seeing Yuga Khan about to break through the wall, Cyber's eyes were full of madness.

"Don’t think about it!"

Cyber's waved his left hand, the power stone, the reality stone, and the space stone were held in his hand, and the right hand broke free, the soul stone, the soul The stone of time, the stone of time is also held by him.

"The gloves are gone...just use myself to bear this power!"


Six stones are touching Cyber ​​flesh and blood At that moment, he shattered in a weird manner and turned into the purest energy, injected into his body. This direct contact was like burning fire, causing Cyber ​​to let out a depressed cry, but just When he raised his fist and wanted to smash Yuka into the wall, Khan's face showed a strange smile.

He took the initiative to release his hand, allowing the Wall of Origin to engulf him, leaving only one face exposed outside the golden wall.

He looked at Cyber's expression, and he let out a cheerful laugh:

"Are you surprised?"

"It seems that you have a good understanding of Infinite Gems. Not deep enough..."

"Aren’t you curious that a little fellow of a single Universe level can collect all infinite gems, why are we old monsters who have been tens of thousands of years right? This kind of divine object dismisses it?"

Looking at Cyber, which was completely covered by six-color rays of light, a trace of regret flashed in Khan’s eyes:

" Before the war, I said, Cyber ​​Hawk, Overlord, you made a fatal mistake... Gems are never hard-working, self-conscious fools. They are seeking to rebuild after thousands of years of eternal silence. Being one, it is a threat... The Life Court ordered it to be unable to reorganize in this era. However, the ground under your feet is the only area that the Life Court cannot control!"

"Here, he The ban will be wiped out, so congratulations, you have won this battle, but unfortunately, you may not have time to celebrate the victory!"

"The will to revenge will be restored in your body, And your soul will be ruthlessly Oblivion by her...Today, the sixth god of the universe will return to this era...and you are the sacrifice of this grand ceremony!!!"

Yuga Khan's voice in this brief moment was completely dim. He glanced at Cyber, who was struggling with pain, he shook the head, and finally closed his eyes.

He suffered a shameful failure, and he replied the failure, it’s time to rest...

As for Cyber, Cyber ​​can’t hear Yuka’s voice anymore. Actually Above, he could not hear any sound, because when the power of the six-color gems recombined in his body, a huge consciousness slowly awakened in him in the depth of one's soul.

It's the same as Phoenix who was lodged in his body at the time, but this consciousness is much more difficult to deal with than Phoenix...

This sudden change made bystanders of all worlds I was stunned. This was supposed to be a time to celebrate victory, but no one could laugh.

The existence of the multiverse is not all-knowing and omnipotent. In fact, the overwhelming majority of them were the first time they heard about the secrets of infinite gems disclosed by Ka Khan.

The wine glass in the high Heavenly Venerable's hand smashed on the ground, the beautiful artwork was smashed to pieces, but his eyes were fixed on Cyber's body, which was shrouded in six-color rays of light, just The obscure breath revealed from the rays of light shocked him.

"That's...that's the breath of the Cosmic Entity spirit... Is there really a sixth Cosmic Entity spirit?!"

And another secret in the multiverse In the land, the six eyes of the sleeping court of life suddenly opened. In the colorful and chaotic light curtain, everything that happened in the Wall of Origin was exposed to the eyes of the manager of this universe.

"Vengeance detected -heavenly punishment-Nemesis consciousness recovery..."

"Turn on the chaotic reaction system!"

"Origin The wall isolation program is on!"

"The preset charging of the multiverse reshaping program!"

"Eternal! Infinite! Annihilation! Death! Galactus! The highest combat authority is issued! "

"Combat goal: destroy revenge -heavenly punishment-Nemesis consciousness and its preset carrier!"

"The order of the universe must not be destroyed!"

"Combat! Let's start!!!"

"Buzz~ Buzz~ Om"

The silhouettes of the Five Paths in each corner of the multiverse have been authorized by a higher consciousness, and they start Their respective ways of traveling, in a form of traversal, appeared in the already chaotic wall of origin at this time.

The first thing that appeared was a silhouette composed of colorful starlight. He was dressed in a cloak of stars. His body was completely composed of stars of various sizes. A special symbol floated behind him. 'S face is hidden in the starlight, it looks more like a blue mask.

As soon as his silhouette appeared, one of the third tycoons who had been following the Wall of Origin actively disconnected.

Because they are very clear about who the comer is...

The five gods of the universe-a concrete phenomenon that represents the sum of time in the entire multiverse-eternity!

The two appearing are a woman, the whole body is composed of the darkest black and the yellow that shines with constant starlight. The face is dim and disorderly. The moment she appeared, the other 2/3/2021 The connections of the bigwigs of the multiverse have also been disconnected.

The comer is the second of the five gods of the universe-a concrete phenomenon that represents the sum of the entire multiverse space-infinity!

Followed by the god Cyber ​​has ever seen, the most restless Cosmic Entity Ming, wearing a black dress and a black hood, under the hood is a pale skull, holding a soul-sucking sickle Cosmic Entity Ming-death!

The last two that appeared are Planet Devourers, which represent the ultimate power of the multiverse, and the annihilation of the "No" and "abstract" concepts that represent the most basic of the multiverse.

At this point, the five gods of the universe have been fully assembled, and they have surrounded Cyber, which has been concealed by a certain power of resuscitation, in the hall in front of the wall of origin, and may launch an attack at any time.

And seeing this scene, even the last clinging to trying to help Cyber's High Heavenly Venerable and Collector are desperate.

The emergence of this kind of formation obviously means that this matter is no longer a level where they can intervene. It is very likely that even the life court will be watching this in person. Once anything intervenes, there is no doubt , Will be the most terrifying punishment.


Barbatos' cheerful voice echoed in the ears of Heavenly Venerable and Collector: "I knew that the end of this stupid small insect is doomed No one can just him! No one...After he dies, I will be happy for a thousand years!!!"


"Then cut you off That chattering head will also make me happy for a thousand years!!"

His high Heavenly Venerable fist smashed the table beside him, his face was gloomy, and he pulled out a word from the void without a word. With a walking stick, he dashed into the darkness and pluralism, and Collector also followed his brother into Barbatos' lair with a cold face.

After a while, the melee of multiple existences began...

"He finally came to this step...It's a pity."

Death looked at Cyber, who was squeezed half-kneeled in the central light curtain by the power of chaos, she said in her hoarse voice:

"I thought he could do miracles..."

"Without Yuka's intervention...he would really create a miracle..."

Galactus, who has a close relationship with Cyber, is wearing a purple helmet. The big man wearing the purple Battle Armor snorted:

"The power gem and his fit are scary. As long as you wear it for long enough, the gem will eventually become a part of him, and Vengeance Goddess’s remnant The sound will also completely die out... what a pity..."

"The endless time has shown the inevitability of all this..."

The silent god shook the infinitely head: "Heavenly punishment cannot be awakened. The change of the multiverse cannot be destroyed. Everything that has been covered up, let it be completely silent..."

"I just regret it."

Death extends the hand and pushes his skull mask:

"He is the only mortal who left my Divine Kingdom alive...After his existence dies, Maybe no one will remember the Legendary stories he created anymore. It’s a shame...Is it?"


Galactus took a step forward, he clenched his fists Tight, ten million starlight shines all over him, just like the halo before the world collapses. He said in a deep voice: "The stars will remember, we... will remember!!!"

"Go ahead !"

Galactus raised his fist and wrapped the hundreds of millions of starlight's heavy fists moved towards Cyber's and smashed his body. According to normal circumstances, Cyber's body would be under this fist and be completely transformed by Oblivion. Atom, it represents the ultimate in infinite universe power.

But the moment Galactus's fist fell on Cyber's body, the latter's fist also slammed, as if it were a direct confrontation.

The stone of power was completely activated. The power of this fist easily surpassed Cyber's limit. The power of 6WX6W, in this brief moment, easily blocked Galactus’s killing punch, that kind of unimaginable pairing. The energy collision caused by the collision caused the Wall of Origin behind him to scream overwhelmed.

"Heavenly punishment has begun to take over his body!"

Did Galactus take a few steps back? After standing firmly, he shouted to the other gods:

"Don't wait! Let's go together!"


In an instant, the waves of rays of light annihilated and the stars replaced, a giant, unstable black hole Cyber ​​engulfed it, death waved its scythe, cutting off Cyber's life between the manifested life and death, while eternity entangled the line of time, cutting off Cyber's future, and the infinity that has not spoken comes from the root of the shatter space, Cut the space where Cyber ​​was standing from the multiverse, and let him fall into the black hole of annihilation.

Finally, Galactus instigated the power that made the multiverse tremble, vowing to exist in the concrete form of Cyber's and completely disappear.

The five gods are above the multiverse. They are concrete representations of rules. Their attack is equivalent to the attack of the entire multiverse. Any one of them can easily destroy Cyber, but in that Under the will of the mysterious heavenly punishment, using the six infinite gems integrated into his body as a medium, Cyber ​​was unharmed in this mortal attack.

He uses his strength to fight against Galactus, the purple flame collides with billions of starlight, and every moment can cause the screams of all things.

He uses time to fight against eternity, and the green light spots continue to extend his own existence in the broken timeline.

He uses space to fight against infinity, and the blue shelter shines on the body, forcibly bonding the broken space.

He fights death with his soul, and the soul fire of orange extends a new line of life and death, extending the body from the doomed death.

He uses reality to fight against annihilation, and dark red rays of light form a swaying shield to protect himself from the engulfing and destruction of black holes.

As for the mind...the mind is used for himself. The huge consciousness uses spiritual power to try to obliterate the struggle of the Cyber ​​ontology... This should be a process that could be easily completed, but everything went smoothly. The confrontation is stuck in this seemingly least suspenseful link.


When the battle for the destruction of all realms and the change of all things is going on, the battlefield originally fixed in the black hole changes suddenly. In the eyes of the gods, Cyber's silhouette Back to the wall of origin again.

"Annihilation? He broke through your rules?! How could this be possible!!!"

"no! Not...the wall of origin, that wall is calling him! There is a certain connection between him and that wall!"


The rays of light of the nine-color lantern ring that have been suppressed in this brief moment have been hard to penetrate Bound by the infinite stone, in the shining black and white rays of light, the seven-color lamp ring is reorganized into a rainbow-like halo, connecting Cyber ​​and the wall of origin together.

The Spirit of Existence is on the left, and the Black Death is on the right. Behind the struggling and trembling Cyber, the ion shark, the parallax monster, the blood slaughter the ox, the Yaoshihuanghuang, the desire to python, the conversion Octopus, robber... The seven-color lantern beasts seem to have been given real life. They surround Cyber's body with their own different attack methods, and will entangle the rays of light little by little of the six-color gems on his body. Of drive away.

Galactus’s eyes narrowed, he reached out his hand to stop the death who still wanted to attack, he said in a deep voice:

"It’s the lamp ring...the lamp beasts, they come from On the other side of the wall of origin...they are protecting the mortal!"

"We have to give him some time, maybe...maybe he can perform miracles?"

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