Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 826

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Vengeance Goddess, this is a mysterious existence that has never appeared in the history of the multiverse.

Everything about her seems to have been artificially erased, and the traces of a real Cosmic Entity spirit can be erased. In the multiverse, there is only the life court that manages the life database. Only can do it.

As for why everything about Vengeance Goddess should be erased, this can only be seen from her legacy.

The five gods of the universe correspond to time, space, power, death and annihilation.

And Vengeance Goddess, after self-destruction for some reason, the remaining six gems also include time, space, power, death and annihilation, even more than the five gods of the universe... .

What does this mean?

This means that this little-known heavenly punishment-Nemesis controls almost all the rules of the universe, and judging from the current incomplete state of Cyber, once she is fully recovered, it is likely to be possible By the strength of oneself, tie with the five gods of the universe, and even defeat them!

This is a bit scary, friends, the five gods of the universe are the most powerful existence in the multiverse system under the court of life. They can’t deal with existences that they can’t deal with together. The life court broke the wrist.

The system of coexistence of the two poles is destined to produce Heaven and Earth turning upside down in the stable multiverse order, which is not allowed by the life court!

This has nothing to do with justice and evil, this is just a conclusion drawn from the most rational thinking!

No matter why Nemesis chose to self-destruct in the first heavenly punishment-Nemesis, in short, she is no longer suitable for the current era, and the life court will not allow her to be resurrected in this era... It is the most fundamental conflict of the problem.

Her strength is an unforgivable mistake... and as long as life exists, instinct will fight against threats. No matter how the original heavenly punishment was thought, at least now, she desperately hopes I can recover from this deadly existence.

"Dedicate everything you have to me...I will use your body to forge a new order in the multiverse!"

"Your sacrifice will become a glory !"

Cyber's mind has become a tossing sea. On both sides of the sea, there are two silhouettes standing on each side. Cyber's ontology consciousness is being beaten by the sea, weak and half kneeling on the rocks by the sea. , And opposite him is an unattainable mountain. On top of that mountain, stands an image of a woman wearing a white robe, white and golden intertwined underwear, a golden crown, and a purple woman.

Strength, space, time, reality, mind, and soul, six different powers are arranged behind her body in the form of gems, reflecting a complex pattern, and she is standing there rays of light Among them, it is like the real Heavenly God.

This is a confrontation of will. According to the order of the two, Cyber ​​should have been defeated with no difficulty, but he did not...

In the dim space behind him , Will, love, hatred, fear, greed, compassion, hope, and life and death. The nine-color rays of light protect his body from the dark. Although Cyber ​​is at a disadvantage compared to the other’s tyranny, this It does not mean that he will be obediently surrender.

He lifts the head, his face is full of weakness, but his eyes are still sharp, he looked at heavenly punishment-Nemesis, he retorted loudly:

"Your glory belongs to You, not me..."

"I can dedicate myself to anything else, except for the crazy dreams of a madman!"

"If you want everything you need Sacrifice me to achieve...My only question is..."


"Why do you ask me to sacrifice for you?!"

Faced with this rebuttal, the expression of heavenly punishment is as indifferent as before:

"Because I need you to do this...that's it!"


The sea of ​​mind rolled up the raging waves, and with unrivalled power, the Cyber, who had clenched his teeth, was drawn into the sea. The emotional spectrum behind him was crushed and screamed overwhelmingly, and this This kind of external form of crushing is the six-color rays of light shrouded in Cyber's body. Little by little expels the power of the emotional spectrum connected with the wall of origin out of Cyber's body.

Seeing this scene, death shook the head:

"No way! The power level between him and heavenly punishment is too different...If this goes on, it will only make heavenly punishment. Control his body with a more complete posture!"

"You can't put hope in the struggle of a mortal..."

She waved her dark sickle and moved towards Cyber. In the past:

"I am still accustomed to personally eliminating all unknown possibilities...So, Cyber ​​Hawk, although you have made a miracle and legendary that amazes death, it is a pity... This is the end of your journey..."

"All this is the choice of fate..."

She waved her scythe behind him, including Galactus. Inside, no one tried to stop her, and just before the sickle of death struck Cyber’s neck, a holy white flame rose from the space outside the wall of origin, like a clenched fist, Death is repulsed from the spot!


Along with the tweet of the undying bird, the white rays of light in this brief moment spread out like the sun, wearing white, embroidered with fiery-red Phoenix Phoenix in the emblem robe strode out from the light curtain. She put one hand in the pocket of the robe, and stretched her other hand forward. The fire of creation of Saint White formed a sharp long sword, pointing towards Universe Five. God.

"You are not allowed to interfere with him!"

Phoenix's eyes in this brief moment are extremely cold:

"No one can interfere with Overlord’s choice! It’s the court of life, and it can’t!!!”


The power of the wall of origin was poured into Phoenix’s body, she swung her sword into the sky, where it fell from the sky The golden fist was pushed back by the blade of the power of origin.

Phoenix is ​​not the rank of the court of life. In fact, she is worse than the five gods of the universe, but only in the space of the wall of origin, she has the capital to fight against them...

Because she comes from outside the wall of, equivalent to her doorstep, everything that exists here will help her.

"You finally jumped out! Phoenix, you bitch!"

Death reached out and touched his wrist. There, there was a burn of Saint White, she lifted the head, looking at Phoenix in front of Cyber, she let out a series of harsh laughs:

"Then I can ask you, why are you desperate to protect the humans behind you?"

"Is it really because of affection or friendship? Or, do you fall in love with him? Hahaha, I know this is impossible, you have no feelings! I know this better than anyone else ..."

Faced with this malicious questioning, Phoenix chose to remain silent, but death pressed hard.

"Say! Speak out here, in front of Cyber ​​Hawk, tell him that you are here to protect him!"

"Shut up!!"

Phoenix’s voice rushed towards death with a touch of white sword light, but was blocked by her scythe in the air. Under the black and white rays of light, death once again let out a crazy laugh:

"You come from outside the wall of origin. By coincidence, I know heavenly punishment-Nemesis seems to come from the same place. Then tell me, you from the very beginning, in Cyber ​​Hawk also When I was very weak, I found him and helped him grow up to the present. Is it really in some kind of selfless mutual help? Or... You are actually waiting for today to come..."

"Admit it! Bitch! You lied to him!"

"In your eyes, he is just a pawn for an old friend who is resurrected. How sad...Who is the star The most despicable character under? Tell me! Phoenix, tell me who is the real despicable person!!!"


Dozens of Phoenix fragments are in Phoenix's hand was ignited, and her imposing manner was instantly elevated to a point larger than death. She gritted her teeth and raised the long sword, as if she wanted to completely kill this talkative guy here.

But when Phoenix took the 1st Step, a trembling hand was pressed on her shoulder. Phoenix turned her head and saw that it was very difficult to persist in the confrontation of mind and will. Cyber ​​looked at her with a look waiting for an answer.

"Tell...tell me...the truth!"

"Tell...tell me...she is...she is lying!"


Faced with Cyber's questioning eyes, Phoenix wanted to blurt out and say no, but in the end, she took a deep breath and lowered her head:

"I'm sorry..."

"Nemesis and I were born in the same place. I represent life, and she represents the end. Because of unexpected reasons, we passed through the wall of origin In this unordered world, we were treated harshly by the court of life. Nemesis finally chose to destroy herself. She was tired of the endless escape, and I... I continued to divide the fragments of power, To reduce the threat to yourself in the life court..."

Phoenix said in a hoarse voice:

"We promised to help each other recover, but... this is not It’s my purpose to always stand behind you..."

She lifts the head and looks at Cyber ​​with a sincere gaze. She intermittently explains:

"When you touch When it comes to the first infinite gem, how much I want to stop you... You blame me for not resurrecting Ancient One for you. That’s because I don’t want you to go deeper in this vortex. I’m even willing to put my own Power is lent to you to keep you away from Nemesis...Unfortunately, destiny...Fate finally pushed you to this last step..."

Phoenix's voice fell low :

"I have never had friends. Even with Nemesis, it is only an accompanying relationship. For those hosts, I never disdain to communicate with them on an equal basis. For me, It's just a means of escape... After thousands of years and countless epochs, I thought that my existence was to fulfill my promise..."

"I should have just watched you like this The struggle with Nemesis ended, fulfilling my promise, and then under the power of Nemesis, I was truly free in this multiverse, but I suddenly discovered...Compared with the previous promise, Maybe a true friend is more in the next confrontation, I will not help her, nor will I help you..."

"My friend, Cyber, maybe in your It sounds hypocritical...but this is the best gift I can give you, and I will give you the final choice!"

Phoenix's eyes flashed a rare light, She looked back towards the five gods of glare like a tiger watching his prey, between her fingers flying around, hundreds of Phoenix fragments appeared in the air, lit, and let her im The posing manner improved a little, and finally reached the extreme. She held a sharp sword and stood in front of Cyber. She asked in a deep voice: "Before I fall, I can guarantee... People can bother you! This is what I can give you, the last apology, and the last guard..."

She pursed the corner of her mouth and said in a voice that only two people can hear:

"Am I still your friend? Even after I did such a wrong thing..."

"I...I should hate you..."

Cyber's voice is accompanied by pressing on The arm on Phoenix's shoulders pulled away and sank, but at the moment Phoenix's heart sank, she felt a difficult hug from behind.

"But... Thank you, thank you for finally...choosing friend..."

"If...if I can't come back, please tell them...I... I love them..."

After that, Cyber ​​was struggling to lift the head under Nemesis’s spiritual devastation. Looking at the Wall of Origins behind him, he knew that he was replaced by heavenly punishment. As a result, it means that his existence will completely disappear from this multiverse. No one will remember him, everything he did will be completely erased, and his outsider will truly be dead.

He does not have enough power to fight Nemesis...The power of the emotional spectrum is always limited, and he can feel that if he continues to urge this power, it will cause the emotional spectrum to be confused and make the stars completely chaotic.. .

The survival of the stars has nothing to do with him, and he does not care, but the things he has done, the ones he has vowed to protect, everything he has tried to maintain... all Will therefore scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

Is this what he wants?’s not...

Nothing to hesitate ...He made a choice...

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