Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 827

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"Can you tell me...what is behind this wall?"

Cyber ​​asked softly.

Behind him, Phoenix has fought with the five gods in the form of a Danger Land deathmatch, and the scorching and burning fire of creation dances on the square of the Wall of Origin , In a way of hiding the sky and covering the earth, completely concealing the road to Cyber's.

In the past period of time, the fragments collected by Cyber ​​from all over the universe have become Phoenix’s best combat resources. Each burned piece will revive Phoenix’s power by one point, plus The support of the Wall of Origins allows her to face all this in a short time.

Facing his question, Phoenix’s voice resounded in his mind:

"I don’t know,’s not that I don’t want to answer, but you Remember, the wall of origin has a completely different meaning for every life near it!"

"It represents endless origin!"

" It is like a door to the unknown. Every life that crosses it will reach a different end..."

"So, the last secret of the origin can only be seen with my own eyes. Is it true?"

Cyber ​​clenched his fists, and as he got closer to the wall of origin, the power of the emotional spectrum became stronger. At the moment before standing the weird existence of this golden, The power of feelings can even face up against heavenly punishment.

But still lost...

"Don't do stupid things! Cyber ​​Hawk!"

Heavenly punishment-Nemesis's voice is in Cyber's mind "Phoenix is ​​lying to you! She betrayed my covenant with her, and she will also deceive you... Let me tell you, there is nothing but despair and eternal pain!" Outside...nothing!!!"

"So you trick me like a child..."

Cyber ​​snorted:

"You Do you think I will believe her or believe you?"

"But you will be erased because of it! Listen to me..."

Nemesis's voice also became Be sincere: "Maybe you can cross it, but you have to remember that I have never seen anyone cross the wall of origin for the second time. Once you cross it, it means that no matter what you encounter, you will Say goodbye to this familiar universe..."

"Look, there are your relatives here!!"

With the voice of Nemesis, old man, The silhouettes of Robin, Kevin, Katherine, Ancient One emerged in front of Cyber, so real, they begged Cyber ​​not to leave in various ways.

"Here is your love!"

The picture in front of you turns again, Selina wearing seductive pajamas, Mei holding a big belly, lovely Felicity, and a happy face Diana, who is holding a little boy who can't see clearly, their faces are full of rays of light of expectation and happiness.

"Here are your friends!"

"weng weng weng"

Bruce Wayne, Stark, Clark, Strange, Logan, Charles, Erik, Even Joker, who hadn't seen him for a long time, emerged one by one in front of Cyber, and finally completely filled the calm sea of ​​mind.

"Here is your dream! And your empire!"

The voice fell, those stars conquered by Cyber, those starlight shining in the dark, and that The universe that belongs to her intertwined with light and dark, all of this appeared in front of Cyber.

"Are you willing to give up them? Are you willing to give up all this?"

Nemesis's voice became softer:

"Maybe my previous The expression is a little bit problematic... I can tell you clearly now, Cyber ​​Hawk, the overlord of the stars, I don’t need to completely crush your soul in order to achieve my resurrection... I only need you to give me a part. !"

"It's like the contracts you signed...Remember? You give your soul to others, why can't you give it to me?"

" You see, I only need a little soul, and it won't even affect your life. I only need that little so that you can use my power arbitrarily! Look! What a powerful power! As long as you hold it in your hand. .. The so-called five gods can only experience the shame of failure in front of you! Believe me... as long as we unite, no one can fight us!!!"

"And then?"


Cyber ​​looked at the things in front of him, he took a deep breath, closed his eyes and asked: "What then?"

"What then?"

Nemesis asked loudly: "What are you talking about?!"

"I mean!"

Cyber ​​opened his eyes, and the rays of light in his eyes changed. With unparalleled determination, the illusions in front of him suddenly shattered, as if they had never appeared before:

"I mean, defeat them, and then? Do you compete with the court of life for control of the multiverse? "

"To set off a disaster, set off a war, and everything I am familiar with is disrupted..."

"If you really know my heart... Then you I should know...For me, war and chaos are always just means...From the moment I appeared in this world, until now, what I want has never changed..."

"I wield a butcher knife to protect everything I value! Never to conquer... Never to destroy! Anyone who tries to destroy all of this will be the opponent I want to kill. And I can’t stand the destruction of everything I created for them...even if the threat is me..."

"Also, I think I have to tell you another thing..."

Cyber ​​extend the hand, untie the sleeves of both hands, then throw this precious piece of clothing on the ground, naked, facing the wall of origin in front of him, he took a deep breath , He said softly:

"I am the same as you...I am the same as Phoenix, I do not belong to this world...This is a secret that even Phoenix doesn't know..."

"I used to think about where I came from... straight By the time I stand in front of this gate...I no longer have any doubts..."

"I'm from here! ! ! "

After speaking, he took a step forward and moved towards the wall of origin. At this moment, Jia Khan’s eyes opened, and he stared at Cyber ​​firmly, as if he wanted to see Cyber. He's in the same situation as him.!

It's like a wanderer going home, the moment Cyber ​​steps into the wall of origin, this in The wall that had never been opened in the past billions of years, in the rumbling vibration, slowly opened a gap for him.

White rays of light shone out from it, this scene The five gods who were fighting couldn’t help but stop, lifts the head looked towards the gap, but at the next moment, death rolled on the ground with his eyes in pain.

"no! Don’t look. ! ! Don't look there! ! ! That's not something we can peek into..."

"no! Stop! Don't die! stop! "

The power of Nemesis in this brief moment reveals Cyber's body and turns into an illusory shadow, in an escape-like posture, to charge ahead from Cyber's body, but the next moment Cyber ​​grabbed her illusory arm with his hand.

"Come on! Don't run, my dear heavenly punishment..."

A sincere smile appeared on Cyber's face. With the horrified face of heavenly punishment, it looks so distorted and weird... .

"Let's smile... let's go home together..."

"no! No! ! ”


At the moment when Cyber's silhouette was enveloped by the white light outside the wall of origin, the hole opened for a moment and the door was completely closed, and at the same moment , In the utopia world, in Gotham suspended above the city, in the Cyber ​​villa, all the Christian family members sitting around and eating together, put down the tableware at the same time, a kind of sadness that flows from their hearts, let them She burst into tears.

"What's the matter? Selina? "

Mei looked at the hostess of this house, and she asked in a low voice, "Why are you crying?" "

"I...I don't know! "

Selina reached out and pressed her chest, she replied sullenly:

"I feel, I feel that I have lost something, but I don’t know what I have lost.. .Why are you crying too? "

Mei shook the head, stretched out her hand to wipe away her tears, and then wiped her swollen belly motherly with her face:

"I don’t know, it's probably a sudden emotion Well... the child is about to be born, although his father is already dead..."

"By the way, do you remember his father's name? Why did I suddenly forget..."

"Wait! Does he have a father? Isn't this child a test tube baby? Or I am wrong? "

the entire world, the entire group of stars, everything about Cyber ​​Hawk, is stripped away at a rapid speed under the action of the higher law, and his own existence has been wiped away by little by little Go, except...some strange guy.

"Ah! found it! ! "

Wearing dark red leather armor and carrying double knives, Xiao Jianjian frantically searched in the vast library of Dream God. In the end, he reached out from the dusty bookshelf. A big book, he opened it, and the writing on it had begun to blur.

"Hey! Bastard, I saved you again! ! ! "

After finishing speaking, Deadpool took out another blank book, picked up the pen, and madly copied the little by little characters in this book.


Phoenix's holy light long sword fell on the ground, she herself was weak and limp on the square, she was blinded by looking directly at the secret of the wall of origin. , The five gods who are in the state of waiting for the death of the salted fish, finally, she shook the head.


The flame of Saint White is flying in the air, even with the silhouette of Phoenix Disappeared in this dead space.

"Cyber ​​ friend..."

"I know you will come back, I never doubt... .I will save your everything for you, I will wipe your crown for you..."

"Waiting for your are still the unique and unmatched overlord under the stars! "

So, what happened to Cyber ​​Hawk who crossed the wall of origin?

This is the most private memory of the Overlord himself...

-----The following are the little secrets of Cyber ​​Hawk----


The intensely shining white light lights up in the dim and messy bedroom, Cyber ​​Hawk Awakened from the endless dizziness caused by the white light of the wall of origin, he looked at the less than 20 square meters in front of him in a daze, filled with some debris, and it seemed very chaotic and gloomy.

He glanced back, and behind it was a laptop that was not turned off, with some messy characters shining on it.

He was a little confused about the situation now, and this space, It doesn’t look threatening either.

He squeezed his fist, and a tiny green ion shark was spinning around his body.

"Well, the power is still there. ..."

Cyber ​​sighed, and when he lifted his foot, the voice of ding ding dong dong rang under his feet, he looked down, and it was those six infinite gems. , This made Cyber ​​frowned. This thing is still there.

He bends down, picks up the gem from the ground, and looks at it in the palm of his hand. It is still full of power as before. , But probably because of entering the wall of origin, Nemesis’s breath has been completely eliminated from the infinite gem.

In other words, she has returned to the place where she was born, and That place, and the place where Cyber ​​came, are not together. The most important thing is that she probably has no chance to escape.

"So... I won in the end! "

The shirtless Cyber ​​gave out a cheerful laugh, and the laughter broke the silence of the room. The next second, the door was slammed open. One was wearing a blue T-shirt and white shorts. , Wearing slippers on his feet, a yellow man with disheveled hair, rushed in, holding a baseball bat and shouting.

"Eh! Daring thief, don't run! ! ! "

However, when he saw Cyber's appearing in his room, he suddenly stunned. He tilted his head, looked at Cyber's carefully, and then looked at the counter behind him. On the computer at work, this fatty yelled in horror in the next second, and turned and ran:

"Yang Shou! Overlord from my screen..."


Dead Fatty was kicked to the ground by Cyber ​​from behind. His foot was on the back of this Fatty, He bent down, picked up the collar, and easily pulled Fatty from the ground, then patted the dust on his body in a gentle manner, and whispered: "So... I guess you It's easy to get me back, right? My sad Creations person..."

"And the sufferings I have suffered... I suddenly felt that it was necessary for me to have a good talk with you about these things..."


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