Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 828

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"The reason why a secret is called a secret is because it cannot be known by too many people at the moment it is born..."

Mengshen is sitting in his library, holding a book in his hand. The book has been turned to the last page. Although his eyes are covered by pure white silk cloth, it will not affect his taste for beauty. s story.

The one sitting across from him was someone he didn't know. It seemed that Dream God was telling his favorite story for this strange visitor.

But before finishing this story, the dream god lifts the head, he looked at the silhouette of the black trench coat opposite, he paused and asked in a low voice:

" Then the guest, when the story is about to finish, are you still unwilling to tell me who you are?"

The man was holding hot tea in his hand and leaning on the chair in a leisurely manner, facing Regarding Mengshen’s question, he extended the hand shook his finger:

"Don’t worry, my friend, let’s finish the story before telling..."

His voice It’s not strong, but there is a trait inherent in it that makes Dream God subconsciously choose to obey. He is nodded and refocuses on the book in his hand:

"Okay, then As you wish..."

"cough cough"

Meng Shen cleared his throat, put his finger on the fragment on the last page, and he read aloud:


"No one knows what Bawang saw behind that door. Even though tens of thousands of people try to find the ultimate answer to the ultimate question, Bawang has remained silent about it. Maybe he knows it himself and hastily announced this answer. , Will make waves in the universe that has just restored calm, but no matter what, when the king returns to the multiverse from that door...people will know..."

"belongs to this multiverse The new era of the universe has arrived..."

The voice of Dream God was undulated and frustrated. Listening to him tell a story is simply the most beautiful enjoyment. He stopped, and with a more impassioned voice I read the last paragraph:

"At the end of the story, let us observe the journey of the king..."

"In the once chaotic Gotham, in the dark fog He was born here. He is the crimson devil who brings blood. That is the evil he represents..."

"In the hesitating Mutant world, in the confused crowd, he struggles with Therefore, he is the third leader of the sudden emergence. That is the persistence he represents..."

"In the intertwined entanglement of Earth civilization, in the confrontation against endless evil, he slaughtered here, He is the cruel sword that cuts fetters, that is the salvation he represents..."

"In the vast starry sky, on the journey to the stars, he became famous here. He is The wise leader who leads civilization, that is the conquest he represents..."

"He is worshipped, hated, praised, cursed, some people love him, others hate him..."

"His heart is like a sharp blade, never hesitating, never hesitating, let alone wavering. He has suffered defeat, but in the end, victory is in his hand..."

" He is a diverse Legendary..."

"This is his unfinished story...this That is, the story of the overlord..."

The voice of the dream god in this brief moment reached the apex, like a piece of music played to the top, and then slipped quietly, leaving the whole hall in a quiet aftertaste When he finished reciting the last word, an indescribable feeling was enveloped in the dream Divine Heart, as if it was a ray of sunlight from the clouds, completely releasing the covered part of his heart.

The awakened memory made Yumengami’s consciousness hesitate for that second, but at the next moment, he lifted the head abruptly and saw Cyber ​​sitting opposite him, shaking the cup, yes He smiled.

"Oh, overlord... when are you..."

Meng Shen was shocked, and Cyber ​​silenced him mysteriously and secretively Posture:

"I'm here...I never left..."

With a hint of hesitation, Meng Shen closed the book in his hand. Conversely, in the corner of the book, there is a clumsy signature. Obviously, this may be the only one in this library that was not written by him.

And this also solved all the doubts in his heart.

"This thing saved our memory of you..."

Meng Shen picked up the story book in his hand and shook it. He looked at Cyber:

"The moment you entered the wall of origin, the will of the multiverse erased all the memory of your existence, but this book alone records all of this, so you need me who represents the memory of all living beings Read it out... let this world remember you again."


Cyber ​​nodded, he put down his teacup:

"This is the purpose of my coming here. When you go through the suffering untold hardships, go back to this world, and find that no one remembers you except a lunatic in this world, it will always make people very uncomfortable.. ."

He spread his hands, stretched his waist, and said to Dream God:

"Okay, trouble you, I'm leaving... the most difficult Time has passed. I think it’s time for myself to take a long vacation and enjoy life."

He stood up, adjusted his clothes, turned and left, but just after he took a few steps At the time, a hesitant voice of Dream God sounded behind him:

"Overlord, can you tell me...what did you see behind that door?"

Hearing this question, Cyber’s mouth turned into a smile. He looked back at Dream God and said playfully: "Is this important?"

"That is the origin after all. The wall...the secret place where all things are born, and you, you are what I know. Since the birth of pluralism, there is only one person who can come back from that door intact, although I know this question is presumptuous.. ."

Mengshen gritted his teeth:

"But I still want to know...this should be regarded as my curiosity."

Cyber Standing in place, he thought for a moment, extend the hand, looking at the six jewels on the back of his hand, he whispered:

"I don't know..."


Mengshen snorted suspiciously, and Cyber ​​crossed his fingers to explain:

"Because every life that enters it will walk into its own origin. So, if you want to know what you will see when you enter it, I really don’t know. As for me... if you have to ask, I can only tell you..."

"I was in it and saw the reality...the real reality!"

"It's just like this?"

Dream God is still a little skeptical, while Cyber ​​is generously akimbo, He smiled and said:

"Look, this journey did not make me stronger, nor did it change my consciousness and soul. If it What special meaning is there, I can only say that it allows me to understand the essence of the existence of this multiverse and its absurd origin, but no matter how bad this universe is, where it was born, we still To live here, or pain, or happiness... because we can only belong here, right? "

"This...Frankly speaking, I can't understand..."

The dream god shook the head, he extends the hand, in the wind swaying back and forth in the library , Another book fell into his hands:

"But I decided to trust you...and, in return for your willingness to answer this question, would you like to listen to another’s a very Great story, a story I just collected from a corner of the multiverse, a story about death, about conquest, about self and salvation, and about the king of the dead. "

Cyber ​​took out a pocket watch from his arms, opened it to check the time, and then sat across from the dream god.

"I still have some time...seriously, listen. Your storytelling is a kind of enjoyment. By the way, what is the name of this book? "

"I call it "Tracks of the Dead", the protagonist, an elf named Tyrion..."

The voice of Dream God turned tactfully again, as in With the singing of birds flying in the morning light, he opened the page and put his finger on the fragment exuding the fragrance of ink. He whispered: "The beginning of the story is a meeting of old friends. It was on the ground called Hillsbrad Hills..."


Queen Katherine is sitting On the train from Utopia to the world, as the nominal supreme commander of Mutant, she enjoys a certain privileged status. She has a separate carriage, gorgeous decorations, and security guards, selected from the entire Mutant society. The guard who came out.

It sounds like some kind of backward system of a feudal kingdom, but it is not like that. Katherine has never asked for all of this, and she does not have the kind of hedonic thinking like heaven granting kingship. , All of this was voluntarily contributed by the Mutants to the Queen Your Majesty.

After civilization has completely stepped into the starry sky, what matches science and technology is the rapid development of human civilization, in the entire Earth civilization. When the restrictions on the state are gradually removed and integrated into a united whole, the discrimination and exclusion of Mutant have become memories that belong only to the past.

Utopia, this The Holy City in Mutant’s heart has also become more prosperous.

Everyday all Mutants from all over the world go here, some are to pay tribute to those heroes who have done everything for Mutant’s liberation, and some are to join this The country, and some, is to see the legendary scenery with your own eyes.

As a country governed by a parliament, the queen's role is mostly limited to national representatives, and when necessary, come forward To fight for her country, Katherine does not deal with government affairs. The trustworthy Speaker Charles has established an extremely efficient government system. What she has to do every day is to participate in various activities and meetings.

Frankly speaking, Katherine dislikes this kind of life very much. After all, she is just a young girl in her 20s.

Katherine's has been in a bad mood recently, because she always There is an inexplicable feeling that I seem to have lost a part of her memory, and part of her soul is missing, and her intuition tells her that it is a very important memory, but no matter how she looks for it or whom she turns to, she can’t understand it. To the truth of the matter.

Even Professor Charles, a powerful psychic user, cannot solve this problem. In the mystery.

"So, who are you?!"

Katherine sat in her seat, turned her head and looked at the flashing scenery outside the car window, and she appeared again The silhouette of the black trench coat, she can feel that it is a very important person to her, but she can’t remember his face, can’t remember his name, and can’t even be sure whether he really exists, even though he does it every day. At night, it will appear in her dreams.

In her past stories, this person seems to occupy a very important position, but...she can’t remember!

Even if she travels through time countless times and goes back in time, she can only see the lonely silhouette, but always see his face. Is there anything more desperate than this?

But today, the situation seems to have changed.

With the silhouette slowly consolidating in front of Katherine's eyes, the memory of him, like a secret buried under the sea, emerged little by little.


When I saw his face clearly for the first time, Katherine stood up abruptly. About Cyber's memory fully recovered, she saw herself and Cyber's encounter , I saw what I and Cyber ​​had experienced, and in the end, all these heavy memories made the girl burst into tears.

" could I forget you? How could I forget, it shouldn't be like this..."

Katherine turned around , The space shattered behind her, she stepped into the black tunnel, next moment, she appeared in a strange home, Gotham City, Cyber ​​Villa.

The moment Katherine stepped into the living room, she saw her sisters who had already parted ways.

Mei sat on the sofa with a big belly. Selina was beside her to wipe her tears, while Felicity was sitting aside, rubbing her head vigorously. The most conspicuous one was Diana. She seemed to have just left the battlefield. Coming back, the armor and sword on her body were still stained with blood. Katherine lifts the head. On the edge of the second floor, she also saw a mysterious aunt that hadn't appeared for a long time.

That is Ms. Nick Nicks who calls herself Phoenix.


The dark red rays of light appeared next to Katherine, and Barry .Allen in casual clothes appeared next to the queen. He grabbed Katherine's hand and whispered:

"My dear, you remember him, right? I just just..."

Katherine's boyfriend Barry hasn't finished talking yet, a familiar silhouette is just Walking out of the kitchen, he was holding two plates of freshly fried vegetables in his hands, and he was wearing a funny-looking apron. When he saw Katherine's, his eyes narrowed and he showed a warm smile.

"Welcome home...Little Katherine."

"Big brother!"

Queen Your Majesty, in a posture of a baby swallow coming home, It rushed into Cyber's arms like a cannonball. If it weren't for the strength of the Overlord himself, the vegetables in his hand would have been spilled on the ground.

And Katherine didn't care about this, she pressed her head against Cyber's arms, tears flowed freely.

"I miss you so much..."

"Okay, goodbye, they are all big children..."

Cyber ​​touched his chin Touched Katherine's head, and then set his gaze on Barry, who was at a loss, his eyes became serious and weird:

"Ah, then, I will give you the younger sister and let you teach She travels through time... and you, a little bastard, want to take the opportunity to steal my younger sister?"

"I... listen to my explanation..."

Barry scratched Turning his head, looking at Cyber ​​with some fear, he said in a bit embarrassed manner:

"This is just a happy relationship, really is...I swear to protect her! Believe me !”

“ding dong ”

The door bell rang in this brief moment, which eased Barry’s embarrassment. He hurriedly opened the door, but the door was full of friends who came over. NS.

Professor Charles in a wheelchair, Erik Lansher pushing a wheelchair, Bruce Wayne family holding Damian, Clark family and their newly born son Mjor, There are also the Logan family, the Steve family, the Strange family, the Stark family, the Coulson family, the Sergei family, the Zodd family, the Slei family, the little cheap family who are breaking up because of the change in love, and the newly married little spider family.

There are Nick Fury, Zheng Xian, Barton, Romanoff, Maria Hill who came back alone, Kevin and Robin brothers who have recovered their sanity, and close lovers Black Panther Techaka and Storm Ororo , Eight of the Knights of the Apocalypse, and 13 Goddess of the darkness of Universe 200000, and finally carrying a travel bag, have endured the hardships of a long journey, and the Ancient One who quietly followed the crowd, with an unhappy face, and did not show up for a long time. The Joker and Harley Quinn who adhered to him...

The little demons who came back from all corners of the universe, the upper level of Devil Gang and the Mutants who had intersections with Cyber.

Everyone...everyone is here...

Cyber ​​looks at the friends in front of him, even if it is him, there are tears in his eyes. I have experienced so much Later, he could see these old friends again, and he also felt warm and excited.

"Welcome everyone...I'm back..."

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