Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 829

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Chaos and order are always opposed to each other and transform each other. In this universe, there is no eternal chaotic civilization, but after the extreme chaos, it is often The birth of a new order.

It is undoubtedly very reasonable to use this theory to look at the civilization changes of the old world.

After the development of New World, that is, Utopia, is on the right track, the resources from New World have greatly eased the many frictions in the old world caused by the lack of resources, and because civilization has entered the starry sky, it needs to unite everything. The forces that can be united, so driven by this trend, the Human Survival Alliance step by step integrated world resources.

Although the process has not been very smooth...

The stupid things that the Australian government has done are no exceptions. In the process of integrating civilization, narrow nationalists fan the flames everywhere. After the war, small-scale demonstrations and wars broke out in the newly established Dongying, the South Asian Peninsula and the civilized regions of South America, and the Human Survival Alliance took a very tough attitude towards this.

The unification of civilization is already driven by the general trend. Anyone who tries to stop all of this will be ruthlessly crushed. Less than 4 months after the omnipotent Legion entered the War Zone, Earth has the least civilization. In name, unity was completely achieved.

Of course, we are not talking about these jumping Jokers, but the real problems facing the Human Survival Alliance. be precise, the European hinterland.

The war of faith left to this land fourteen years ago is a certain influence that has not been able to eliminate until now. Almost all the believers of the entire world gather here, but they are actually harmless. !

The most fanatical group has long since died in the war to defend their Spiritual God and faith. The rest are pan-believers who are unwilling to give up their faith, but leave behind the Spiritual God and life. Apart from different understandings, they are actually no different from other human beings.

However, the trauma left by the disaster of faith to the world is so great that the survivors of the disaster are not willing to accept the existence of these believers anymore.

But for the rulers and managers, this is an issue that cannot be ignored. They cannot leave Europe aside like ordinary persons, even though they did it themselves fourteen years ago. The believer development policy of "no participation, no promotion, no responsibility" has been set.

Just like what the Bawang said in a conference:

"If the believers in Europe can rely on their own strength to rebuild their belongings in the chaos of losing faith Their civilization, then we don’t hesitate to reopen our arms to them."

Now, after a long and distant fourteen years, this thorny humanitarian and humanistic problem has finally entered the final solution. stage.


With the black and white atmosphere, the shuttle boat landed quietly on the New York airport, and everyone at the reception desk subconsciously adjusted their clothes. .

Chairperson Charles is sitting in his wheelchair. Next to him is a serious-faced Nick Fury. The current secret intelligence officer of the Human Survival Alliance has wrinkles on his face. It is time for him. The traces left on the body, but the rays of light shining in the one-eyed eye still make people reluctant to look at him, like a sharp blade hidden in time, still sharp when unsheathed.

On the other side of the speaker is the rotating speaker of the Supreme Council of the Alliance for the Survival of Mankind, the former Prime Minister of Britain, Mr. Mountbat.

These three heavyweights of the Human Survival Alliance appeared here to welcome the leaders of European countries who came to the civilized world to break the diplomatic deadlock for the first time.

In the fourteen years of development, they finally relied on their own strength to overcome chaos and rebuild order. Of course, because 100% of the people are believers, their civilization is more like a religious state in the Middle Ages. Although with the continuous assistance of the outside world, their system did not lag behind civilization, but from the slightly weird dress of the leaders who stepped out of the shuttle, it can be seen that there is still a gap between them and the civilization world.

"Welcome to you, Somert bishop."

In the flashing lights around, Speaker Barmont extends the hand, and the man on the opposite side is wearing a robe with a red hat , The old man with a temperament of asceticism held each other together. When the two embraced slightly, Speaker Barmont whispered: "Welcome back, old friend...We have not seen each other in 14 years. Face."

"But I don’t think this will affect our friendship, old friend."

Mr. Bishop also responded very mildly. Before the disaster of faith, they They used to be old friends who talked about everything, but now they have become representatives of two civilizations.

On the other side, Nick Fury looked at the middle age person in a suit opposite with a hint of coldness. This guy is a little bald, but the breath exuding all over his body is surprisingly similar to Nick Fury. Obviously , This is also a secret job practitioner.

"Hassan, you still lost in the end!"

Nick Fury said softly: "It seems that you, who are the descendants of Assassin, are not as good as your ancestors showed. So magical..."

"We lost because our people desire to return to the civilized system."

This bald middle age person is indifferent and laughed:

"It does not mean that our assassin is weaker than your SHIELD agents. If I remember correctly, 174 infiltrations in 14 years, your success rate seems to be less than 40%? "

"That's because Europe has become a place for us to train new agents..."

Fury sneered:

"Our best Spectre Agents are active on the interstellar stage. They fight for the well-being of mankind every day. Because of their dedication, our fleet can flow unimpeded among the stars... Hassan, your trick is outdated. Just like your vision, disappointing..."

These words made the spy leader named Hassan look somewhat unsightly, but after a moment, he breathed a sigh of relief and stared at Fury:

"Soon...our confrontation will begin among the stars, Fury, I will prove that the power of inheritance is greater than you think!"

"oh? "

Fury smiled at the corner of his mouth. He extended the hand and said softly:

"Very well, as wanderers returning to the civilized system, my future performance of you, wait and see...”

Another person stood in front of Speaker Charles. He has blue skin and a conspicuous tail. Obviously, this is a faithful Mutant. His skin was engraved with sacred scriptures. He was dressed like a demon in a robe belonging to the priests. He kneeled in front of Speaker Charles respectfully, and whispered:

"Mr. Charles, We...finally go home..."

"Child, you are called Nightcrawler, right?"

As the leader of Mutant, Professor Charles gently puts his palms on On his shoulder, he whispered:

"Utopia will always welcome any Mutant... Regardless of whether you believe in or not, we have never regarded you as enemies, and Queen Katherine will also express your return. Joy...Welcome home, child."

Just this sentence made the Pastor Mutant tearful , This guy had a little bit of intersection with Cyber ​​and Katherine at a very early time. It stands to reason that he should have joined Utopia very early, but after the war of faith broke out, this Mutant, who grew up in a church, still Took a lot of Mutant believers to Europe.

Now, they are already a very important force among the believers in European countries.

One day later, European countries and the Alliance for the Survival of Mankind jointly issued a statement that the European countries that have been outside the civilized system for fourteen years officially joined the Alliance for the Survival of Mankind, and the boundaries of the country will be removed. They will receive official resident status and enjoy all the rights that the people deserve.

And Europe, will also be classified as a special administrative region, here will become the final place of faith for the final integration of human civilization.

Similarly as Cyber ​​said:

"Whether there is faith is not the root of the problem. Under the influence of faith, whether you can maintain rational self-thinking is the only way to identify threats. Way..."

"So, your game in Europe should also be over..."

In Gotham's Wayne Manor, the slightly blessed Mayor Bruce picked He lowered his glasses and looked at Joker, who was sitting across from him with no signs of aging. He said in a deep voice:

"European civilization is integrated into human civilization. You should be very clear that the Alliance for the Survival of Mankind will not allow A true divine creature continues to make waves there... Am I right, Joker Death God?"


Joker dismissed it in his hands The red wine glass was placed on the table, he held his arms, snorted:

"If it wasn't for Cyber ​​to steal the black lamp ring that should have belonged to me...Where do you have a good day? ..."

As he spoke, his voice became weird again, he twitched Bruce's body up and down, he squinted his eyes and said with a smile:

" speaking of which, we haven’t played a game for a long time, my Batman...Would you like to continue our fateful battle in Gotham after I come back from Europe?"

"But seriously, Look at what you are now, with loose muscles, slow senses, at least 40% weight gain, fat bat, can you still be able to punch me with your fists? I'm curious..."

Not funny joke, Bruce shook the head, both of his hands propped on the table, fingers crossed, looking at the Joker in front of him:

"Batman has disappeared in Gotham for 14 years, because of Gotham You don’t need him anymore, but believe me, Joker, if you dare to do things on my turf, I can guarantee that you will still be beaten to death by Batman...just the same as 14 years ago !"

"Does it depend on you?"

Joker's voice became very ruthless, a ghostly phantom holding a balance flashed behind him, he extended the Hand means, clenched in the air:

"The whole Europe is shrouded in my shadow, are you not afraid of me?"


distribute The icy Trident protruded from the shadow behind him, and steadily placed it on Joker’s neck. Behind him, a y wearing bat battle clothes oungster said coldly:

"Then you can come to our Gotham to have a try...I am not the same as father. I learned from Cyber ​​Uncle since I was a child. I have no habit of being merciful to opponents! "

"Oooh ~"

Joker extend the hand, flicking the sharp blade on his neck, he said without looking back:

" Little Damian... the son of his father, tch tch, Batman wandering among the stars, this is really the tradition of your Wayne family... Doesn't you feel uncomfortable if you are not a hero? "

"Of course, the hero's blood is flowing in my body..."

The grown up Damian bent down and whispered in Joker's ear: "It's like the chaos The blood is flowing in your blood vessels, but to be honest, Jack...your era has passed, you are already an old man abandoned by the era..."



Joker's silhouette in this brief moment turned into a black shadow and disappeared in Wayne's office. He dropped a sentence:

"Bruce, your son's tutor is really not good. .. I don’t know how to respect the elderly, but to be honest, Damian has been active in the Sagittarius galaxy recently, right? Very good, very good...I will go to you soon. "

"The games of the stars...Ah, it really makes my blood boil...Hahahahaha! "

In the iconic mad laughter, Joker disappeared completely, and on the desk in front of him, a smeared and messy Joker poker remained there, like an invitation.

"You made a mistake, Damian..."

Bruce rubbed his forehead, with an undisguised worry on his face: "You shouldn't be so provocative about Joker. That lunatic is very difficult to deal with, even your Cyber ​​Uncle, it used a lot of energy back then to defeat him. "

Damian picked up the card indifferently. He took off the black bat helmet and revealed a younger face that resembled Bruce. He smiled and said:

"Father, are you afraid of him? "

"no! I'm not afraid..."

Bruce leaned on the chair and looked at his grown up son. He whispered, "I mean, if The provocation just now was not part of your plan, but a temporary intention, then you were a little too reckless..."

"Don't worry! father! "

Damian laughed and put the Joker poker in his pocket. He rubbed his stomach and said, "I already have a complete plan, and where is mother?" Why don’t the chefs cook yet? I’m so hungry..."

"Rachel is going to the 10th anniversary celebration of the Gotham Sisterhood. She and the ladies are probably going to play late, we Give the servant a few days off...Come on, son, let's take old Alfred to eat out... Maybe we can meet you Cyber ​​Uncle and sit down for a drink. "

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