Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 830

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There is a small hell in Gotham. This matter has been known to many people. Within the city of Gotham, lifespan will be extended. This matter is also known to many people.

everyday all There are countless people applying to settle in Gotham, but 99% of them will be rejected. This city, which has now been upgraded to an interstellar commercial city, has expanded 25 times in area and is already overcrowded. .

Damian drove the latest black levitating car, carrying his father and old steward Alfred, waiting for the road ahead in the traffic of Gotham night sky, looking down from the sky, the whole Gotham They are all shrouded in brilliant brilliance, just like a real city that never sleeps.

"Ai, there have been too many alien nobles who have immigrated in the past few years... Their living habits have also changed the city, which makes people very uncomfortable."

Alfred, who was already very old, sat in the back seat. He looked vigorous, neat and tidy with his white hair combed. Although the Wayne family no longer needed his service and regarded him as a real family member, Alfred still Abiding by the duties of a housekeeper, he babblingly introduced the young Master:

"You have not come back for a long time. How many times have I expected that when I opened my eyes, I can see you Take your girlfriend home...Although the master is not willing to say so much, I know that he and his wife are actually looking forward to the birth of their grandson."

Seeing Damian's face a headache , Old Alfred aggravated his tone of dissatisfaction:

"You must at least let me see with my own eyes that the Wayne family can continue to inherit..."

"Gosh, I'm only 19 years old..."

The road in front of him was clear. Damian drove the hover car into the airspace road on the left. He glanced at the panting with rage in the rearview mirror. Alfred, he said softly:

"Don’t worry, Alfred, you can live a long time. You can definitely see my son and even my grandson born...Cyber ​​Uncle promised me "

"Living too long is not a good thing, Damian Young Master, you are still young, you don’t understand this kind of thinking."

old steward looked at the scenery outside the window, some Nostalgic said:

"Although Gotham is now more luxurious and lively, I will still return to Gotham in my dreams. At that time, Gordon was still Gotham's police chief, and the master was still young. Even Cyber ​​is just a little guy in the Old Titch Tavern. That belongs to our era. We should end with that era. Look at this era..."

Alfred look In the floating car next to him, there was a fellow Earth who was kissing an alien woman with a hot figure and wearing a cool blue skin. He turned his head in dissatisfaction: "It's really getting us Old Guy can’t understand it anymore."

Bruce also saw the youngster who was making love. It was dangerous to drive while kissing. This guy drove the car off the normal track under the mayor’s gaze. Soon, a police airship rushed over and took the car along with the loveless little lovers.

"The number of these Cruisers has been too much recently..."

Bruce whispered:

"It seems that these interstellar gypsies must be restricted. A large influx of people into Gotham, their poor living habits will cause a lot of trouble to our orderly city."

"I heard that the past few days, those cruise firefighters and local sex work They are vying for business in those flower streets and alleys. They also hired some gangsters to fight in remote places, and even the competing parades made a lot of noise..."

Damian looked at her. Mayor Father, he smiled and said:

"Are you not going to take care of it?"

"Do you want me to come forward for this kind of thing?"

Bruce's dissatisfied snorted:

"Gotham is now inhabited by 154 alien races, which are not counted as those smuggled in. The relationship between them is tangled and complicated. There are war refugees and promising The alien aristocrats who surrendered Earth civilization, and some admirers of civilization, not just Gotham, but also other cities..."

"The living habits of aliens have exploded in New York. After several large-scale riots, the MIB group almost broke their legs. There is also the third new Tokyo city in the 11th district. Because of these problems, they have changed three mayors within one year. This is interstellar. The pain that must be endured in the process of civilization integration...We can’t drive them all out..."

As mayor for more than ten years, Bruce would be subconsciously even when speaking to his son. With some official accents: "In the past ten years, the Earth Civilization has put 47 galaxies under management. Within a short period of time, we must digest these resources in order to carry out further expansion. And this kind of fusion between civilizations must be led by Earth civilization. Regardless of whether those aliens like it or not, when they come to Earth, they must live in the way of Earth people..."

" Fusion..."

Damian is not a fool who doesn’t know anything. He looked at the pub in front of him, hesitated, and finally said in a low voice:

"It’s just that I heard that Cyber ​​Uncle’s Legion recently executed a planned and staged mass murder in the Greater Triangle Galaxy. Tens of billions of people have been displaced as a result...Even our strongest ally, the new star, Legion. Condemn us..."

"Then what do you think? My son."

Bruce did not immediately answer his son's doubts. Asked, instead, he looked at Damian in the rearview mirror, and he asked in a deep voice, "Do you also think this massacre is wrong? "

"I don't know, I haven't been to the Great Triangle Galaxy, but...but I believe in Cyber ​​Uncle. "

"Then I will tell you, although the supreme command of the demon Legion is still in Cyber, in fact, Cyber ​​has not managed the internal affairs of Legion for at least five years. It is said that hell Because of the fight for power and profit, the council caused many internal rebellions, but they were all brutally suppressed by the demon speaker Sim. This time, it was Sim’s Black Dragon Cross Legion who performed the massacre mission. "

Bruce lowered his voice:

"But you must know that although child and interstellar pirates were helpful to Earth civilization at the very beginning, at this stage, we It is no longer necessary for them to find resources among the stars for us, and the large triangle stars happen to be in the hinterland of the Earth civilization, so their existence is already a hidden danger for us..."

"The Supreme Council has always been tough on this kind of uncontrollable hidden danger... But the pirate lord Starkar is still aware of the times. Before the massacre began, he took the initiative to attach to the Earth civilization and gave the demon Legion a lot. Intelligence, and according to the information I got, he will be a popular candidate for the next Governor of the Great Triangle Star. "

This kind of internal news made Damian's eyes widened. He curled one's lip a little disdainfully:

"It turned out to be a traitor..."

This The answer made Bruce frowned:

"What is a traitor? For us, people like Starkar are the more the is impossible to manage so many galaxies with the manpower of Earth civilization alone! "

"Aren't there still omnics? "

Damian lowered the suspended vehicle into the airspace and slowly drove into the streets of the original Gotham dock area. This area has been converted into an office area, full of tall and gorgeous office buildings and some These civilized embassies in Earth.

"Oh, President Jarvis said in the last federal report that he himself could not guarantee that in areas far from the core of Earth’s civilization, those with high altitude Will the self-logical omnipotent manager show signs of rebellion, and don’t forget that until the soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed Ultraron is completely eliminated, the omnipotent manager cannot become the sole manager. This is their own suggestion. . "


The suspension vehicle parked on the street of this street. At the edge of the intersection of the new city and the old city, there is a plain residential area. Damian opened it for safety. Take it, and help old Alfred out of the floating car, and together with his father, walk to the very low-key tavern ahead.

This is a place that only the old residents of Gotham's know about. Here is the purest wine of Gotham. , There are some delicious dishes, very popular with the older generations, but Gotham's youngsters don’t like this kind of old people getting together, depressed, belonging to the place of the previous era, they prefer to go to the commercial street in Gotham New Town , Where you can taste a variety of dishes from the entire universe.

But when the Wayne family walked to the entrance of the tavern, Bruce saw several silhouettes that shouldn’t be here.


"What's wrong? Father ”

Damian looked at Bruce parked in the same place suspiciously. He followed Bruce’s gaze and saw a man and two women coming down from another suspended vehicle. A metal blindfold, wearing a golden robe, a youngster with blond hair like a lion, and a crown of thorns, beside him is an indifferent woman wearing a white robe, a small crown, and a long sword.

On the other side of him is even more noticeable. It is an arrogant lady with a green robe, black hair and weird smoky makeup.

These three The guys appeared in a huge pomp. Under their feet, a submissive attendant spread the gorgeous red carpet for them, extending to the interior of the tavern, and around them, there were Kings wearing golden armor and holding a war spear. Guards, almost guarding these three people tightly.

If the door of this tavern is not big enough, I am afraid they will not be able to squeeze in.

But this kind of style , Or let the old men who come to drink discuss spiritedly. Everyone guesses that this should be the Imperial Family of some weird civilization or the great character, but there is no shortage of such people in Gotham. The Earth civilization has been in ten years. Having conquered 47 large galaxies, many of those exiled nobles chose to emigrate to Earth, and there are even more than a dozen alien kingdoms in New York.

Based on this open mind, everyone is just talking. Not many people give them unfriendly attention.

"Are they? "

Damian is a bit familiar with this weird dress, and when he was puzzled, Bruce said in a deep voice:

"It's from Asgard...The man headed by is Divine King Thor. Odin Sen, as well as his queen Sif, and his sister, Ms. Hela, the queen of the underworld as the two kings. "

"Ah! It's them! "

Damian's eyes became sharp immediately:

"They are the most massive and toughest insurgents in the galaxy... They dare to appear here! "

"Go, let's go in! "

Bruce walked towards the tavern and he whispered:

"These guys have been hostile to Earth civilization for more than ten years. From the beginning of the Battle of the Evil Gods to the present, they have almost cut off from us. All forms of connection are stuck on the other side of the galaxy, but since they appear here... either declare war or... just surrender. "

"speaking of which, I don't know much about these guys. "

Damian helped old Alfred walk into the tavern. He curiously asked: "But I seemed to have heard from my tutor in the history class of the university. For a while, they didn’t have a very good relationship with us. NS? In my memory, it seems that Divine King Thor had been to Gotham as a guest, and for a while, the news was all about his heroic actions with the Avengers, but why did he become hostile in the end? "

"Hahaha, Damian, you are still just a child, how can you remember so much?" "

Alfred patted Damian's hand with a smile, and replied in a low voice:

"The reason why they are hostile to us is very simple...their old king betrayed us and caused The Ancient One mage died, and then your Cyber ​​Uncle took your father and other heroes into their world, destroyed that world, and killed their king and queen. From then on, two A civilization is in this irreconcilable state. "

This explanation made Damian suddenly realize, but when he walked into the elevator, he shrugged and said to old steward with a relaxed look:

"I think every story about Cyber ​​Uncle , It seems that they all started with killing and ended with slaughter and destruction. He is really a standard warrior Legendary..."

Old Alfred frowned, after a while, he shook the head:

"You’re right to say that. Anyway, since I met Cyber, he seems to have always been like this, but you can’t deny that he is a truly great Legendary in this world, in all aspects, uh, actually You may be able to learn from him in one aspect..."

"Fighting? Or as an individual, won the title of the most glorious gladiator king in the galaxy? I have been working hard in moving towards this direction! "

Damian be eager to have a try, and Alfred shook the head, gritted his teeth and said:

"No! It's about his private life... I hope you can also have 4 wives, no, at least 5! "

"Heavens! You should spare me..."

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