Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 831

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Just as the Wayne family began to taste their own dinner, in a box of this special pub, great characters from Asgard were also waiting for an important moment here 's arrival

As one of the nominal commanders of Asgard, Thor's expression at this time is not very good-looking. This is normal. In history, any defeated person who is forced to sign a surrender treaty will not be happy.

But more than ten years of ruling career has made Thor a qualified king. At least he knows that in matters related to the future of the country, there must be no personal emotions mixed in.

In contrast to his gloomy complexion, the expression of Hela's, the queen of the underworld sitting on his left, is completely shameful and mad.

"I will take this opportunity to kill him!"

Hela's clenched his fists and whispered, "As long as you kill him, everything can be solved, and all problems will be solved. Re-exist!"

"Cyber ​​Hawk, this guy is the real Myriad Evil Origin!"

"But my grumpy sister, you can't kill him... in this land No one can kill him...otherwise we don’t need to come here humble."

An illusory silhouette appeared beside the three people. He pulled out the chair and sat on it. Although this guy looks like a Spectre, he is dressed like a king. In fact, in the kingdom of Asgard, the so-called two kings are more like three kings... Loki is a king hidden in the shadows. When Thor and Hela need his evil wisdom, he will always come up with the right way.

But this time, even Loki, who is full of tricks, has no way to reverse the decline.

"Shut up! Loki!"

Hela cursed violently:

"It was all because of your bad plan that let us fall into In this dilemma! If you are still alive, I will chop off your head without the slightest hesitation and hang it under my throne! Let everyone see, the fate of an idiot!"

"Now you start to blame me again?"

Loki sneered undauntedly:

"Earth people step by step occupy the entire galaxy. They didn't act on us because they didn't. Cost-effective, but sooner or later! Sooner or later, they will not tolerate a place in the galaxy that does not belong to them. Is it to expand outward, before the final war, is it wrong to find a new land for our people?"

"The only mistake is probably that your army stupidly stepped into the world full of insects without a plan...Look at what good things you have done! We finally found it The colony of Divine King is about to be eaten up by the insect!"


The quarrel between the sister and the younger brother made Divine King's mind more confused, and Thor shouted With a sound, the golden thunder and lightning fluttered back and forth in the box. He took a deep breath and looked at Hela and Loki in front of him. He said loudly:

"Enough! We are not here to fight!"

"Yes, we are here to surrender in humiliation... and kneel at the feet of victory, and pray for him to show mercy and send a Legion to rescue our people... Look at us, three A waste! Even our own people can't protect!"

Loki mystifying said: "But it's nothing, after all, we can't even protect our parents..."

"Shut up! Loki!"

Queen Shiv couldn't help it anymore, she patted the table and shouted:

"Everything is because of you, if not Your nonsense! If Thor is not obsessed with avenging his stupid younger brother, we are still the Overlord’s allies, and we will not fall into the stupidity we are now!"

"Ah! Don’t be here! I have that name before my eyes!"

Hela yelled, and Loki also got up from the chair, spread his hands and asked:

"Sif, what's wrong with you So where did the brave general go? Has the child made you weak? You have selectively forgotten the evil deeds of the overlord slaughtering our world. It seems that there is the biggest traitor among us. most The one who wants to surrender to the overlord is actually the great queen of Asgard, right! "

"Yes! That's right! "

Pregnant people are always very temperamental. After Sif was stimulated, he simply said the deepest thoughts in his heart:

"At the beginning, Thor was trapped in Sakaar. When I met Cyber, I met! At that time, I asked him to let Thor go. Thor has a greater mission. He should not waste his life on wiping his buttocks to his younger brother who would only be troublesome! "

"But look, even if Thor tried his best to save you, so what? You are still the same as before! It will only cause trouble! Loki! Myriad Evil Origin, you! You are Myriad Evil Origin! "

The queen grabbed the tablecloth in front of her with both hands, she shouted excitedly:

"Cyber ​​put you back to punish Thor for betraying him!" Now he has achieved his goal! if there was not you! They should be the best brother! Rather than wishing to kill the enemy's enemy like this! ! ! "

"You ruined everything! Loki! You ruined everything! ! "

This kind of rare rage caused Hela's imposing manner to be overwhelmed, and Loki faced Sif’s anger, in this brief moment he wanted to say something, but in the end he could only close it in an indifferent manner. Mouth.

Because what Sif said is true...he deceived others, he can't deceive himself...

"Thor, I know you are uncomfortable. .."

Sif with tears on her face grabbed Thor's arm and placed her palm on her slightly raised belly. This proud general was more like the most vulnerable woman at this time. She buried her head. In Thor’s arms, he whispered:

"But it’s time to end this hatred...I don’t want our child to live in the fear of dying at any time in the future. We are not his opponents, we It's time to admit this, and think about the people who are in desperate situation...Which one is more important? "

"Will it destroy our hatred, or the eternal inheritance of Asgard?" "

Thor's fist clenched ka ka, and his veins violent, but in the end, he hugged his wife tightly and sighed. His unchanged face was full of helpless exhaustion. .

"Okay, okay... it's time for all of this to end. "


The soundproofing is excellent, and the door of the box with Formation was pushed open. Cyber ​​wearing a trench coat carried a bottle of wine into the box. In the other hand is holding a little bit who looks only 7 or 8 years old. He looks similar to Cyber ​​at 8 points. He has black hair and inherits Mei’s big eyes. He curiously follows father behind him, looking at these things in front of him. Weird and weird guy.

The moment Loki in Spectre state saw Cyber's, his whole body trembled and disappeared in place, while the others turned their eyes and watched as they walked into this room. Cyber, looking at Overlord.

"Father, who are they?" "

Hugged by Cyber, this little bit asked softly: "Are they your friends?" "

This question made Cyber ​​laughed heartily. He sat on the main seat and swept the crowd in front of him with a calm look. He said in a deep voice:

"Of course, I The cute ones, they can be my friends or depends on how they choose. "

He opened the bottle and poured a glass of wine into his glass. Looking at Thor, who was looking complicated, he whispered:

"I was right, Divine King Thor? "


Thor in this brief moment stood up abruptly, and the imposing manner of his whole body was exposed in the floating golden lightning. That kind of scene could not move Cyber, but The little child in his arms widened his eyes. He grabbed the father's hand and yelled:

"Look! father! He is a magician! He is a true magician like Strange Uncle and Hognes grandfather! "

"No, no, no, my little Titch, he is not Magician..."

Cyber ​​reached out and patted his son's head, he looked silent Thor, he said softly:

"He is the Thor...Sovereign who controls the thunder and lightning of the world, a powerful warrior, an incompetent king, a weak big brother, a confused son, And..."

Cyber's looked at Sif again, and his voice became a little softer:

"And a...qualified husband, maybe he will be with Like me, become a qualified father. "

Thor step by step walks towards Cyber. The latter sits on a chair and looks at him. When the distance between the two is 5 meters, Cyber ​​says:

"This distance is enough Now, if you plan to pierce my heart with your lightning, the formidable power of this distance is the greatest! "

"Kill him! younger brother, kill him! "

Hela stood up excitedly and looked at Thor: "Kill him, everything will be over!" "


Little Titch jumped out of Cyber’s arms, he extended the hand with a touch of it, two dark red daggers appeared in this child’s hands, the blades Between the shaking, the space was shattered. His little face was full of pretending fierceness, and he roared like a lion moved towards Thor:

"Don't hurt my father! "

"No, the war... is over. "

Thor shook the head, he looked at Little Titch, he sighed and closed his eyes: "War, there must be a loser..."

"Pa "

Divine King one-knee kneels, with both hands open, a reshaped gun of judgment appeared in his hand in the throb of lightning, and he raised it high:

"Overlord Cyber ​​Hawk, Asgard admits failure, we will acknowledge allegiance to you today...Please help us fight back the Star Sea insect race that is besieging us and rescue our people..."

Cyber ​​looked at Thor, who had completely lost his hostility in front of him. He did not immediately pick up the scepter. He turned his head and looked at Hela with an angry face. He whispered:

"The Divine Domain governed by the two kings, Was Thor the only one who came to surrender? "

"Don't expect me to surrender to you! "

Hela gritted her teeth and looked at Cyber ​​with a hateful look:

"Death will never yield..."

"Is it true?" ? "

Cyber ​​curl one's lip, the black death emperor’s phantom appeared behind him, under the dark hood, a cold light flashed away, next moment, the aggressive Hela is like a weak patient, He collapsed on the ground, and was supported by Sieve again.

"You! what did you do to me! ! ! "

Hela doesn't even have the power to lift her fingers. She can only look at Cyber ​​in anger and let out a weak roar. Faced with this roar, Cyber ​​will try to reach out and touch Thor's trial gun. Little Titch grabbed it back in his arms, and he whispered:

"I just took away your proud death... nothing more. "


Cyber ​​reached out and picked up the Divine King scepter in Thor's hand, the spear of judgment. He stood in front of Thor and touched him with the scepter in his hand. On the shoulders:

"In the name of the overlord, from today, Thor. Odin, I declare that you will be Asgard’s only and eternal Divine King...Asgard will become a part of human civilization. And will also be eligible to enter the Supreme Council of the Human Survival Alliance and request the help of Earth civilization on behalf of your people. I believe that they will not refuse..."

"And you, Hela...Your madness makes you unsuitable to be a king, and your throne is null and void! "

Cyber ​​threw the Gun of Judgment to Thor. He turned and left with the little Titch still looking curious. When the door closed, he whispered:

"This is my last kindness to you, Hela... there won't be another one. As for you, Thor... If you really understand the final arrangements and expectations of Odin and Queen Friga for you, then welcome to come again..."

"I would love to have a drink with you. .."

Those words made Thor couldn’t help but turn his head. A few minutes later, the door of the box was pushed open again, getting rid of Father’s little Tic’s stick one's head around to look for. Looking at Thor in the box, Thor couldn't help but laugh out loud with that attitude. He held the gun of trial and beckoned to Little Titch:

"Little Titch. Cyber ​​Sen! "

"en? What's the matter? God Uncle Wang? "

Little Titch lifts the head and saw Thor hand him the gun of judgment in his hand. The latter extends the hand and patted his head:

"You like it, right? Then I will give it to you... Your father is a hero, and I am a loser... currently not worthy of his friendship, anyway, you are welcome to visit Asgard next time... you will become a Divine Domain VIP. "

Queen Sieve also extended the hand, pinched Little Titch’s cheek, she kissed the child’s forehead and said softly:

"Maybe we are about to be born My child, the chosen next Divine King, can finally become good friends like Thor and your father. "

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