Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 832

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Little Diqi. Cyber ​​Sen, 9 years old this year, has a lively character, doesn't like going to school very much, and doesn't like carrots very much. He is no different from other Gotham kids of the same age. The only one is like others. The difference is that he has a seemingly very background father and several mothers. This weird family lives together in the Cyber ​​Villa in the Old Town of Gotham.

He also has two younger sisters and a younger brother who is about to be born, so Little Titch is actually the eldest son of this generation in the Christian family.

Oh, by the way, he is still an unknown Mutant. This is not to say that his potential is so great that Omega can’t describe it. The main reason is that Cyber ​​is not willing when his son is young. He was labelled as Mutant, so he did not receive Professor Charles's ability test.

Little Titch’s favorite place to stay is the tavern controlled by his father. He spends almost every night here. Here, he can learn from old people who like to talk about the mountains after drinking. Foggy has heard a lot of interesting stories. Here, he can know many friends who are very different from his age, and when he is particularly lucky, Little Titch can also meet guys that ordinary children will never see.

At this time, he waved the gun of judgment in his hand happily, and walked upstairs from the aisle humming a nursery rhyme. The store would not close until late, and father took him home. Before, he had to take a rest in his own room on the 4th floor.

In his hands, the spear of trial that was just given has shrunk to the point where it can be held by his hands, like a miniature baton, every time it is swung , Blue lightning flashes on the surface of this weapon, which is really beautiful.

For a 9-year-old boy, there is probably no gift more pleasing than this thing, and when Little Titch climbed up the corner of the 3rd floor, the finger sticking out from the dark , Knocked gently on the boy's head, making a crisp sound.



Little Ditch’s left hand holding head, like a Little Monkey, jumped back vigilantly, and Point the right hand’s trial gun forward and see Damian leaning on the railing. The 19-year-old youngster is wearing a casual suit and leaning there in a lazy posture, with a bright red apple thrown up and down in his hand. .

"I said, seeing your handsome Damian big brother, don’t you give me a hug?"


Little Ditch snorts Cautiously hid the gun of judgment in his hand behind him, but he did not forget that his own wicked "big brother" always liked to snatch his toys when he was not an adult, and he had a very innate talent for breaking things. .

But after a few seconds, he still yelled reluctantly:

"Big brother."

Damian is Cyber's first godson. Although Cyber, as an atheist, having several godchildren may seem strange, but to be honest, he treats his godchildren really well, so that these children will treat him as real. The second father.

"Look at your stingy look...I won't grab your new toy..."

Damian puts the apple in his hand in his mouth and clicks After taking a bite, as the juice splashed all over, he squeezed his eyes at Little Titch and said in a low voice:

"I brought you a gift from the Sagittarius galaxy. Would you like to see it?"


Little Titch’s eyes immediately widened and full of surprises. Little children like gifts.

Five minutes later, Damian followed Xiao Tic to his room, which is actually more like a display room filled with all kinds of weird collections. Little Titch's "baby".

"Ah, it’s just that I haven’t been here for 2 years. The things you have here seem to be at least tripled... Haven't you changed the habit of picking things around?"

Damian When he walked to the wall full of various things, up ahead, there was a small orange ball of light, which was placed on a silver white metal glove, constantly buzzing, and it looked like it was in the original Tell the shock.

"What is this?"

Damian turned his head curiously and asked. Behind him, Little Ditch sat in his special chair and said absently:

"That was my birthday gift from Mr. Fury on my birthday last year. You'd better not touch it. The last time Carter accidentally knocked it down, this grumpy toy flew everywhere. The power of the one and third Gotham is out."


Hearing Xiao Tic’s advice, Damian’s eyes showed a hint of interest in rays of light, and he rubbed After rubbing his hands, I gently touched the small ball of light in front of my eyes with my fingers. As a result, the balance of the ball of light was broken at the next moment, and it flew out in an instant, screaming like a grumpy little devil. Beyond the speed of sound, he flies wildly throughout the room and knocks down everything on his flight path.

"peng~ peng~ peng~ peng~ bang"

It's like the sound of a machine gun firing, just 3 seconds, the whole neatly cleaned room, Be messed up by this grumpy little devil.

"Oh! Heavens! I swear I didn't mean it!!"

When Damian saw this scene, he immediately realized that he was in trouble, and his silhouette began to go back and forth quickly in the air , Trying to grab the screaming devil ball with his hands, but every time he hits that thing, Damian's body will be taken out by the high-speed vibration of the light ball itself.

“Ah ah ah ”

Damian’s screams are constantly ringing in the room with his body, making the already bad situation worse, sitting on a chair Little Titch stared blankly at the room that was about to become a garbage dump. He was panting with rage sighed. He had known for a long time that if he let his Damian big brother into his house, it would surely turn out to be like this.

next moment, he leaned his head abruptly, and the little ball of light rubbed his hair and hit the wall behind him, and started to collide frantically again.


Little Titch extended the hand, and the silver white glove that was thrown on the ground quickly fell into his hand, and he carried the glove in his hand. Go up, lift it up without looking at it, next moment, the ball of light jumping fast in the air seems to feel some kind of strong attraction, weirdly traverse a line in the air, and finally land steadily on the small pedicle. Qishou's heart.

"Look, I said, I told you not to touch it..."

Little Titch put his "treasure" in its original place and turned around. With his hips akimbo like an adult, behind him, the embarrassed Damian was lying on top of his collection, with a bruise on his left eye.

Seeing Damian's unlucky look, Little Titch's mood suddenly improved. He was shrugged, snapped his fingers, next moment, the restoration array in the room started, and those messy baubles were also fast. He returned to where he should have been.

"So, little fellow, you are actually taking revenge on me, right?"

Damian rubbed his eyes and got up from the ground. He grabbed his hair and looked at The little child around his waist, he breathed a sigh of relief, his eyes became gentle, he extended the hand, patted little Tic’s head: "Sorry, little fellow, I didn’t have your birthday last year. I can come back, I want to apologize to you... At that time I was fighting to death with a group of interstellar pirates. I wanted to send you an email, but my artificial intelligence computer was also broken by those damn guys.. . But speaking of which, I should also thank them..."

Damian's hand stretched out behind him, and the weak spatial reaction was beating in the air. Next moment, he stretched out his hand exaggeratedly and put a The birdcage with the black cloth was brought out.

"Dang Dang Dang!"

"A late birthday present from Damian big brother!"

However, Little Ditch lifts the head, in his eyes But he didn't like much. He opened his hands in silence, hugged Damian, and said in a choked voice:

"I am angry not because you didn't come to my birthday party. I am angry because you suffered. I was injured but didn’t tell us... Bruce Uncle and I stayed in the hospital of Ma Xing for 3 days. We didn’t leave until you were about to wake up. Bruce Uncle didn’t want to destroy your dream of becoming a knight-errant, but I don’t care. , At that time, I almost thought I was about to lose you..."

This sudden emotional expression made Damian also silent. He put the birdcage in his hand aside and hugged him. Staying in Little Titch’s head, he whispered:

"I don’t tell you, because I don’t want you to worry, and also because when I leave, I swear to be a hero and come back. See you...I want to set a good example for you, don’t you?"

"But speaking of which...the mysterious and missing interstellar pirate did it, right Right?"

Damian knelt down and reached out to wipe Little Titch’s tears. He looked at the child in front of him, and he asked softly, "Did the godfather do it? Or is it my already fat wave? Father who can’t fist? Are you avenging me this way?"

"hu hu"

Little Ditch twitched his nose, and he said something sorry: "Yes I asked Sim to do it... and I was banned by mother for a month."

"Then you are really amazing..."

Damian scratched Xiaodiqi. On the bridge of his nose, he was sitting cross-legged on the ground with his hands behind him. He looked at Little Titch:

"This time I promise, I will come back for every birthday party you have in the future, and... .I will let myself not get hurt... as much as possible~ So, let’s take a look at the gift now!"


The black cloth covering the golden birdcage was pulled Open, next moment, a miniature Fireball flew out of the birdcage and hit Little Tic’s arm, splashing out how many fire stars, which frightened him, and after the flame disappeared, he went wide-eyed. With my eyes, I saw the weird creatures in the bird cage.

It looks like a bat, but its body is covered with gray and black scales, its head has horns, and its back has beautiful tail feathers similar to Phoenix. It looks very fierce.

"This is a dragon bat, a strange creature in the planet I fell. It is said that there is a bloodline of a giant dragon, which can breathe fire and release some magic. It is wise, but it can be It’s tamed, and it’s still in its juvenile stage. After it matures, it’s just like a small airplane with its wings open... The first time I saw it, I knew that you would like it."

Damian talks endlessly, but Little Titch curl one's lip:

"no! I don't want it, it's so ugly! Maybe Mjor will like it... I can give him this ugly thing when he celebrates his birthday next month!"

"en! !"

Damian's eyes widened: "Ugly? No way" , I think it's cute..."

"That's because everyone in Wayne's family likes bats! You have bat blood in your body, but I already have a better pet! "

Little Titch retorted, and then with a hint of child pride, he walked to his window with Damian. He stood on a chair, opened the window, and looked outside the window in the vast night of Gotham's. Little Titch put his finger in his mouth and blew a loud whistle. After a while, a group of flame-like creatures flew towards Little Titch from the darkness, flapping their wings.

During the time that Damian blinked, a golden red body appeared on Little Titch’s shoulder, with beautiful bird feathers on top of his head, and creatures with slender tail feathers behind him. It stood on the shoulders of Young Lord, like a burning flame, and now, it was looking at the strange Damian with a haughty look.


Damian couldn't help but exclaimed:

"A young and alive undying did you get it This thing?"


Snorted little Titch was satisfied, he took out two pieces of flame shards from his pocket and fed them to the one on his shoulder undying bird, he stroked the flame-like feathers, he whispered:

"This was given to me by Nick Aunt... She said she was leaving for a long time, I don’t want her Left, and then she gave me this little fellow, she told me that when this little fellow grows a ninth tail feather, she will come back..."

Speaking of which, Xiao Tic's mood was a little down again, he looked at Damian, and there was also a trace of regret in his eyes.

"I, you, and little Carter, Mjor, we all like Philip Nick Aunt, she will take us across the world, to eat delicious food, and go to places where no one else can go. Play..."

"Father told me, I have to raise it for at least 300 years before it will grow a ninth tail..."

Little Tiqishu He sighed and cheered up again quickly, he moved towards Damian extend the hand, his eyes were full of confidence: "It's only 300 years. Let's work hard together and grow it up soon! I'm really good. Miss her...I miss Nick Si aunt so much..."

Looking at Xiao Tic’s confident eyes, Damian, who already knew other things, couldn’t bear to destroy Phoenix and leave it to Xiao Titch’s beautiful fantasy, he held Little Titch’s hand, and he whispered:

"Then if the undying bird grows a ninth tail feather, Nick Aunt hasn’t come back yet. "

"Then I will find her!"

Little Titch said in a deep voice. At this moment, his tone of voice was almost exactly the same as Cyber. He looked at Damian and said with The child’s immature voice said firmly:

"Even if I search for every star, I will find her...a family should live together, and I don’t want every one of you to leave me! I...I will protect you!"

This kind of firmness of common origins made Damian somewhat absent-minded, but after a while, he nodded with a smile:

"Okay! If she doesn't come back, we will go find her... Let's go together!"

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