Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path Chapter 833

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Children are telling children’s stories and agreeing to their own dreams. Adults will naturally sit together and talk about reality that is colder than warm dreams.

After 1 o’clock in the night, the tavern closes and closes. This is the tradition of this tavern. Old drinkers know that when midnight comes, they walk out of the tavern with some regrets and go back to their home in the dark. , But as a Boss, he still has his own privileges. On the quiet bar, two old friends are chatting.


Bruce drank the wine in the glass, he sighed, looking at the opposite Cyber, he whispered:


"Your cousin is really not coming back?"


Cyber ​​also drank the liquid in his glass, he said with some regret:

"She didn't want to cause trouble for us. Although I have repeatedly promised that the Life Court will no longer trouble us because of her, she insisted on leaving and continuing her wandering amidst diversity.. .But this time, she at least does not need to waste her time in the form of a parasite..."

"I see, she is more afraid of staying in Earth for too long and eventually losing Don’t you insist on returning to the starry sky?"

Bruce smiled lowly:

"She said she has no feelings, but after all, after having her own body and life , No matter how indifferent women, they will become sentimental... Don’t we see enough? Didn’t Nebula and Jarvis get married 2 years ago? A cold robot and a self-proclaimed cold-blooded killer... in you After bringing the emotional spectrum back to Earth, these suppressed emotions become more vivid."

"Perhaps...but I have no right to interfere with her decision, even if she leaves. At the time, I could also see her reluctance to Xiao Tic, but it was her choice after all."

Under the dim light, a Cyber ​​dressed like a bartender gave two I poured the wine again, he snortted:

"What's so good about the cold chaos and the starry sky...After all, she's lying to herself, woman, it's so troublesome!"

Next moment, a weird smile appeared on the corner of Cyber's mouth. He picked up the cup and clinked the glass with Bruce, who was already slightly boiled. He lowered his voice and said:

"However, Phoenix is ​​leaving. This matter, you should be relaxed... After all, the abnormal intimacy that Damian showed to Phoenix in the past few years... Hahaha, I also imagined that one day the Wayne family will appear a Mistress that is not old fart. What..."


Bruce glared at Cyber. He took a sip of his drink, shook his head and said:

"Damian A child who is not so reckless. You watched him grow up. He can tell his own emotional fate, even more how, let alone my son. In the past few years, when I was in contact with Phoenix, I too Will be slightly heartbeat... Your cousin is born with a powerful biological charm, this is not Can blame my little Damian. "

The two guys who became old but still lecherous joked with each other a few words, and the topic turned to another direction.

"Selina went to my guest house last time. At that time, I mentioned it once, saying that you were planning to take Ms. Ancient One to Gotham. Why hasn't there been any movement now? "

"She, alas, I don't know how to say she is better. "

Ten years of rest have completely washed away the domineering body, Cyber ​​has become more and more like an ordinary parent, he said in a somewhat troubled voice:

"She spent After 9 years of time travel to the world, I finally returned to the starting point and ran back to Kamar-Taj, saying that he was going to help Strange teach those new mages... the bastards in the magical world also elected her as the honorary speaker, those bastards! Don't they know that at Ancient One's age, she should have retired long ago. "

Cyber ​​drank a glass of wine a little depressed, and continued to share his worries:

"You know, the most terrible thing is! She also asked us to take Damian and his younger brother younger sister to Kamar-Taj for a month every year. You said, it’s normal for an old lady to enjoy the family happiness, but now it’s safe to continue to protect this. Yes, there is no need for her to fight for the world...really, I have nothing to say. Every time I go, I have to fight with her, but her will is almost like a mountain, there is no way to shake it. "

Although he was talking about troubles, Bruce clearly felt a touch of warmth on Cyber’s face. Obviously, he actually enjoyed this kind of short-term relationship among mortals, probably because of his ex- Half of my life, I’ve never enjoyed these.

"I said that I would live for myself after the resurrection, but I couldn’t change my temper in the end..."

Cyber ​​shook the head and pour a glass of wine:

"Even Strange complained to me. The timeline of her contact would become unstable, and sometimes it would be chaotic with the magic of Kamar-Taj. The guy even asked me to forcibly take the old lady back to Gotham and lock her up. It’s okay to take her away, but the problem is, I can’t do it. Last time Diana had a dispute with her because of this, he almost let Xiao Tic take it with him. Two younger sisters ran away from home...tch tch, which is really a big deal. "

"Old Alfred is the same...Oh. "

Cyber's worries evoked Bruce's same emotions. The mayor’s face was a little dim:

"I want to work with Rachel, and I will leave him alone at home, sometimes He lost his temper inexplicably. He always wanted to keep Damian at home and let him inherit the family business, but Damian’s character... Alas, last time I also found out that he planned to secretly go to the adult galaxy to find Damian to take an adventure, saying yes Can't let go of Young Master... Oh my god, I really want Alfred to go to the adult galaxy, I guess Damian is going crazy. "

Bruce spread his hands exaggeratedly:

"You know, he even prepared a set of interstellar tickets and action plans, and hired 30 for himself The omnic bodyguard...Fortunately, I was stopped by Rachel, otherwise, I guess I have to go crazy..."

"Then you can let Bruce have a child quickly...and then Let Alfred go to Universe 200,000 to help her bring her child. Anyway, it's the bloodline of the Wayne family. Alfred probably would like it. "

Cyber ​​gave Bruce a bad idea: "The queen and my younger brother recently walked very close. I watched that they might get together." "

"Forget it, I can't afford to offend her. "

Bruce got a big head when he heard Bruce’s name, and saw the enthusiastic Cyber, he hurriedly changed the subject:

"Okay, okay, let’s not talk about it. What about Katherine? I haven't seen her recently. "

"She and Barry are on the other side of the timeline, um, if I guess right, it was probably in Gotham almost 18 years ago..."

Cyber ​​picked up the rag , Started wiping the cup. Bruce was shocked at this point:

"It was the time when you first came to Gotham. You mean, someone is going to do it on you? "

"hmph, a group of Jokers! "

He put down the cup, and the indifferent killing intent in his eyes flashed away. This action made the night Gotham abruptly colder. This is another reason why Cyber ​​has to rest. After mastering the emotional spectrum and the power of the six gems, his impact on the environment has reached Disaster Level, and subtle changes in mood will cause changes in the climate and even the basic rules of the two worlds.

In this case Next, even if Cyber ​​still intends to dedicate their power to Earth civilization, Nick Fury and Zheng Xian will desperately stop him.

This gangster should rest assured to enjoy life in Gotham. If he really wants him to take action, maybe his opponents Before dying, Earth civilization and the utopian world were destroyed first. Another side effect of this power is that Cyber ​​has to arrange the Formation by hand before enjoying the PA PA fun, so as not to suffer the poor world.

"They, they want to kill me... but they don't dare to face me directly, so they focus on the timeline, a group of choppy who can't make it to the table! "

Cyber ​​lightly coughed, he restrained his mood swings, he shrugged, and put the wiped cup code aside:

"They plan to take advantage of my weakest time, I'm pinched to death in the flow of time to avoid my continued influence on the world... But I'm angry when I talk about it! "

Bruce curiously asked:

"What do you mean? "

"Barry can do this kind of thing alone, but he has to take Katherine with him. I seriously suspect that they are avoiding my eyes in this way. Romantic couple's world...Huh, I abducted my younger sister's bastard, and I have to beat him up next time I meet you! "

Cyber ​​panting with rage cursed, and at this moment, the door of the tavern was suddenly pushed open, and a tall silhouette walked into the dim hall.

"Hey, Man, we are closed! "

Cyber ​​yelled without raising his head, but did not let the silhouette, whose whole body was wrapped in darkness, leave. Instead, he stepped by step to the bar, and finally, stood in front of the bar, Bruce Only then can I see this guy's dress clearly, a black leather jacket of a motorcycle race, and also decorated with skeletons, which looks like a real ruthless character.

This guy looked at Cyber ​​and said in a deep voice:


"Are you Cyber ​​Hawk? Overlord...My name is Laub, nicknamed Interstellar Burst Wolf, I am from the Perseus Galaxy..."

"I am not interested in knowing who you are! "

Cyber ​​interrupted the guy’s introduction. He wiped a cup in his hand and said softly:

"I said, it’s closed here. If anything comes back tomorrow...or I just throw you out! You choose! "


An object was placed in front of Cyber. The drunk Bruce picked it up and placed it in front of him. With scarlet and amber rays of light swayed in front of two people:

"tch tch, the highest purity wine divine gold, I think this thing has long since disappeared in the universe...value Liancheng! "

"I only need an answer! "

The man stared at Cyber ​​closely, and he said softly: "I came here across the Star Sea, I just want to know an answer!" Tell me, it's yours! "

"What the hell is behind that door!" ! "

This question made Cyber ​​laugh out loud at the next moment. He put down the cup in his hand and looked at the tall silhouette in front of him. He said playfully:

"What's the matter.. .You can see it by yourself, don’t you know? "

"You are afraid to go because you are afraid of the wall of origin, but you can't restrain your inner curiosity, so you came to ask me, but I want to tell you that with me, you will always Can’t get the answer, but for the sake of this stone, I can send you there..."

"Congratulations, with your recklessness, you won the door to the origin for yourself Ticket..."

"no! Actually I don't need it! Maybe, I should use another way for you to answer me! "

Interstellar Burst Wolf probably knows what Cyber ​​wants to do. He smiled grinningly and waved his fists and moved towards Cyber, and he leaped towards Cyber. The power that was enough to burst the earth just swayed, and in this brief moment.


A crisp, snapping finger sounded in the dark, and the silhouette, with a smirk, fluttering forward, was thrown into the next moment. The shrill screams in the bright starry sky make people feel numb all over.


Everything is calm, Bruce snorted, divine gold in his hand. I threw it to Cyber:

"These guys who rely on their own power to behave, it seems that you have to do it..."

"There is always some viewing the sky From the bottom of a well, the idiot thinks he is strong..."

Cyber ​​took the divine gold and threw it into the counter. He drew out two cigars and shared them with each other in disgust. , He reached out and wiped clean the old man's photo that had been on the counter. He said softly:

"And only villains can deal with villains...this is what we said more than a decade ago pass. But to be honest, I have always wanted to ask you, does it feel good to become the mayor of Gotham's and eventually become a fatty fat? Or does it feel better to continue defending Gotham's as Batman? "

"Are there any differences? "

Bruce took the cigar from the corner of his mouth with an unusually chic smile:

"Aren't the two ways all protecting precious things?" And this feeling of protection, you should know better than me... Ok, now open for me door, I'm going to pick up Rachel... Why do you look at me with this look? Do you want me to get drunk and drive a hover car? "

"Drunk driving is not allowed in Gotham, don't you know that?" "

"What are you still doing? Quickly snap your fingers and send me to Rachel' don't want to see the Gotham model couple arguing in front of the child tonight, right. "

"Well...I knew it, it's no good if you drag me to drink, you cunning, old and fat dead bat! ! "

"Ha, each other, you are the salty fish king who can skillfully change children's diapers!" I know you are somewhat unwilling, but our heroic era is over... Now, learn from me, be a good husband and a good father! "


With the snap of his fingers, the closing tavern became quiet. With the last light turned off, Cyber ​​held the sleeping little Titch Walking out of the tavern, he lifted the head the moment he got on the hover car. I don’t know when, Gotham's sky will no longer be hazy.

"Fat bat is right. "

A touch of cigarette butts fluttered in the dark, and finally, with the start of the floating car, the neighborhood returned to tranquility again.

"Good don’t need heroes. …"

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