Supreme Conquering System Chapter 3194


In the depths of the void in the Imperial Capital of Dayin, there is a huge World, floating in it, and many Small Worlds all around.

The size of this world is not inferior to that of Zhongqian World.

The World is quite desolate.

There is no sun, no moon, no sky full of stars, no mountains or rivers.

There is only a simple and atmospheric hall suspended above the sky.

The whole body of the hall is azure black, one after another divine runes walks on it, evolving thousands of scenes, insects, fish, birds and beasts, birds and beasts are all on it.


Hundreds of thousands of immortal lights fell from the palace to suppress the world.

The vast chaotic essence, Void Power, poured into the hall, and the whole World trembles constantly with its vibration.

It seems that this World was opened up to support this palace.

In other words, everything in this world exists because of the palace.

The Sun, Moon and Stars that should have existed were all absorbed by this hall. Even the Imperial Capital of Great Yin outside World, countless Spiritual Qi were also drawn into it.

If we say that the Imperial Capital of Great Yin is the center of the Great Yin Dynasty.

Then, the center of Dayin Imperial Capital is this palace.

In the hall.

Qin Yi looked down and looked towards the great Yin Emperors in the hall.

The Great Yin Emperor, Great Demon Venerable, and Dayan Elder stood in the center of the hall, looking at Qin Yi sitting on the throne, or the expression was ugly, or his face was full of anger, or the gods and gods were present.

After Heavenly Dao Avatar suppressed the Seven Prison Heavenly Dao, this battle has ended.

Dayan Elder and the others are naturally impossible to attack Qin Yi again. Originally, Emperor Da Yin and Great Demon Venerable wanted to escape from the chaos, but they were easily suppressed by Sun Wukong.

Even the yin and yang beads of the Yuan Devil were taken away by the Dilu Temple Spirit and presented to Qin Yi.

In desperation, Emperor Da Yin and Great Demon Venerable can only follow Qin Yi back to Imperial Capital of Da Yin.

“The three of you, are you willing to acknowledge allegiance to me?”

Qin Yi spoke concisely and directly.

To Dayan Elder, Qin Yi has a bit of cherishment.

In the harsh environment of the Great World of Seven Prisons, Dayan Elder can cultivate into the Sixth Stage, reaching the threshold of the giants of the heavens.

I have to say that these three innate talents are so high that they are not inferior to the enchantments of All Heavens and Myriad Realms.

If it were placed in the eastern frontier, the three of Dayan Elder might have been cultivated into giants of the heavens.

Of course, it is possible to be more suppressed.

Before the closure of the Dadao’s town was lifted, the eastern boundary was a town enclosed by the Dadao.

The horror of the town closure on the avenue can be suppressed by Heavenly Dao in the Great World of Seven Prisons.

Since Ancient Era, the Eastern Frontier has been born with many evil spirits of perseverance, great destiny, and great innate talent for countless years.

As a result, these evildoers are still trapped in the Emperor Realm, and few can break through the Emperor Realm.

If it weren’t for the Emperor Cheng’s secret left by the Seven Prisons in the Emperor Treading Realm, the Emperor in the Eastern Frontier would be much less than it is now.

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