Supreme Conquering System Chapter 3197



A ray of pupil light fell.

With this ray of pupil light, the Emperor Qi is rolling and moving, hiding the sky and the earth, moving towards covering the Great Yin Emperor.

The entire void of the great hall was instantly shaken, and the universe was hanging upside down.

The Spiritual Qi in the temple was squeezed to one place, as if it was boiling, and might burst at any time.

The Great Yin Emperor and Great Demon Venerable complexion changed, an indescribable sense of depression, came to my heart, as if pressing on an Immemorial Divine Mountain.


Emperor Great Yin both felt a shock in their hearts and couldn’t help looking towards Qin Yi.

In their eyes, Qin Yi’s figure is unrestrictedly elevated, filling the entire Heaven and Earth, like a Divine King sitting for nine days.



Everything in the World surrounds him, revolving because of his thoughts.

It is as if he is the center of the World, dominating everything in the world, the entire Small World, no, the entire Seven Hells Great World echoes Qin Yi!

Heaven and Earth are all blessing Qin Yi!

Qin Yi falls a ray of pupil light, just as if the entire Heaven and Earth falls on a pupil light, the Emperor Yin and Great Demon Venerable will naturally not be able to bear it.

Moreover, this feeling is getting stronger and stronger, and the pressure is getting scarier.

For a time, Emperor Great Yin and Great Demon Venerable actually had an idea in their hearts that they wanted to acknowledge allegiance Qin Yi and kneel down in front of Qin Yi.

‘Not good! ’

The complexion changed between the two Emperors of Great Yin, quickly cut off this thought.

Even so, the impact is still everywhere.

‘Damn, what the hell is going on, how can this child be so scary? ’

The Great Yin Emperor’s eyes are gloomy, and his expression is hard to see the extreme.

When facing Qin Yi, he already had the feeling of facing the Seven Hells Heavenly Dao. Although it was not as strong as the feeling that Heavenly Dao brought to him, it was already somewhat similar.

The same unstoppable, the same deep and unmeasurable, unpredictable.

Qin Yi gave him the feeling that it is as powerful as the Heavenly Dao in the Seven Hells, and it is irresistible and powerful, as if being suppressed from the origin of Divine Soul.

It is different from the suppression of Bloodline, but the suppression from the essence of Divine Soul.

Even, deep in one’s heart also gave birth to a kind of thought of rebelling against Qin Yi, that is, it would be a big rebellion, which made the Great Yin Emperor’s mind shake, and he could no longer remain indifferent.

How did the Great Yin Emperor know that the Heavenly Dao Avatar continues to devour the Seven Hells Heavenly Dao, and Heavenly Dao Avatar gradually controls the entire Seven Hells Great World.

In other words, Heavenly Dao Avatar has gradually become the lord of the Seven Hells Great World.

The deity of Qin Yi can also be regarded as the lord of the Great World of Seven Hells, or the Child of Destiny of the Great World of Seven Hells.

That’s why the Great Yin Emperor and Great Demon Venerable had this idea.

What is Heavenly Dao?

Life, death and seizure, all follow the heart, for the sky; all things are boundless, all under it, for the Tao.

The sky is the gathering of all things, and the sum of all legal principles, between Heaven and Earth, is almost omnipotent, that is, Emperor, which can also be suppressed.

Furthermore, all Emperors that survive between Heaven and Earth, as long as there is a trace of a shot, their Taoism will be obtained by Heavenly Dao.

Tao is heavenly, how can Emperor fight Heavenly Dao?

The Great Yin Emperor and the Great Demon Venerable existed for more than several epochs in the Seven Prisons Great World. Both Dao Yun had long been acquired by the Seven Prisons Heavenly Dao and naturally fell into the hands of Qin Yi.

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