Template: Supreme Conquering System Chapter 2765

Why the powerhouse?

Acquired Martial Artist addressed the meeting, and Innate powerhouse was to powerhouse.

Innate Martial Artist addressed the Grandmaster powerhouse to powerhouse.

Grandmaster powerhouse addressed the Great Grandmaster to powerhouse.


most powerhouse in the eyes of the population will evolve with its own eyes, and it will gradually rise.

Maybe before that.

There are countless creatures in the eastern boundary that God Paragon is the powerhouse, like Gods falling down the sun and the moon.

But until today, they only know what is true to powerhouse.

Drive over God, Wilhelm Myriad Realms!

Fong is so strong!

All Heavens and Myriad Realms have no one dared to contest, which is the true to powerhouse, rather than calling it a hegemony in the three acres of the eastern border area.

“The Great Bulo dynasty, there’s such a presence, and I can’t stand it!”

The old man of the gods is in pain.

If Yang Jian’s presence were known, how dare they fight the Bulo Emperor?

Oh, God!

This level of presence, in order to kill K., doesn’t cost as easy as pie.

In their eyes, Emperor under the seventh borders is a mirex, and killing is as easy as killing a climb.

“This is…”

Throughout the day, the noble expression gloomy and uncertain, the bean sweat continues to slide from the corner.

When entering the Dao realm, the planters’ control of their bodies has reached the slight realm.

Generally speaking, emotional fluctuations are even greater, and the SIS will not be as frightened as usual.

Emperor as a pride, but so lost self-control, you know, how frightened it is in K. ‘s heart!

You know, the cause of this war, it’s a big deal with K.

At first, it was the Van Bo Chamber of Commerce, established by King K. Bulo, the Union of Heaven, the influence, the Oriental Railway, who wanted to loot the Bulo dynasty.

After the pilgrimage of the Emperor of Bulo, K. was more involved in influencing all parties and wanted to go against the Bulo dynasty.

This time, Phoenix is waiting for influence to join us, K is a lot of effort!

If it’s the Bulo kingdom to settle, K. can be one of the first offences.

“Damn it!”

The Emperor had a heart to escape, but looked at Yang Jian, and K could only erase this stupid idea.

k Don’t run, maybe not die.

But if K escapes at this moment, K will die!

It is precisely when this giant power pressure all directions in the sky is the most flame, and even powerhouse in the rest of the border is afraid to touch its bad head.

What about K.?

“The king’s trump card, it’s so unpredictable!”

It’s too early for the Emperor to sigh, and it’s easy.

Before Yang Jian started, K. was ready to die, and as a result Yang Jian set everything up.

Whoever knows, Bulo won!

Even, it can’t be said that it’s so simple that the Bulo kingdom has been the King of the Eastern Frontier since today!

Real hegemony!

Even powerhouse in other boundaries has to be recognized as a hegemony, and no one dares to ignore the Bulo dynasty!

“Bulo, Long live!”

“Long live the Emperor!”

“Bulo, Long live, the Emperor!”

The centuries of the King Bulo on the other side, and at this moment more than ever, the voices of the earthquake erupt.

Thousands of people kneel down on the ground, crazy shouting.

This shout is loud, shaking and shaking the entire eastern border.


They won!

After a triumph, they still win, and the Bulo dynasty still wins!

Bulo, come on!

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