Template: Supreme Conquering System Chapter 2816

“What are you talking about?”

“Princess is not a queen, but a Qilin?”

“Qilin sent a man to the Princess for the month of October, to the Qilin?”

At the end of the meeting, the fate of Qin Yahya was also transmitted, leading to the debate in Bulo.

Since then, Qin Yi has not concealed it, but not everyone knows it.

At that time, the news was spread, and people were surprised.

Similarly, this is known to women, such as Liu Yiyi, as well as to both Mai and Yang.

“What do you mean, Jaya’s going to the Qilin?”

Yang Dan’s weird looking towards Qin Yi.

And she heard of Qin Yahya’s life before.

However, neither she nor Mrs. Mei nor Liu Yiyi had cared.

According to the Blue Ray, when he first found Yaya, Jay was alone.

Even then, Liu Yiyi had a heart search, went over Heavenly Shining Continent, and never found Little Yaya’s birth mother.

For so many years, that thought has been faint.

Never thought that little Yaya’s mother was a Qilin.


Qin Yi’s head.

“I disagree that Jaya stayed in Bulo since he was young, never far from Heavenly Shining Continent.


Qilin family is located in the central border, so far away from the road, the Ark Lawton, and the Qilin are unknown, and what if Yahya is entrusted? “

Mrs. Merely Snow, outside dissatisfaction.

On this matter, she has an objection.


Qilin people are located in the Great World, far from Heavenly Shining Continent, more than a trillion chaos.

Even if Emperor was a respected man, it would take a year to get there!

If Jaya was given what the Qilin were, the Queen of Mei and the others would have lasted.

Moreover, in the view of Mrs Mei, the birth mother of Yahya has not come to search for elegance for so many years and has not paid attention to elegance.

Why did Jaya go to the Qilin?

“Mother, you can’t say that. That’s the little Yaya mother-in-law.”

Qin Yi was laughing.

And then, Qin Yi said, “Even Qiaya has spoken, which convicts both Mei and Yang.”

After the two wives were persuaded, the matter was also settled.

People are also busy, especially women such as Liu Yiyi.

“Sisters, Jaya returned to the Qilin, which is the main event, which is forbidden to the tiger.”

“Sister Yi, all of us as aunts will naturally arrange for Little Yaya.”

“Yes, we can’t lose Husband’s face!”

After several women were busy, the team was set up for Qin Yaya.

A guard, a relative guard, all drawn out of the feathers, each with Saint Level cultivation base.

At the same time, black bears are arranged to follow suit.

A couple of women love Qin Yi, not Qin Yi.

And our king sent Qin Yala to the side, and took out from his arms a number of warplanes and sent them to Qiaya.

“Father, is this?”

Qin Yam eyebrows, confused looking at Qin Yi.

“These warplanes you take, for defense.”

Qin Yi drowned and touched Qiaya’s head, said with a smile.


are four high-ranking fighters here.

“This is Fallen Soul Bell, Lower Emperor, shaking the soul of others and destroying others Divine Sense.”

“The bracelet, the size of the space, which is smaller than one side of the world, has a certain defensive capacity.”

“The purple corn, the low-ranking emperor, can gather a shield in the event of a crisis, blocking four realm Emperor’s full fight and activating every 10,000 years.”

“Unseen boots, low-class emperors, activated to trigger divine ability ‘so close, yet worlds apart’, instantaneously across the absolutely chaos, every 10,000 years.”

With the exception of Fallen Soul Bell, the remaining three empire warplanes were converted from the system store by Qin Yi.

With these four warplanes, even if the fourth realm Emperor took over Qin, Qin Yaya could escape from tolerance.

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