Template: Supreme Conquering System Chapter 2817

What do you mean, drowning?

It’s called pet drowning!

Four emperors, almost armed Qin to the teeth.

Plus Blackbears, and two teams of feathers.

This isn’t a shame!

Qin Yi even wants to send the King of the Buffalo out if he is required to sit in the eastern border of town and to use it otherwise.

In addition, the Qilin family is the mother of Qiaya, let the King of the Buffalo follow, and it’s been a little bit more.

Qin Yi thought about bringing two groups of feathers into the fashion tower, costing a lot of Slaughtering Point, raising their cultivation base to the ancient holy realm.

Finally, Qin Yi has also converted the hybrid sound transmission letter from the system store.

“The hybrid sound transmission of the son of the bitch;

Grade Rank: Middle-Empire symbol;

Explanation: Thousand Miles Line, Vanry sound transmission!

The activation of this matrix, when the matrix is linked to the mother, can transmit information across hundreds of millions of chaos. “

“Yaya, take this note, and if there’s an emergency, activate it, you can contact your father.”

Qin Yi sent the symbol to Little Yaya, warned repeatedly.

With the hybrid sound transmission letter, Qin Yaya can contact him in a timely manner if something happens.

“OK, okay!”

Qin Yaya smiled so hard that he would fit the priusly.

The surplus pupil light, sweeping through Qin Yi, Liu Yiyi and the others, is somehow full of tears in the eyes.

She is not stupid, Qin Yi and the others’ general practice, and she has shown distress about her coming to the Qilin.

In fact, she was reluctant to leave the Bulo dynasty, away from the Emperor, from the aunts and from the two daughters.


Mothers are looking for each other. They have to see!

Life is the only thing to give up on the bloodline!

In any case, the bloodline that flows into her own hands is a gift from her parents, and the mother is looking for it, and she has been meeting since now.

“Stupid girl, you’ve never been out of the way since you were a kid, and this father has something to do with you.”

Qin Yi sighs out of sight of guilt.

Seven Prison Sect matters, he urgently needs to be resolved, and he can’t go with Qilin.

At the end of Qin Yi’s schedule, Qin Yi went to the Dili community to search for the Temple of Dili and to find the opportunity to enter the world at the depth of Heavenly Shining Continent.

“Little Yaya, you have to be safe.”

Liu Yiyi, Hao Yilian, etc., also opened up.

“elder sister, watch out for safety, come back early.”

Even Qin Changsheng, the two Little Brat and the tears, say good-bye to Qiaya.

Qin Yuan, this little Brat crying is sad, except for Qin Yaya to leave.

Little Brat’s got a good relationship with Qiaya, cough, and has been playing with Qin Changsheng.

The Kingdom of Bulo has moved to a number of powerhouse and has not been spared by three.

Sister Yaya’s gone. They’re all three people from the Emperor.


Qin Changsheng, busy nodded next door, should be along the same lines.

For so many years, Qin Changsheng seems to be a lot bigger, blacky, slippery, weirder.

“You little Brat!”

Qin Yi is not laughing.

By the two Little Brat, the atmosphere of sadness was dispersed.

“The Emperor, the aunties, the gentleman, the elder, don’t worry.

If it’s okay, Yaya will be back soon. ”

Qin Yaya, too, turns tears into laughter, determined on nodded.

“Lord Qilin, Fairy, please!”

At this time, the ambassador sent a message from the guards.


Qin Yi Set is just like that.

next moment, the temple hole opens, Fairy walks in.

And when you see what Qin Yi arranges for Qin Yaya, it’s not a laugh.