Template: Supreme Conquering System Chapter 2818

Qin Yaya, this is from home, not from the battlefield.

It’s also a relative guard and a guard guard. Hi, arrange Emperor to follow, which is how mistrust Qilin is.

Similarly, she was shocked by Qin Yi’s handwriting.

Dignity, pride and pride are not weak to her Emperor, and four pieces of artefacts are more than the full bottom of the Triangle influence on one side of the central border.

“Qin Yaya was born Bulo Princess in March, forever Princess in Bulo in March.

If anything comes down to the Qilin, I’ll be surprised not to talk to you, the soldiers will be Great World! “

Qin Yi pupil light cold, chill.

“Lord Qin, you’ve been thinking too much!”

Little sister, young Lady, Patririarch’s granddaughter, honored.

In the family, even if she’s better than she is, who dares to bully her?

Besides, with such an overbearing king behind his back, who wouldn’t open his eyes to the sins of Qin Yaya?

Fairy has not forgotten the horror of this royal king, the evil innate talent, the forces of infinite power.

Even Elder in the family, there was no pressure that Qin Yi brought to her.

Most importantly, with the potential of Qin Yi, the ethnic group is afraid not to be willing to commit Qin Yi.

“This is the best!”

Qin Yi’s head.


Then Qin Yi threw it in his hand and wiped it out.

rays of light dispersed into a giant palace, the ancient atmosphere, two imposing modest words:


It was the past day that Qin Yi had set the Bulo temple on the Heavenly Sect sect Corporal Protection Temple, thunderbolt refining.

“Yaya, this Bulo temple you take, and this road is far away, and the Bulo temple can be your step-by-step tool.”

Qin Yi’s hands waved, and the Bulo Palace was also given to Qin Yaya.

“Many thanks to the king!”

Qin Yaya’s hand doubled, the Bulo temple shrunk, fell into its hands, and loved not to let go of it.

This is the most precious house of the Father, who has been witnessing her for a long time and whose father has been reluctant to give it to her.

Spy rolling, all forms of solicitation are used, and the emperor does not relax.

This time, finally.


“That’s what I borrowed for you, and then you remember giving it back to me.”

Qin Yi has a face, a serious reminder.

This Bulo temple is no longer the original medium jewellery, Grade Rank was upgraded by Qin Yi to the lower Emperor by Slaughtering Point.

Even if he took out the Bulo temple, he had some meat pain.

This is the palace of Divine, and it’s forced to be full of bulldozers!

I never enjoyed it, and I gave it to the little girl of Qin Yaya, and I hope that the little girl of Qin will be able to change Bulo’s palace.

“Got it, huh, little father!”

Qin Yajuan’s nose was wrinkled, and a word was made.

After all, and without Qin Yi, the joy of playing ‘big toys’ in hand seems no longer to care about other feelings of pain.

“This little girl!”

Qin Yi corner of the mouth raise, not laughing, but not looking too much.

It’s too soon, and Qin Yaya is officially on his way.

“Father, aunties, grandma… you wait for Yaya to come back!”

With a saying good-bye, the Bulo temple is moving further.

Until the shadow of the Bulo Palace is not seen, Qin Yi will recover his vision.

“Next, go to Divine and find a solution to the Seven Prison Sect!”

Qin Yi pupil light appears to have crossed the tens of millions of chaos and fell into that far and familiar world on that side.

Step on the Divine.

I’m here again!

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