“No, my daughter will never marry him!” Weng Nanqing said with a strong face. “Otherwise, my daughter would rather die!”

Weng Le侃 sighed and said: “Only today, there is only one measure!”

“What?” Weng Nanqing asked.

“Fake marriage.” Weng Lejun said, “If you marry, then Yang Chong will only give up. And the Heavenly Foundation Stairway has nothing to say, no chance to get a chance.”

Weng Nanqing reveals a hesitant color: “It can be so rushed, where to go -”

The words have not been finished, but her eyes have been moved to Shi Hao.

Isn’t this a ready-made one?

Shi Hao immediately said: “Sister, I only promise you to pretend to be a boyfriend. You want me to pretend to be a groom, but that is to increase the price.”

“You robbed the fire.” Weng Nanqing bit his teeth.

“A spiral medicine can boost Soul’s power!” Shi Hao held out a finger.

“The deal!” Weng Nanqing had to accept it, even though he hated it.

This year, dare to confront a Heavenly Foundation Stairway, except for Shi Hao.

However, Shi Hao has this enthusiasm. He is a Shi nationality. Regardless of the contradiction between the Shi and the Shizu, there is a Heavenly Foundation Stairway. He does not even have a brother-in-law with Gu Tong.

So arrogant, the world is probably unique.

So, the fake wedding immediately began preparations.

Watching Shi Hao being sent to the groom’s wedding dress, the purple golden rat could not help but shake his head: “Tender, after all, too tender! However, the potential is huge, it is worth training.”

Shi Hao is full of ideas for making a spiral medicine. Anyway, it is just a fake marriage, not afraid.

He was dressed up, and it was so shocking that it was so shocking that the whole person seemed to be shining, and the son-in-law of Weng Family screamed frequently.

He came to the hall and was already full of friends.

Weng Family is a big family, and then invite some of the city’s giants to come to the ceremony, naturally it will not make the guests less faceless.

The festive music sounded and everyone was beaming.

With one exception, Yang Chong, a pair of people who want to eat.

Shi Hao saw the provocative smile toward the other side.

Tell you to give up early, don’t do it, you have to face your face.

After a while, the bride appeared, Feng Guan Xia, the slender figure in the tailoring of the fullness of the perfect curve, even if the face is not obvious, still fascinating.

This is the fourth stunner on the list!

Shi Hao walked over to the bride, then came to the lobby, and the next step was to worship the world.

and many more.

Shi Hao slammed, who did he see?

Shi Feng, also belongs to the original stone maple.

what’s the situation?

How can relatives come here?

It is said that this fake marriage is a hasty decision. How could Weng Family invite Shi Feng to come over that night?

Rely on, counted!

Shi Hao immediately looked at Yang Chong, Grandma dripping, this guy now has a trace of anger, but turned his hand to Shi Hao, revealing a splendid smile.

False, what is the grandson of the Heavenly Foundation Stairway powerhouse, this is probably the Weng Family, deliberately playing the show!

No, everyone is acting, just to let him be fooled.

Shi Hao still wants to hide in the immortal mansion. How can he be sorry for Su Manman?

However, Weng Nanqing seemed to have expected that one hand held his wrist tightly.

You know, if Shi Hao wants to bring someone into the immortal mansion, he must have no resistance.

– If there is, then his Soul strength must exceed the other side, the town can not resist.

The problem is that Weng Nanqing is Spirit Mending Temple and is the Spirit Mending Temple that ignited the incense. How could he surpass her in Soul’s strength?

Was detained!

It must have been taught by Shi Feng. Otherwise, Weng Nanqing will never be able to grasp this unique weakness.

Dad, how can I have such a pit son!

Fuck, this is finished.

Shi Hao wants to cry without tears. This is really greedy. If he is not greedy, how can he be fooled?

“A world of worship!” Siyi sang loudly.

Shi Hao was heartily, but Weng Nanqing was too strong and forced him to squat.

Yu, depressed and dead!

Being forcibly bowed to the heavens and the earth, Shi Hao’s face was numb.

He never thought that he had a day of being forced to worship.

“Two worship high church!”

Shi Hao didn’t resist anymore. He couldn’t beat Weng Nanqing anyway. He first bowed to his father, and then took advantage of this “selling” son, the unspoken old man.

Shi Feng squeezed his eyes at Shi Hao.

His own special feelings, only Zhu Yulan a lover, but on his son’s emotional problems, he completely changed his attitude.

– Your son is so good, of course, you must have more than a few daughter-in-laws, big deal, regardless of size, regardless of the same.

Besides, how difficult is it for mortals to become immortal?

Even if the enchanting is like Gu Shiyun, I don’t know if there is any success in the end.

The old Shi family can’t always be without it?

Therefore, for this reason, he did not hesitate to agree with Weng Nanqing’s proposal to come to the pit son.

“The husband and wife are worshipping!”

Shi Hao and Weng Nanqing pay homage to him: “This time there is more than one spirit medicine!”

“Gege.” Weng Nanqing smiled, her plan was successful, it was when she was proud that she did not mind being blackmailed by Shi Hao.

Besides, after getting married, this is my husband, even she is a husband, and I will care about a few spiral medicines?

“Send into the cave!”

Under the spur of the guests, Shi Hao was forced into Wendong by Weng Nanqing.

“Hey, don’t you really have to fake it?” Shi Hao yelled, because Weng Nanqing had turned into a female wolf and began to take off his clothes.

“Less waste, today the girl will eat you!” Weng Nanqing said.

“Hey, I won’t cooperate, you can’t think about it!” Shi Hao meditation in the heart.

I am not tempted, I am not tempted, I am not tempted…

However, when a beautiful carcass got into his arms, Shi Hao’s will to resist was also melting.

After all, he is just the age of bloody, just a little bit of explosion, not to mention Weng Nanqing, the stunning beauty who took the initiative to send a hug.

The body is still very honest.

“No, you gave me medicine!” Shi Hao sighed, otherwise, how could his will be so weak?

“Less nonsense, kiss me!”

“…you will not get my heart even if you get my people.”

This momentum is weak.

A cloud of clouds floated, blocking the moon, and it seemed that the moon was ashamed to see what was going to happen next.


Noisy overnight.

Shi Hao looked at the top of the bed numbly, still holding a beautiful woman in his arms.

To say the first time, he is indeed passive, and is forced by a female wolf who is not awkward, but what happened to the third time in the second time?

He is active.

Also, after three times, I fell asleep and fell asleep, and then it was three times, it was no longer ridiculous!

Does he still mean to be a victim?

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