“Hey!” Shi Hao sighed.

Hey, a fierce hand came over, and the white arm was like a bright jade, reflecting the charming flesh.

“Hey!” Shi Hao sighed again.

At this moment, he has not dared to think about Su Manman again.

“French–” Weng Nanqing woke up, his eyes wide, his cheeks covered with blush, and his beauty was not square.

“Hey!” Shi Hao sighed for the third time, but completed a feat of seven times a night.


“You are really a good idea!” After the rain, both Shi Hao and Weng Nanqing have been dressed.

Since they have all reached this step, plus they are all decisive characters, there is nothing embarrassing between them.

Weng Nanqing smiled a little: “Whoever makes this guy stupid, can’t understand the style like a fool!”

Shi Hao gently slammed Weng Nanqing, and the wood was ready. He really looked down on Su Manman and had to explain it to her since then.

However, he is a man, and he will take it on his own.

He didn’t tangled again, but he remembered something else.

“Do you have any herbs in your house?” Shi Hao asked.

“Yes.” Weng Nanqing nodded. “What are you asking for?”

Spirit Mending Temple has two ways to ignite the incense. One is to turn into the fragrance of the Martial Dao will, and then you can move into the second level of the Spirit Mending Temple. The other is relying on the vanilla.

Moreover, the herb can not only help the Martial Artist to ignite the incense, but even make the incense that the Martial Artist ignites more vigorous.

So, whether or not you can ignite the incense by your own strength, the vanilla is the most eager thing for every Spirit Mending Temple.

Shi Hao has just stepped into Casting King Hall. If you want Tianmu, at least two or three years later?

Shi Hao smiled: “I want to sell it to a person.”

Oh, this Weng Nanqing is even more incomprehensible.

The effect of the vanilla is huge, but once it is too harsh for the growing environment, the number is already small. After so many years, the wild has long been hunted.

The existing Tian vanilla is cultivated in the medicine garden, and the ability to cultivate the Tianmu, the entire Southern Wood Continent will not exceed five forces.

— Weng Family is one of them.

Therefore, Weng Nanqing will say that Weng Family has a vanilla, otherwise it is impossible for some Heavenly Foundation Stairway forces to own and need to pay a high price to purchase Weng Family.

“Who are you selling to?” Weng Nanqing asked, knowing that Shi Hao would never be targeted.

“Bei Yan.” Shi Hao said a name.

Weng Nanqing suddenly stared and looked at Shi Hao with a quirky look.


No, it’s not that you are strong, you are not too irritated and become a fool! Besides, after a few times, you are not taking the initiative, but still so excited – hey, dirty.

Beyan is your enemy. Heavenly Dao League is a clear-cut car. It is not the same as you. Moreover, this time, Shi Hao is forced to do the Fa-French. Heavenly Dao League is definitely a “power”, not knowing behind. How powerful it is.

You actually want to send the herbs to Ba Yan?

When did you complain about your style?

Shi Hao smiles: “Trust me!”

Weng Nanqing sighed and said, “Okay!”

“Give me the highest herb of your family.” Shi Hao The lion opens his mouth.

Weng Nanqing is surprised that you still have the highest year.

Are you a victim?

Have never seen such a harm!

But based on the trust of Shi Hao, Weng Nanqing did not hesitate to go to Weng Leyi.

However, because the value of the vanilla is too high, it is that Weng Le can not be arbitrarily arbitrarily, and then went to Weng Anhe.

One day later, a 300-year-old vanilla was placed at the table of Shi Hao.

I have to say that Weng Family is really good for his son-in-law, so precious, they did not ask the reason, so they gave it to Shi Hao.

“Hey, this is for you.” Shi Hao took out a dragon fruit and handed it over to Weng Nanqing.

Three dragon fruit, he ate two, this is the last one.

This is a treasure for the Heavenly Foundation Stairway powerhouse, which can enhance their essence and improve from the source of life. For Shi Hao, his ten-yang Physique is at the top level, and the dragon fruit has almost no improvement effect. .

– It can improve his strength and Soul strength, but this can be done by other heavenly materials and earthly treasures.

Therefore, if you eat Weng Nanqing, you can maximize the value of the dragon fruit.

“What is this?” Weng Nanqing naturally cannot know the goods.

“Dragon marrow fruit.” Shi Hao briefly introduces.

Then, Weng Nanqing moved. First, she stayed for a while. Then she burst into tears. In the end, she threw down Shi Hao and began to kiss him and take off his clothes.

“Female hooligan, what are you doing! It’s sunny! Feeding, you are ashamed and shy – oh!”


After some ridiculousness, Weng Nanqing returned the dragon fruit to Shi Hao.

For her, all that is required is Shi Hao’s intention.

Now Shi Hao gave such a precious dragon fruit to herself, and made her happy, and asked nothing.

“Give it to you!” Shi Hao snorted and forced the dragon’s marrow fruit back, “obey!”

“Yeah.” Weng Nanqing, this promised, red-faced, delicate, full of happiness.

Shi Hao couldn’t help but was a little bit tempted and quickly restrained.

He is a one-minded Martial Dao, how can he be like a worm that is on the brain.

Shi Hao smiled and said: “I want Weng Family to help.”

“what are you going to do?”

“Hold an auction.”


Weng Nanqing hesitated: “With the strength of the Weng Family, it is indeed qualified to organize an auction, but there are no amazing items, and such an auction is a joke.”

“You can rest assured.” Shi Hao smiled, and he took out the heart of Jin Long’s heart.

“Hey, this is the highlight of this auction.”

He said the origin of this fairy blood, and immediately shocked Weng Nanqing.

“Are you crazy?” Weng Nanqing was very excited. “This is the heart of Xianlong. It is precious and precious. I believe that Heavenly Foundation Stairway will be heart-warming.”

Shi Hao shook his head: “If this is the original heart of blood, it is indeed worthwhile, but it has been polluted. It has been known for how many years it has been soaked by a dead mouse. The essence has been absorbed almost.”

“So, this is still precious, but it has little to do with me.”

“You can leave a little.”

Shi Hao tried it, and this golden dragon’s heart was so small that his ascension was very small.

Although there is such an explanation, Weng Nanqing still has some determination, and then the contaminated fairy blood, it is still a fairy blood, not to mention the blood of the heart.

“It’s much more cost-effective to use this kind of fairy blood for some of our favorite materials and earthly treasures.” Shi Hao laughed. “And, if you use a herb, it’s too Obviously, I can’t get into the shell.”

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