Is Bayan lighting the incense?

Didn’t he have no vanilla?

No way, he knows that Shi Hao can’t unconditionally promise to fight with him. He must let him fall to the cultivation base, and his Physique is special, which can break all the bans. This is his turning point.

The problem is that the ban is set by the Great Heaven Offering powerhouse, and his Physique can’t be played, so he must ignite the incense and narrow the gap with the Great Heaven Offering powerhouse, which only allows him to get rid of this in a short time. Suppressed, but still can not fully display.

It can also be seen how powerful the Great Heaven Offering powerhouse is and how terrifying it is for the grinding of the Spirit Mending Temple.

This is the power of Physique, which belongs to the ability of Beyan itself and is not considered cheating.

Therefore, Shi Hao is now facing an opponent who has the power of Spirit Mending Temple.

Shi Hao smiled a little, no fear.

He has too many cards, what are you afraid of?

Immortal mansion, Yue Ying borrowed, and even volley, so that Beyan could not even touch his clothes.

However, he has already entered the second king, and the strength of Beyan is now only the first to enter the Spirit Mending Temple, he is confident of a battle.

Beyan smiled and reached out and pressed again.

Now, he is the strength of the Spirit Mending Temple!

Suddenly, Elemental Power of Shi Hao Body Protection collapsed and completely lost.

After all, it is one of the Big Five. His current state is only the first to enter the Spirit Mending Temple, but with his Martial Dao talent, it is stronger than a good peak.

How to fight this?

No solution at all!

Shi Hao simply does not waste Soul’s power to mobilize Elemental Power, but instead lifts the Small Universe and hangs over his body.

On such a thin layer, the whole person is a faint starlight, sacred.

Beyan was shocked. What is going on?

He actually lost control of the water, just like… Shi Hao is not in this world.

Yes, it is clearly standing in front of him, but it seems to be detached from the world. What he sees is only a virtual shadow.

How come there is such a thing!

He was shocked, and the students in the stands were so aggressive.

Are you not fighting for life or death?

But what does it mean for you to have a hand out of control? You didn’t have any effort at all. Didn’t you see Shi Hao’s look like a good one?

Several Great Heaven Offering powerhouses are awe-inspiring.

– Of course they can see that Beyan has already shot.

However, the strength of the Spirit Mending Temple, but not a Casting King Hall, even Shi Hao burst out of force can not do?

Shi Hao, this son, really want to go all the way, will Gu Shiyun’s myths be overturned?

Beyan screamed and finally shot directly, killing Shi Hao.

Boom, he will completely release the momentum, and the horror is boundless.

After all, it is Spirit Mending Temple.

Shi Hao shouted and greeted Ben Yan.


Seeing this scene, everyone is going crazy, oh no, I feel that Shi Hao is crazy.

You don’t know, Bei Yan is still Spirit Mending Temple now, although the combat power will not be normal, can the word Spirit Mending Temple still not explain the problem?


Shi Hao has already slammed with Bei Yan, and a huge force has hit, and Shi Hao has just flew out.

However, the second heavyweight of Nine Death Heavenly Art, Shi Hao’s body is too strong, this impact can not hurt him.

——Without nine deaths, you only need to repair the fourth or fifth weight of Nine Death Heavenly Art. His physical strength will not be lost to the dragons of the same rank, and the resilience is also strong.

When the castration was exhausted, Shi Hao slammed his foot and smacked back to Beyan.


Everyone is shocked, Shi Hao is too strong, actually can compete against Spirit Mending Temple!

Although he did not lose strength, but he did not hurt at all, it was a ghost.

And several Great Heaven Offering powerhouses were even more shocked. They all experienced the stage of Spirit Mending Temple. It is more clear than others that the Spirit Mending Temple is more than the Casting King Hall.

This child is enchanting!

Compared to the shock of others, Beyan is simply desperate.

He made a desperate attempt to make a life-and-death battle with Shi Hao. He was forced to ignite the incense and gave up hope of becoming the strongest Spirit Mending Temple. However, even so, he still could not suppress Shi Hao?

You must know that the ban on him is the Great Heaven Offering, and there is more than one. His state can last for half an hour.

In other words, if he can’t get Shi Hao within half an hour, then he will be done by Shi Hao.

– The same is Casting King Hall, he does not think that he is Shi Hao’s opponent.

Can’t win, that is death.

Beyan screamed and the fighting spirit was completely motivated.

So genius, naturally, the more desperate, the more resilience will be erupted.

Hum, he didn’t know when a bottle appeared on his head, and it spewed out a mist of ice and swiftly surrounded Shihao.

Shi Hao immediately felt a strong chill, but under the protection of Small Universe, he wouldn’t invade it unless he was far from crushing, so he really couldn’t think of defeating him in this way.

However, under the influence of frost, the water vapor in the field also solidified rapidly, turned into ice, and then condensed together, turning into a tiny ice blade.

Shi Hao’s hand was immediately stabbed and cut by dozens of ice blades, which made him feel painful.

very scary!

After all, Small Universe is Soul level, and it has the strongest tolerance to the rules. However, this ice blade is now physically level, and the Small Universe is not very effective.

This is also why Shi Hao is too weak, and Small Universe is not at all self-contained. Otherwise, my world is the master, and what attacks are the same.

Seeing that Shi Hao was suppressed, Beyan showed a smile, and he did not hesitate to give a card.

This is a copy of the Beijia Zhibao ice bottle, although it is far from the ability to achieve the authentic power, but still can not be small, up to seven Star level, to deal with the area of ​​Casting King Hall natural hand to come.

Shi Hao snorted and the sun appeared.

Boom, rolling hot waves, his body seems to hang a sun, what snow and ice, all faded.

He immediately resumed his mobility and retaliated against Beyan.


Beyan is stunned. Is this really a Casting King Hall?

With his strength, he rushed to the ice bottle, but he still couldn’t suppress Shi Hao.

He gritted his teeth, his right hand palm, and slammed against Shi Hao. His left hand was holding the ice bottle and inputting a huge amount of Soul force.


The ice bottle suddenly bred, and then at the next moment, an ice snake swam out of the bottle, and the figure was enlarged, reaching a point of ten feet long and the bucket was thick.

The ice snake is in the air, and his eyes stare at Shi Hao indifferently, giving off an infinite chill.

Beyan really went out and fully inspired the power of this treasure. The result was that his power accelerated consumption and the force fell faster to the Spirit Mending Temple.

However, this ice snake is infinitely close to the existence of Great Heaven Offering!

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