Infinitely close to Great Heaven Offering.

How is this blocked?

Everyone is shaking their heads, it seems that Beyan wants to win.

No matter what you think, this is a one-sided crushing, and it is impossible for Shi Hao to have the possibility of blocking it.

Shi Hao promotes the solar law, but although the sun is the existence of the world to the sun, it can be limited to the realm of Shi Hao, but it is completely unable to pose a threat to the ice snake.

Sen cold cold swells, so that the entire contest is like turning into an ice cave, even if it is Lokeśvara Martial Artist, it will be frozen into ice sculpture as soon as it enters.

The ice snake straightened up and then slammed into Shi Hao.

Suddenly, the chill is filled, and it is even colder.

Shi Hao snorted and finally launched the ten-yang holy body.

Boom, he released the breath just to the sun, boiling like a fire.

The ice snake bite into it and swallowed Shi Hao’s life.


Everyone is shaking their heads, and the ice snake is so cold. If it is directly contacted by it, it will definitely freeze in an instant, and then it will be twisted, and the whole person will be broken into slag.

Sure enough, the battle of life and death, did not stay at all.

In fact, Bei Yan is also helpless. He actually wants to defeat Shi Hao and let the other party prove his innocence. This is a matter of urgency. As for the killing of Shi Hao, it can be put in the future.

After all, killing Shi Hao with his true strength is a breeze.

Shi Hao was so enchanting that he had to make a trick, and under such a big move, he could not keep his hand.

Then you will die!

Bei Yan’s eyes are stunned, genius is like him, and his natural character is determined. This is the end of the matter, and he will not hesitate.

Boom, the ice snakes rushed through, and I really saw the trace of Shi Hao.

Dead, there is no residue left.

Seeing this scene, everyone has a blank head.

Shi Hao, this big enchanting, actually hangs like this?

This guy who stirred up the boundless storm, actually died so easily?

For a time, everyone has a feeling of ridiculousness.

But the facts are better than everything, and Shi Hao has no residue left.


At this moment, everyone suddenly found that the state of the ice snake was somewhat wrong.

It is shaking and slamming the water.

How can it be?

Although it is a water property, it is obviously a cold ice system, so now it is actually melting, what is it?

how can that be possible?

That’s what the Spirit Tool is activated. How can it melt so soon?


Someone pointed to the belly of the ice snake. It was the fastest melting place. I saw a hole in the belly and it continued to expand. Then I saw that Shi Hao came out.

He is full of golden light and has a strong sense of sacredness.


Everyone is wide-eyed and looks incredible.

That is close to the existence of Great Heaven Offering, not only failed to kill Shi Hao, but even let him melt his body?

– Shi Hao “dead” is too fast, they feel incredible, but now Shi Hao destroys the ice snake, but they are unacceptable.

Hey, the melting speed of the ice snake is getting faster and faster. When it is awkward, it is turned into a water and splashed on the ground.

Cow, too cattle.

Shi Hao figured down, he looked at Bei Yan proudly, but his heart was slightly ups and downs.

Don’t look at him so easily, full of pretentious taste, in fact, he just used the Nine Lotus Seal Heavenly Technique, which only blocked the ice snake, and because of entering the ice snake body, Physique’s power is played. To the fullest, the ice snake will melt quickly.

Otherwise, even if he has the ten-yang sacred body, it can be limited to the realm. It is impossible to just make such a powerful ice snake on the front.

The soldiers were in danger, but they also received miraculous effects.

Beyan looked at Shi Hao in a dull manner, and his mouth was too big, and he looked like amazement.

You know, even if he is on the ice snake, it is not enough to be killed, but how can it be hit hard.

Shi Hao is good, but the hard to eat this shot is unharmed.

Is that human being?

Beyan is a genius, and his will is very tough, but now it is also a big fight.

No way, he is not the opponent of this ice snake in his heyday. Now he is suppressed by the cultivation base. It is impossible to think of Shi Hao’s opponent.

In the case of limited strength, he can fight, but the gap is too big, and there is no hope of winning at all. Who can fall to the bottom without fear?

Also, this is a life-and-death battle. There can never be anyone who intervenes. That is to say, there can be no rescue, no endless despair.

Beyan stared at Shi Hao, but there was anger, but there was also admiration, awkwardness, and more unwillingness.


Everyone is also a human being, but why are you so good?

Shi Hao shouted and killed the past.

Today, he wants to break his grievances with Beyan.

boom! boom! boom!

From the scene, it is still that Ba Yan has the upper hand. Every time the result of the fight is Shi Hao, he is shocked to fly out. However, everyone knows that Ba Yan is going to lose.

As long as his cultivation base falls, he will be vulnerable!

Hey, this is the huge head of the Academy!

Even if Ben Yan was killed by Shi Hao, would Shi Hao still have an opponent in the Academy?

Beyan was desperate, and the battle of life and death was proposed by him. According to the rules of the Martial Dao world, since it is a life-and-death battle, it must be born and died, not dead.

Therefore, it is useless to admit defeat. As long as Shi Hao does not stop, it is impossible to terminate the battle.

He can only fight hard.

Want to kill me, not so easy!

Beyan sacrificed his temple. This is a sacred and solemn temple built on the foundation of King Hall to crush King Hall on the level.

This is his last blow.


The temple went down to Shi Hao’s suppression. When it came to Shi Hao’s sky, the temple opened wide, and suddenly there was a raging cold current, and there was a river.

This is a competition on the Soul level.

Shi Hao also sacrificed his own King Hall. Who is afraid of it?

Hey, an incomparable King Hall appeared, and there was a domineering repression of nine days and ten places.


When everyone saw Shi Hao’s King Hall, they all showed an incredible expression.

Two layers!

Fuck, actually there are two floors of King Hall?

This is really a monster, even King Hall is different.

The most shocking thing is to count those top genius.

Who doesn’t know, the bigger the King Hall is, the stronger the same level of combat power?

This big, not visually large, but the need to understand the Martial Dao is so profound, in order to cast King Hall far beyond the same level.

Moreover, there are two directions, one is the size of the “occupation”, and the other is the height of the height.

They didn’t think about building a two-story or even higher King Hall. There was no way to succeed. It was also confirmed by the Martial Dao Iron Law. This is not going to work.

However, Shi Hao did it!

Two floors of King Hall, although the second layer has just been built into a prototype.

Monster, this monster.

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