The two-story King Hall greets the temple and has an amazing collision.

It is reasonable to say that the temple should be absolutely crushing King Hall, which is one of the reasons why Ba Yanning can suppress the cultivation base and also fight with Shi Hao. Once the temple is formed, it cannot be used without suppressing the cultivation base. of.

However, Shi Hao’s King Hall is so special.

The size is still not visible, because this is relative, unless the soul island is also displayed – the size of the soul island is also relative, so no one realized that Shi Hao’s King Hall is actually terrible.

However, the double-level King Hall is special enough.

Hey, under one blow, the dazzling light flashed, causing all the elements in the air to be disordered and turbulent.

When the brilliance was exhausted, everyone saw that Shi Hao’s double-layer King Hall was unscathed!


This is amazing too. Although you are a double-layered one, it really broke the history. But just by stacking such a layer, you can actually fight against the temple?


Bei Yan is also desperate, what should I do? How to do? Does he still have a glimmer of hope?

Shi Hao succumbed to it, and at this time, he naturally would not be merciful, and he must solve Beyan completely.

boom! boom! boom!

The two men were fiercely fighting, but everyone knows that this battle is really no suspense.

– Beyan has been exhausted.

Physique, treasures, temples, all the big moves are used, and this can not defeat Shi Hao, as long as his ban on the re-effect, it will only be killed by Shi Hao.

After dozens of tricks, Bei Yan has been stretched.

The ban was bounced and his power was once again pressed back to Casting King Hall.


Shi Hao went down and Ba Yan flew, and then he only had a beating.

Hey, under a series of bombardments, Bei Yan squirted blood.

“I admit defeat!” Beckyan called. “Shi Hao, since then, I am willing to be your pawn, but your order is from! And, I am still the most outstanding child of Beijia, and there is great hope in the future. Home, you let me follow you, it is good for you.”

He originally thought that he was not afraid of death, but he was really at a juncture, but he still felt fear.

Live well, even if you live a little wrong.

“No need!” Shi Hao said coldly. “My only request for you is to hurry!”

He does not stop punching, and he does not keep his hands.

When Ben Yan could stop it, it was only a few strokes. On his body, there was a broken sound of Kakaka’s bones, which was full of blood.

Hey, he fell heavily on the ground, raised the dust of the land, and his eyes widened, but there was no trace of glory and anger.


Seeing this scene, no one cheered at the scene, only hehe.

This is one of the five giants of the Academy. How high was it at the beginning?

What now?

He was murdered in public and died on the ground in a humiliating manner, accompanied by mud.

This makes everyone deeply feel the preciousness of life. Only when they live can they have unlimited possibilities, even if this may be small. But once you die, everything will go away.

How strong is it like Ba Yan? If you die, you are as ordinary as you. How can you have a special bit?

Shi Hao turned and left, this is life and death, and he does not need to take any responsibility to kill him.

Just two days have passed, and another big event happened in Heavenly Palace Academy.

— Jiang Quan, the successor of the Heavenly Dao League, left the Academy and moved to the Lingtian Academy, causing the Heavenly Dao League to drop its first-class power.

Originally, the Heavenly Dao League has three Spirit Mending Temples, one of the five major forces of the Academy. With the death of Chang Yichun and Beyan, only Jiang Quan is supported by one person, and it has already bottomed out among the top five forces. It is.

Now Jiang Quan went, not only did not have the Spirit Mending Temple, but even Casting King Hall master was almost completely killed by Shi Hao.

If the non-Western League is also killed by Shi Hao, now Heavenly Dao League will fall directly from the first-class forces to the third-rate, but now even if it can be counted as a second-rate power, but how big is the gap with the first-class forces?

Therefore, the students of Heavenly Dao League are all listless and morale is low.

No face to see people, can’t lift your head!

It can be said that both forces are defeated by Shi Hao, but they are only placed on the bright side. Only one of Beyan is dead in the hands of Shi Hao.

Jiang Quan could have entered the Lingtian Academy, but when he went there, he naturally could not sit in the position of the vice-owner. But now, the rise of Shi Hao is overwhelming, and he does not want to live in the shadow of Shi Hao. .

Shi Hao can’t help but laugh, run to Lingtian Academy, are you safe?

He is never a man of resentment, but whoever offends him, especially to him, he can never be light.

Ling Tian Academy?

He had intended to go, but he hadn’t got the Heavenly Dao League yet, so he paused.

The Heavenly Dao League is now an empty shelf. The only thing that can be regarded as Shi Hao’s enemies is that Jiang Quan is alone.

Ok, then go to Lingtian Academy.

He told Weng Nanqing about this decision and got support from the other party, saying that she would also transfer to Lingtian Academy.

“Are you not very good here?” Shi Hao asked.

Here, Weng Nanqing is a well-deserved giant, so why ran to Lingtian Academy?

“Afraid that the girl is looking for you to find a little girl?” Weng Nanqing turned a blank eye at him.

Shi Hao took a sip of cool air.

This is the woman’s vinegar strength.

He had a good relationship with Xia Mengyin. He didn’t hide it. He told Weng Nanqing in full. She was very generous at the time, saying that Shi Hao could of course have a normal friend.

But now?

Obviously, he was worried that he would go to the Lingtian Academy and rekindle with Xia Mengyin!

No, he and Xia Mengyin have no old feelings at all. Where is the resurgence?

Even so, Weng Nanqing has already overturned the vinegar jar, so if Su Manman knows that he first married Weng Nanqing, what would the little witch look like?


Shi Hao touched his chin, and as a good man, he really had a lot of pressure.

Weng Nanqing immediately applied to the Academy and transferred to Lingtian Academy.

Like Shi Hao, her application was quickly passed.

So, after Shi Hao and Weng Nanqing used up their contributions, they embarked on a trip to Lingtian Academy.

The two places were actually not too far apart, but after two days, they came to the foot of a mountain.

Ling Tian Academy is on the top of the mountain, but if you look at it from the foot of the mountain, you can’t see anything.

Because there is an array on the mountain, the entire Academy is covered in it, not seen by the naked eye.

Shi Hao and Weng Nanqing went up the mountain and soon saw the people at the gate of the mountain. After they showed their identity, they were brought into the array.

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