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Shi Hao entered the Lingtian Academy, just like two stones thrown into the sea, no waves.


For Lingtian Academy, they have gathered the top genius of the four continents. There is not much more, less one and more. It is really difficult to start any movement.


There are contributions, there are also Void Realm, there is no difference in the exchange of items, the only difference is the students here, to be more excellent, making the competition more intense.


However, the next morning, Shi Hao just got up and walked out of the house, only to see a bunch of people standing outside.


These are naturally the students in the Lingtian Academy, but they obviously did not come to welcome Shi Hao, all with a sneer, as if to give him a horse.


In fact, they did come to give Shi Hao a horse.


At this point, the Academy is totally unconcerned. They set up the Academy just to resist the elemental creatures, but they have no plans to continue doing it in the future.


You have repeatedly defeated our students, and we have stepped on our faces. Now I dare to run over?


Besides, genius is conceited. Before I personally shot it, I thought that someone else lost to Shi Hao because those people had their own bags and changed their own words. The result would be reversed.


Therefore, there are many people here, some are watching the lively, and some are preparing to shoot.


The bad habit of Ma Wei is very popular everywhere.


“Shi Hao, you are really shameless. Before we stepped on our Academy, now we ran over again, hehe!” Someone took the lead.


Shi Hao smiled and pointed his finger at the man: “This kind of useless nonsense need not be said. You are not enough to let Academy open me, so in the end it is just a fight.”


“I, fulfill you!”


Shi Hao went back to the house, moved out of a chair, and sat on it: “Who can let me leave this chair, even if you win.”


By the way, this is too arrogant!


The former blue-shirt youth immediately rushed out, screaming and punching Shi Hao.


Boom, three King Halls emerged, and if gold was cast, it exudes a noble and graceful atmosphere.


“Jia Li of the Sword King Palace.”


“Three kings.”


“Oh, I remember that he is the second king. When did he become the three kings?”


“There is a king’s realm of suppression, plus Jia’s talent, even if he can’t win, but at least he can tie Shi Hao?”




Everyone said that they are full of confidence in this blue-shirt youth.




However, when Jia left to Shi Hao, he was immediately knocked over by a punch, and then Shi Hao reached out and patted the ground, and even the man bounced with the chair. When it fell, it just fell. Jia body.


This… is too humiliating.


If you win, even if you want to step on others?


But at the same time, everyone is also a tight heart.


So strong!


That is Jia Li, the outstanding students of the Sword Royal Palace, only in terms of Kendo strength, can even squeeze into the top ten.


Now, even if a sword is not out, it will be defeated by Shi Hao. This power gap is too big.


How can it be?


When did Jia became so weak?


At this time, Jia Li also woke up and found that he was violent when he was stepped on by Shi Hao in such a way.


A shameful shame!


“Shi Hao, are you looking for death?” he shouted. “I dare to humiliate me so much. Why are you so big?”


Shi Hao didn’t pay attention to it, just screaming at the power, and suddenly let Jia Li scream, and can’t say a word.


“Who else?” he said faintly, sweeping the crowd.


It’s arrogant.


“Shi Hao, you don’t want to bully me Ling Tian Academy no one!” Another young man jumped out and jumped and slammed toward Shi Hao.


“Lu Shen of the Knife Palace.”


“Four kings!”


“He is much better than Jia.”


A lot of people are nodding, thinking that Lu Shen shot, this battle should be steady.


Lu Shen did not support the big, he showed the weapon in the first time, a knife cut out, the knife shines into the sky, if it can smash the sky.


He launched the big move in the first place, and King Hall’s power was attached to the blade to maximize the power of the knife.


– He is only a little higher than Jia Li, and when it comes to the same level of combat power, he and Jia Li are no different. Therefore, he must go all out to this attack, otherwise it is very likely that he will step away. The aftermath.


He didn’t want to be stepped on by Shi Hao, and he was surrounded by everyone. It was a shameful face.


Shi Hao smiled a little, but it was still a simple punch, oh, a punch, Lu Shen lie down.


It’s as simple as throwing a piece of rubbish.


He reached out and grabbed it. Lu Shen’s body flew toward him. Then he went to the ground and took a shot. The chair volleyed and the land was filled in, just stacked on Jia’s body.


Hey, the chair fell, and there were two meat pads underneath.


Normally, this chair is sure to be crumbling now, but what strength Shi Hao is now, that is, only one chair angle is slanting and vertical, and it can be as stable as a rock.


“Next.” Shi Hao calmly calm.


“Shi Hao, let us go!”


“You are in trouble!”


Jia Li and Lu Shen are shouting, and the heart is called a shame, only to face the face, and later in the Academy can not lift their heads.


“Shi Hao, you are so eager to enter the Academy, is it really good?” The third person stood up. This is an amazing young man with blond hair, as if it was dyed with gold liquid.


“Hey, Yang hits the air!”


“He can’t see the past, he has to shoot!”


Everyone exclaimed and even changed color.